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The Impact Of Printed Nutritional Labeling On Consumer Marketing Essay

Printed nutrition labels are proposed to be used to help people make healthier choices, and consumers recognize them as a tool to improve health. Consumers can get relevant nutritional information with the help of nutritional labeling. It is found in researches that the consumer purchase behavior is affected by the nutritional labeling. The presence of nutritional information may influence the consumers to switch from unhealthy food products towards healthy food products (Anderson
Summary: Purpose of this report is to identify the business strategies of the UK’s leading airways which is British airway. A British airway is the leading in operational research in comparison of all other airlines. In the last decade competition is increasing a lot and it divides market share which is highly affective for British airways. In the analysis all about the external and internal strategies of BA has included. Some recommendations for BA has included as well. Which field should get focused by BA to overcome all the competitive effects is also included in this research. All about the level of customer satisfaction and required improvement to divert more customers towards their airline is discussed. Introduction: A British airway is known as the Britain’s most powerful, leading and the largest airline. BA is dealing with both domestic and international flights. They deal in carries goods and mails as well. As per the current figures in 2008 British airways has flights to more than 300 destinations and carried out more than 30 million of passengers and after all they earned more than 8.5 billion pounds. In the case of employees BA employed around 42000 people that’s why this is the biggest company of Britain. Now BA has their own terminal which is called as terminal 5 at Heathrow which is the world’s biggest airport. According to the future strategies of BA it is quite clear that this airline will become the world’s most responsible airline. Currently followed Strategies: According to the scenario of current strategies BA is applying and going to apply lots of customer’s friendly strategies. These strategies are going to benefit this airline a lot like BA applied the facility of keeping customers updates about flight through texts on mobiles but this facility is only for the business class passengers. This mobile facility make convenient for the customers to reach according to the flight timing and delays if that flight have got any delays. But the only drawback is this facility is not for the economy passengers and economy passengers are four time in number in every flight. This facility is not beneficial for all the passengers. Secondly BA followed the strategy to modify the aircrafts and make them more comfortable and more beautiful. By this modernisation customers are attracting more towards this airway just because of more comfortableness. They started offering more services inside the flights so that customers like it a lot. Thirdly managing cost of tickets is the most effective strategy because cost is the main factor in front of customers to choose the airline because lots of people can’t afford such a costly airline to travel. That’s why managing prices or lowering down cost is the most beneficial factor for the customers and for the airline as well. Lots of people don’t look at the good facilities they only want the cheap tickets so that in low prises they can easily afford to buy a ticket. Fourthly BA tried to increase more responsibilities towards the corporate world and getting more success in market by doing some different things like the good performance of environment and by doing partnership with other big corporate giants. These are different point of view to increase the business by thinking other than the customer’s benefits. By doing partnership BA can be bigger and can perform much better in the market. According to the currently discussed strategies BA can do more business and they can offer more beneficial facilities for the passengers. External strategic analysis: For the success in any field external analysis of the environment is also required. Thus analysis highlighted the exact position in the whole industry in the external world. According to the external analysis BA can analyse the competitors and can analysis the exact capabilities to fulfil the upcoming challenges in future. PESTEL Analysis: Political analysis: Analysis of political field is required to analyse to be familiar with all the laws and regulations. In the case of airline lots of political problems are there like terrorism and smuggling. So the airlines should aware and have tight security to prevent and make everything safer. If the security measures are up to the mark than customers get ensured that they are safe during journey. Terrorist threats are the most scary thing for every airline so BA always use most protective operations to avoid any type of terrorist activity. Economic Analysis: Economic analysis is the very important to do time to time because as per the previous year records economic situation of UK is not very good. Mainly when the rate of pounds started going down that affected the economy a lot and it’s like economic crises for the country and different companies as well. This fluctuation in inflation effects the trading with other countries in Europe or outside Europe as well. Pounds decreased against euro and every other non European currency too. Fluctuation in communication prise and oil prises affect BA a lot just because of rise in exchange rates. On the other hand dollar started getting stronger that was more shocking for British airline market. Follow of liquidity became lesser day by day because people controlled spending money. Prises started decreasing and competition between all the airline became more stronger. Social analysis: Analysis of social things is also very important like the population and capability of people to spend money in luxuries. Air travel to different countries is like a luxury for the people because not every person can afford these types of luxuries. People who are getting retirement from their work and now capable to travel abroad or in different countries just for fun, this thing should be estimated by the airline company. BA should estimate the growing unemployment because unemployment affects the airlines business a lot. When unemployment increased after the downfall of the economy than every company has affected but the most effected industry is the leisure industry and airline industry is kind of leisure industry. Bargaining power of the customer is also a social activity and it has increased much in the last few years of time. Technological activity: Due to some recent figure airline companies came to know that more than 30% people use online ticketing system which is highly technical. In doing online ticking customers compare prises of different airline on different websites and that creates more competitive environment for BA. In the year of 2009 most of the people started preferring online booking and in that they can compare the prices and its makes easier for the costumers to get cheapest price. On the other hand online check-in is a very big facility provided by the airlines which saves passengers as well as airlines time and after doing online check-in customers don’t need to reach too early at the airports because that time they don’t have to do much on there. In the high technological system consumers are getting aware day by day and that’s making easier for both of them. BA ensures the customers to make more n more people aware of these types of technologies. BA provides these online facilities on the airport as well just because lots of old age people are not aware of these technologies. They provide full assistance to the elderly people just to make it more comfortable for them instead of standing in the queue for an hour or so. Environment activities: Any airline company should be aware of not creating any environmental destruction. BA controls several things to save the environment like the noise pollution and the consumption of energy. BA always uses the planes with the noise reduction technology so that it can’t disturb the residents around the airport. Secondly the use of limited land for the airport if any company tries to extend the land area of airport that might destroy lots land area and greenery. In the case of Heathrow airport expansion is very difficult to do because London might lose lots of green area and which can cause difficulty for an environment. Now a day’s consumers are more aware of greenery and the impact of lack of greenery. According to the new regulations every company should work to solve some environmental operations. In the failure of maintaining the