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The Human Relations In Management Business Essay

The Human Relations In Management Business Essay. Apple is one of the most successful computer companies around today. The company was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne. Many people are unaware of Wayne’s role in the company’s establishment because he within a few months of the company’s existence. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were both college dropouts with dreams. Wozniak designed the company’s first product, the Apple I computer, while working for a previous employer, Hewlett Packard, which also rejected his idea. After trying to sell the idea to Hewlett Packard with no success, they then decided to sell their most valuable possessions in order to start their own company. Their first company location was in Jobs’ garage. Their first order of business was a modest order of 50 computers. And this was the beginning of a very successful company that has yet to end. Amid the success of the Apple I computer, the company released the Apple II computer in 1977 and sales grew just as quickly, rising from more than 35,000 computers in 1979 to approximately 78,000 computers in 1980. The company went public in 1980 with a successful stock offering. Apple offered 4.6 million shares at $22 a share that sold out in minutes. In May 1981, they offered 2.6 million shares that sold out just as quickly. But this did not mean that Apple was without flaws. After releasing the Apple III without adequate testing, the company experienced a decrease in sales, causing many defective units to be sold. Even though the issues with the Apple III were resolved, it was discontinued in 1984 because it still was not selling as well as the Apple II. Over half a million Apple computers had been sold worldwide by the beginning of 1982, becoming the first computer company to reach $1 billion in annual sales by the end of 1982. Apple released the first Macintosh computer in 1984. The Macintosh was amazingly popular boasting sales of 70,000 units in the first 100 days after its release. In 1985, Steve Jobs left Apple after a power struggle with senior executives. Yet in still, they (Apple) continue to one of the leading computer companies in the business today. The success of Apple can be contributed to many things, but the structure of the company is the driving force. The company is comprised of the CEO with about 10 senior vice presidents under this management. Everyone reports to the CEO, who controls most of the company. There is no one person that makes the most decisions, but a group of people that meet on a daily basis to address the business of the company. The company must present each product in the best way that also allows for maximum sale of the product. It must also be critical and triple check the product thoroughly to ensure that the product is not in any way defective. Some of the major objectives of Apple are to outperform the competition and succeed. In order to do that, Apple adapted a sort of motto that basically meant that an individual with very little supervisory management will work harder for the company and get more accomplished. It in part allows the company to expand and bounce back faster than the normal competitor. With very few people to answer to, the response time to crisis was quicker. Policies were made at the corporate level, but the normal day to day operations were made by people at the ground level. This caused some ruckus with their finances, and they had to work fast to avoid bankruptcy. However, the structure, or lack thereof, has not changed very much since the company has been in place. The company basically targets businesses, young people, and children. Businesses use the software of Apple to improve both products and services of the company. They found that some of Apple’s products allowed for greater maximization of their time and money as well as management of their companies. For example, the iPad allows for one to store notes into, as well as maybe organize one’s schedule and receive updates and alerts as to which meeting or event happens when or where. As far as young people go, the iPhone is more popular as you can use it for music, taking pictures, or talking. Children are now using laptops and notebooks in school to do their work. Schools are purchasing mass amounts of these particular products for maximization of education. Communication consists of the media, newspapers, Facebook, various advertisements and word of mouth. Probably the most effective means of communication is word of mouth. In this way, people can praise or condemn a product and that praise or condemnation is bound to make people either want to try or not try a product. No one product is immune from condemnation. Many improvements can be made to Apple’s organizational strategy. The first thing that they could do is to appoint a manager of some sorts to each area, therefore giving each employee someone to report to and someone to hold them accountable for their actions in case something goes wrong. They also need to appoint certain duties to certain people and organize those duties by their level in the company. In