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the Mayor represent in One Of These Days by G. G. Marquez? (Do not state that the Mayor is a political or military character in the story. Instead describe what the Mayor symbolizes/stands for. Example: The Mayor is the abuse of power that Marquez sees in his society.) The story can be found here:

When answering the assignment above, be sure to follow our guidelines: 1. Your opening sentence must get the reader’s attention. (Do not open with a question or a quotation.) 2. Your thesis sentence must be the last sentence of your introduction and answer the assigned question. 3. Your body paragraph must prove your thesis to be true. 4. Your conclusion must state why your thesis is important. 5. Each paragraph must be 5-7 sentences and the total length of your essay should be three paragraphs (introduction, body, conclusion). 6. Write only in the 3rd person. (Do not use I, you, we, us, or any other phrase outside of the 3rd person.)