environmental maintenance can affect the BA’s reputation and the annual income or turn over as well because some unsolved issues effect the reputation of the company. Legal Issues: Regal issues are like price of the product or tickets fixing and collision. On the other hand some sort of issues should get recognized preciously like in the case of British airways cabin crew strike is the most serious trading union issues. BA has most serious legal issue is the restrictions applied by the government on the mergers and this restriction affect the merger proposal between British airways with American airlines. Relations with the employees should be very good to avoid some unwanted interruption and industrial actions. On the other hand BA has some advantageous legal issues like they can trade the aircraft between EU and US freely. Porter’s Five Forces: To increase the profitability of the airline company porter’s five forces helps a lot in making strategic decisions. This analysis is required just because of the competitive nature of the airline industry. Competitive Rivalry: Competitive analysis is also required to stand in the market like BA is dealing with both domestic and international airlines services. In the international airline they have lots of differentiation between BA and their competitors. In lot of differentiations some are like prices and offered services. On the other hand in domestic or short haul services market is so fragmented with lots of domestic airlines these days. Rivalry is coming so directly like virgin is opposing the strategies of British airways and American airways trough their website. At last it is defined that the on by competitors increased competition at very high rate. Power of Supplier: More the suppliers of the aircraft increase the power of bargaining. In BA there are two or three suppliers of aircraft so that BA can bargain to some extent and that is more advantageous for BA because always competition is beneficial for the consumers. British airways got restricted by the suppliers of fuel to the airport at regular basis. BA has got the priority in getting landing slots because BA has some historic rights which can be used by the existing users only. In the case of employees BA employees use collective bargaining and they use trade union to make their bargaining power stronger. Power of Buyers: If suppliers have low bargaining power that means the concentration is low between buyer and suppliers. By the increasing awareness of internet buyers are becoming smarter because they do search on internet and pick up the best and cheapest option. That’s why the power of buyers is increasing day by day. These high technological scenarios make the market more competitive and increased the power of buyers. Strength of bargaining power is medium because most of the people are not aware of high technology like using internet. Threat of new entrants: Entry of new entrant can be a threat for the existing companies but entering in the new market is not an easy task, lots of barriers are there like competitive environment, high capital cost required to start business and the regularity is must to do business. New entrants can copy and provide better services than existing companies, than it could make more competition in the market. On the other hand failure of some small airlines intimate new airlines to enter in this business and that is more helpful for the existing companies. This force has low strength that means this not that much effective. Threats of substitutes: BA has some substitutes in short haul or short distance flights like Euro star and ferry. Substitute is a thing which can affect the original product or original company the most. On the other hand in the case of long haul flights there is no any substitute which can be notable so BA don’t have any threat in international airline but they have to work more things out in their domestic department. Customer Analysis: According to the analysis of customers needs are getting complex day by day. Costumer needs are getting complex because people are getting more demanding and literate as well. Than lots of change has occurred like demographics of the airlines has changed and transferred from younger to the older passengers. Connectivity of internet spread out across the world so the awareness of internet has increased a lot and that makes peoples search out more options worldwide and they can choose the best option to do or they know everything about the updates of everything they want to know. High technology makes everything more convenient for the people like in airlines they can check in online from their homes and quick details about the flight status as well. So the requirement of the more convenient things is must for the customers. Customers have the priority of prices like in airlines they compare all the airline tickets and at the end they choose the cheap options. So all the required segments are more defined depend upon the needs of the customer. According to the recent figures about the customer responses in fulfilling their requirement like in survey customers of BA responded that the services are going down or reduced by 60% to 58% in recent years. Customers suggested that the innovation is going on very slow in last decade. Baggage handling not so reliable in British airway, that’s why customers don’t trust much on this airline. BA has failed in approaching those customers who needs low price tickets because BA doesn’t have any low cost airline operations. SWOT analysis: Along with the analysis BA’s weakness and strengths has to be analysed as well in the internal environment of the company and upcoming threats and opportunities should be analysed in the external environment. Strength analysis: BA has lots of internal strength like BA has a very big brand image across the world that’s why this airlines runs over brand image because everybody knows it’s a very good airline. Secondly partnership is a noticeable strength because with the help of partnership spreading business and getting popular in different countries is an easy task. Thirdly the stability of the company is an important thing and BA is very much stable and financially strong. Fourth and the main strength is having individual terminal in the biggest airport of the world. So BA has individual terminal 5 in Heathrow airport. Weaknesses: In several weaknesses some are very harmful for the business like according to the history the relationships of BA with the employees are not very good. Secondly BA is not that reliable and trustworthy according to the customers because sometimes baggage of the customers got missed out. Thirdly the rate of getting innovated is very slow because they don’t do changes and innovations at very slow speed in comparison of other airlines. Opportunities: In several opportunities Sky Trax Quality systems is the most promising opportunity for the British airways. Secondly competitor got exited forcefully by the big companies. Thirdly if the competitors got failed in delivering the reliability factor and it could be much more helpful for BA. Fourthly it is much more helpful to get success because of upcoming new market emerging. It is an external analysis of the business environment. Threats: In some other external analysis threats are required to analyse like agreement of open skies. Secondly the awareness of environmental activities is must to understand just to avoid environmental threats. Thirdly economic crises are going on globally which is the most dangerous threat for all the companies across the world. BA faced some effects of global crises like airlines industry is like a leisure industry and during global crises most of the people started avoiding leisure activities like air travel. Fourthly keeping low cost due to the competition is also a big issue because companies are attracting customers by providing cheap tickets. Conclusion: In concluding both external and internal analysis of business strategies were discussed and at the end it’s quite clear that the BA needs lots of improvement to do in their strategies. BA should follow the combined strategic approach to make their facilities better and make their customers more satisfied. But according to the current status of the airline companies BA is considered as a market leader and Britain’s largest airline company. Due to the limited access to the company information all points couldn’t come out about BA but researcher tried to analyse all the important information which is required to get success is available. If the company will go to follow some of the strategies suggested by the researcher in this report than British airways will definitely lead the airline industry of this world. Competition is growing in the market but BA have such type of facilities and reliability which couldn’t affect the business of British airways.
