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“The Last of Mohicans” by Michael Mann Film Analysis Essay

“The Last of Mohicans” by Michael Mann Film Analysis Essay. Introduction Freedom is very invaluable because it cost many lives so that the United States of America could have its freedom. Being a superpower North America, like many countries also went through some tough times in history. This essay will discuss the movie,’ the last of Mohicans’ in relation to captured social attributes in the movie and their relationship with the present situations. These include experiences, Social cultural aspects, racism, and violence in search for power and freedom by different social groups. Movie Outline The setting of this movie is amazing: the forest in the mountain and river flowing through it displays a clear picture of people who would not count the cost to pay for their freedom. It gives the viewer a good imagination of the past and gives him a chance to compare it with the present. This movie was set to explain the events during colonization of North America by Britain and France. It shows how a father, Colonel Munro is re-united with his daughters Alice and Cora Munro. During this process, there is a lot of violence which lead to brutal killings of many people by the opposition sides. The movie captures the culture of Britain, leadership, love and romance, altruism, revenge and violence. Fight for freedom Freedom is something that everyone values. It is more to those who have at one point of their lives found themselves behind bars. It is a privilege that most don’t often realize but it gives us the ability to make choices and decisions that one can implement. The blood shedding scenes in the movie are characterized by skilled French and Indians, slavery and violent fighting to dominate the continent and the world trade. At the present time, colonization probably is taking another form. This is an indirect colonization whereby the colonizer strategizes to use a target person or country to position themselves in their territory with hidden agendas. For instance, the US war in Vietnamese has often been said to have served some US interests. Culture The costumes worn by the characters of this movie, such as the heavy and long dresses in ladies in contrast with modern dressing but their beauty is equally appreciated. Men are half dressed and wear feathers as part of their attire. The choice of weapons used in this movie such as the battle axe and Cora’s bodice are a good presentation for historical accuracy. The British culture is also expressed by their actions such as a tea party in Albany with Cora, Duncan and Alice which were not common in America. It is a clear representation of the British culture. Altruism This is clearly captured throughout the movie because people tend work very hard to protect their own. The father of the daughters Munro thinks that Duncan does not probably love Cora as much as Alice because of her origin since her mother was from West Indies. This is a common aspect in many societies whereby it is always true that one is discriminated because of his or her origin. This is mostly the case since in many societies discrimination is on basis of race, tribe or place of origin. Love and Romance There are many instances that clearly express how men take care of women. The care and the tenderness given by men and in return the response by women is a good indication that keeps the viewer glued to the screen. The dancing in the background and the background music between couples is amazing. This is followed by characters marching in rhythm with the drums at the middle of tall buildings and later in the forest while riding on their horses. For example, the movie captures an encounter of two people Hawkeye and Cora Munro falling in love even in the midst of violence. Love is powerful and keeps people going on. No matter the time and season, love has not just started and neither is it going to end soon. Love and relationships is a discussion that gets attention of many people regardless of their gender, age or society. There is always a way love thrives even in hard and difficult situations. It affects people’s behavior, their moods and even the output in their work. Violence and Revenge The movie strikes extreme violence. The brutal and massive killing of the characters demonstrates people without mercy. Some characters are shot dead; others are stabbed and even burned. Magua has threatened to revenge for his family upon Munro. Magua pretended to be a friend to the Hunros family and fortunately won the trust of the British. Revenge brings destruction even to the innocent who do not deserve the punishment. Many people today find themselves in problems that are a result of other people’s mistakes. A good example is those in jails or poor because of injustice. Conclusion Life in history and culture is an interesting topic in the modern world. It represents many human values that have been modified over generations. It is therefore an important tool in planning and development of societies. Drawing the good values and the strength of characters in the movie helps us in achieving more than the predecessors and obviously not ignoring their weaknesses to avoid their failures. The curiosity of knowing ones origin and how they fought for their freedom creates the relevance of this movie, ‘The last of the Mohicans’. Only the strong willed, the bold and courageous are known for their actions and they will be forever appreciated even if it cost them their lives. In social circles quality leadership is very crucial together with love and relationships for the development of society. Vices such as revenge, brutality and violence only lead to destruction and are a great hindrance to development of the society. “The Last of Mohicans” by Michael Mann Film Analysis Essay
MBA 524 Bethel University Managerial Accounting Questions Discussion.

