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The Importance of Human Resources Management to the Health Care System (WK 1 Project)

The Importance of Human Resources Management to the Health Care System (WK 1 Project). Paper details Research the changes in the healthcare industry in the past five to ten years and the role of HRM in maintaining success while adapting to these changes. Select one healthcare trend for deeper study. On the basis of your research, present an analysis of the trend by addressing the following: -Describe and explain the trend you selected, citing some important data. Focus on changes in the trends over the past five to ten years and the effects of these trends on HRM. -Briefly note the common characteristics of an effective healthcare HR department and explain which of these characteristics will equip HRM to respond to the selected trend. -Explain five common HRM metrics used to ensure positive outcomes and give an appropriate example of each metric as it applies to a healthcare organization. -Explain the strategic importance of the selected trend as it relates to the overall plan of a healthcare organization and its HR department. -State your opinion or conclusion about the selected trend on the basis of the research you conducted.The Importance of Human Resources Management to the Health Care System (WK 1 Project)

Use the Internet to research the life and work of a major American author from this time period (writing in the early 1800s through the years just before the Civil War). Based on the author’s writing

  Based on the author’s writings, and your readings of the textbook, create a .docx document that explains how this author was influenced by his or her times.  Would his or her work have been at all the same if they lived at a different time, and if they had been writing today, what do you think they would have written about?  Find internet biographies of your author (scholarly ones, please!), and provide a short sample of something they wrote that you were able to find on the Web.  Please be careful about the time period: remember, early 1800s until right before the Civil War.  This report should be about two pages long, not including the Works Cited page, and it should not contain more than half a page of quotation. Sources should be cited in footnotes. Some ideas: Ralph Waldo Emerson John James Audubon Henry David Thoreau Herman Melville Frederick Douglass James Fenimore Cooper Edgar Allen Poe Harriet Beecher Stowe Margaret Fuller Emily Dickinson Fanny Crosby There are plenty of others, too!

Develop Service Process Improvement Recommendations

essay writing help Develop Service Process Improvement Recommendations.

Your primary care physician operates a sound business practice that, at times, seems to suffer from several forms of waste. In your role as a dedicated patient engaged in the study of operations management, you are in a unique position to offer an analysis of your doctor’s business operation to provide recommendations for improvement.Consider the common interpretation of service processes in use at many organizations, which is used to identify four variants of a service process:The process that is formally defined and recorded in a business document.The process that everyone generally believes exists.The process as it actually exists.The process that should exist to deliver what the customer really wants.Using your arrival at the doctor’s office as a starting point in the process, create a document that focuses on the process of visiting your doctor for a flu shot. Be sure your document incorporates the following:Introduction – describe what you intend to do and how you will approach the task.A simple flow chart that maps the sequence of operations for variant #1 and/or #2 above. While you may need to make certain assumptions in your description of variants #1 and #2, your process map should include, at a minimum, all components of the process that are visible to the patient. You may choose to combine your analysis of the first two variants due to lack of information on either one.A flow chart that maps the process that actually exists (variant #3).A flow chart that maps the process according to variant #4, as you believe it should be.Above each flow chart, include a paragraph describing the key process components and identify potential problems or elements of waste in the process map that follows.From the list of successful techniques for eliminating waste in service companies in this week’s readings, select three that you feel are appropriate in shaping your recommendations for improvement in the doctor’s service process. For each of the three techniques, briefly describe what would need to take place.Complete your paper with a list of three recommended changes, noting the timeframe within which each might be completed and the expected benefit(s) to the doctor’s practice as a result of implementation.Length:5 pages, not including assignment coversheet, title page, and reference page(s). Use topic section headings for each criterion listed above.Your response should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should also reflect professional business writing and current APA standards
Develop Service Process Improvement Recommendations

