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The Importance of Electricity buy argumentative essay help Nicomachean Ethics

What is Electricity? Electricity is one of the most powerful forces in our lives. As a matter of fact, it can even kill you. The most vital part of electricity is called electric energy. This is what we commonly think of when we hear the word electricity. “Electricity’ reminds us of anything that we plug into an electrical outlet in order to make it work, such as lights, refrigerators, video games, microwaves, and computers. Scientists discovered ways to produce electric energy in large amounts in order to make heat, light and motion.

These discoveries have improved our lives greatly and for many of us it ould be difficult to picture what life would be like without electricity. What Are Some of the Problems With Electricity and Fossil Fuels? One of the most common ways to produce electricity is through the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas. When fossil fuels are burned, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which leads to acid rain and global warming. These are big problems for our environment. Another concern is that we will eventually run out of fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy because it takes millions of years to create them. That’s why it’s so important that we start to develop better ways to use renewable sources of energy such as wind and water power to create electric energy. How Does Electricity Work? Everything in the world, including air, humans, water, etc. is made up of atoms, or tiny invisible particles. Protons and neutrons Join together to form the nucleus or center of the atom. Electrons, which are even smaller, spin around the nucleus of the atom. When electrons move from one atom to another, they form electricity.

All right, but how do these protons and neutrons help make my computer work at home? In todays world, huge generators at power plants make electricity by using coal, natural gas, uranium, water, or wind. Electric current travels through transformers which push the power a long distance through transmission lines that run across countries. The current often goes through a substation and then travels on smaller power lines or along underground cables through your neighborhood. A service drop is a pole that connects the power line to your house.

The current runs through a meter that adds up how much electricity your family uses. Then the electricity goes into a service panel in your basement or garage. Finally, the electrical urrent moves through the wires in the wall of your house to all of the outlets and switches in your house. Now you know why your computer will work when you turn it on. Why Do We Need to Conserve Electricity? Every year, many industrialized countries around the world use more energy than they did the year before. Some experts say that the total amount of energy Americans use doubles every twenty years.

One of the biggest problems is that a lot of this energy is wasted. There are many reasons why we need to conserve, or use less, electricity. First of all, if we conserve electricity, we save money because electricity costs money. If you conserve electricity every single day, you can save lots and lots of money over time. You can spend this money on other things that you need and want. Another reason why we need to conserve electricity is because conserving electricity means that we are using less ot the eart n’s non-renewable resources. Non-renewable resources are gone forever once we use them up.

Examples are oil, natural gas, uranium, and coal which are used to create electricity. Therefore, wasting electricity is not good for the environment. Yet another reason that we need to conserve energy is to make up for some of the energy that is wasted ue to the fact that a lot of people do not do enough reducing, reusing, and recycling of their garbage. Companies use electricity to produce lots of unnecessary items since many consumers do not use and reuse things as much as they should. Making these products wastes a lot of energy and electricity.

Finally, we need to conserve electricity today in order to help future generations. Energy will be an even bigger problem in the future than it is today. So if kids start learning to use less electricity and to use it wisely today, they will be helping themselves in the future. Energy in the form of electricity is used in building to operate equipment for the safety, efficiency and comfort of its occupants and users. Such equipment includes emergency systems, air-conditioning, lighting, transportation, office systems and other appliances.

Oxford word power dictionary for Malaysian student -penerbit Fajar Bakti sdn bhd Electricity- type of energy that we use to make heat , light & power to work machine . Electcity usually generated in power station and battery. The important of electricity Easier – Electricity is a form of energy produced by the movement of electrons. Electricity is electrical power or an electric current. This form of energy can be sent through wires in a flow of tiny particles. It is used to produce light and heat and to run motors. Harder – Electricity is a basic feature of all matter, of everything in the universe.

Electrical force holds atoms and molecules together. Electricity determines the structure of every object that exists. Together with magnetism, it causes a force called electromagnetism, a fundamental force of the universe. Electricity or electrical signals are essential to many biological processes. In our odies, electrical signals are carried through the nervous system, moving information to and from the brain. Electrical signals communicate to our brain what the eyes see, what the ears hear, and what the fingers feel.

Electrical signals from our brain causes our muscle movements. Electrical signals cause each heartbeat. One of the most important forms of electricity is in electrical current. During the industrial revolution of the 1800s, people began to find ways to use electricity to do work. Today electricity is used throughout our homes, at work, in communication, in ransportation, and in medicine and science. Electrically powered devices are prevalent. Relatively cheap electricity has made electrical appliances, machines, and other devices possible.

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1.Who are the key figures in juvenile court proceedings and what are their roles?
2.Discuss the continuum that juvenile court judges are placed along and the pros and cons of each.
3.What role do representatives from the department of children and family services play in juvenile court proceedings? Why are CASAs important in juvenile court proceedings?