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The Joy Luck Club ( Amy Tan ) & Barrio Boy ( Ernesto Galarza ) rice supplement essay help History coursework help

Compares novel’s & autobiography’s portrayals of immigrants’ experiences in CA, focusing on cultural & generational continuity.

This study will provide a comparative analysis of two books about immigrants’ experience in California. Amy Tan’s novel, The Joy Luck Club, portrays two generations of Chinese-American women, and Ernesto Galarza’s autobiography, Barrio Boy, examines the experiences of Mexican immigrants, especially those of the author as a young male who settled with his family in the barrio of Sacramento. The essence of both works is the authors’ intention to honor immigrants’ lives, both fictional and factual, and to have the reader appreciate their humanity, heritage, courage and culture. If there is one theme in both works it is the theme of cultural, generational and familial continuity and endurance in the face of clashing cultures and the forces of assimilation. Tan wants the reader to understand the profound and intimate connections between the two generations of mothers and..

HCM-520: Quality and Performance Imprve 21957-Riyadh-Males

Module 06: Discussion Forum
Module 06: Discussion ForumMinimizing risk within an organization is an important aspect of quality in healthcare. Consider the following in your initial post for this week’s discussion:
Discuss how the patient experience has evolved across health care organizations in KSA. Describe the most prevalent issues and concerns that patients express.
Discuss the quality tools and measures you would utilize to address these specific concerns.
Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories (which require supporting citations) in your initial response along with at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article. Keep in mind that these scholarly references can be found in the Saudi Digital Library by conducting an advanced search specific to scholarly references. Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.
You are required to reply to at least two peer discussion question post answers to this weekly discussion question and/or your instructor’s response to your posting. These post replies need to be substantial and constructive in nature. They should add to the content of the post and evaluate/analyze that post’s answer. Normal course dialogue doesn’t fulfill these two peer replies but is expected throughout the course. Answering all course questions is also required.
Discussion Rubric Discussion Rubric – Alternative Formats