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The Italian Candy Council Essay (Critical Writing)

The new advertising manager for the Candy Council, Antonella Severino, has to choose among three agencies in order to get the most appropriate one for advertising candy in Italy. Therefore, to choose the best agency among Creative Concepts, New Century Advertising, and Impact Advertising, she must take into consideration some beneficial strategies before making the final decision. To begin with, she must consider how long each advertising agency has been involved in promoting the consumption of candy in the country. This is because it will assist in gauging a particular advertising agency’s understanding of the candy business in the country. Consequently, this will be mirrored in the marketing and advertising strategy that the ad agency will develop in promoting candy consumption. For the agencies coming forth, Antonella should critically look at the chemistry they are made of. This implies that she ought to look at the mood and the attitude of the Candy Council and if the coming agency is able to maintain that image in the long run. The agency should also be in a position to understand the objectives of the Council in order to come up with innovative solutions. Another important strategy that she can use is to look at their portfolio. This will give her an idea of the performance of the agencies when dealing with other clients. Moreover, after scrutinizing their portfolio, she should go ahead and get testimonials from clients that the agencies have served previously in order to know if they delivered the expected results or not (Weilbacher, 1983). Antonella should consider the type of work environment in the Council and if the employees of the agency to be hired will be able to fit smoothly into the system. Lastly, she has to look if the agency to be hired by Candy Council is employed by another firm or a firm taking part in the candy business or in an industry that is directly competitive to candy manufacture in the country. Out of the three different advertising agencies, Antonella is planning to employ the services of Impact Advertising Agency to increase the consumption of candy in Italy. This is the best choice that she can make, as there are evidences that support her choice. Impact Advertising is a relatively new company that was formed in 1990 by two enthusiastic women after completing their MBA studies. This, coupled with its full-time staff of 20, will give Candy Council the creativity it is looking for in spearheading the advertising. Since it is a new agency in the market, Impact Advertising will be able to express creatively candy consumption in Italy. The agency’s insightful marketing thinking, strategic approach to advertising and use of other competitive marketing communication will ensure that the image of candy consumption in Italy is maintained since it will not be able to run wild with the advertising process. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Nonetheless, Creative Concepts and New Century Advertising may have run out of creative potential since they have been in the advertising industry for quite some time. Therefore, they may not be in a position to think up a new idea for promotion of candy consumption in the country (Egan, 2007, p.204). On the other hand, even though Impact Advertising has no direct experience in the candy business, the agency is professionally operated in which every department pays extra attention to detail. This will ensure that it makes minimal mistakes. Despite the agency being new, it has been making profits since its first year in business; therefore, it is less likely to fail in promoting consumption of candy. In addition, the agency has special relevant expertise in other areas in business as well as high level of expertise in integrating advertising with other forms of marketing communication. In terms of conflict of interest, in contrast to the other agencies, no other company employs the services of Impact Advertising either directly or indirectly. This will ensure that it undertakes all the duties of Candy Council without discrimination. The company has a good reputation meaning that the clients who have been hiring it have all been contented with the services it offers to them. In terms of culture match, the employees of Impact Advertising are able to fit smoothly into the system of operation of Candy Council. This is important since it will create good working relationships and hence minimize conflicts. Antonella might have given several recommendations to the Council Board in regards to advertising campaigns aimed at encouraging the consumption of candy in Italy. Before inviting tenders for the coming of an advertising agency, Candy Council should analyze its capability to determine if it is ready for it. Readiness is known by drop in candy consumption in the country or harming the product name due to inadequate publicity like what took place in 1972. The Council Board should always endeavor to choose the right agency. This is essential to avoid losing a lot of money, raising false hope, and increasing the frustration of the Candy Council members. We will write a custom Critical Writing on The Italian Candy Council specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In making a choice, the Council Board should be driven by a solid grasp of the true purpose of advertising, which is to generate profit for the candy business in the country. The Candy Council should avoid contracting agencies that boast about their award-winning advertisement schemes, instead of speaking of the profitability and growth they have realized when serving previous and current customers. In Antonella measuring the effectiveness of her choice in the long run, she will be able to determine the extent that Impact Advertising will have attained in meeting the goals of Candy Council. The practice of effective marketing is able to deliver messages to the right audience. Consequently, this is able to create sales at a profit, which is measurable. Kathleen notes that effectiveness of advertising depends on a number variables, which includes, “the advertising goals, the type of media used, the cost of evaluation, the value that the business or advertising agency places on evaluation measures, the level of precision and reliability required, who the evaluation is for and the budget”(2007, para. 2). Several researchers have proposed different models for measuring the effectiveness of advertisement. However, in the long run, Antonella can be able to measure the effectiveness of her choice by using a number of methods. These are “recognition test, Gallup Robinson recall test, association test, sale result test, split run test, rating scale test, day after recall test, inquiry test or portfolio test” (Trehan
Week 7-Is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Related to Positive Social Change?. I’m studying for my Psychology class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is one of the most recently developed approaches under the CBT umbrella. Stephen Hayes, who developed ACT in the 1980s, was trained in traditional CBT. On the surface, ACT would appear to agree with the basic premise of the “it is what it is” statement from this week’s introduction. This approach is not only about acceptance, however, but also commitment, which in this context refers to the commitment to change behavior.
ACT focuses on values and psychological flexibility. It uses mindfulness to bring clients into the present moment in order to nonjudgmentally examine thoughts and emotions. Rather than looking at what happened in the past or might happen in the future, ACT focuses on the present. After this acceptance, an ACT therapist would attempt to move clients in the direction of their values through a series of questions, such as: “What are the things that you really value? What would you like to see written on your tombstone?” By examining what clients would like to be different in their lives, they can begin to change behaviors that do not fit into their value system or worldview.
Steven Hayes believes that social change can come from a person who is acting from his or her value system, and that in this way, ACT is related to social change. For this Discussion, you examine the basic tenets and strategies of ACT and take a position on Hayes’s social change argument. Can a therapeutic approach based on acceptance of thoughts—rather than changing them—be a catalyst for behaviors and actions that lead to social change?
To prepare:

