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The lean six sigma application

Executive Summary Our study as part of our Operation Management Course in MDI, aims at studying the lean six sigma application. How lean six sigma evolved and the processes followed in it are covered in detail. The various tools used in each step of the process are also covered. Detailed analysis of the projects “Technical Call Centre Optimization”
Cumberland University Stakeholder Approach in Business Management Discussion.

QUESTION: Discuss in detail the stakeholder approach.NOTE:Significant posts are at least 200 words and require some information from the text, academically reviewed papers, some significant commentary that requires knowledge of the subject, a web link to an article or other source in order to be accepted. Initial posts are worth 30 points a pieceSecondary PostsSignificant posts on all your responses to your classmates’ postings should be at least 150 words and require some information from the text, academically reviewed paper, some significant commentary that requires knowledge of the subject matter, a web link to an article or other source in order to be accepted. Secondary posts are worth 20 points apieceCoping and pasting an article or copying the information and changing a word or two is not a significant post. If you do this, you will receive a 0 for the assignment—no questions asked.· If your posts are less than the minimum word count, points will be taken off.· Provide appropriate APA in-text citations and references.· You must participate in all discussion topics.
Cumberland University Stakeholder Approach in Business Management Discussion

HC 433 Herzing University Online Week 6 Seniors and Medicare Discussion

HC 433 Herzing University Online Week 6 Seniors and Medicare Discussion.

Unit 6 Discussion 1 – Seniors and Medicare55 unread replies.55 replies.Discussion: Unit 6, Due Wednesday by 11:59 pm CTSeniors and MedicareInstructions:Medicare is the coverage that most seniors rely on. Some also have additional plans to supplement this insurance. Typically, the older demographic requires a higher focus on treatment and medication than younger generations. Consider the focus of managed care plans when completing the questions that follow.Instructions:Describe 2-3 potential issues that elderly patients on Medicare face when looking for treatments through their managed care plan.Discuss a personal viewpoint on managed care and Medicaid. Does managed care work within the Medicare system?Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format. This topic is valued at 20 points. Please review post and response expectations. Please review the rubric to ensure that your response meets criteria.Estimated time to complete: 2 hoursPeer Response: Unit 6, Due Sunday by 11:59 pm CTSeniors and MedicareInstructions:Read the initial posts made by classmates. Respond to a minimum of 2 peers with the following:Consider the issues raised in the post.As a future specialist in managed care, provide recommendations to address the issues presented.What sort of proposal could you make to address the issues raised in the post?Support responses with scholarly resources.Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format. Please review post and response expectations. Please review the rubric to ensure that your response meets criteria.Estimated time to complete: 2 hours
HC 433 Herzing University Online Week 6 Seniors and Medicare Discussion

Rutgers University Havoc Left by the Atomic Bomb in Japan Responses

essay writer Rutgers University Havoc Left by the Atomic Bomb in Japan Responses.

Each response should be numbered and dated. It should include a brief synthesis and analysis of the readings (all of the readings) and the films in the context of the themes of the course. When possible, it should highlight their relationship to contemporary America. What is the topic addressed in the readings? What are the principal issues about the topic that are addressed in the readings? Do you have questions on the readings? Do you have criticisms? Think critically. The response should not be a summary but a critical synthesis of the issues covered in the readings and should end with a question to stimulate class discussion. This response is geared to insure you really engage the readings and the film in the context of censorship. The readings have been uploaded as a file and two are attached as files. The movie is also uploaded as a link seen below. Please make sure the response is geared towards the context of censorship and let me know if you have trouble viewing any of the files or the links. Please use APA format.Link to reading: to film:
Rutgers University Havoc Left by the Atomic Bomb in Japan Responses