INTRODUCTION 1. Life means a continuous process of education from one’s womb to tomb. No mental and spiritual development is assured without education, which make a person civilized and well mannered. All life styles and beliefs of man are based on education. Man is engaged in widening the horizon of knowledge and wisdom from the beginning of his life which is never comes to an end. “Educating children with warm hearts and clear heads; children who will one day help to create a more compassionate, intelligent and peaceful world.” His Holiness Dalai Lama. “The Dharma School is successful in meeting many of its aims. It provides a good quality of education where pupils enjoy coming to school and become confident and self-aware…. It promotes outstanding personal and social development, as well as securing spiritual and moral values.” Mr. Peter Murdock, Head teacher Subodhi Dhamma School Melbourne, Australia 2. Teaching of Dhamma was evolving from Lord Buddha’s time since 2600 years back. After Arahath Maha Mahinda Thero’s induction, Sri Lanka became a Buddhist country and Dhamma education spread all over the country. After being a British colony, the Buddhist education faced a drastically downward in the country. In the later part of 19th century Cornel Henry Steel Olcott introduced the concept of Dhamma School, to make the people aware on the value of their race and religion. It was the inauguration of Dhamma school campaign in Sri Lanka. Thereafter number of patriots and speakers were born through this movement. And it has been expanded all over the country since that [1] . 3. The vision of Dhamma School is to impart knowledge of Buddhism to the Buddhist younger generation and to enrich them with native cultural values of their Buddhist Sinhalese motherland. The knowledge, children obtained from Dhamma School, lead them to enjoy a good life, and make them well mannered sons and daughters to their parents and to society, finally constructive citizens to the country. Dhamma School put up the foundation to practice Dhamma in children’s daily routine and guide them to protect the pride of motherland, to value the language, culture, native customs and the traditions inherited from ancestors. 4. Education is for both individual development and social development. It is further meant for personality development, character or moral development, benefit of man and for his sensual pleasure. Both these two major goals of education were considered in Buddhist system of teaching as one component, but a special emphasis and attention has been paid into one’s individual and personality development, because perfection of knowledge can be attained only by the mind. 5. With In the Dhamma schools, children encourage to learn skills and express their understanding according to their readiness, science their primary stage. The different ways of teaching methods utilize for teaching for better result. Most of the time topic based approaches are taken by ‘Bosath Charithaya’ and develop the comradeship according to the teacher’s strengths and the children’s interests. However today student based education system has been introduced to dhamma schools instead of teacher based system .And it has been lead student for creative opportunities and factual learning is enhanced by drama, story writing, poetry, music, discussions, social activities and a wide range of artistic and hands on activities [2] . 6. The research is mainly designed to study and submit a proof that the students can develop their life skills from Dhamma schools rather than other education institute. The data were collected from samples studying, conducting several interviews and relevant printed materials. The data were analyzed and adduced by graphs and various charts for easy understanding. Finally certain points were highlighted and recommended to uplift the Dhamma school system. CHAPTER II METHODOLOGY AIM 1. The aim of this research is to analyze whether the Buddhist Dhamma Schools have the ability to develop the life skills of students through its education system or not. STATEMENT OF PROBLEM 2. In this competitive e-world school education is basically prioritized in developing academics of pupils’ and pay attention to improve sports activities and few extra curricular activities as well. This situation has resulted a drastically decline of life skills of students’ since the recent past .However Buddhist Dhamma schools are playing a key role to overcome this matter today. THE RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS 3. The education system of Buddhist Dhamma schools can play a major role to improve the life skills of students’ since their childhood. CONCEPTUAL FRAME WORK Development of Life skills of Student Education system of Dhamma School (Independent Variable) (Dependent Variable) SCOPE OF THE STUDY 4. Today, the general education system has got more commercialized and has become competitive due to various reasons. Hence ordinary schools have high capacity of students rather than Dhamma schools. Therefore, limited students may get the chance to enhance their skill levels to a better position, but majority was unable to reach that level due to lack of their participation. 5. However the Dhamma school education system is totally different from ordinary school education system because it is mainly structured to give Dhamma education and provide more opportunities to enhance the factual learning on facts of Dhamma, story writing, poetry, music, debates, public speaking and a wide range of artistic and hands on activities. 