Male and Female Characters in Films and Shows Essay

Table of Contents Introduction How Male and Female Characters Speak in Films or on Television Conclusion Work Cited Introduction Through the words that are spoken by individuals, it is possible to get an impression of who they are or what their preferences are. Male and female characters differ in various ways concerning how they speak. Ordinarily, existing differences relate to how they think and how they feel about things and life in general. Drawing from a study by Smith, Choueiti, Prescott, and Pieper (4), female characters tend to speak less than their male counterparts. This paper presents a comparison of the way male and female characters speak in films or on television shows. To drive the point home, a few examples of male and female characters will be cited. How Male and Female Characters Speak in Films or on Television By and large, female characters in films or television shows are depicted as being shy, polite, and very quiet. They tend to have a soft spot and can be extremely convincing when they speak about different issues. Typically, female characters speak very tenderly, unlike male characters. Male characters are often rough and time, and again, they are only bothered about conveying a message to the listener or the audience. When female characters speak, it is evident that they have a unique ability to make use of words in a way that greatly favors them but also able to meet the needs of the audience. In films, male characters normally assume tough roles and are thus required to behave in a manner that shows how mean they are in the way that they relate with others. Male characters in films and television shows are mostly loud and aggressive in their actions and in the way that they speak. Another characteristic of female characters is there has a deep concern for others, and this leads them to speak with emotions and feelings. Female characters spend so much time complaining and gossiping about different things. Considering that male characters are expected to depict courage and power, it is understandable that they have to speak and act in a way that paints them in such a manner. How female characters speak also depends so much on their assigned role in films or on television. In general, female characters assume feminine roles that compel them to behave and speak in a certain way. However, the way female characters in television shows speak is usually informed by their nature as abilities as women. To a certain extent, how female characters speak in television shows may be determined by the existing situation or the message that has to be passed on to the audience. A very good example is that of the popular Oprah Winfrey Show. Anyone who has ever watched Oprah Winfrey’s show will agree that the mood of the show and the way Oprah would speak would depend on the prevailing circumstances and the message to be passed on to the audience. The way female characters are brought up also has a major impact on the way they speak. The influence of their parents and childhood friends during their formative years equally plays a big role in shaping how they speak and relate. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Unlike female characters, male characters like to portray machismo and are thus convinced that it is improper to talk about their feelings or to be regarded as a weak person. For this reason, male characters normally speak with authority and make every effort to hide their feelings from the audience or any person they are communicating with. In the television show known as Days of Our Lives, Bob Brady portrayed a very strong character throughout. Another example is that of Jensen Ackles, who acted as Jason Teague in Smallville. The scenes of the show are quite scary and clearly, demonstrate how male characters like to assume roles that bring out the aspect of authority. In Smallville, Jensen would speak in a deep fake voice just to bring out the idea of masculinity. Some male characters also make use of very strong words whenever they speak. Unlike female characters, male characters present the audience with a strong mind and great determination to get things done. In some isolated instances, however, female characters have ended up achieving a high level of credibility or authority in films or on television, almost similar to male characters (Smith, Choueiti, Prescott and Pieper 8). Like their female counterparts, the way male characters speak depends on how they were socialized during their early childhood days. Largely, the boy child is taught to act tough right from when they are young. They are advised that speaking softly is a characteristic of females and not males. As a result, male characters are forced to put on a brave face in almost every situation they may encounter. This affects the way they speak in films or on television. Female characters can also be extremely manipulative in the way they speak. They do this as a way of attracting a bigger audience. Also, female characters tend to display a high level of determination to realize their dreams. While it may only require little effort for male characters to achieve certain things in life, female characters may be required to put in double the effort displayed by male characters to realize the same achievement. Conclusion Based on the discussion presented in this paper, there are several ways male characters differ from female characters concerning how they speak. While male characters are generally masculine and speak with authority, female characters tend to be soft and emotional in the way they speak. To a large extent, the difference in the way they speak can be attributed to the way they were brought up and trained. As earlier pointed out, male characters are trained to be tough right from childhood. This is unlike female characters are expected by society to be tender and caring. We will write a custom Essay on Male and Female Characters in Films and Shows specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The roles assumed by male and female characters in films or on television shows also have a big part to play in determining how they act and speak. Characteristically, female characters will take on feminine roles, and this compels them to speak tenderly and to display a caring attitude. On the other hand, most roles that are taken up by male characters require them to depict courage and power. Male characters are normally expected to be fearless people who can not easily show their emotions. As explained in this paper, however, it is possible to come by strong and courageous female characters. This notwithstanding, male characters generally assume masculine roles while female characters take up feminine roles. The roles assumed by each gender later determine how they speak in films or on television. Work Cited Smith, Stacy, Marc Choueiti, Ashley Prescott and Katherine Pieper, 2012, Gender Roles

Chinese Economy: Issues and Policies Essay

Introduction A country can stimulate its economic growth through different avenues. Some of these avenues include increasing government expenditure, stimulating the level of consumption, and managing its net exports. International trade plays an important role in the growth of a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for example, by increasing the volume of foreign currency (Wilson