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The importance of Sustainable Purchasing and Supply for Organizations in Gaining Competitive Advantage Case Study

Introduction Most scholars and non-scholars assert that the concept of managing the purchasing and supply chain is modern phenomenon. However, literature recognizes the management of the purchasing and supply chain as an ancient phenomenon that railroad organizations used periods prior to the fiscal 1900 (Gryna 2001, p.416). As the purchasing and supply chain phenomenon continuously gained stature, individuals trained in the decisive procurement decision-making techniques. Such individuals were absorbed to play different roles including purchasing and supplying raw materials to support business operations (Gardner 2001, p.30). Thus, despite the vexing organization problems, it is apparent that integrated and sustainable organizational supply chain management strategies help businesses to gain competitive advantage over other market rivals. The paper discusses the importance of sustainable purchasing and supply for organizations in gaining competitive advantage. The paper first discusses the concept of procurement followed by the benefits derived by businesses for effectively managing the purchasing and supply chains. The paper discusses the importance of a good purchaser and supplier relationship, and the concept of competitive advantage. Finally, how the selection of a reliable supplier is an important issue in creating competitive advantage is discussed. The concept of procurement In all organizations including the oil and gas industry, the department of purchasing forms a central component when returns, credit, and purchasing orders are processed. In such corporations, the procuring processes materialize to be very complicated. For instance, in the oil and gas industry case study the procurement procedures incorporate the acquisition of both the services and products from either a single or multiple suppliers (Chase, Aquilano
KFCs Visual Ad Text Target Audience and Income Bracket Analysis Paper.

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The PromptIn our increasingly visual world, it is important to understand how visual texts do rhetorical work. Just like written texts, visual texts make arguments aimed at particular audiences. The images we see every day (commercials on TV, billboards on the side of the freeway, ads on social media, etc.) are made up of a series of visual strategies tailored to a specific group of people. Analyzing an image involves many of the same procedures as analyzing a written text: specific elements and details of the image are closely examined in order to determine meaning and effectiveness.For this first essay, you will choose a visual text on your own that you think makes an argument and targets a specific audience—this can be a still image, like a picture or poster, or it can be a video, like a commercial, public service announcement, or music video. Once you’ve chosen your text, you will perform a visual analysis, focusing on how this text uses imagery to make a specific argument and whether or not you think this text will successfully persuade it intended audience.The SpecificsYour introduction should introduce the text you chose to analyze. Make sure to discuss context: who created this visual text, when it was created, who the intended audience is, etc. You should also say what argument you see this text making.Your body paragraphs should closely analyze this visual text, focusing on how you see it making the argument that you discussed in your introduction. In this section, you should break the image down a bit and examine some specific elements of the image (feel free to use the readings on Canvas to help you out with this). Think about how each of these smaller details of the text helps it to make the argument you described in your introduction.Your conclusion should say whether or not you think this text will successfully persuade its intended audience. So, given the details you discussed in your body paragraphs, will this text do what it was intended to do? This is the place to really evaluate this text as a whole and explain your reasoning.RequirementsMLA format. This requires: Times New Roman size 12 font, double spacing, 1 inch margins, appropriate heading and page numbers, correct in-text citations, and a Works Cited page.Your rough draft should be at least 3 full pages.Your final draft should be at least 5 full pages (not including Works Cited page).Also for the visual picture, You can choose anything that you feel ur comfortable writing about. It’s mentioned above like which one.I will be using the same tutor for future papers so please be available future wise!
KFCs Visual Ad Text Target Audience and Income Bracket Analysis Paper

English Quiz 4 Questions.

