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The Marketing Strrategy Of Thomas Cook Tourism Essay

Thomas Cook marketing department: The task of the marketing department is to identify and plan holidays to meet potential clients’ needs and to ensure the company offer the right holidays at the right price to the right clients at the right time. Marketing segmentation: Thomas Cook strategy on market segmentation is to continue to deliver benefits from existing cost saving and improvement plans already adopted by My Travel and Thomas Cook, so that they are able to grow revenues in existing and new ,market segments and to deliver efficiencies from being part of a larger group. The strategy focuses on the following key objectives: integrating the businesses of the Enlarged Group and delivering the planned synergies; strengthening the packaged tour operating businesses through continued operational and product improvements; growing its business in the independent travel segment through tailored products and services delivered through an asset-light business model; and Extending the financial services offering of the Enlarged Group through the introduction of new products and services and by building on the reputation and capabilities of Thomas Cook in this area. (Source, One of the Thomas Cook products (the Thomas cook 18-30 club): The tour operator aims to create ambitious growth through successful market segmentation and positioning. The success of the Club 18-30 brand shows that well targeted products using a portfolio of distinguished travel products can provide a successful business strategy in the competitive holiday market. The development of the Club 18-30 brand has been recognised as a dynamic response to the conservatism which has typified the UK market for overseas holidays. The consolidation: When consolidations between tour operators occurs in this case Thomas cook and My travel, both organisation that have merged will increase its market share by an set amount over a set period. The merging with My Travel was in an effort to cut costs and to increase competitive travel industry market. The companies estimate they can save £75m a year by combining and will have strong market positions in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, the Benelux countries, France and Canada. Source, Travel weekly Brochures- Thomas cook has three brochures each year and they are; -Thomas Cook Summer sun -Thomas Cook Families -Thomas Cook Weddings A ‘target market’ refers to the customers that a tour operator is trying to attract to buy its holidays. Typical target markets for which tour operators develop holidays include: Singles Families Couples without children Groups Special interest market Business travellers Youth market Activity market Senior market Thomas cook uses different style of designing depending on the holiday they will sell and on the target market: One example is the ‘Thomas Cook Families brochure’ where the front cover will be printed with images that illustrate a family on the front page and showing facilities such kids clubs and other facilities and activities that the hotels offers. Thomas Cook pays a lot of attention on their brochures front cover as it’s the most important since the client will see first of all, the cover must therefore be designed to be eye-catching. Most of front covers of the Thomas Cook brochures highlights a ‘lead-in price’ i.e. the cheapest price in the brochures and specials offers, this ways they attract interested buyers. The ‘Thomas Cook Families brochure’ below shows how they design the brochures to attract the specific group they want to sell their holidays to. The choice of pictures defines that the package holidays on sale are family oriented and what sort of products and services are on offer. Parents with their children’s’ It shows little children playing. Special offer shown, to attract parents. External factors- There are three external factors that affect the Thomas Cook Package holiday programs. Environmental factors: Can have a negative effect on holiday and the whole travel market, some example are the Hurricanes in the Caribbean Earth quake Tsunami Floods, etc Those types of natural disasters can have serious consequences on an area’s travel and tourism industry. When customers are booking holidays with Thomas Cook to destination that natural disaster occurs they are warned that the season they want to travel is natural disaster season i.e. Thailand- Patong beach, where the tsunami hit the beach in 2005 also the hurricanes Paloma Cuba 2008 Clearly it is difficult to plan for natural disasters: in this case Thomas cook has ‘contingency plans in place’ on how to deal with any problem arising at that moment. The tsunami of December 2004 was one of the world’s most devastating natural disasters, killing nearly 300,000 people across a range of travel and tourism industry countries, including Indonesia, the Maldives and Sri Lanka Technological factors The dramatic growth in the use of the internet in recent years for researching and booking holidays is having a major impact on the way that tour operators sell their holidays. Thomas cook has online brochures where clients can download and look through it in comfort of their own home, and when they are all done and have made a decision on where to travel they are able to go back on the website and book their holiday. Economic factors The current change in world currency exchange rate can wipe out a tour operator’s profit margins overnight. Similarly, rises in the cost of oil and other natural resources can push up a tour operator’s costs and affect its profitability Thomas cook tour operators use a number of method to try and reduce the impacts of these situations Thomas Cook Group plc Reports shows that a decline in profit for the year 2009, reflecting higher tax expenses. On a pre-tax basis, profit grew from 2008, boosted by strong revenue growth in all regions. Additional, the company said it remains confident to perform in line with the economic expectations in 2010. Source (TCG.L: News) thomas Cook says it has seen no evidence of consumers cutting back on holidays despite the economic slowdown. The firm says trading has been robust this summer and bookings for winter and next summer are set to be strong. Thomas Cook chief executive Manny Fontenla-Novoa said destinations outside the eurozone, such as Turkey and Egypt, had proved to be popular. A strong euro has deterred many holidaymakers from visiting the 15 countries that use the currency. Mr Fontenla-Novoa said that the firm found that customers considered an annual holiday a “must have” item. “In our experience, people will cut back on all sorts of other things before they cut back on their holiday,” he said. “In the last six weeks of trading, our average price has gone up by 9%. Our all-inclusive holidays and our 4 and 5 star holidays are both up on last year by 10% and 13% respectively,” he added. However, holidaymakers planning to escape the poor summer weather should expect higher prices and fewer last-minute deals. Thomas Cook said its moves to cut capacity had left it with 14% fewer holidays to sell than at this time last year, while average prices were up 14% in the past three months. Souce BBC NEWS. Social factors People are generally living longer and are choosing to have children later in life changes in the composition of families, working methods and the home/life balance, all impact on the products and services that tour operators offer their customers Thomas cook they have to stay side by side with social changes and adapt their products to reflect a changing society. This is because they have to make sure the production of their holidays are match the social life of their prospective clients Political factors Today tour operators play a very important role in creating the images of destinations. They can significantly influence international tourism flows towards a country hit by safety and security risks. Even decisions of individual tourists on where to spend a holiday very often depend on the attitude and practice of tour operators towards a particular destination. Sometimes tour operator will have to pull out of destinations completely because of political factors such as war or terrorism, The effects of the 9/11 disaster in 2002 on world travel industry led to a drop of 15% in sales in the 2002, leading to £343.7m loss in core earnings that the firm would absorb with various cost-cutting measures. still persist today, while recent bombings in Bali, Nairobi, Madrid and Cairo, have immediate impacts on tourism, although most destinations eventually recover lost trade Legal factors: The laws Package Travel Regulations 1992 This regulation makes sure that tour operators like Thomas Cook are responsible for their customers and what they can do if the regulations are breached. If they breach the customers has a case against Thomas Cook. Under this regulation there are some principles that provide financial protection to the consumers. -The tour operators are responsible for the safety of their customers whist on the holiday, this includes the safety in the accommodation, flight and (the all package). -No tour operator should give/publish inaccurate brochure description. -if tour operators became bankrupt there must be a guanranteed refund to all customers. Trade Descriptions Acts 1968 All description given must be truthful and accurate, as this mostly affects tour operators, they have to be careful and make sure that all brochures descriptions stick to the rules of the Act. Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 Tour operators and travel agents both have to ensure that the booking of the holiday is carried out correctly and the contract of the holiday should also be carried out using ‘reasonable skills and care’ Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulation 1999 If consumers think that the contract with the tour operator is unfair, they may have a case against the tour operator.
University of the Rockies Module 7 Business Law Summary.