Discussion: The response to the facilitator’s original post should be a minimum of 250 words and must be supported by at least four scholarly sources from google scholar. References should include a scholarly source outside your textbook. References and citations are required for your initial and response posts. 1 Describe budgeting; it’s objective, and its impact on human behavior. In your initial response, please use one external source to support your post. Based on your reading, please communicate your own understanding of the requirements. Complete: The minimum word count for all Complete sections combined is 1,500 words per unit (total assignment). The student’s responses in the Complete section should be supported by at least four scholarly references. Make sure you are using scholarly or industry related journals.1 For this assignment, write a narrative
essay (minimum 1500 words) in which you address and discuss the questions and
statements listed below. Use at least four scholarly sources and remember to
demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections in your
essay. Cite your sources in APA format. Evaluation of employee performance must include measures that are relevant and controllable by the employee. Why is it important to investigate both price (rate) and volume (efficiency)variances when rewarding employees for satisfactory work when performance evaluations are based on meeting budgets? What are qualitative measures that might be helpful in employee performance evaluations? Complete questions a-c for Case ATC 8-1. Be sure to use at least four sources and use APA format.
MBA 524 Bethel University Managerial Accounting Questions Discussion

Introduction A customer is the backbone of any given company; the main decision that a marketing manager should make determining his company’s market segment. A market segment is a homogenous subset of the main market, which share similar characteristics which make it demand similar goods. A segment is also stimulated by similar innovations. After developing a marketing segment the next step is to develop mechanisms to enable him sell in the target market. One of the ways to enter in the target market is marketing mix. An effective marketing mix ensures that goods are available to the target customer, when they need them at and they are affordable (Anctil, 2008). Toyota is the world leading automobile manufacture, its success has been tagged to its strong marketing strategy; it uses 4Ps to market its products. This paper looks into marketing mix (specifically 4Ps of marketing mix). It will also discuss how Toyota Company has utilized this strategy in its marketing. Concept of 4Ps 4ps concept was developed in 1960 by a marketing expert called E J McCarthy (Mind tools, 2010). The Ps represents Price, product/service, promotion, and place; Price The price of a commodity is an element of total cost plus a profit margin. When a target market has been established, there is need to determine the price affordable to the customers. A marketer should be aware of consumer trends and their potential. The social class that the product is targeted will influence the price of the products. The price parameter can be approached from the actual product price or the possibility that the product can be divided into smaller parts, not necessarily cheap, but to enhance affordability. From a broader point of view the market can be divided into three sections; the high class, the middle class, and the lower class. The high class is not interested on how expensive a product is, but their point of interest is the utility that the product is going to give. When they are buying things they are looking for something extra that can make them feel special and different. To target this group, the product should try to show how it is different from others, the price can be set high since the possibility is ,this group will think that the higher the price the higher the utility. The middle class buy the common goods in the market. When they are the target group, the price should be harmonized with competitor’s prices. When the target is the lower class, price is the determinant of the market, the lower the price the better. The products can be packed in smaller quantities at “lower prices”. Understanding of the market segment is thus crucial. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Place The market segment that the marketer want to target, will influence the distribution that he is going to use. Where the customer is more likely to be found should be the place that the goods are provided. If the target customers are people who value recognition, most of them are in the high class, they are more likely to be found in the shopping malls and “designer” shops. The products should be displayed on these stalls. The possibility that these kind of client will be in the back street shops is unlikely and thus the products should not be there. The common market is also a place that they are unlikely to go. If the products are targeting the lower class, they should be distributed in the supermarkets that are expected to be less expensive than the shopping mall. There are also some places that are regarded to be the high class estates. These are found in the areas that people of a certain class live. If the target is the low class the goods should be available in the local slum and suburbs’ shops. If the target is for the middle class place products where the competitor products are, the focus should be more on strategies to persuade them. The middle class are known to be looking for something extra at the same price. There will be no harm if the products are distributed in the competitors area; efforts should be the way we display what we are offering extra (, 2010). Promotion Promotions are done in the effort to either introduce a new product or increase the market segment. To engage in a promotion, the first thing to understand is the availability of the target customers. Where are they likely to be found? Are they free in the mornings, is it in the afternoon? After realizing their availability and when they can give you time, and know the age of the market. The promotion for the youth should be designed to target the youth. The behavior of the youth is that they don’t want something that feels so common, let the promotion give a different good-feel on the customer. If the promotion focus on introducing a new product, then a lot should be invested in assuring the client of better quality than what is offered by the competitor. The existence of opinion leaders should be evaluated. Customers are likely to follow the opinion leaders in making their decisions. The existence of groups in the society and their matching lifestyles can also be of great use. If the promotion is for an already existing product in the market, the approach should be from the angle that we are thanking our customers. If the customer feel appreciated