I have attached the articles down below, read the required pages and answer the questions down below.“Escaping From the Standard Story: Why the Conventional Wisdom on Prison Growth is Wrong, And Where We Can Go From Here” (Pages 3-17)Stephanos Bibas, “The Truth about Mass Incarceration,” pp. 1-8Jonathan Rothwell, “Drug Offenders in American Prisons: The Critical Distinction Between Stock and Flow,” pp. 1-5William J. Wilson, “The Other Side of Black Lives Matter,” pp. 1-3Question 1. The following questions relate to the Pfaff article. In each response, use signal phrases and correct MLA citations. Be sure to keep your notes for all of the readings handy on your computer or on paper copies.What is Pfaff’s main claim?What key points support this claim? (List three.)Identify two points you find compelling, persuasive, or that you would concede to from this article and explain why. Identify two points you find unconvincing, less convincing, or problematic from this article and explain why.Question 2. The following questions relate to the Bibas article. In each response, use signal phrases and correct MLA citations. Be sure to keep your notes for all of the readings handy on your computer or on paper copies.What is Bibas’s main claim?What key points support this claim? (List three.)Identify two points you find compelling, persuasive, or that you would concede to from this article and explain why. Identify two points you find unconvincing, less convincing, or problematic from this article and explain why.Question 3. The following questions relate to the Rothwell article. In each response, use signal phrases and correct MLA citations. Be sure to keep your notes for all of the readings handy on your computer or on paper copies.What is Rothwell’s main claim?What key points support this claim? (List three.)Identify one point you find compelling, persuasive, or that you would concede to from this article and explain why. Identify one point you find unconvincing, less convincing, or problematic from this article and explain why.Question 4. The following questions relate to the Wilson article. In each response, use signal phrases and correct MLA citations. Be sure to keep your notes for all of the readings handy on your computer or on paper copies.What is Wilson’s main claim?What key points support this claim? (List three.)Identify one pointe you find compelling, persuasive, or that you would concede to from this article and explain why. Identify one point you find unconvincing, less convincing, or problematic from this article and explain why.
English Quiz 4 Questions

American University Avoiding Wrongful Employee Terminations Presentation.

Assignment 1Avoiding Wrongful Employee TerminationsOverviewTo be wrongfully terminated is to be fired for an illegal reason, which may involve violation of federal antidiscrimination laws or breach of contract. The legal standards governing termination differ substantially depending on whether private-sector and nonunion employees or public-sector and unionized employees are being considered. As the company HR leader, you are accountable to the organization to ensure that all employee terminations are initiated and completed while maintaining strict adherence to current employment laws and EEOC guidelines.InstructionsWrite a 5–6 page paper in which you:Address your understanding of the term constructive discharge—what is it? Then, identify factors courts might focus on to determine if constructive discharge exists. How might the organization avoid claims of constructive discharge? Hint: Read Constructive Dismissal and Wrongful Termination. Discuss the differences between pure employment at will and employment at will with exceptions. Do you believe employment at will is fair? If not, what is an alternative?Briefly describe what the Montana Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act (WDEA) is. What do you see as benefits of this act to employees? Employers?Identify and discuss a minimum of three actions organizations may want to consider as they seek to handle employee terminations legally.Go to Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library to locate at least three quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not qualify as academic resources.This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:Evaluate the legality of an employee termination.ASSIGNMENT 2Week 10 Assignment – HR Project Management Final Team PresentationOverviewYou are now ready to deliver a final presentation to management establishing a project team and project phases needed to initiate the changes for a more centralized model of delivering HR services. Once the management team receives the report and is thoroughly briefed on the direction the project will take, you and your project team will begin work on the project.The management team report will be a consolidation of the previous assignment papers you have written in this course plus an executive summary and final conclusion (offering importance of topics and recommendations for next steps). You may make up a fictitious company name (do not use a real company) and create your own HR project team name.InstructionsPrepare a 18 slide PowerPoint presentation in which you:Create an executive summary summarizing and emphasizing the key points of the report’s contents, which are the topics from previous papers in the course. Hint:How to Write an Executive Summary: A Quick Guide.12+ Best Executive Summary Templates & Samples – PDF.Address the following bulleted topics from your previously revised papers in the notes area with summary bullets for that content placed on the corresponding slides. Note: Make sure you incorporate any feedback received on your previous work, as applicable.Provide a statement of overall importance and include the vision and mission statement. Describe how the vision and mission statement relates to the overall strategy.Create a project charter and emphasize the importance of the information in the charter to the project.Discuss a minimum of four outcomes that could occur during this project.Identify and discuss the challenges a project manager may face when leading virtual or global project teams. Recommend a few strategies to deal with the challenges.Outline the overall plan for communication management during the project.Explain how the budget was determined.Insert the WBS and budget file, created in Week 4, into the presentation and summarize the meaning of the findings.Use the following resource as needed: Insert a Chart From an Excel Spreadsheet Into Word.Discuss the behavioral skills needed for project success.Identify and explain the possible risks to your project and ways to mitigate those risks.Prepare and include an original conclusion section that focuses on key recommendations.Do not use any previous conclusion sections from past papers in the course.The conclusion section must take all previous papers into account.Create the reference page or pages by copying and pasting all references from the previous four assignments and any new references as a result of this report. Remember, the reference slide should be separate from the other content.This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:Review the elements of project planning and management.
American University Avoiding Wrongful Employee Terminations Presentation

Signature Assignment: Strategic Plan: Implementation Plan, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plan Analysis

Signature Assignment: Strategic Plan: Implementation Plan, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plan Analysis.