6. The research mainly focuses about the Buddhist education system in the country and, how it helps students to develop their own skills/aptitudes. As such it has become a measurement to gauge the importance of Dhamma School education. However, Dhamma Schools have to face some unfortunate situation due to the bad effects on education commercialization. Therefore, large numbers of tutories are operating on Sundays. Several opinions were submitted as recommendation to over come the bad effect and to consistent future prospect of Dhamma Schools as well. METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION 7. The data is collected from sample studying and referring to relevant books, documents etc. Therefore the data was categorized basically into two parts. a. Primary Data. The primary data has been collected from schooling students, teachers, public and private sector officers and parents. A questionnaire has given to the students to collect data and other adults were interviewed to obtain data. Finally, the collected data were presented as tables, pie charts and bar charts for easy assimilation and understanding. b. Secondary Data. The secondary data were collected from relevant Buddhist publications, documents volumes and referring web sites. Several statistic data were obtained from respective authorities and Dhamma Schools as well. LIMITATIONS 8. While carry out the research following assumptions were made and difficulties occurred. a. Hundred Students were selected from Colombo, Gampaha, Kaluthara, Kurunegala, Kandy, Galle and Puttlam district as the cross section. An assumption were made that they represent the whole Buddhist students in Sri Lanka. b. It was assumed that the answers given by the members of the sample are 100% correct. c. It was assumed that all the Dhamma school students have same capabilities like sample’s students. d. Some responsible authorities were rejected to answer some questions with regard to Dhamma schools. e. Lack of printed materials on Dhamma Schools was made more difficulties to create reasonable recommendations regarding the future of Dhamma Schools. THE STRUCTURE OF THE THESIS 9. The book is structured as follows: a. CHAPTER I Introduction b. CHAPTER II Methodology c. CHAPTER III Over view of Dhamma schools education d. CHAPTER IV Data collection e. CHAPTER V Data analysis f. CHAPTER VI Conclusion g. CHAPTER VII Recommendations CHAPTER III OVER VIEW OF DHAMMA SCHOOL EDUCATION THE BACK GROUND OF BUDDHIST EDUCATION 1. About 2550 years ago, that was about six hundred years before the Christ a number of great thinkers, religious leaders of both eastern and western countries put forward different views against the existing evil conditions with the hope of offering a better future for the people of their countries. They tried to introduce better ways of living. 2. The Lord Buddha became one of the most prominent teachers in India. The Buddhist texts give us detailed descriptions of the Lord Buddha’s teaching. The teaching could be described as a broad based system of education and, the concept of education covers a very broad field. According to him, mind is the fore runner of all actions. The Lord Buddha has given a very significant place to the mind in education. He perched that the whole man will be activated as per his/her mind set [3] . 3. The Lord Buddha was the greatest teacher who carried out his mission for 45 years and was popularly known as ‘Teacher of the Men and Gods’. HISTORY OF DHAMMA SCHOOL – BEGINNING AND EXPANSION 4. After introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by Arahath Maha Mahinda Thero in 236 BC, it has caused a greater change of social and cultural back ground in Sri Lanka. In the same way the education system got changed according to the Buddhist Doctrine. Mahinda Thero put the base stone to begin Maha Viharaya at Anuradapura. It was the first school in Sri Lanka according to Mahavansa. Later on Buddha Sasanaya expanded all over the country. Simultaneously Buddhist education was established based on temples. 5. In 16th centaury Sri Lanka have under gone several foreign dominations that started to collapse the Buddha Sasanaya as well as the Buddhist education system in the country. But at that era ‘Walivita Sri Saranankara Snagaraja Thero rose up strongly against the foreign Administrators and played enormous role to protect the Buddha Sasanaya. In 1815 Sri Lanka became a colony of British. Later English rulers introduced their catholic education system instead of Buddhist education all over the country and less priority was rendered to Buddhist education. Then the religious and historical ties were broken at temples among Bhikkus and Buddhist public. People tend to change their religion on be half of their personnel benefits. This was the pre signal of a calamity on Buddhist Education [4] . 6. This has observed by several Buddhist monks and civil individuals and they rose up against the British Empire. They started an awareness campaign for Sinhala Buddhists around the country. At that era Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Thero hold a Debate coded ‘Pnadura Wadaya’ against British rule. It was famous around the world. As a result of that an American Colonel named Henry Steel Olcott came to Sri Lanka and dawn a new resuscitate to ‘Buddha Sasanaya’ and Buddhist education. He laid the base stone to begin Sinhala Buddhist Schools around the country. As a result of that Anada and Nalanda Colleges at Colombo, Darmaraja College at Kandy and Mahinda College at Galle were established. 7. Further he had a thought to commence a separate school on Sundays mainly focusing attention on teaching Buddhism. “One more important thing has come to me, the children of Buddhist should be taught their religion regularly on special days, at specified hours at every temple in the island. How can we expect them to grow up strong? Buddhists of them are not taught the element of their parents’ religion in their childhood when Christians do not neglect their children, why should Buddhists neglect them” Colonel Henry Steel Olcott. 