this way, everyone knows who to answer to, in other words, everyone has a go to person that is readily available for assistance. With no one to report to, when the head person in charge is gone, everyone will slack and do what they want to do instead of doing what it takes to run the company. Nothing will profit and the company will be headed for a definite disaster. If they had a type of structure that puts everything in perspective, the company will still encounter problems from time to time, but at least it will have a chance at prosperity and growth. In order to function effectively, a business must have at least a minimal team selection under their belt. The team selection must be based on what serial entrepreneur Ajaero Tony Martins considers the most important characteristics: Definiteness of purpose- People must know their role definite role in the company knowledge of business- Teams have adequate knowledge of company business Commitment- Teams must be committed to the success of the company Goal Oriented- Teams must know be determined to yield to goals of the company. Individual Thinkers/Critical Problem Solvers- Teams must be able to think independently without an abundance of supervision and solve critical problems’ Team Players- Teams must be able to get along well and interact with people. Bonded with Business Statement- Team members must be acquainted with the company’s business statement. Strategic in Approach- Team members strategize to maximum effectiveness. Competitive- Team members are always on the watch to cut off moves of the competitor. Responsible and Accountable- Team members must be responsible and accountable for their decisions. Opportunistic- Team members must be able to spot and act on all opportunities. Excellent Communicators- Team members must be able to communicate and bargain through spoken words. These are all good tips, but these tips must be enforced through proper preparation and enforcement. If the business does not select teams according to practices that maximize their output, there are bound to be problems in paradise. The company must put in place methods that everyone must abide to in order for decisions to become concrete. Methods within a company that have decisions that are not concrete will not be able to deliver as solid a message to employees and may send a mixed message to the majority of the employees within the business. The company needs to be united in their every endeavor in order for things to run smoothly. Apple is ranked number one within the current industry, with record sales. It is the top grossing company right now. There are many companies in competition with Apple, but according to Fortune Magazine’s World Most Admired Companies, Apple computers are ranked number one for best reputation under new CEO Tim Cook. They are boasting an annual revenue of $108 billion per year with all of the products out there. Evidently, even in the event of criticisms, they have more than a stellar reputation. One of the quotes from stated that Apple strives for excellence. The company still holds up to that standard today. Under old CEO, the late Steve Jobs, who was also the co-founder of the original company, Apple Computers, the company flourished, creating not only computers, but expanding to include various forms of technology. He often quoted that he created Apple to mean much more than money, and the company has surpassed the expectations of many. Human capital is very important in the survival of a company. It is a necessity to the success of a business, and, without it, a definite precursor to the failure of a business. Every company needs human capital to run. The performance of each employee based on education, skills, knowledge, and expertise in all areas of the business are vital to the aspects of the company. There are various and numerous parts to running a company, and the more people you have that are knowledgeable and dedicated to the company. Apple computers have the concept of human capital locked down tight. They recognize the power of human capital. They hire people highly capable of doing whatever job they are qualified for, and they try to only hire the best. When these people get together to market ideas and products, magic happens because the company made sure they were well-prepared to perform the duties for which they were hired. Views for this company, or any company for that matter, have been and will be greatly improved with the correct kind of human capital. As a company, they have to think about all of the odds and ends in respect to the company, and make major decisions based on the necessary projections based on the human capital hired. Human capital is vital to the survival of a business. Ethics is very important in a business. If a company is not operating in an ethical manner, it will eventually be stopped in its tracks. Apple has been seen as a monopoly but it is not really fair to make that call. This is a company that capitalized on each and every opportunity afforded it. It made the most of its human capital, and its organization as a whole to become one of the most successful businesses around today. The Human Relations In Management Business Essay