About Your Signature Assignment Signature/Benchmark Assignments are designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. Signature/Benchmark Assignments are graded with a grading guide or an automated rubric that allows the University to collect data that can be aggregated across a location or college/school and used for course/program improvements. Purpose of Assignment The purpose of The Final Strategic Plan is to allow the student to develop a comprehensive strategy for a new division of an existing company. This analysis will be the culmination of all the previous week’s coursework as well as e objectives covered during their entire degree work. Assignment Steps Resources: Strategic Planning Outline and Week 5 textbook readings Develop a minimum of 700-word section for your business model and strategic plan in which you add your strategies and tactics to implement and realize your objectives, measures, and targets.Identify marketing and information technology as part of the strategies and tactics section of the business plan.Develop at least three methods to monitor and control your proposed strategic plan, being sure to analyze how the measures will advance organizational goals financially and operationally.Determine the best possible options for evaluating the strategic plan. Explain the ethical issues faced by the organization, summarize the legal and regulatory issues faced by the organization, and then summarize the organization’s corporate social responsibility.Show, in this section, the possible implications of the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) on the strategic plan and its implementation.Prepare a minimum 350-word executive summary defining the new division of existing business. Share your Vision, Mission, final business model, and value proposition, and list your key assumptions, risks, and change management issues. Quantify the growth and profit opportunity and planned impact on various stakeholders.Note: Any investor should be eager to meet with you after reading your executive summary.Use the Strategic Planning Outline as a guide, and combine Parts 1, 2, and 3 of your completed business model strategic plan with your Final Business Plan Model assignment and Executive Summary. This includes the Business Model, Vision, Mission, Values, SWOTT Analysis, Supply Chain Analysis, and Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan from prior weeks. Your consolidated final strategic plan should be a minimum of 4,200 words in length.Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
Signature Assignment: Strategic Plan: Implementation Plan, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plan Analysis

Grossmont College Design Types Discussion

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InstructionsContribute your primary post to our discussion by Thursday, 11:59 p.m. (but now is good!). In your post please include the following:Learning how to work with the limitations of your Short-Term Memory is important for many aspects of your life. Please answer the following:Please tell us what the main difference is regarding a Within Subjects Design and a Between Subjects DesignGive an example of a benefit and a drawback of using a Within DesignGive an example of a benefit and a drawback of using a Between Designa power point will also be provided for a smoother process.250 words at least
Grossmont College Design Types Discussion