8. The first Dhamma School was started in 1881 based on Colombo but, after few days it was inactivated due to lack of teachers. However on 3rd August in 1895 it was able to establish a fully pledged Dhamma School at Galle in accordance with the concept of Colonel Olcott. ‘Waliwathe Vijayananda Dhamma’ School became the first Dhamma School in Sri Lanka. In latter part of 19th and early part of 20th centauries Dhamma school system got expanded all over the country in a large scale due to Buddhist renaissance had at that time [5] . 9. Young Men Buddhist Association (YMBA) handled the administrative part of Dhamma Schools since it began. After the cultural department established in 1956, Dhamma Schools were legalised and systemized. The registration of Dhamma Schools was started and free distribution of printed books among children was commenced. In 1881, Buddhist affairs department was established and took the control of Dhamma Schools under it. A major role was done to uplift the Dhamma School Standards. Presently, amount of 9211 Dhamma schools are operating under this department and 18, 25,663 students and 1, 14,308 teachers are engaged in learning and teaching as well [6] . OBJECTIVES AND EXPECTED SKILLS OF DHAMMA SCHOOL EDUCATION 10. The main objective of Dhamma School education is to make the future generation, filled with good qualities, and to enrich them with better understanding of themselves as well as their surroundings based on Buddhism. 11. Skill Base Education. Today the general education system is based on skills. National Education Commission has introduced Five Skills [7] . They are; a. Communication Skills. Skills relevant to the Environment. c. Skills relevant to Principles and Religion. d. Sports and Leisure Skills. e. Skills of Learning to Learn. 12. These skills also relevant to Dhamma School education as well. Skill is a complex combination of knowledge, attitudes and activities. These three parts can be combined in different percentages with regard to each individual. But there should be a practical method to combine these three parts together in a successful manner. 13. There are some identified general skills which were developed through, Dhamma School education syllabus [8] . They are; a. Identify the value of Dhamma School education and devoted to the triple gem. b. Imitate the Lord Buddha’s character and other great Buddhist characters. c. Respect Monks, Parents and Teachers by observing ‘Pan Sil’. d. Build the personality with pure knowledge of Dhamma and lead the life for self betterment and for the benefits of society. e. Always keen on physical and mental health and make the leisure productive. ROLE OF DHAMMA SCHOOL TEACHER 14. Role of Teacher. The total role of a Dhamma school teachers have been divided in to several sections [9] . a. The process in connection with Learning and Teaching. b. The Process in connection with the entire Dhamma School. c. The process in connection with the community in the located area of the Dhamma School. d. The process in connection with the development of the profession and the personality. 15. Teacher should understand the child. It is required to understand on the physical, mental, emotional and social development nature of the students of difference age groups in the Dhamma School. For this, it is required to study about the child development process. The child development stages can be roughly categorized as follows [10] ; a. Initial childhood stage – From birth to ages up to 05 or 08 years b. Childhood stage- Ages 7-8 up to 10 – 11 c. Pre-adulterant stage and adulterant stage – Ages from 11 to15 and 15 to 18. 16. Important thing to be aware before teaching. a. The Dhamma Schools’ children are in a position with the ability of think and argue in a unique style but they are not adult students. b. It should try to understand the abilities that children possess to develop as skillful persons in the future. c. The left side of the brain possesses the ability of analyzing, imagining and creativeness. The right side of the brain facilitates to create emotions, build-up attitudes and free actions. According to that, teacher should arrange his/her teaching methods to develop the both sides of the brain. And it will effect develop the personalities of each individuals separately [11] . d. The teacher should encourage student in honestly and heartedly in view of improve the child education. POLITICIANS VIEW OF DHAMMA SCHOOL “Time to time being a colony under several foreign dictatorships, Sri Lanka was embraced by Missionary education and it was very unlucky to victim the diminish of Buddhist education institutions in those periods. With the beginning of Dhamma School education system 110 years ago, again the Buddhist education got the second life. From that day upto today the light sparked out from Dhamma school education to build a disciplined and well mannered generation, is immeasurable. It should appreciate, organizing competitions to upgrade students’ skills, and I believe that, it helps widely in students’ future benefits. My sincere gratitude goes to the people who contribute in this process in success. I wish, May Sri Lanka be a country filled with best qualities through Dhamma school education”. His Excellency the President, Mahinda Rajapaksha Complimentary message for ‘Daham Ama’ magazine – February 2006. “Mahindagamanaya, the arrival of Arahath Maha Mahinda Thero, donated many to Sri Lankans. The Buddhist education system built in the country was foundational by ‘Mahindagamanaya’. The social improvement created through the temple centred Buddhist education system was enormous. Dhamma School education system, started 110 years ago is in a great level today by generating a well mannered future generation. It is appreciated the service providing by Dhamma Schools to make this society a pious and righteous society. Furthermore I admire the competitions organized through Dhamma schools in country level to improve the skills of students. And I wish to see a generation that loves the motherland enriched with good qualities as the outcome of this merit movement”. Thissa Karaliyadda Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Complimentary