Review the Big Think Interview with Steven Hayes media program found in this week’s Learning Resources.
Consider the basic approaches within ACT and reflect on Hayes’ premise that his approach is related to social change.

With these thoughts in mind:
Write a 1-2 page critique of Hayes’s contention that Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) can be related to positive social change. Do you agree or disagree with his opinion, and why? What tenets of ACT support your position? Be specific and provide examples to support your argument.
Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources. Use proper APA format and citations.
Week 7-Is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Related to Positive Social Change?

HRM 307 Post University Compensation & Benefits Discussion

HRM 307 Post University Compensation & Benefits Discussion.

After reading Chapter 1, reviewing the written links, the videos, and learning about the forms of pay, describe in your own words the different total returns for work. What forms of pay have you experienced at your current (or past) workplace, and how do you think it impacts your motivation/behavior?   
I am sending you the link for the book and videos for the lesson.
Book- Gerhart, B., & Newman, J. (2020). Compensation (13th ed.). McGraw-Hill.
Chapters 1 and 2 are key to understanding the basic elements of compensation design, why and how strategic business decisions must align with total compensation strategy to influence organizational success.

Chapter 1: The Pay Model
Chapter 2: Strategy: The Totality of Decisions

Articles, Websites, and Videos:
This article links business strategy to the design of total compensation strategy. It will help you to understand better how to your case study assignments.

Verma, P., & Sharma, R. (2019). The linkages between business strategies, culture, and compensation using Miles & Snow’s and Hofstede culture framework in conglomerate firms. Benchmarking, 26(4), 1132-1160.

This video introduces The Pay Model. It will help you to understand and complete your assignments.