Typical of british banks

Typical of british banks. ‘This is absolutely typical of British banks. As soon as you have any success they want to pull the plug and stop you trading’. Loretta Long was very angry. She is the managing director of Park Leisurewear Ltd (PL), and had just received a letter from the business’s bank requiring a significant reduction in the overdraft. ‘This is ridiculous’ agreed Jimbo Juggins, the production director. ‘Last year we had an excellent year and it looks set to continue. We had a big order in from Totspur Plc just this morning. If we can’t keep up the overdraft, we won’t be able to fulfil that order.’ Totspur was one of several national chains of casual and sportswear stores which was placing substantial orders with PL, usually to be sold under the Park label, but in some cases under the stores ‘own brand’ label. PL had been started by Loretta and Jimbo five years ago. The business is a designer and manufacturer of casual and leisure clothes aimed particularly at the younger, higher income market. Before starting the business both Loretta and Jimbo had been employed as senior managers with White Hart Plc, a large UK clothes manufacturer. They decided to create PL after their ideas for developing a new range of clothes for younger people had been welcomed by White Hart Plc but investment capital had not been available. From the very outset, Loretta and Jimbo decided that PL would be a design and marketing led business. Much of the forward planning was concerned with integrating the product design and development with the sales and marketing operations of the business. The new business had taken a lot of trouble and spent a lot of money on employing a young and talented design team, led by Heena Hussein who had been employed previously as a chief designer for a leading sportswear brand. The range of clothes designed by Heena and her team was greeted with enthusiasm by the major buyers and this was converted into firm orders by the marketing team led by Loretta. PL grew slowly at first. However, sales started to increase significantly as the brand gained acceptability in the UK and as export markets in France and Switzerland were opened. Loretta and Jimbo were both surprised and delighted by the speed with which the sales of the business had grown in recent years and by the growing base of regular customers. The order just received from Totspur was seen as particularly important. If Totspur became a regular customer, the sales of the business were likely to increase rapidly over the next few years and would establish PL as a major player in the market. This, Loretta and Jimbo felt, would build upon their success, success evidenced in the year to 30 September 2007 by the Cash Generated from Operations (as shown on their published Cash Flow Statement) of £6,608,000. Loretta and Jimbo had both invested their life savings in the business and had also taken out large mortgages on their respective houses to help finance the new business. However, this provided only a relatively small amount of the total ordinary share capital needed. In order to raise the remaining share capital, friends, family and business contacts were approached. The largest shareholder of the business was Crowley Estates Ltd owned by Alan and Tim Crowley. The two Crowley brothers had made large profits by land speculation over the years but were keen to diversify into other areas as their business had been particularly hard hit by the recent recession. They had known Loretta for many years and were convinced she and Jimbo would make a success of the new business. PL’s directors and their shareholdings were as follows: Loretta Long Managing Director and Marketing Director (700,000 shares) Jimbo Juggins Production Director (700,000 shares) Heena Hussein Design Director (40,000 shares) Alan Crowley Chairman (2,000,000 shares owned jointly with brother Tim through Crowley Estates) Tim Crowley Non-executive director In addition to his role as production director, Jimbo tended to look after financial matters. Though the business had accounts staff who dealt with the day-to-day transactions, there was no one at PL who had any great financial expertise. When there was a problem, the business’s auditors were normally asked for advice. That said, Loretta and Jimbo had not consulted the auditors in October 2007 when they had purchased new equipment and buildings for £8,670,000, part of which had been funded by an additional bank loan. On the day the letter from the bank was received, a meeting of the board of directors was due to take place to consider the draft financial statements for the year that had ended two months earlier. At this meeting, the letter from the bank was also distributed to board members for discussion. Jimbo Juggins began the discussion by saying: ‘We’ve just received the draft accounts from the auditors which seem to confirm our success. Profit has more than doubled. I really can’t see how the cash situation is so poor. I know that we spent a lot on that additional plant and that we didn’t get anything from the old machines we got rid of, but most of that was covered by the bank loan. Really, the cash situation should be even better than the profit level implies because the expenses include about £2.8 million for depreciation and we don’t have to write a cheque for that.’ Loretta Long, who was still angry at what she regarded as the high-handed attitude of the bank, pointed to the difficulties that the bank’s demands would cause: ‘The bank wants us to reduce the overdraft by half over the next six months! This is crazy – I tried to explain that we have important orders to fulfil but the manager wasn’t interested. How on earth can we find this kind on money in the time available? We are being asked to do the impossible.’ Both Jimbo and Loretta had, before the meeting, hoped that the Crowley brothers would be prepared to help out by purchasing further new shares in PL or by making a loan. However, it was soon made clear by Alan Crowley that further investment was not a possible option. Crowley Estates had been experiencing considerable problems over recent years, as a result of a couple of unprofitable overseas projects, and simply did not have the money to invest further in PL. Indeed, the Crowley brothers would be prepared to sell their shares in PL to generate much-needed cash for their own ailing business. Finding a prospective buyer for the shares was not, however, a likely prospect at this point. Both Alan and Tim Crowley had been heavily involved in recent years with the problems of Crowley Estates and had taken little interest in PL’s affairs. The board meeting made them realise that they should have been much more attentive and now faced the prospect of being major shareholders of two failed businesses unless things could be radically improved. PL’s financial statements for the past two years are set out below on the next two pages: *Note: Opening net book value of NCAs (8,600) Depreciation charge for the year 2,800 Closing net book value of NCAs 14,470 NCA additions during the year 8,670 The board of directors was not able to agree on a way of dealing with the financial problem faced by PL. Loretta believed that their best hope was to continue to wrangle with the bank over its demands. She felt that their was still a chance that the bank could be persuaded to change its mind once the draft financial statements for last year were made available and the bank was informed of the implications for PL of paying off such a large part of the overdraft in such a short period of time. Jimbo and Heena, on the other hand, were not optimistic about the prospects of changing the bank’s position. PL had breached its overdraft limit on several occasions over the past few years and they knew that the patience of the bank was now wearing thin. They believed that the only real solution was for the board to look for someone who was prepared to make a significant investment in the business. They felt that only a large injection of new funds could keep PL on track. Like Loretta, they believed that the financial statements demonstrated the success of PL over recent years and that this evidence would make the business attractive to a potential investor. The Crowley brothers rejected both of these views as being impractical. In addition, they were against the idea of introducing another major shareholder as this was likely to dilute their influence over the future direction of the business. The brothers believed that the board required drastic and immediate action, although they were not sure what form of action should be taken. After several hours of discussion, it was clear that the financial issue was not going to be resolved at the meeting. Instead, it was agreed that expertise from outside PL should be sought to help the business find a feasible solution to the problem. The board decided to approach BUS021 Financial Consultants, a firm which specialises in helping businesses with financial problems, and to ask the firm to analyse the financial performance and financial health of the company. Typical of british banks