IntroductionThe purpose of this assignment is to apply the concepts discussed in Business Law to the real world. The AssignmentUsing the Internet, locate an article or a case where a concept covered in the module is being applied. Submit a summary of your article/case. The summary must be in your own words. Do not copy and paste the article or portions of the article as your summary. Your summary must be a minimum of two fully developed paragraphs. You must Include the full URL for the case or article that you have located online to enable the instructor to read the article. You must clearly identify how the article/case relates to the module content.Additional formatting requirements for your writing summary are as follows: Put your name, course and section number, and assignment title at the top of the document. Use one-inch margins. Use a 12-point Times New Roman font. Use double line spacing in the document. This assignment must be completed by 11:59 pm (EST) on or before November 15, 2020.ResourcesThis website will be helpful in finding an article: U.S. Legal News and the World Legal News on the website named JuristGrading CriteriaTo receive a high score your summary must be free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors and should address the following:Provide an overview of the relevant factsWhat are the Business Law issues being addressed in the article/case?What law is applicable to the article/case?What is the probable outcome?As a business manager or owner, how will you use this information in your own business?What is your reaction to the article?
University of the Rockies Module 7 Business Law Summary

University of Indianapolis The Effectiveness of Images and DNA Structures Essay

University of Indianapolis The Effectiveness of Images and DNA Structures Essay.

analysis of visual elements (6th paragraph)Introduction w/ a thesis statement as the last sentence (1st paragraph)Conclusion (7th paragraph)A title, transitions between sections, and a Works Cited page in MLA formatAfter you’ve finished writing those, put all of the paragraphs you’ve written for WP1 in one Microsoft Word document and submit it. This is the order they should follow:Introdution + thesisdescriptive paragraph of one imagedescriptive paragraph of the other imageparagraph analyzing target audience for both imagesrhetorical analysis of Aristotelian appeals of both imagesrhetorical analysis of visual elements of both imagesconclusionThis is not the final draft; this is the rough draft. You’ll get feedback on this draft. Here are a few guidelines for submitting this rough draft of WP1:Make sure your essay is formatted correctly, as you did in the formatting exercise.Do not add sub-heading between your sections. This should read as one essay without subheadings.Make sure that you’ve put a page break at the end of the essay and put your Works Cited on a new page.Edit out any use of “you” unless it’s in a direct quote. Edit out any use of “I” or “me” unless you’re specifically supporting a point with a personal experience**********************************************I want something smaller and in the same way in the attachment file DO NOT use the same citations
University of Indianapolis The Effectiveness of Images and DNA Structures Essay

ENGL 102 Horry Georgetown Technical College How Westover Finds Her Voice Exam Paper

online homework help ENGL 102 Horry Georgetown Technical College How Westover Finds Her Voice Exam Paper.