Watch VideoThe Pay Model
Duration: 8:05
User: Kate Keeler – Added: 8/31/20

This video provides a basis for assessing your organization’s business strategy around which Total Compensation systems should be designed and managed.

Watch VideoThe Explainer: The 5 Forces That Make Companies Successful
Duration: 1:58
User: Harvard Business Review – Added: 7/9/19

Most organizations use the term “Total Rewards” to encompass the employer/employee exchange’s strategic elements. This video provides you with a contemporary view of the importance of aligning the business objectives and total reward design.

Watch VideoHR Basics: Total Rewards
Duration: 4:53
User: Gregg Learning – Added: 3/12/17

Supplemental Resources:
This article focuses on how organizations can effectively build a high-engagement culture. It helps us better understand how extrinsic rewards – like pay and benefits – and intrinsic rewards – like meaningfulness, choice, competence, and progress work together to benefit the organization and its employees.

Thomas, K. (2009, December). The four intrinsic rewards that drive employee engagement. Ivey Business Journal

HRM 307 Post University Compensation & Benefits Discussion

CNDV 5322 Lamar University Professional Disclosure Statement Paper

i need help writing an essay CNDV 5322 Lamar University Professional Disclosure Statement Paper.

Professional Disclosure StatementAccording to the ACA (2014) and AAMFT (2015) Codes of Ethics, counselors/therapist must gain informed consent from clients verbally and in writing prior to entering the counseling relationship with client(s). Now that you have become familiar with both the national ethical codes and your state of practice’s current rules and regulations (ethics), you are tasked with writing a Professional Disclosure Statement (also referred to as Informed Consent). While you will not be using this specific disclosure statement with actual clients, it will serve as a starting point for you as a future counselor/therapist. Students are required to include specific information in their informed consent document based of the licensure(s)/certifications they are pursuing, the relevant code(s) of ethics, and their specific degree program.Clinical Mental Health Counseling Students are to:Include the needed information based off the ACA (2014) and NBCC (2015) codes of ethics to in the informed consent.Include the additional requirements based of your state of practice’s rules and regulations for Licensed Professional Counselors (or state equivalent).Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling Students are to:Include the needed information based off the AAMFT(2015) and ACA (2014) codes of ethics in the informed consent.Include the additional requirements based of your state of practice’s rules and regulations for Marriage and Family Counselors (and Licensed Professional Counselors or state equivalent if pursuing both).Below are some guidelines for writing the Professional Disclosure Statement:Do not exceed two (2) full page (no exceptions).Single-space your lines and do not use indentions (tabs). Note, it will NOT be written in APA format.Use headings to separate topic areas.Use an attractive font that is no smaller than 10-pt. and no larger than 14-pt.Write clearly and concisely, using simple terms that most lay people will be able to understand.Include a header with your name and business contact information.Get another person (not a classmate) to proofread it for errors with grammar, spelling, and mechanics. Write this document as if you will use it with actual clients. Note, the professional disclosure is a reflection of you and future clients will form opinions about your competencies based on your quality of your writing and the information provided. Make sure that your document is attractive yet simple and thorough but concise.
CNDV 5322 Lamar University Professional Disclosure Statement Paper

