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The Iliad & The Odyssey ( Homer ) popular mba argumentative essay help Music homework help

Compares Odysseus’ & Achilles’ concern for their reputation as motivation for their behavior.

This study will examine crucial scenes from Homer’s epics The Iliad and The Odyssey, focusing on certain characters’ concern with their reputations as a major motivation for their behavior. All Homeric characters, to some degree, care about their reputation, about how others perceive and evaluate them and their worth as, primarily, soldiers. The question is the nature of the reputation about which they are concerned–do they only care about being seen as a hero for their own sake, for egoistic reasons, or do they see heroism and reputation as a factor in some larger concern–for community, family, homeland, and humility before the gods.

Charles Segal writes, In a shame-culture, like that of the society depicted in Homer, where esteem depends on how one is viewed and talked of by one’s peers, kleos [heroic glory] is..

Questions: Foundations of cloud computing

Homework responses should comprise of at least a paragraph or two for each numbered item, supported by 25 – 50 words. I’m interested in seeing that you’ve thoughtfully engaged in the material.
Submit homework responses as an attachment in the dropbox for each week. Name each file and put the same info at the top of the page: Name Homework #.
Bullets and summaries don’t count for much, unless the question calls for them. Even if you don’t have a technical background, you can be thoughtful about these questions and provide good responses.
HW # 6:
Assignment on Hiran textbook ( Cloud Computing ) Chapter 1.
Please answer Descriptive Questions number 1, 3, 4, 5 and 8 on page 25.
1- Why cloud computing is essential for organizations?
2- Explain the basic operating mode of a cloud.
3- What are the essential technical characteristics of cloud computing?
4- What are the advantages of cloud computing?
5- What are the disadvantages of cloud computing?
8- What are the drivers of cloud computing adoption?