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THE LIFE-SPAN counseling

THE LIFE-SPAN counseling. I’m working on a Psychology question and need guidance to help me study.

Career Counseling Across the Life Span
For this discussion, synthesize your understanding of career counseling as an integral part of human development. From the perspective of your specialization, how does the developmental life span perspective influence career and educational planning, placement, and evaluation?
Discuss the influence of career counseling when working with children (elementary school) and adolescents (secondary). Identify models that would be appropriate for children and adolescents in the school setting, including identity models such as Erik Erikson.
THE LIFE-SPAN counseling

Module 08 Written Assignment – Electronic Portfolio. I need support with this Nursing question so I can learn better.

The electronic portfolio assignment requires the use of Rasmussen Optimal Resume Electronic Portfolio resource. The student may choose to download prior quarter assignments that comply with the following transferable skills and additional requirements :

Personal mission statement
Letters of recommendation if applicable
Certifications if applicable
Critical Thinking
Team Collaboration
Digital fluency

For instructions for Optimal Resume, use the link below.
Optimal rasmussen resume portfolio.pdf

Once you have completed your portfolio, paste a link to it or a screenshot of it into a Word document. Include a 1-2 paragraph summary about your experience creating the portfolio, including what you liked/disliked about the process.

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.
Module 08 Written Assignment – Electronic Portfolio

Criminology and Criminal Justice discussion.

Select one of the following topics that interest you, and write a research paper two- to three-pages in length (excluding the title page, bibliography, and appendices). Please submit a comprehensive outline for professor approval prior to initiating writing (e-mail your outline directly to your professor). 1. Explore the concept of criminology and criminal justice as sciences. Discuss some developments that support the claim to scientific status, the role of theory in criminology and criminal justice research, and why a shortage of new theory has existed since the 1960’s. 2. Research in criminal justice and criminology faces many ethical hazards. The regulation of ethically acceptable research may take one of three forms. Discuss these forms, and include your opinion as to which of these is most effective. What is the researcher’s role, and what constitutes appropriate conduct? What are some elements of a code of ethics for criminology and criminal justice research? You may also wish to discuss and provide examples of researcher misconduct, why it occurs, and how it can be prevented.3. Discuss data gathering in criminal justice research. Describe the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and its major components. What are the major components of the crime index and the calculation of crime rate? What have been some major identified shortcomings of the UCR? Given these identified shortcomings, read and discuss how features of the redesigned UCR may eliminate some of these shortcomings. Discuss also the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). What are some principle NIBRS features as well as advantages over the traditional UCR?4. Select a topic of choice related to criminal justice research. Please submit a comprehensive outline to your professor for approval prior to initiating writing.
Criminology and Criminal Justice discussion

Florida International University Examining Intuitiveness Business Competition Paper

Florida International University Examining Intuitiveness Business Competition Paper.

Choose one of the following research ideas and then…Create an experiment that will reflect this idea. Identify and operationally define the independent and dependent variables i.e. what variables will you be manipulating specifically – remember an IV must have at least 2 values; and what variables will you be measuring specifically. 1-2 paragraphs maxDO NOT MAKE IT TOO COMPLICATED. Concentrate on manipulating your Iv and measuring your IV correctly. I suggest you read chapter 6 before completing this assignmentResearch Idea #1A social psychologist was interested in whether people are more likely to exhibit conformity when they are in situations that make them feel nervous and unsure of themselves.Research Idea #2Are people more or less creative in their work if they are pressured to be creative?
Florida International University Examining Intuitiveness Business Competition Paper

Law homework help

nursing essay writing service Law homework help. The positive effects technology is having in the medical field. Directions for ENGL 101 Essay #3 – Describing a Larger Conversation First.  In your first essay assignment, you had the opportunity to summarize one article.,The positive effects technology is having in the medical field,Directions for ENGL 101 Essay #3 – Describing a Larger Conversation First,In your first essay assignment, you had the opportunity to summarize one article.,In your second essay assignment, you entered a conversation by analyzing a relationship you see between two essays that address a single topic.,For this third essay, you will describe a larger conversation by examining several perspectives from authors who explore a topic from different angles.,For this paper, you will write about any topic you wish within the ,category, of TECHNOLOGY,Topic,: The positive effects technology is having in the medical field.,Be careful. Your job in this essay is NOT to pick a side and argue the case for that side. Instead, this is an informational essay in which you research a topic.,For this essay, your responsibility is to pick a technology topic and describe what different authors (scientists, researchers, and experts) think about that topic. That’s it. Show all aspects of the issue. At some point near the end of the essay, if you want to take your own stand on the issue, then that would be fine. However, keep in mind that the vast majority of the essay should describe the larger conversation surrounding the issue.,For this assignment, you will write an essay with the following parameters:,a well-written essay of at least four pages (not including the Works Cited page);,MLA formatting, typed and double-spaced, with one-inch margins;,a minimum of three sources total (at least one source from our textbook, and at least two sources from outside of our textbook.),a properly written Works Cited page that lists the essays you are using.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Law homework help

US Business International Manager Module 8 Simulation Exercise

US Business International Manager Module 8 Simulation Exercise.