Story and Themes of Cain and Abel

Story and Themes of Cain and Abel. The story of Cain and Abel is very informative and it puts lights on a number of important factors. First of all the intentions of a person matters a lot. God sees the intentions and judges the deeds with the help of that therefore intentions should be pure. Secondly whenever jealousy is created in any heart the downfall begins. Envying other people not only destroys oneself but also the other people so it should be avoided at any cost. The personalities of both Cain and Abel have been shown really influential. Abel was a person with a clean heart while the Cain’s personality had jealousy in it. The innocence of Abel made him superior in front of God but the jealousy of Cain made him kill his brother. The main idea of this story of Cain and Abel is that the intentions should be clean and clear and no hatred and jealousy should be kept in heart. Cain and Abel were twin brothers who grew up together in the BC. Abel was a shepherd while his brother Cain was a farmer. One can see that the professions of those two was clearly depicted in the bible. Their story is only highlighted as soon as they brought their sacrifices to God. Everybody brought what they had harvested from their jobs. Cain brought some farm produce while Abel chose the fattest of his flock and brought to the Gods’ alter. God rejects the sacrifice of Cain and that is where jealousy began. He wondered why God had rejected his offerings yet that was his harvest. Out of jealousy, he slays his brother Cain after tricking him to go to the fields with him. It is never told why God rejected his sacrifice or the main motive as to why he murdered his brother. Immediately after murdering his brother, God revealed himself and asked Cain why he killed his own brother. According to Wiesel, It is ironical that Cain knows too well that God sees everything and that he knows what he has done but when asked; Cain says he does not know what God was talking about. He says that he is not his brother’s keeper. On top of killing his brother, he still lies to God and that is where God became angry and cursed him. Cain was cursed to become a wanderer in the world and never settle. He was marked so that he could not be killed by anyone. Guenther states that the Ten Commandments were not given to Moses alone, it is evident that Adam and Eve also received rules to guide them as seen in Exodus 20:13 ‘thou shall not kill. And when Cain kills his brother he is punished by God. So, the commandments were given way back in the Old Testament. Human beings are always told to follow what the bible tells us but then again it still tells us of many instances of how the characters in the bible displayed immoral behaviors. It is then that we question ourselves. The other significance is that Cain was the first human to be born in the world while Abel was the first human to die. The story teaches us that one should exercise patience and humility. If only Cain would have consulted with his brother on the best offering to present to God then he would have avoided the feeling of jealousy that crept up to him. Love obviously lacked in the relationship of the two brothers. Guilt is brought out by the fact that Cain told God that he would hide his face from him and whoever finds him would kill him. It is the guilt that is within him that made him say that. God is merciful and full of grace, and he decided to let him live even though he deserved to die. Instead of God sending him to his death, he put a mark on him that would make him live long and not be killed by any anyone. Cain is brought out as an angry and jealousy man (Crier 2). He did not give God his best harvest yet when his brother’s sacrifice gets approved by God, he starts plotting how to kill his brother. He is also portrayed as very witty person because he calls his naïve brother in the fields and kills him there. God the cursed the soil that he toiled and that how he left home and went to stay at Enoch. After he gets a wife she soon bore him a son called Enoch. It is also possible that God put a mark on his forehead to create a covenant with him. God is so merciful that He promises to protect Cain and that if anyone attempts to kill him he would be punished in sevenfold. The story of Cain and Abel is interesting because it has often brought many questions that one cannot fathom. First, they were divided by their parents since each inherit different things. It was evidently clear that Abel was the joy of everyone. They both loved their mother so it’s seen that it is not only Cain who has brought about his own predicaments. It is seen that their father and mother already committed a sin before them, so it is not a surprise when Cain commits a serious sin. It runs in the family. This story