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The Living Water Inductive Essay

Table of Contents Facts Interpretation Application References Facts The scripture is all about the living water. In this a Samaritan woman meets Christ who is the source of the living water. Jesus is a Jew and according to Jewish culture it was not right for a man to speak with a woman in public. The Samaritan woman questions Jesus why He request water from her. His disciples marveled when they found Him speak to a woman. Salvation is for all and not what is known to be for the Jews, she receives Christ and many others (Alexander

Saint Leo University Beauty Hair and Care Industry Summary

Saint Leo University Beauty Hair and Care Industry Summary.

Executive SummaryTo prepare for the examination of financing sources, write a two- to three-page (not including the title and reference pages) Executive Summary for a Business Plan. This process involves the describing the market, describing your capital needs as well as defining and describing your business. This plan should focus on the entrepreneurial idea you identified in BUS 604 (if you have not completed BUS604, please contact your instructor for approval of your entrepreneurial idea). Use the template below to develop your executive summary. You must include a minimum of two scholarly or professional resources to support your summary.The Executive Summary must include:Company BackgroundHere you will provide some information about your company and its primary objective. This information is designed to give your target audience an idea of the services or products that your company provides. This section should be two to three paragraphs.Describe the background of the company. Be sure to address the following questions: What is the company’s principle objective? Where is the company located? When was it founded?Describe the uniqueness of idea: Is the idea an opportunity?Business/Product or ServiceDescribe your product or service in greater detail. If multiple products or services are offered, describe them in the order of significance. This section should be one to two paragraphs.Explicitly, what products or services does your organization offer?What is the order of significance of the products or services?What is the product or service’s stage (introductory, growth, maturity)?(Note: If your company is new, it would be introductory; if it’s ongoing but looking to expand, it will be in the growth phase. If your product or service has reached maturity, it indicates market saturation, and you are seeking funds to change or alter your product to remain competitive.)What are your future plans to further develop your product or service?Protectability of idea: Is a patent needed?The MarketDefine and describe your market (i.e. athletic apparel, consulting services, business software, and restaurant equipment). You will need to do research and justify to your perspective investors that your product or service is meeting a need that is currently missing in the industry. You need to establish this justification by describing the gaps in the industry and how your product or service closes those gaps. This section should be your largest section because it requires research; three to nine paragraphs.What is the current size of the market?How much of the current market size can you capture (i.e. what percent)?Does your business have current customers or customers that have expressed interest in your product or service? (This is optional but beneficial if there are customers)Capital RequirementsDiscuss your financial requirements and plan in this section. You will need to provide a clear description about required finances and how your company plans on using funds. It’s always best to overestimate by 30% to cover the cost of areas initially missed.Financial requirements: Are the financial requirements consistent with the business opportunity and targeted market?Funding: Is the idea worthy of external funding; what external funding source are you considering (bootstrapping, angels, venture capital, bank financing, etc.)? How will you use the money?
Saint Leo University Beauty Hair and Care Industry Summary

ISSC342 APUS Best Practices for Microsoft Windows Network Security Discussion

best essay writers ISSC342 APUS Best Practices for Microsoft Windows Network Security Discussion.

Choose 1 of the next 3 questions from your readingsDiscuss Best Practices for Microsoft Windows Network Security using the text Internet, and/or your job as reference for full creditDiscuss best practices in terms of tasks for Security Administrators using the text Internet and/or your job as reference for full creditDiscuss techniques to harden Microsoft clients and servers using the text, Internet and/or your job as reference for full creditGrading Criteria: Assignment Rubric ( 100 Points)Synthesis of Concepts60Writing Standards – APA format20Timeliness20Submission Instructions: The paper must be at least 300 words.
ISSC342 APUS Best Practices for Microsoft Windows Network Security Discussion

Medical Staff Training Question

Medical Staff Training Question.

Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English, spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double-spaced pages; refer to the “Assignment Format” page located on the Course Home page for specific format requirements.
In Lessons 1 through 4, you learned foundational information on the profession of medical assisting. You learned about the required characteristics of a medical assistant, the history of the profession, ethic and legal obligations of the medical assistant, patient communication, and telephone techniques. For this written assignment, the concepts learned from Lessons 1-4 will be applied. Please review the learning objectives for Lessons 1-4 prior to beginning work on this assignment. Complete Parts A and B for this assignment.
Part A: Kayla Christianson, CMA, has been employed six years by the cardiology practice of three physicians. She is a graduate of a CAAHEP-accredited school. Furthermore, Kayla received extensive hands-on training performing ECGs while doing her required externship.
Kayla has completed an ECG ordered by Dr. Hsu for Mrs. Warner, a 76-year-old patient. Dr. Hsu, Kayla’s boss, has telephoned her explaining that he was behind schedule doing rounds at the hospital. He asked her to do him a favor and interpret Mrs. Warner’s ECG, sign his name, and fax the report to Mrs. Warner’s referring internist who is expecting the results.
Provide detailed answers for each of the following questions. Your response should be two (2) pages in length. • Given the scope of Kayla’s education, training, and years of experience as a CMA, would this favor fall within the AAMA guidelines of her responsibilities? • Would any portion of Dr. Hsu’s request fall within the guidelines? If so, which portion(s)? Is an exception to these guidelines ever allowed? • How should Kayla respond to Dr. Hsu?
Part B: For more than two years, medical assistant Linda Lewis had been employed by Drs. Norek and Klein, who are gerontologists. Also on staff are two registered nurses, a medical laboratory technician, and a medical social worker. The daughter of one of the doctor’s patients has just called the office. She is very distraught at the seemingly diminished capacity of her mother and insists on speaking to the doctor.
Linda explains that both physicians take only emergency calls during patient appointment hours, but that she will take a detailed message. This caller, however, suggests that not only should her call be considered an emergency, but that she will sue the doctor if the call is not handled accordingly.
Provide detailed answers for each of the following questions. Your response should be two (2) pages in length. • What should Linda do immediately to diffuse the situation? • Is this clearly a case when the call should be passed on to one of the registered nurses or the medical social worker? • Is this a case when the physician should be called to the telephone because of the threat of an impending suit? • How could Linda ascertain whether or not this is indeed an emergency? Is it up to her, as a medical assistant, to make such a determination? • Because this is the patient’s daughter rather than the patient herself, does Linda have any reason to enter into a conversation with the caller? Could Linda be ethically bound by confidentiality not to admit the woman’s mother is a patient?
Medical Staff Training Question

LAS 432 DeVry University Political View of a Virtual Reality Essay

LAS 432 DeVry University Political View of a Virtual Reality Essay.

The primary focus of this assignment is to research and assess the issues associated with a specific emerging technology. It requires that students work both individually on a paper and collaboratively on a presentation.The paper must be well researched and utilize scholarly resources (refer to the Week 7 APA Paper Template (Links to an external site.) and the APA Guide tutorial found in the Writing and Research Help area (in the Introduction & Resources Module).Each student’s final paper should include the following components.A title pageAn abstract (brief summary of one paragraph)An introduction, including a clearly defined thesis statement An impact analysis based on one of the following:Political (What current laws regulate the technology? Are there different laws in different states? What about different countries? How do political leaders view it? Concluding remarks that include concrete recommendations for future development, regulation, and ethical responsibilityIn text citations and a reference section in APA format consisting of at least five sourcesAppropriate statistical graphs or visual aids to support the paperLength requirement: 1500-2000 wordsI have also attached my annotated bibliography to be able to help and to also use the same sources.
LAS 432 DeVry University Political View of a Virtual Reality Essay

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