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The January 6th Insurrection Attempt was fresh in our minds and the vaccination campaign had barely just begun. We transitioned

The January 6th Insurrection Attempt was fresh in our minds and the vaccination campaign had barely just begun. We transitioned to a new President, kinda peacefully, and the deepening challenges ahead were as yet unknown. at the start of 2022, vaccinations and boosters are well underway in America, and we’re past the year anniversary of the insurrections. But as is so evident in the news cycle, the implications of that fateful day on January 6, 2021 continue to reverberate (more on that below).So as we start the Spring 2022 Semester, let’s first look back one year to the start of 2021 amidst the ongoing (and seemingly never-ending!) COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis, Political Turmoils, and Racial Inequalities of our country so we can think about and share our experiences related NOT ONLY to the COVID-19 pandemic BUT ALSO to the other major problems we’re grappling with AND how it relates to our personal and societal experiences. Step Two – Discuss!To what extent do you think Ken Burns’ claims about the historic implications of these “three viruses” are actually playing out in American Society now, today, a full year later? Where do you see evidence in agreement – or disagreement – with the author?  Discuss at least TWO of the areas discussed in the article and what you see. What impact has ANY of these three “viruses” — COVID, racism, conspiracy theories — had on your life and family, since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic in March 2020 thru now, January 2022? What changes, challenges, or problems have you experienced, and how much OR how little have these problems changed your life? What does your experience say about the privileges and/or discriminations you face every day?Instructions for Posting to the DiscussionYou’ll make THREE contributions to this discussion total. You’ll answer BOTH of my questions as outlined above (first two posts or can be combined into one – answering both questions counts as your first TWO contributions).these are the links ones are the most inportant use these forsure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the two below are the mandatory ones to use

ADHD in Male Gender

ADHD in Male Gender.

Students will complete a review of the literature on a topic of interest to them. They should select the topic as if they were planning to conduct research on it. Students should gather between 10 and 15 valid outside sources (peer-reviewed journal articles, articles from trade publications, reports from government agencies, and reputable non-for-profit or educational organizations, or books based on empirical research). Based on these sources, they will write a 7 page thematic literature review, including a title page and a reference page in APA style. A thematic review organizes the sources according to the topics they cover.

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Essay on happiness

The January 6th Insurrection Attempt was fresh in our minds and the vaccination campaign had barely just begun. We transitioned Essay on happiness.

Researched essay — exploring happiness — what does it mean to be happy, where does happiness come from, is happiness important? 3-5 pp in MLA format ssay explore your relationship with happiness. Include in-text citations. Include a Works Cited page.

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Prison History

Prison History. 1) Discuss some of the historical developments of prison construction in the U.S. 2) Discuss how such developments affected how inmates were controlled and monitored 3) How have modern prison designs and the use of technology changed the nature of prisons? 4) What did you like most about the video? What did you like least? Watch the YouTube link to answer the 4 questions above.

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Publicly-traded corporation in the natural gas industry

Publicly-traded corporation in the natural gas industry.

The Paper must be 2 pages without including tittle page. Choose a publicly-traded corporation in natural gas industry. 

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How would you design a study to find out if pharmacists feel able to prescribe medicines?

How would you design a study to find out if pharmacists feel able to prescribe medicines?.

How would you design a study to find out if pharmacists feel able to prescribe medicines?


Paper details:

Please assign a UK-based pharmacy expert if possible. Assignment: How would you design a study to find out if pharmacists feel able to prescribe medicines? Please find attached a file with all the specifications. Please use the given template to write the assignment. The given presentation is here to guide about different methods used for a different example.

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Oral History-Immigrant

Oral History-Immigrant.

For this topic you will need to interview an immigrant concerning their experiences adapting to life in the United States. You will take field notes based on your interview and then write up your findings in a full, approximately 5-7 page (minimum 2000 word) ethnography. You will be expected to utilize and apply anthropological concepts, which you have learned in this class, to your findings. You will turn in your field notes with the final version of your paper. You will need to devise your own open-ended style of interview questions asking your informant to tell you about his or her socio-cultural experiences of adapting to American society. You may want to ask them what were the influences that caused them to migrate to the US, what sort of difficulties they faced and what, if any advantages they felt they gained through their immigration experience. Remember that you want to encourage your informant to talk as much as possible about what HE or SHE felt to be important about his or her immigration experience and what he or she would like the reader to understand about what they went through to adapt to life in the US. Also, be sure and ask your informant in what ways does he or she feel that his values have changed as a result of the immigration experience and does he or she view this as having a positive or negative impact on their life.

Additional issues to keep in mind – This assignment should include a discussion opf key themes from our class. In other words, whether you choose to interview an immigrant or interview a senior citizen, you need to discuss a minimum of three issues from our class. These issues could include topics such as immigration experiences – sexuality, dating and marriage experiences – family and kinship experiences – economic (subsistence) experiences – the roles of race and ethnicity in the life of your informant (including the impact of racism and/or racial tension) – the social expectations of men and women (gender roles) as experienced by your informant- problems related to living in an increasingly industrialized society – social pressures related to the body – education experience- religious beliefs and experiences- or any other topic that we cover in class this quarter. Please be sure to discuss your informants own personal experiences as related to these key topics. Please focus on discussing how these issues personally effected your informant’s life.

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Reflective Report

Reflective Report.

 This is to be a reflective commentary of 1,500 words (maximum) covering learning from completing the applied engagement portfolio. This assessment is essential to your learning as it gives you the opportunity to reflect on your experiences this semester in both the development of your problem-solving and professional communication skills in addition to the influence of working with others from diverse backgrounds in the creation of business-ready material. Consider your experience working on the PEER Portfolio this semester. In your reflection, respond to the following questions: 1. To what extent did diversity of thought manifest itself in your group? 2. How did you navigate the challenges associated with this? 3. What have you learnt about yourself and others? Please use this additional reference: Loo, R. and Thorpe, K. (2002). Using reflective learning journals to improve individual and team performance. Team Performance Management: An International Journal, 8 (5/6), 134-139.

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Criminal sentencing-us legal system

Criminal sentencing-us legal system.

This assignment will demonstrate comprehension of course material and allow students to explore a topic in greater depth and apply it to a current event using a reputable news source. Choose 1 article from an online news source, the event should have taken place in the last 6 months. APSA citation.

RUBRIC Provide a BRIEF general overview of the topic, using course materials Address the theoretical approaches mentioned in the course materials Address any important empirical points mentioned in the course materials (data, case studies, etc) Topic Analysis 5 Provided a BRIEF summary of the article (2-4 sentences) Explained how the article fits into your chosen topic and adds to course materials Explained how the article contributes to our knowledge of the topic Citation 4 Used in-text citation throughout the paper, including the course text/materials. DO NOT USE QUOTES Used appropriate citation in the references section, including the course text/materials. The two sources are the text book we use in class Mays, G. Larry. American Courts and the Judicial Process. Oxford University Press, 2012. and the online article

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“Contemporary literature”

“Contemporary literature”.

1. What details of the short story did you find most interesting? 2. What is “Contemporary literature” and how is this story an example of it? Be sure your response is at least 350 words long, and includes one short direct quotation from the PRIMARY texts (by Marquez). Please use the book below as the source Puchner, M. (2013). The Norton anthology of world literature. 3rd ed. New York: W.W. Norton & Company,

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