teaches us a lot of moral teachings that are depicted in our modern world. First, we learn that faith is the greatest gift one can offer to God. We can see that Cain offers his harvest but not with a genuine heart. God sees that and he refuses to accept it. According to Ashliman, most of the times we tend to pray but without faith nothing ever happens. Then we fall back on our faith in God. The same teaching of course refers to matters of sharing. If you decide to share a gift with someone, then it should come from the heart otherwise it will mean nothing. In Jude 1:11, the bible warns us to avoid living “the way of Cain”. This means that we should not have anger in our hearts, and we should also not be jealous of our friends and brothers. It is obvious that in life people can never be equal, we can never have the same possessions. One should be happy with what others have, that way God will bless us and give us what we request from him. Another moral teaching, we get is lying. We should not lie especially after sinning. Cain lied to God yes, he knew that God had already seen all he had done. It is only right to tell the truth and ask for forgiveness. God will always forgive us. We should always walk in the way of Abel. Nomadism was also started by Cain after he was cursed to wander around the world. He would not settle and thus the start of the tribes which walks around towns and when the area is dry, they move to the next fertile area. Abel represents the people who settle in one area and value their ancestral area. It is also from Cain that we got murderers in the world. He was the first to kill and since then people have killed each other over the many years. In addition, we learn these few points, that jealous can cloud our judgments, not to envy others, not to always blame others for our own mistakes, additional sins can lead to punishment, sibling rivalry which still occurs to date. The Genesis story of creation is how the earth and heaven were created by God and how he made the first man named Adam. Adam lived a very peaceful life in the heaven and all the angels bowed down to him because God asked them to do so. Adam was strictly prohibited to go near a certain tree in paradise and eat its apple but the devil forced him and Adam made the biggest mistake of his life. This story highlights the sin or disobedience of Adam which brought him to the earth and removed him from heaven. Adam was really guilty because of the sin he committed but he asked for forgiveness and God forgave him. This story highlights how much important it is to obey the God and stay away from sins. Covenant is basically the administered relationship of none other than the communion and union between the Lord and the people He has created. It is present in the form of the mutual love and loyalty (Faber, .n.d). The first covenant of the God with the Abraham was that God asked Abraham to do a number of specific things and as a favor God would take special care of the Jews. God made it clear that Abraham would be made the father of the great and good people and Abraham and all other people are supposed to obey the God. In the return of it God would provide them with a protection and would bless them with the land of Israel. God wanted the Abraham to change his way of life according to the teaching of God and in return God would bless his wife Sarah by making her pregnant. Abraham was blessed with the son Issac. So it got cleared that God has the power over everything (The First Covenant, 2009). The male dominance has been seen in the old testaments because at various points the creation of Adam has been showed a complete success however the creation of women got failed at many points. “God created Lilith (woman) but for her He used filth and mud instead of pure dust (Yalqut Reubeni ad. Gen. II. 21)”. This verse clearly states the dominance of the man over woman. Then it has been observed in many other things like the representation of divinity, sacramental liturgy, family ethics, and religious symbolism (Jacoba, .n.d). The example of Sarah giving permission for the intercourse can be taken in this regard. There are a number of different verses which shows the male dominance. Hebrew poetry is different from Indo-European poetry because it is properly documented. It was created in the lands of Jewish dispersion. It was enriched with a number of different traditions in style, theme as well as the lyrical form. But Hebrew poetry does not contain the clear dimension of the everyday speech. It was an example of unspoken and semi fossilized language. Its vocabulary is also very limited. It is dependent on a single word most of the times. Thus Hebrew poetry is really unique and different from Indo-European poetry (Hebrew Poetry, .n.d). The Prophecy is not fortunetelling. Basically