MT 460 Purdue University Unit 3 Amazon Management Policy and Strategy Paper

MT 460 Purdue University Unit 3 Amazon Management Policy and Strategy Paper.

MT460-2: Use a variety of analytical tools to monitor and improve business strategy. Amazon .com’s Business Model and Its Evolution:. You can find a list of videos that may accompany your chosen case study in the supplemental resources spreadsheet(attachment). You may also choose to analyze your current employer instead of the business case studies based on the criteria in the checklist below. Please seek approval from your professor if you wish to conduct this analysis based on your employer to ensure you are able to cover all requirements sufficiently.You will find the following resource to be a helpful guide in your analysis of your chosen case study: Guide to Case Analysis (attachment)Step 1: Provide a brief synopsis of the company from your chosen case study or your employer (if approved by your professor). Include the company name, industry sector, products, target market, and any other pertinent informationStep 2: Explain the factors in your chosen company’s broad macro-environment (PESTLE) that may have strategic significance on its competitive advantage in the marketplace.Step 3: Conduct an analysis using Porter’s 5 Forces framework to diagnose the competitive conditions in your chosen company’s industry.Step 4: Conduct an analysis using one additional strategic analysis tool to determine whether an industry’s outlook presents your chosen company with sufficiently attractive opportunities for growth and profitability.Step 5: Determine if your chosen company’s resources and capabilities give it a competitive edge over rivals.Step 6: Assess the company’s strengths and weaknesses in light of market opportunities and external threats.Step 7. Explain the company’s value chain activities and how they affect the company’s cost structure and customer value proposition.Step 8. Evaluate the results of your strategic analyses and explain your chosen company’s competitive situation and how this information can assist managers in making critical decisions about their next strategic moves.In this Assignment, you will demonstrate an ability to employ a minimum of three different strategic analysis tools, including a PESTLE analysis, Porter’s 5 Forces analysis, and one additional strategic analysis tool (VCA, SOAR, SWOT, etc.) of your choice. Use as many concepts from Chapters 3 and 4 of your textbook to complete this Assignment as possible. You are the professional and will need to determine how many slides and how long the presentation should be to meet the requirements of this Assignment. You are capable of making such decisions at this level of your degree program. Take the initiative to be the problem solver and strategic decision-maker. Each slide should have a narration and notes. Your slides should be professionally designed.
MT 460 Purdue University Unit 3 Amazon Management Policy and Strategy Paper