and recognized he will develop loyalty and influence other to follow his way. Product When a company is developing a product, there is a need that the product is supposed to fulfill. The higher the utility the customer gets, the higher the demand for the product. We will write a custom Report on The elements of the marketing mix specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More When products are developed, the team should always invest in offering something extra to the consumer. If target customers are aware of the expected ingredients, the campaigns should have a lot of emphasis in the ingredient used. On the other hand, if the customers are not much interested in the ingredients, or they even are not aware of the ingredients, the focus should be the outcome that the product will give. The marketing campaigns should explain to the customer what benefit he will derive from using the goods. What does the target customers expect, what are they likely to be moved by? What is the age of the target customer? If the target customer are children- by extension the parents, the products should have attractive bright colors that are more likely to attract children. If the target markets are the youth, then the fashion should be of emphasis. Packaging should gives a sense of superiority to the product. The youth will always want to have a better product than their peers. Effort should be made to ensure that the product is portrayed to give the impression of superiority. The language on the product packaging should be targeted at the desired group age. If the prices have reduced and are lower than the market prices, it is important to include them on the package. In all the marketing of the products whether they are target to the high class, middle class, low class, the old, and the youth, the marketer should assure the customers of the availability of the products at all times (See appendix 1). Understanding the target market segment cannot be overlooked (Anctil, 2008). The case of Toyota Company Toyota was incorporated in 1937 in Japan by Kiichiro Toyoda; it has grown to be the world number one automobile provider. It assumed the number one automobile producer in 2008 after it surpassed general motors. The company operates on a five principal policy; Kaizen (continuo’s improvement), teamwork, Challenges, Respect and Genchi Genbutsu (go and see). Alongside these policies the company has a strong marketing strategy. Let’s examine how it markets its products; The company has two market segmentation; they are developed and developing countries. Its products are designed to meet the needs of the various markets. One of the ways that it has adopted is a continuous improvement of its products. There is a research department that has the aim of undertaking its policy of Genchi Genbutsu (go and see). The section is supposed to survey the market and come up with various recommendations that are aimed at improve the company’s services. As it conducted this duty, the issue of technology came up and the company had to implement the change. Other than just implementing it started a long term policy to ensure that there is continuity in the works. The company’s first car was a high fuel consuming passenger car called A1 and G1. The vehicles were manually modeled. Not sure if you can write a paper on The elements of the marketing mix by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Today, the numerous models in the market are as a result of computer aided modeling. All along we are hearing of Toyota X new model. This shows how they have continually improved their products to remain competitive in the world. Secondly, another area that the company has improved is on the fuel consumption in the vehicles. This has been ongoing and in 1980s it saw the company get Japanese Quality Control award, this was due to the rewarding innovations especially in the fuel section that the company had gotten. On the same angle in 1973, during world fuel crisis, the company was able to penetrate the American market when Americans preferred automobiles from the company due to its low fuel consumption. All the above are not coming to the company as mere luck but are deliberate planning and organizing of the available physical and human resources. A lot more that the company intend to bring are the electric automobiles that are on testing stage (Hino, 2006). When it comes to price, there are different models which cost differently depending with the target customer. In developing countries where it is considered to have a market that require less expensive good, the company has engaged in what is referred to as Custom Bonded Factories; these are factories placed in less developed countries and receives CKDs (completely Knocked Down) parts from Toyota and assemble them into a complete automobile. This takes the benefit of low labor thus the products can be sold in their country of assembly at a lower price. On the other hand, these are government and Toyota programs so there are arrangements made to reduce taxes on these CKDs, this makes them even cheaper and affordable (See appendix 2). The product is advertised in the individual countries according to the capability of the customer there. There is an also “door to door” promotion where the company approach companies, governments, corporate bodies and offer the products that they have that can meet the need of the customer. In case the company does not have a full order in their warehouse, the policies of the company allows for the neighboring country to export to the country of deficit. All Toyota branches are located in city centers where they are likely to tap the greatest number of customers (CIOinsight, 2004). Conclusion A customer is the backbone of a company; the main decision that a marketing manager should make determining his company’s market segment. One of the ways to enter in the target market is marketing mix. The 4Ps represent Price, product/service, promotion, and place. An effective marketing ensures that goods are available to the target customer, when they need them at and they are affordable. Toyota is one of the companies that have benefited from using the strategy. It manufactures different models which costs differently and makes them available to target customers. Reference List Anctil, E. (2008). Marketing and Advertising the Intangible. ASHE Higher Education Report, 34(2), 31-47. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database. CIOinsight. (2004). Toyota’s Business Intelligence: Oh! What a Feeling. Page 3-4. Web. Hino, S. (2006). Inside the mind of Toyota: management principles for enduring growth. Tokyo: Productivity Press. Mind tools. (2010). Marketing Mix and 4Ps. Web. (2010). The Marketing Mix (4Ps of marketing). Web. Appendixes Appendix 1 A marketing mix diagram Appendix 2 A marketing mix used by Toyota (Hino, 2006)
Marketing Approaches Using Emotional Appeals Discussion Questions.