Reasons for Nurses Leaving the Profession

Formative Assignment Student Number 16068177 Strachota et al. (2003) carried out a qualitative study involving 84 nurses across 3 hospitals exploring the reasons nurses left or changed status of employment with their organization. Purposive sampling method was used to recruit nurses who fit the above criteria and worked less than 9 months. The authors conducted phone interview with the use of script as guide followed by open-ended questions. In this case, a pilot interview involving 38 nurses was conducted to examine the recording responses. However, the practice of pilot interview is uncommon in the study using interview technique. Having said that, pilot test on questions use in an interview can be considered useful especially for novice researcher as it helps to examine the possible response. According to Sapsford et al. (2006) researcher will be able to work out a set of code and response categories if the full set of replies are covered by pilot interview as it explores the whole range of possible responses from the respondents. Finally, thematic analysis from this study showed that hours worked was the main reason that caused nurses to resign. On the other hand, Abdul Rahman et al. (2015) suggested that employees’ behavior and attitudes associate with turnover of employees and employed a quantitative research which investigated factors of job satisfaction. The randomized samples contained 179 nurses whose age ranged from 21 to 40 years old. Using factor analysis, this study concluded that work environment includes workers’ benefit, professional advancement, support from colleague and managerial level are factors affecting job satisfactions. Nevertheless, a research by Tao et al. (2015) argued that the relationship of job satisfaction and job turnover depends on commitment level of an individual. Indeed nurses’ level of commitment is believed to be age-related (Benligiray et al. 2011). Young and experienced nurses make different career decision as experience nurses perceive rewards as an ongoing process. Therefore, older nurses may encounter the same amount of dissatisfaction but willing to stay on. Similarly, generational factors in job turnover studied in 2007 by Takase et al. concluded that nurses in different age group differ in needs thus reason to resign. Diversity of age, ethnic, gender and education of nurses cause values variation (Crook, M et al. 2003). In conclusion, values, needs and attitudes of an individual are influenced by social demography factors. Thus reasons behind nurses’ resignation need to be identified independently for the aim of developing appropriate retention strategies. References Benligiray, S.

Hot Ryu

Hot Ryu. Paper details This week’s topic might take you to a place you haven’t considered before. But gender representation, given the changing demographics of video game customers, is an increasingly important issue for the industry. And if the topic makes you a little uncomfortable, that’s good. In Street Fighter V, the character Ryu was given a beard, and quite a beard at that. To some, this change in facial features brings up an interesting point regarding the physical attractiveness and sexualization of video game characters. Ryu’s beard opened a new arena of discussion regarding these topics and while these topics are nothing new (debates about Lara Croft’s attractiveness and costumes have gone on for years), this is one of the first times – if not the first time – that the debate is being switched, gender-wise. If you follow cinema and television studies, you may have heard of the “male gaze.” Simply put, this is a production aspect and camera angle that automatically presumes the viewer (no matter who) is a heterosexual male. As such, when sexual scenes and encounters are on-screen, the overall view is taken from the male perspective (hence the term “male gaze”). Camera shots will focus on the female character’s body and her reactions to sexual advances and actions. Outside of scenes with explicit sexual content, the male gaze is evident when a female character is introduced or portrayed in a scene. Think about like this – there’s a reason why Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character in The Avengers films wears a black body suit. Since her character is highly acrobatic and often works “in the shadows,” she needs to be able to move quickly and quietly. But does the suit need to be completely skin tight with a neckline open halfway down her chest? Hello, male gaze! “Hot Ryu” might be changing this (or at least he’s the beginning of some possible changes). Keep in mind as well that the “male gaze” up until this point has been primarily heterosexual. Hot Ryu arguably has the potential for opening a dialogue for/between/among LGBTQ gamers – a very historically underserved gaming audience – as well as female players. Read the following 2015 article from Maddy Myers about this phenomenon – it’s a bit long, so give yourself some time, and then consider the following questions when you respond: Does Hot Ryu have the potential to open new dialogues and change perspectives regarding the sexualization of video game characters? Why or why not? Does the “male gaze” lead to the objectification of the female form in a sexual sense? If so, is that a problem in video games? In your personal past, have you ever been attracted to a video game character based on his/her/its physical form? (For instance, my son always thought Princess Daisy was much cuter than Princess Peach – that’s as far as it went [I hope], but he always preferred it when Mario got to work with/save Daisy.) What was it that drew you to that character? Was it physical? Finally, in your opinion, is this even significant enough for discussion in the industry? Are we making too much out of this, or is this a relevant issue that merits further consideration? Should the producers and designers consider how female (and male) characters are depicted in their games? Why or why not? Hot Ryu