Orientalism in “Not Without My Daughter” Film Essay

help me with my homework Introduction Orientalism is a common concept in international studies. It is used by academicians in reference to the culture of societies in some parts of the world. The regions include Asia and the Middle East. Parties responsible for making the representations include writers, artists, and designers from western countries. Orientalism is common in movies, films, songs, and other artistic expressions. For decades, Hollywood has produced a number of popular movies, series, and children cartoons that depict the stereotypes held by western countries in relation to Muslims and their culture.1 Some of the films portray a positive picture of inhabitants in the Middle East. However, others illustrate negative, crude, and exaggerated images of the Arab community. In spite of the wide range of depictions, some elements showed in the movies tend to be true. Such aspects include ill treatment of women in the society and the proliferation of terrorism acts that involve kidnapping and killing of individuals from western nations. Since the 9/11 bombing of the United States, majority of films produced in the western world portray Arab communities as terrorists full of ill motives.2 Some of the most popular blockbusters propagating these themes are based on plots involving attacking and bombing installations in the United States. In addition, some of the scripts are based on kidnapping and rescue missions of citizens from this country. The villains are more often than not militants from the Middle East. The current paper is written against this background of stereotypes propagated about societies in the Middle East by films and other artistic expressions in the west. To this end, the author will use the film “Not Without My Daughter” to examine the various aspects of orientalism promoted by the creators. The movie is a true story that depicts the plight of women in the Middle East. In particular, it portrays the harsh treatment of this group in Iran. Representation of Societies in the Middle East through the Film “Not Without My Daughter” “Not Without My Daughter”: A Brief Synopsis “Not Without my Daughter” is a 1991drama film about the true story of Betty Mahmoody. Betty is an American citizen married to an Iranian husband. The couple has a daughter named Mahtob who is aged four. The movie begins with Betty and Moody at their home in the United States. Life in this western nation is characterised by freedom, beauty, and peace.3 The home is built near a lake with an evergreen surrounding. The setting is meant to create a good picture of America and the good life of people in society. After staying for some time in the United States, Moody, an Iranian physician, decides to take his American family to Iran. He claims that his relatives wish to meet his wife and daughter. Upon hearing the news, Betty becomes reluctant.4 The reason behind this is because Iran is considered to be an unpleasant nation, particularly for women of American origin. The negative notion about the country brings out the differences between peaceful America and an Iranian society that is in turmoil. To persuade them to accompany him, Moody claims it will be a two weeks visit. As a result, Betty agrees to go with her husband. Upon arrival in the new country, Betty’s fears are confirmed. Her husband had other plans. He declares that Iran will be their new home. Moody deceives his wife in spite of the fact that he had taken an oath using the Quran. He had assured his wife that the family will return to America.5 Betty tries to object. However, Moody gets violent and smacks her. None of the family members who witness the incident sympathise with her. In addition, none tries to question her husband’s action. Due to this ill treatment, Betty plans to escape and return home. Depiction of Iran and the Middle East in the Film After their arrival in Iran, Betty forms the opinion that the country is different from the United States. Detailed descriptions of their previous home depict the United States as the best place to stay in the world. The reason for this is because the environment is serene, beautiful, and clean. On the contrary, Iran is described as a dirty place. In addition, it is a colourless and dull society. Betty considers the nation to be ‘backward’, uncivilised, and old-fashioned.6 Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The country is an archaic land full of violence and other vices. The situation is different in America, where people are calm, civilised, and advanced. In the film, Iranian citizens are portrayed as aggressive individuals. The aggression starts from their mode of communication to how they resolve issues. They tend to converse in high pitched voices using fearful and violent gestures. However, it is important to note that only men are expected to show such emotions. Women are not supposed to shout or scream in dialogues. The creators of the movie portray Iranian men as abusive and oppressive towards their wives. Once in Iran, Moody changes and becomes hostile. He seems to touch base with the Iranian in his DNA. He goes ahead and hits his wife in front of the family members.7 In addition, each time he is angry with his wife’s actions, he makes no efforts to correct her or share his opinion in the right manner, as was the case in America. Instead, he engages in animalistic and brutal actions, including abusing his wife physically. The movie reveals the violence experienced by women in the Middle East. Female members of the society are considered to be inferior to their male counterparts.8 Due to this, they are required to submit to their husbands at all times. In the movie, Betty decides to put up with her husband’s abusive behaviour just to gain trust. She sees the move as an option that will facilitate her escape. However, not all men in Iran are evil and mean. For example, in spite of their violence and negative attitudes towards women, Betty is helped to escape by an Iranian man. To some extent, the picture portrayed in the film is true. The reason behind this is because women in the Middle East are known to be victims of ill treatment and inequality. The inequality tends to be influenced by the peoples’ culture and beliefs. It is also influenced by legislations put in place in the country.9 One such law is Tamkin. The decree requires women to submit to their husbands. Under Article 1105 of the country’s Civil Codes, the position of the head of the family belongs to the man. However, as already indicated, some men are nice towards the womenfolk. An example is the man who assisted Betty in her escape plans. The film “Not without My Daughter” depicts nations in the Middle East as places where the freedoms