Simulation exercise: you are the international manager of a US business that has just invented a revolutionary AI equipment, but costs only half as much to current manufacture.Your CEO has asked you to decide how to expand into the China or India market.Your options are:(i) to direct export from the United States (browse Chapter 6 and 10 if necessary) (ii) to license a China or India firm to manufacture (browse Chapter 6 and 10 if necessary) (iii) to set up a wholly owned subsidiary in India or China with foreign direct investment. Evaluate the pros and cons of each alternative and suggest a course of action to your CEO.
US Business International Manager Module 8 Simulation Exercise

The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf Essay

In 1981, collaborative efforts by representatives from six Arabian states founded the Gulf Cooperation Council to synergize their interests and foster the growth and development of their region. GCC intends to achieve cooperation among its member states by strengthening links, standardizing regulations, and encouraging scientific and technological research through the establishment of research centers. In addition, GCC promotes the adoption of policies that foster collaboration between private sectors of all the six states (Al-Mahmoud et al. 10). Since 1981, numerous developments have occurred within the Arab States. These developments have boosted the region’s ability to compete within the international market. They include the establishment of the Economic Agreement, Free Trade Area, Customs Union, and Common Market. In December 2008, a deliberation led to the establishment of the Monetary Union. Subsequently, the Monetary Union was set up and a single currency introduced to facilitate faster business transactions and stabilize various aspects of foreign exchange. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) aims at uniting member states through effective coordination, interconnection, and integration. The dispute that erupted between Iran and the United Arab Emirates about Abu Musa Island started after the British left the area in 1971. The Iranian military seized the Island immediately upon the departure of the British from the area. The Iranians stated that they had historical ownership of the Island. On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates professed rights over the Island by claiming that the British transferred the Island to them. More developments led to the agreement between Sharjah and Iran regarding the Abu Musa Island. However, there was no agreement between Iran and Ras al-Khaimah. The international community did not recognize the claim by the United Arab Emirates because when Iran and Britain agreed on the Abu Musa Island, UAE was not yet an official state and could not present any claims regarding the territory (Eliot and Maud 146). GCC’s pronouncement inviting two countries to join the council was unexpected. These countries were Jordan and Morocco, which had little expectations to join the geopolitical organization. GCC made this announcement amid the changing relationship of its member states with the rest of the world. The ongoing protests and uprisings within the Arab world promoted the pronouncement. Arab countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have suffered the wrath of the widespread violence. The protest had not only shaken the region’s internal politics but also affected many geostrategic essentials that govern the region’s relationship with the rest of the world. Thus, there was a need for the region to re-evaluate some of its traditionally held aspects of governance. Leaders within GCC probably had the notion that there were key domestic and peripheral changes taking place in the Arab world. They thought that these changes could have considerable effects on the region’s political stability and the continued existence of its political stagnation — the concerns related to fundamental principles of democracy, which the Arabian countries are yet to embrace. In as much as there are counterrevolutionary efforts by Saudi Arabia and other rich GCC countries such as the issuing of reasonable remuneration for the welfare of their people, advisors, political analysts, and policymakers are certain that the region’s geopolitical activities will not normalize. What is clear is that GCC aspires for an open and progressive political regime that will spur socio-economic growth throughout the Arab region (Kshetri and Ajami 301). Works Cited Al-Mahmoud, Mohammed, Mesbah Khalil, and Adel Moustafa. “The Jinadriyah anticlines: a surface model for oil fields in eastern Saudi Arabia.” Arabian Journal of Geosciences 2.3 (2009): 213-234. Print. Eliot, George, and Maud Jackson. Middlemarch. Chino Hills, California: Los-Andes/Black Cat, 2004. Print. Kshetri, N, and R Ajami. “Institutional reforms in the Gulf Cooperation Council economies: A conceptual framework.” Journal of International Management 14.3 (2008): 300-318. Print.

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