message for ‘Daham Ama’ magazine – February 2006. CHAPTER IV DATA COLLECTION GENERAL 1. The data was collected from school students, parents, teachers and relevant personnel, who positively engage with the Buddhist education field. These selected adults were interviewed to get primary data. Records of statistics and written documents were collected from Dhamma schools and relevant authorities in this field as secondary data. PRIMARY DATA COLLECTION- DETAILS OF INTERVIEWS 2. Venerable Godapitiye Indanada, Chief Incumbent of Bosevana temple and the principal of Sri Sugathnanda Dhamma School stated that basically the Dhamma school education is focused on teaching Buddhism to students and eventually develop their spiritual activities and moral values. According to the syllabus, it is another mandatory requirement to improve students’ life skills by various curricular activities. At the initial stage we will identified the children’s skills. Later on gradually develops these skills to a higher level. The end result will be a good citizen to the country. This process has adapted to all students in Dhamma Schools since their primary stage. 3. Mr. Jayasundara Perera, Senior Project Officer, Department of Buddhist Affairs stated that he is responsible to maintain statistics about the Buddhist Dhamma Schools in island wide. Further he added that several new programmes were introduced recently based on skill development of students. Inter Dhamma School competitions were restructured with new technology. Trainers’ training work shops were introduced and conducting in Division vice to impart knowledge of Dhamma School teachers. During the last five years numbers of the Dhamma schools and the students were increased dramatically. Finally he told that the reputation of Dhamma schools have been increased due to it present programme. 4. Ms. Enoka Rajapaksha, Teacher, Sri Vajira Ghana Dhamma School, Colombo 4, stated that she is serving in Dhamma school science year 2000 as a teacher. And it’s a very enthusiastic and self satisfactory job. Today the education field has become more sophisticated. Therefore students become more technical and dynamic. But in our case we have a grater challenge to convert these pupils to socialized persons. For that we have to teach them about Buddhism and the mean while it is important to develop their skill to build their personality. Further we provide opportunities to students to engage with social activities with their wishes and ideas. The ultimate result is they will be exposed to society, gain leadership qualities, practical knowledge on decision making in their level and avert on stage fear. Therefore positive changes may happen to students’ skills and their thinking pattern. 5. Mrs. Chandrika Munaweera, a Mother of three children, resides at Kelaniya, states that she has also been under gone the Dhamma school education in her childhood and it directly effect to build her life well. Further she added that, Dhamma School education has given chances her to expose the outer world. Therefore she has been admitted her children to a Dhamma School since their primary stage. 6. Mr. Mohan Silva, Sub Inspector, Officer-In-Charge Raddolugama Police Station stated that During his 14 years of service, he has investigated lot of civil cases and incidents. Among them, majority were happened due to their irrespective behaviours. This has shown a decline of values, norms, right and rituals. He said that there should be a certain place to educate them in this regard .Finally proposed that the Dhamma School is one of the best place to educate them to over come this menace and it will help younger generation to prevent from violence in future. 7. Mr. Sugeesh Nanayakkara, Senior Manager, Ceylon Cold Stores, stated that He has undergone Dhamma education since his childhood and it has guided him to be a virtuous person in the society. He begins his carrier in junior executive level before 7 years. But the Important factor is he able to obtain the present appointment within a shorter period of his carrier due to skills he has obtained from his Dhamma School. DATA COLLECTED FROM QUESTIONNAIRE 8. A cross section of 100 school students were selected from Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, Kandy, Kurunegala, Puttlam and Galle districts. A questionnaire was given to the Cross section in order to get data. These students are undergoing academics in grade 6 to 10. During this data collecting process it has observed that some students were reluctant to answer the questionnaire and some did it in wilful manner. All the answers were given in their own wishes without any interference of other party. The sums of answers were tabulated in table 1 (Annex ‘A’). SECONDARY DATA 9. Numbers of ten Dhamma schools were selected to get statistic data to evaluate the skills of students. These Dhamma Schools were selected from same district where the cross section was selected. The data has shown the numerical of students’ participation for completions on Dhamma school level during the last five years. It shows the growth rate of Students’ performance. The data were tabulated in figure 1 to 5 (Annex B). 10. The whole Island wide Dhamma schools students’ performances records are maintained by Department of Buddhist Affairs [12] .The whole island competitions are conducted by the same department with the assistance of YMBA. These competitions are conducted annually to evaluate the students’ performance level. Last five years statistics of students’ participation for whole Island competitions are tabulated in figure 6 (Annex C). CHAPTER V DATA ANALYSIS ANALYSIS OF DATA RECORDED IN INTERVIEWS 1. These data were collected from adults’ personnel who positively engage with Dhamma School education system and officers of government and private sector. 