of women are curtailed or nonexistent. For example, once in Iran, Moody prevents his wife from leaving the house.10 In addition, she is restricted from using the telephone. At one time, Betty manages to visit the Swiss Embassy. After reporting her case, she is told that as long as she resides in Iran, she cannot leave the country without her husband’s permission. She is also informed that the case applies to all women married to Iranian men. Freedom is a major concern in countries in the Middle East. For example, in Saudi Arabia, like in Iran, women are not allowed to leave the house without permission from their husbands or male relatives.11 In addition, they are not required to drive cars or cycle. The film considers Islamic religion to be a major determinant of the behaviour of residents in the Middle East. For example, in the movie, Iranians are portrayed as individuals who pray ‘excessively’. They do so both at night and during the day. In addition, religion dictates women’s dress code. At one time, Betty is attacked by strangers because some of her hair was not covered with a headscarf.12 The angry mob claimed she had violated the dressing code stipulated in Islamic religious scriptures. Women in the Middle East are not required to take part in prayers. In addition, as seen in the film, they are not allowed to show any happy emotions. The picture shows that Islamic nations are different from the American society where people can be playful and share fun moments. In different scenes, Betty is met with a fearful look from other women when she plays and laughs with her daughter.13 We will write a custom Essay on Orientalism in “Not Without My Daughter” Film specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The film depicts the hardships experienced by mothers when securing child custody. In Middle Eastern nations, husbands can seek divorce without any clear reasons. However, the man must pay the wife mahr upon separation.14 In addition, a man is allowed to remarry immediately. The case does not apply to women. Betty wishes to escape and separate with her abusive husband. In Iran, this will be difficult. The reason is that the American laws are different from those in Iran. Once they divorce, Betty would lose custody of her daughter. After the Islamic revolution, Iranian laws changed. As a result, men were granted custody of boys when they turn two years and girls when they attain the age of seven.15 However, the laws changed again in 2003. In this case, mothers were allowed to retain the custody of sons until they turned seven. Betty’s daughter is aged 4. As a result, Betty risks losing her if she opts to stay. In addition, if she leaves without her, the child will suffer in the hands of her father. Perpetuation of Positive and Negative Stereotypes by Producers of “Not Without My Daughter” A stereotype is a notion adopted by a group of people in relation to a certain aspect of life. Producers of “Not Without My Daughter” are mainly perpetuating negative stereotypes about societies in the Middle East. Positive aspects of the Iranian culture are revealed in very few scenes. One noticeable part is when Betty and her daughter are helped to escape from Iran by a man. Some of the elements portrayed in the film are true. However, there are considerable levels of exaggeration. People from the Arab nations are depicted as wealthy and uncultured. They are also described as terrorists and religious extremists.16 In spite of the fact that the film is based on a true story, the producers try to insinuate that all people in Iran and the whole Middle East are violent and oppressors. The notion results in misinterpretation of Muslims and Arabs. In addition, Iranian culture is considered as rigid. In most modern and traditional societies, men are considered to be superior to women. The latter are given less opportunities in the community, even in developed countries. Differences between the two genders arise due to the fact that in some nations, the cases of mistreatment are rampant.17 In America, divorced couples also face the problem of settling custody issues. In addition, there are cases of gender based violence where women are the main victims. However, in the film, countries in the Middle East are portrayed as the only places where these problems occur. Producers of the movie ignore the fact that some women in Arab nations lead successful and inspiring lives.18 As such, American producers should expand the scope of their work and focus on the positive side of their themes. Conclusion Since the late nineteenth century, Hollywood and American directors and producers have majored in the creation of films about other nations. The themes in the movies range from the antics of political leaders to weird behaviour of people in foreign nations. A case in point is the film “Not Without My Daughter”. An analysis of most of these artistic expressions reveals that most producers focus on the negative attributes of their target nations. For a long time, nations in the Arab world have been on the receiving end of this skewed representation of the global culture. People in these nations are considered to be barbaric, cruel, and terrifying.19 In addition, the movies portray Arabs as people who focus on the restoration of women subordination. Only few films, such as ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, show positive aspects of the Muslim world. Bibliography Hamamsy, WE

Biology question I need help with

Biology question I need help with.

You are working in a lab for the summer. Your boss gives you a test tube containing an isolated infectious agent of an unknown disease. You guess that this must be a viral disease. If you are correct, what do you expect to find in the test tube after lysing the contents (ie: breaking everything open)?Question 6 options:ribosomestRNAnucleuscapsomeres
Biology question I need help with

Cost for Decision Making Case Spreadsheet

Cost for Decision Making Case Spreadsheet.

It’s required to read the case material on differential analysis. And review the videos (this is not necessary and I’ll not put on this) and files on this topic. Finally, complete the assignment (three small questions for calculating and explanation).Samantha Charleston (responsible for the analysis on the electronic check processing) became ill and asked you to complete her analysis. She has identified relevant costs and benefits. You need to complete Steps 4 to 6 of the Decision Making model. Charleston asks that you finish her spreadsheet above. Provide your answers in the second tab of the spreadsheet, making sure to include calculations and explanations where appropriate.
Cost for Decision Making Case Spreadsheet

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