This semester we read Tara Westover’s best-selling memoir, Educated. For your final exam essay, I’d like you to revisit her story. Choose ONE of the following prompts for the topic of your ENG 102 Final Exam:1. In an interview with PBS NewsHour, Westover says that she had to ask herself the following: “What do you do when the obligations that you owe to your family are somehow in conflict with what you owe to yourself?” How is this question answered in the book, and how would you respond to this query?2. In the last chapter of Educated, Westover reflects on the totality of her experience. She attempts to reconcile her current self with her sixteen-year-old self, as she reflects on the night her father confronted her brother about his abuse of her. She writes, “That night I called on her and she didn’t answer. She left me. She stayed in the mirror. The decisions I made after that moment were not the ones she would have made. They were the choices of a changed person, a new self. You could call this selfhood many things. Transformation. Metamorphosis. Falsity. Betrayal. I call it an education” (Westover 328-9). What does Tara Westover think it means to be educated? As you continue on your college journey, what do you think it means?3. In Chapter 22, she has a revelation. Westover says, “My life was narrated for me by others. Their voices were forceful, emphatic, absolute. It had never occurred to me that my voice might be as strong as theirs” (197). How does Westover ultimately find her voice, and how does she change her own life and potentially the lives of others by expressing it in her memoir?Please take time to thoroughly read and understand these instructions BEFORE you begin to write. Failure to follow these instructions could result in failure of the exam. It is recommended that you take some time to prewrite and plan your essay before beginning to draft. A tentative thesis and an informal outline will keep your writing focused and on task.DOCUMENTATION: In addition to your own examples, support your position by presenting facts and/or opinions from Educated. Incorporate this material into the body of your essay and document it according to Modern Language Association (MLA 8) standards. Your essay MUST demonstrate the proper use of BOTH internal (signal phrase and parenthetical citation) and external (Works Cited page) documentation to avoid plagiarism. Remember that a documented paper presents the words/ideas of others as support for YOUR ideas. Your essay should NOT be simply be a report of what the source says.SOURCE INFORMATION: The only source needed for this essay is Tara Westover’s Educated. You are required to include a MINIMUM of two (2) parenthetical citations in the body of your essay. One must be a direct quote, the other a summary OR paraphrase from the book. Be sure to introduce the author with a signal phrase the first time you cite from her.PLEASE NOTE: Essays that do NOT contain the minimum required source information will result in a substantial grade reduction. Plagiarized essays will receive a grade of zero. Your essay will be checked by Turnitin for percentage of matching content.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:(1) The minimum length is two full, word processed, double spaced pages (not including the Works Cited page).(2) You are expected to follow all Standards for Written Work for this class.(3) The audience for this essay is the general public who is interested in the topic and has read the book.(4) You may use first person (“I”) and third person (“he, she, it”) points of view. Avoid second person (“you”).(5) You may use any materials available to help write the exam (dictionary, class handouts, textbooks, etc.)(6) The final exam must be your individual and original work. There should be no collaboration with your classmates orany other individuals.(7) You are expected to revise/edit/proofread your essay to eliminate careless and distracting errors. Essays that areclearly rough drafts full of errors will be downgraded accordingly
ENGL 102 Horry Georgetown Technical College How Westover Finds Her Voice Exam Paper

ABC University Representation of Femininity and Masculinity Iron Man Issue Discussion

ABC University Representation of Femininity and Masculinity Iron Man Issue Discussion.

Attached are both are Iron Man comic book as well as the instructions sheetPlease read the instructions sheet fully (ALL THE WAY DOWN)Use the Iron Man comic book to answer the long paragraph. Choose one of the issues of Iron Man, Then choose one of the following Approaches i’ve chosen below. Analyze the issue of Iron Man by focusing on the particular interpretive approach that i’ve chosen.Approaches:–Disability–GenderIdentify the issue number, year, and title of your Iron Man comic book. Then write one long paragraph answering the questions asked by the particular interpretive approach, making sure that you refer to least 3 specific examples from the particular comic book issue that you are analyzing.Some examples can be like:Disability in the comic bookWomen in the comic bookNO OUTSIDE SOURCESNO PLAGARISIM
ABC University Representation of Femininity and Masculinity Iron Man Issue Discussion

ethnicity, or disability. Write a 525- to 700-word handout for your colleagues in which you: Describe the population.Elaborate on risk factors in the population related to the criminal justice syst

  Write a 525- to 700-word handout for your colleagues in which you: Describe the population. Elaborate on risk factors in the population related to the criminal justice system. Provide advice to case managers on how to best meet the needs of the population you chose. Include a minimum of 2 sources to support the content of your handout. Cite your sources according to APA guidelines.