80% of them accept that Dhamma School has the ability to develop the skills of students. However it was highlighted that during the recent past the existing numbers of Dhamma Schools were increased remarkably and the students’ population has increased significantly. The details are tabulated in figure 7 (Annex ‘D’). Chart – 1 Growth of Dhamma Schools Chart – 2 Growths of Dhamma Schools’ Students ANALYSIS OF DATA ON QUESTIONNAIRE 2. Numbers of fourteen questions were forwarded to the cross section as a questionnaire. The answers were categorised to five parts and analyzed as follows; 3. Selection of Cross Section. Students were selected to the cross-section from Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, Kandy, Galle, Kurunegala and Puttlam districts. The numbers are mentioned in table 1 (Annex ‘E’). The highest percentage of 40% is represented in Colombo district and other districts are represented equally 10%. A large segment has given to Colombo district due to its Dhamma Schools and Student population capacity is higher than other districts. Chart – 3 Growths of Dhamma Schools’ Students 4. Students from grade 6 to 10 were answered the questionnaire. More than 70% of 6 to 8 grades students willingly make answers but the rest of others from 9 to 10 grades were reluctant to answer the same. Sometimes they rejected to answer the questionnaire. The numbers of students of different grades are mentioned in table 2 (Annex ‘E’).However in this cross section 80% of students were positively undergoing the Dhamma School education But the rest of 20% have not gone through the Dhamma School Education yet. Chart – 4 Attendances of Dhamma Schools 5. Willingness for Dhamma Education. In the segment of students who were undergoing Dhamma School Education, 42% were admitted to Dhamma School on their own will, 32% were admitted due to their parents’ choice. Another 26% entered due to their friends request and none of students were entered due to other reason. The numbers of students are mentioned in table 3 (Annex ‘E’). Chart – 5 Reasons for Dhamma School admission 6. Skill Development. In this sample 32% of students have born skills and talents. The rest of 68% have not that kind of skills or talents. Both parties needed to improve their skills. The teacher’s role is very important in the skill development process. They should carefully trace the student abilities and indentify the skills what they have. Then teacher has to support the particular student to develop his/her skill/s. However 83% agreed that they got the support from their teachers but 17% were disagreed for that. 87% of students mentioned that they have no chances to develop skills in their School. But the rest of 13% were mentioned that they will get chances to develop their skills in their school. But 92% of Dhamma school students mentioned that they will get chances to develop their skills in Dhamma School. More than 90% were mentioned that they were already been developed any kind of skill/s from Dhamma Schools. The numbers are tabulated in table 4 (Annex ‘E’). Chart – 6 Skill developments of Dhamma School students 7. Competition Attendance. Comparatively a high amount of competitions conduct annually and half yearly in Dhamma School education system rather than day to day school. These completions are already been categorised for certain levels and conduct by several Authorities. Classroom level and School level competitions conduct by the particular Dhamma School. Inter school level, provincial level and all island level competitions conduct by YMBA or Department of Buddhist Affairs. Therefore student can carry their own skills and talent from class room level to whole island level. It will motivate the students to improve their skills according to the competition level. The details of students’ attendance for these competitions are tabulated in table 5 and 6 (Annex ‘E’). Chart – 7 Competition Attendances Chart – 8 Levels of Competition 8. Opinion on Dhamma School. In the Globalization process students should have to expose the outer world to obtain knowledge. The Dhamma Schools play a vital role to educate the younger generation. In that process good thoughts and skills create in their minds to take the future challenges. In this cross section 70% of students were out of stage fear. It gives a positive answer to the society. 85% of students have the practical experience in Social activities. It will lead the country for a brighter future. At the end 75% of students said that the Dhamma school education is good and the rest of 25% said it was fair (Table 7 – Annex ‘E’). Finally all the sample members agreed that the Dhamma schools make a qualitative change in their lives with skills and values. Chart – 9 Opinions of Dhamma School SECONDARY DATA ANALYSIS 9. The data which are tabulated in figure 1 to 5 (Annex ‘B’) clearly illustrate, during the last five years there was a significant growth of students’ skill levels. This growth has recorded in all parts of debating, sin
STRT 6200 Northeastern Pacific Drilling on Ultra Deepwater Drilling & Innovation Case.

Must be 100% original, English first language.Must be completed by 10 am Eastern Standard Time Friday December 11, 2020.Write-ups should be 5 pages total (1000-1200 words), 10-point font, double-spaced, in addition to exhibits you may wish to include.Case attached in Coursepack. NEW Slidedeck resources attached. Utilize slidedecks as a framework for your response where necessary.After reading the case, answer thses questions in your case write-up:Is the offshore drilling industry an attractive industry?Discuss Pacific Drilling’s strategy for entering and positioning itself in the offshore drilling industry. How successful has it been?What are the challenges facing Pacific Drilling as oil prices have started dropping in 2014? How should it compete over the next several years?Case Write-ups should be around 5 pages (1000–1200 words) maximum, 10 point font, double-spaced. Please also use exhibits and charts as necessary to support your text answers.