Prophets are the people sent by God to tell the truth to others. The work according to the commandments of God. The make themselves a living example for others to be followed. Although they are special than normal human beings and God communicates with them either through the angels or in dreams but this is not equals to the fortune telling. The Prophets just believe in God and do whatever God asks them without knowing anything about the future in most of the cases. The concept of remnant focuses on certain people who are the survivors of battles and fights, who remain loyal to their God even in testing and difficult situations, and those who survive the critical times of judgements in the hope of seeing Messiah. For example the Noah and his family were chosen people and they built the ship without caring about the way they were ridiculed by the people and at the end everything got vanished in the flood except the ship of the Noah (Religious beliefs, .n.d). There are certain verses in bible which indicates the prediction of the future like the one verse says that after the completion sixty two weeks Messiah will be left with nothing and the people of prince would be able to destroy the city and damage the things and all of this would happen with the flood and it will be taken to the end. This verse refers to the time when Noah was asked to build the boat because of the flood that would destroy everything in future. Annotated bibliography Crier, Christian. “Cain And Abel Bible Story: Lesson, Summary And Study”. Christian Crier, 2018, Accessed 20 Apr 2014. In this article the author describes about the conception of Cain and Abel, how Eve gave them names. Like Cain means acquirer and Abel means breathe. In this article, we get a glimpse of their lives, how they grew up and their adult life. The author summarizes the events that occurred between Cain and Abel. How they offer their sacrifices to God, the rejection of Cain’s sacrifice and how he eventually kills his brother. Guenther, Leanne. “The Story Of Cain And Abel”. Dltk-Bible.Com, 2017, Accessed 22 Oct 2018. This article has been written in the simplest of languages as the author targets the young people. Leanne makes the story interesting and precise so it does not become boring. Her main aim is to capture the audience of young children as she feels they are left out in matters concerning the bible.Leanne brings out the characters of Cain and Abel as they appear in the bible. The story flows and one can be able to follow it without getting mixed up.She describes the events of their lives from when they were born until they grow up. The conclusion of the article shows how the big brother kills the younger brother and how God cursed him. It is educative and amazingly refreshing. Wiesel, Elie. “Cain And Abel In The Bible – Biblical Archaeology Society”. Biblical Archaeology Society, 2018, Accessed 21 May 2018. This article talks about the differences between Abel and Cain. The author brings out the themes of jealousy and faith. The story of the twin brothers who grow up together ,loving each other and doing a lot of things together. The author examines how the lives of Cain and Abel influences our lives, either positively or negatively. The article has been revised over the past years and is in its latest version, having been published in the year 2017. Ashliman, D.L. “Cain And Abel: Scriptures And Legends”. Pitt.Edu, 2018, Accessed 15 Apr 2018. The author in this article has written the contents in point form thus making it easy to note the most important ones. It makes it easy for readers to read a lot of story in a short time. The points contain the life of Cain and Abel in a summary form. The clear outline shown in this article hasstarted from the time Cain and Abel are born, grow up to become independent. Their faith in God and how they give incentives to Him. It is the rejection that divides the two brothers and Cain ends up killing his own brother. Works Cited Ashliman, D.L. “Cain And Abel: Scriptures And Legends”. Pitt.Edu, 2018, Accessed 15 Apr 2018. Crier, Christian. “Cain And Abel Bible Story: Lesson, Summary And Study”. Christian Crier, 2018, Accessed 20 Apr 2014. Guenther, Leanne. “The Story Of Cain And Abel”. Dltk-Bible.Com, 2017, Accessed 22 Oct 2018 Wiesel, Elie. “Cain And Abel In The Bible – Biblical Archaeology Society”. Biblical Archaeology Society, 2018, Accessed 21 May 2018.. “SpindleWorks.” Martin Luther on Reformed Education – Dr. R. Faber, “Religions – Judaism: The First Covenant.” BBC, BBC, 25 June 2009, “WOMEN CAN BE PRIESTS.” Jacoba Felicie Barred from Medicine: Paris, France, 1322,, Poetry in the New Millennium.aspx. “ .” The Religious Beliefs of Sir Isaac Newton, Story and Themes of Cain and Abel

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