Lobbying and Special Interest Group Essay

Planned Parenthood Action Fund Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPFA) is a national organization in the non-profit field that advocates for policies geared toward developing a federal government that facilitates education and support to parents across the nation. The organization has particularly played a major role in advocating for the provision of quality health care services for citizens, while ensuring that the services are affordable. Additionally, the organization is the leading provider of sex education in the nation, as it aims at ensuring that teenagers are acquainted with knowledge about the consequences of unplanned parenthood. The organization looks into enhancing health outcomes by advocating for teenagers to abstain from sex or to use various protective measures to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The organization has, therefore, partnered with the educational and health agencies across the nation. The organization has played a big role in compelling health care agencies to take an active role in promoting sex education in the community. Policy of Interest PPFA has numerous policies of interest in its list of advocacy efforts, but the most important policy is the affordable health care services. The organization advocates for the government to continue developing health care facilities that provide high quality health care services to the citizens at the lowest cost possible. The organization has succeeded in the development of 650 health centers across the nation, which provide high-quality services to patients at very low costs. The organization has succeeded in gaining funds from the health agencies in the federal government, which has helped in developing a network of facilities that provide free preventive care and affordable treatment and management services for various illnesses. The organization has also succeeded in compelling various educational institutions to incorporate sex education in their curriculum. The organizational mission at PPFA is to enhance the quality of life for the members of the society through advocacy for planned parenthood and facilitating the health care services required to attain this objective. Based on the fact that there are many cases of unplanned pregnancies among the youth, it is apparent that the organization still has a large ground to cover in its advocacy and awareness campaigns. Utilizing the Sayre Model According to the Sayre Model, the decisions made by the federal government are aligned with the need to respond to the most pressing issues in the nation. The federal government evaluates the stakes associated with a given issues and it makes decisions to solve the issues with the lowest stake because the political influence of such issues is relatively high. This implies that it is possible for the organization to enhance its success in the advocacy process by ensuring that the issues at hand evoke a steamed political environment. This further calls for the entity to involve political leaders in the advocacy process. The politicization of interests results in a more compelling advocacy process that is bound to gain the interest of the key decision-makers in the nation. Based on this model, it is apparent that the PPFA is yet to push the stakes of its interests to a low level that sparks a higher interest from the public and the authorities. The organization should compel the citizens to join the advocacy process and fight for the development of policies that will benefit them. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More


PLEASE NUMBER AT QUESTIONs 1) In the Beatrice Vance case, it was found that both the CEO as well as the CIO (chief information officer) were found liable in a wrongful death lawsuit. In your initial post, discuss why the court ruled that the CIO was just as guilty as the CEO. Do you agree with the court’s decision? Be sure to support your position. In your follow-up posts to peers, be sure to support your opinion if you find yourself disagreeing with their assessment. (1 page) 2) ICD-10 was a major overhaul of the ICD-9 system. The codes were changed dramatically. For this discussion, go to the following website: Scroll down and click on the code section of V00-Y99 External Causes of Morbidity. After reviewing the various coding possibilities, in your initial post, discuss your reactions to the number of options. Were you surprised by the number of options? Can you think of anything that was not already covered by the codes? Choose one code option and provide a brief description of when it would be appropriate to assign it to a patient encounter. In your follow up posts to peers, do you agree with their assignment of the code to the patient encounter? Support your reasoning. (1 page) 3) We are familiar with licensing. To be able to legitimately drive a car in the United States, we have to have a driver’s license. Some of you omay also be certified, meaning you have proven yourself to have special skills in a specific area. We hear the term “accreditation” most often in regard to schools. You may have been told, “Make sure the school you attend is accredited.” Healthcare facilities also come under regulations to be licensed, certified, and accredited in order to legitimately operate. Holding these credentials ensures to the public that the healthcare facility provides quality services. Differentiate between licensure, certification, and accreditation as it applies to  healthcare facilities. Include the following in the discussion: 1) Define each of the terms as they apply to healthcare facilities. 2) Are there differences and similarities between the three terms? 3) Discuss the impact and value of each of these three regulations on operating systems within the healthcare facility, such as health information systems. 4) How would you known if the healthcare facility held any of these designations? 5) Cite any references. 6) Proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling is required. Use your own words. Copying and pasting is not allowed. 4) In this discussion, you are to review the following ethical and legal dilemma: A solo-practice provider has been practicing in a specific area for 19 years. At 20 years, the staff, several of whom have been with the doctor since the start, can collect retirement through a contracted vendor. However, due to a diminishing of insurance reimbursement, the doctor cannot keep the doors open any longer. The provider realizes that both her and her employees are unlikely to find employment that will provide for any means of financial security in their aging years. Attempts at marketing and attracting additional clients have been unsuccessful as a result of managed care contracts and preferred provider arrangements that have gone to hospital-based physicians. There are no other options, save one. The provider knows that if she upcodes the visits and charges more, she can keep her doors open and retire in a short 12 months. In your main discussion post, discuss the current dilemma from the perspective of the provider and from the perspective of the staff. Are there any gray areas to this dilemma? If so, can you understand why a provider would be tempted to upcode? Unfortunately, this dilemma is happening across America. In replying to your peers, evaluate their positions on this dilemma. Did you find common ground? (1 page)