Questions Based on Content Modules 2 and 31. Based on the Viral Video Chart report from Advertising Age, choose one successful appeal orexecution style that was used by marketers to generate word-of-mouth discussions and buzz fortheir brands. Discuss the pros and cons of using this technique._____2. Do you agree with the New York Times (2008) article in that “nothing sells like celebrity”?Has the practice of brand and product endorsements changed in the YouTube and Instagramera? Provide examples of brands using social media “influencers” instead of celebrities anddiscuss the effectiveness of this approach.___________________________________________**File responses 2 and 3Your discussion should be in the same format that you are presented
Marketing Approaches Using Emotional Appeals Discussion Questions

prompts 1 and 2 Paper


Please respond to the discussion prompt. Week 2 CHAPTER 1-4

Discuss why it is important for advanced practice nurses to integrate conceptual and theoretical frameworks when working with families (whether geriatric, young adult, or pediatric patients). Why do you think it is critical for the advanced practice registered nurse to agree on what the health issue is for the family?

Use at least one scholarly source other than your textbook to connect your response to national guidelines and evidence-based research in support of your ideas. This is required. In addition, you may also provide an example case, either from personal experience or from the media, which illustrates and supports your ideas.  All sources must be referenced and cited using correct APA (including a link to the source).


Conceptual and theoretical frameworks are the building blocks and the foundation for many nursing theories and practices. It is important to implement these frameworks into practice because it helps to focus the scope of advanced practice nurses while taking care of a specific population. Using nursing conceptual and theoretical frameworks helps to differentiate between a medical perspective and focuses on looking at families and each individual patient with a lens to be able to “be truly present in the lives of their patients” (Wilson & et al., 2014). It is crucial to be present for the patients and the families as a whole because advanced practice nurses need to care for them.

It is also critical for the advanced practice registered nurse to agree on what the health issue is for the family because the care is developed to be specific for each patient and each family. Having a good understanding and being in agreement with what the health issue is for the family will guide the care better and be better suited for the family. Also, agreeing on what the health issue is for the family helps to convey and support four core concepts in family health: respect, information sharing, participation, and collaboration (Cowling, 2015). If the family and nurse are in agreement with what the health issue is, an environment of understanding and collaboration is fostered to work together on what the health issue is. Having the participation of both the family and the nurse in unison helps in identifying other health issues and identifying the needs of the family as well. The advanced practice registered nurse can also act as the liaison between each family member as well if there are more difficult family dynamics. And, one other reason why it is so critical for the advanced practice registered nurse to agree on what the health issue is is because nursing care is always about the patient and now about the family as well. It is important to identify patient needs, to incorporate the preferences, and assist in the care whenever there is a need (Clay & et al., 2016).


Theoretical frameworks can guide and assist clinicians in problem-solving by using more than one concept in their care. Integrating frameworks to tackle a health problem from different perspectives can provide multiple solutions for healthcare providers that tailor interventions. Our textbook (Kaaniken et al., 2015) states that no one theoretical perspective applies to all healthcare settings. A clinician must carry a broad base of theoretical knowledge on which to assess and intervene with the complex health events experienced by families. Each patient has a unique situation that requires targeted focus, whether it is a physiological, psychological, or spiritual need. Care is organized around the family, where providers partner with them to identify and satisfy the full range of patient needs and preferences (Ortiz, 2018). Every family requires different interventions because what might be suitable for one might not be appropriate for another. A patient in the acute hospital setting, outpatient primary care, assisted living, palliative care, and hospice care will all require different strategies. Illness and role strains within families can inflict vulnerability and powerless which is why it is important for clinicians to maintain transparency in care and involve the family in decision-making to include everyone. A family that received a terminal illness diagnosis will require coping strategies and resources that are different from another family who is caring for a member who was in a motor vehicle accident or one that is expecting a new child. Nursing concepts and principles keep nurses focused on proper care coordination that is uniquely based on the needs of those they serve.