STRT 6200 Northeastern Pacific Drilling on Ultra Deepwater Drilling & Innovation Case

Traditional and Modern Pre-School Education Essay (Critical Writing)

Table of Contents Introduction Trevor’s Approach Sarah’s Approach Comparison Charts References Introduction Modern pre-school education in the 21st century is different from what it was 30 years ago. With the current objective being not only the development of useful skills that would be useful to a child in the elementary school, but also the cultivation of personal qualities, creativity, initiative, and diversity, the teacher’s role is more important than ever. A modern teacher needs to be well-educated and well-aware of the recent developments in child psychology and pedagogy, in order to ensure a brighter future for the children under his or her care, as well as for the society as a whole. The children are our future. The purpose of this paper is to compare and analyze the two approaches towards preschool children’s education methods, namely towards the concepts of learning, procedures, discipline, punishments, and rewards. Trevor’s Approach Trevor’s approach towards pre-school children’s education is largely based on modern practices, as it could be seen from the dates of his list of references – all three sources are educational and organizational pedagogical sites that contain digests of the most recent practices. Many activities and pedagogical techniques listed in his systems paper and weekly planning schedule show a heavy emphasis on teaching the children to read, write, draw, and count through games and songs. This approach is similar to what is described by Jarrett (2014), who states that children are more open to learning and developing new skills when they are introduced as fun activities rather than chores that need to be accomplished. Trevor’s approach towards discipline, procedures, rules, rewards, and punishments falls in line with the traditional practices of setting clear borders and limitations, as well as introducing systems of incentives and consequences to promote positive behavior and extinguish deviant tendencies (Emmer

Solving the Raised Issues: Gateway Resort Ltd Essay

essay helper free First, I would want to thank you for being a committed and loyal member of Gateway Resort Ltd. Your continued support and presence at Gateway Resort is highly recognized and appreciated. The entire family group at the Resort want to express its sincere appreciation to all our members and assure them that the Resort is committed to its mission and vision that enhance giving the best services to our members at all times. What we believe in at the Gateway Resort is that members are the foremost key stakeholders of the company and their satisfaction is our joy and that has for a long time dictated our programs and action at the Resort whereby in everything we have undertaken, broad consideration of all our members is done irrespective of their age, gender, status or race. Any form of dissatisfaction by any member gives us an impression that something has not been done to the expectation and now it becomes the role of the company to investigate, and improve on the concern. Issues the cherished members of the Resort have raised carries weight that cannot be ignored. First we salute the members for forwarding their concerns about the Resort in the right way since at Gateway Resort we are all a family and open to each other. Concerns of our esteemed members constitute the blocks we can build on a treasured Resort for all people. Gateway in dealing with every member has always strived to promote trust and respect (Cant and Heerden, 2005) since it is these core values the company believes a beneficial interdependent relationship will be formed. More so, the company has worked towards creating real and perceived benefits in terms of services that have the capacity to fill the customers needs (Cant and Heerden, 2005) and these always is done at the Resort by identifying the unsatisfied needs and designing products and services that fit and satisfy those needs. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Establishing close relationships that are beneficial tour members is our desire since at Gateway Resort we believe that long-term relationship that satisfies customers is the key to success of the company (Lamb, Hair and MacDaniel, 2008). With this in view our strategy has been to develop solutions that enhance customers’ bottom line since a positive customer-salesperson relationship largely contribute to trust, increased customer loyalty and the intent to continue in that relationship (Lamb, Hair and MacDaniel, 2008) and in long-run such a relationships what contributes to the growth and continuity of a company. Gateway Resort Ltd want to assure our customers that our sales team is a highly trained group that at all time yearn to work with customers in the best way possible, in fact they are the servants of our esteemed members. Always we strive to know the needs of our customers, we will take time to listen to you and also we will want to engage you in our decision making process (Schiavo, 2007) at the end the most important person is our customer and his or her needs are our concern. We want to re-assure all our customers that as a company and specifically the sales team we acknowledge their views and concerns (Schiavo, 2007) and that no problem or particular issue can lack a sustainable solution if not a common ground. Gateway Resort’s ways of finding solution to pertinent issues is through consultative meetings and forums with key stakeholders. Since our clients are part of our big family of the company, we sincerely and kindly invite all of them to a meeting that will address the issues raised and hope that a common ground will be reached to the satisfaction of everyone. Again, we want to thank you for being a true friend, partner and client to this great company. We shall continue to provide the best services at all times which as a member you will continue to enjoy and appreciate. We will write a custom Essay on Solving the Raised Issues: Gateway Resort Ltd specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References Cant, M. C. and Heerden, C. H. (2005). Personal Selling. South Africa, Juta and Company Ltd. Web. Lamb, C. W., Hair, J.F. and McDaniel, C. (2008). Essentials of Marketing. OH, Cengage Learning. Web. Schiavo, R. (2007). Health communication: from theory to practice. CA, John Wiley and Sons. Web.

Module 04 Discussion – How to Make Your Reports Stand Out

Module 04 Discussion – How to Make Your Reports Stand Out. I’m studying for my Business class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Think of your analysis as a story that must have a story structure when presented.
All data has a story to tell. Many people present just the facts. The who, how, and why related to the data are missing.

Who does it affect?
How does this data relate to our audience?
Why do we care?

That’s how people remember data . . . with a story.
Your analysis of the data should be factual, yes. However, it should also be interesting, simple, and memorable. It should be a story.
First PostFor this discussion post, please explain the importance of storytelling and why it should be a part of your data analysis. Tell a story by using examples and specifics.
Module 04 Discussion – How to Make Your Reports Stand Out

Cadbury Takeover by Kraft: Failure Analysis Report

Table of Contents Introduction Employee Values Change in Employment and Work Values The Impact of Culture Change Effect on Work Ethic and Character of Employees Conclusion References Introduction The purpose of this case study report is to analyse critically the hostile buyout of Cadbury by Kraft. The buyout was opposed because Kraft failed to keep the promises it made to Cadbury employees (Stiff 2012, p. 41). Furthermore, the two companies embraced different values, which strained the relationship between employees and the management team. Thus, the paper will discuss values associated with Cadbury and Kraft. It will also highlight the impact of culture change on employees and work ethic. Employee Values Before the acquisition, Cadbury employees were guided by values espoused by the Quakers who found the company (Cadbury 2010, pp. 15-300). Thus, Cadbury was associated with the following values. First, the company was associated with compassion. Cadbury owners and management showed compassion to their employees by providing good working conditions, leisure facilities, adequate remuneration, and job security. On the other hand, Kraft did not value compassion since it focused on improving profits rather than employees’ welfare (Stiff

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