The use of numerous theoretical approaches in practice to assess and intervene with families is crucial to ensure that the unique needs of the family are met, uncover any gaps in enacting a plan, and offer resources to the family. Clinicians are tasked with gathering, examining, organizing, and analyzing the data to craft a clear view of the family’s story using the theoretical teachings to guide that process.  According to the Family Assessment and Intervention Model, families are subject to tensions when stressed and their reaction to it depends on its impact and their coping capabilities to adapt (Kaaniken et al., 2015). It focuses on health promotion, family reaction to stress, and utilizing proper coping mechanisms. Meanwhile, the Friedman Assessment Model focuses on a family’s structure (values, communication, hierarchy), functions (activities and purposes), and relationships with other social systems (religion, education, and health) that all interrelate to one another (Kaaniken et al., 2015). Using these assessments for family-centered care, clinicians can then utilize different theoretical foundations aimed at treating the family for drawing proper interventions. If a family member has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, such as type 1 diabetes, interventions from the conceptual framework from the Chronic Illness Framework and Family Systems Theory can be initiated. Identifying strengths and building coping mechanisms to prevent caregiver burnout targets the family-centered care focus of the Chronic Illness Framework while the Family Systems Theory interventions will focus on fortifying positive interactions of communication between family members to assist with coping. Nurses already utilize theoretical nursing concepts in everyday care to guide their practice that range from Orem, Nightingale, Roy, Henderson, and many others. Family-nursing care theories will add another layer of background knowledge for advanced practice nurses to draw from when enacting care for both the patient and their family.

Capella Impact of Cultural Differences on Communication BW US & Spanish Culture PPT

java assignment help Capella Impact of Cultural Differences on Communication BW US & Spanish Culture PPT.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that tells a visual story about the impact of cultural differences on communication between the U.S. culture and Spanish culture. Select images that reflect communication styles or methods in a Spanish culture to include in your PowerPoint presentation. Support your written story with a script. Your PowerPoint should have a lot of color. Ensure you add the script to the presentation by typing notes in the note section below each slide. (If you add one or two sentences on the slides this does not count as a script. It has to be significant information discussing what the slide means). Accomplish the following in your assignment: Investigate the interactive effect that cultural tendencies, issues, and trends of various cultures have on communication. Explain how personal interactions are affected by the nonverbal characteristics and differences specific to the U.S. culture and another culture. (Offers a clear and knowledgeable explanation of how personal interactions are affected by the characteristics and differences specific to the U.S. Culture)Utilize effective research methods to gather a variety of applicable sources. (Consistently effective research methods provide a rich variety of applicable sources)Include a reference list containing a variety of resources, which may include interviews with members of the culture, media presentations, websites, text readings, scholarly articles, and other related materials.Select images that reflect communication styles or methods within a selected culture. (Selects visually-appealing and accurate images that clearly reflect communication styles or methods within a selected culture)Create a script that connects selected visuals to course content.(Creates a script that connects selected visual to course content, provides reference to supporting resources)In your written script, write your sources within your presentation to support your assertions. Additional Requirements Written communication: Write coherently to support a central idea in appropriate format with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics.APA formatting: Format resources and citations according to APA style and formatting.PowerPoint details: Include title and reference slides along with 8–10 slides of content.For Script: creating a written script for your presentation. Type your script (what you would say to your audience) in the Notes box for each slide.
Capella Impact of Cultural Differences on Communication BW US & Spanish Culture PPT

I will attach the document required to complete this assignment. Note from professor:*Simple answers without explanations did not receive

I will attach the document required to complete this assignment. Note from professor:*Simple answers without explanations did not receive good grades. This is an MBA course: graduate quality work is expected. Without explanation of your answers, you can’t demonstrate understanding of the material; and I can’t give you much credit.

Health Management Organization’s Pharmacy Process Case Study

Table of Contents Process map SIPOC Model Root causes of problems Special or common causes Tools Solution Strategy to measure the aforementioned solution References Process map The paper will attempt to explain the issues that are faced by Health Management Organization (HMO) pharmacy and come up with possible solutions to the problems. In order to identify the problems at a pharmacy, it is important to first come up with the process map of the prescription filing process (Snee