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The Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge (HZMB) Analysis

Introduction The Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge (HZMB) is a megaproject in South China and the longest man-made sea-crossing bridge in the world. Megaprojects are defined as ‘large-scale, complex ventures that typically cost a billion dollars or more, take many years to develop and build, involve multiple public and private stakeholders, are transformational, and impact millions of people’.[1] The HZMB is a 55-kilometer-long bridge-tunnel system situated at the waters of Lingdingyang on the Pearl River Estuary in southern China. Construction of the bridge began in December 2009 and the bridge was officially opened nine years after the construction first began. It is the link connecting the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to the Macao Special Administrative Region and the Zhuhai Chinese mainland. This long link consists of three cable-stayed bridges, two artificial islands, an immersed tube tunnel with associated viaducts, relevant link roads, and the necessary boundary crossing facilities. This aspiring megaproject has overtaken the Stonecutters bridge in Hong Kong, previously the longest bridge in Hong Kong, becoming the longest bridge in Hong Kong and in the world. It was decades in the planning and cost billions, the actual need for this project was a big discussion point. It provides direct link between the east and west of the Pearl River Estuary and can facilitate the development of industries that rely on fast transportation, for example logistics, hence boosting the development of the three vibrant cities in the Pearl River Delta region economically and sustainably. Besides this there is the political ambition of China for HZMB to be a feat of human endeavour on a historic scale. Overview In this essay, I will talk about different sections of the bridge: Tuen Mun Western Bypass, Tuen Mun – Chek Lap Kok Link, the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities, Hong Kong Link Road and Hong Kong Link Road and Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge Main Bridge, deep diving on the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities. Tuen Mun Western Bypass (TMWB) The TMWB is a 9-kilometre double 2-lane expressway, consisting of twin tunnels, a toll plaza and associated administration buildings in Pillar Point. It links together the Tuen Mun – Chek Lap Kok Link and the Kong Sham Western Highway. Tuen Mun – Chek Lap Kok Link (TM-CLKL) The Tuen Mun – Chek Lap Kok Link is a 9.7-kilometre double 2-lane route between the between North Lantau and Tuen Mun South. It is divided into two main sections: Northern Connection and Southern Connection. The Northern Connection consists of a 5-kilometre long sub-sea tunnel deep under the seabed at a water head of above five bars crossing a reclamation area while the Southern Connection includes a 1.9-kilometre long land viaduct and a 1.6-kilometre long sea viaduct. Viaducts are a form of bridge interconnected in a series of small spans. They are used to connect two areas which are similar in height with the purpose of carrying road traffic whereas traditional bridges are constructed exclusively for crossing physical impediments. Hence, using viaducts over bridges are better as they connect the two land areas of similar heights and help reducing the traffic congestion to minimal. Friction bored piles are employed. The piles were designed as end-bearing piles and the top level of the pile caps are made from reinforced concrete structures. For the construction of the undersea tunnel, three Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) were deployed: one with diameter of 17.6, which is currently the largest TBM in the world and two identical mix-shield TBMs with smaller diameter. A tunnel boring machine is a tube-like machine used to excavate tunnels with a circular cross section through a variety of soil and rock strata. With the use of TBMs, a smooth tunnel wall can be produced, making them suitable to use in Hong Kong, a heavily urbanised area. Apart from boring the tunnels, TBMs also provide support. Selecting the TBM tunnelling as the method instead of the traditional Drill and Blast technique was in part due to lower environmental impact as TBM would create a much lower ground vibration than D
I need you to write a one-page cases critiques (evaluations) about 3 cases. one page 1.5 spaced.

Please write the critiques from an international business perspective. This is for my international business class.DON’T USE OTHER SOURCES JUST USE THE CASES AND THE CRITIQUES SHOULD BE BASED ON THEM.The one page of your case critique must include your critiques on all three cases assigned to each lecture. This means that you don’t have to write a long memo on each case. I would like you to read each of three cases carefully and share your own ideas based upon your reading. It can be but not limited to why you think the case is well written or not, what aspects the case should have considered or included, and the like. I just would like you to read the cases carefully and critique based upon your understanding of the case.
I need you to write a one-page cases critiques (evaluations) about 3 cases. one page 1.5 spaced

UC Irvine Probability Distributions Standard Deviation and Variable Mean Questions

UC Irvine Probability Distributions Standard Deviation and Variable Mean Questions.

Please answer HW questions. PLEASE SHOW FULL WORK ON PIECE OF PAPERI used R Studio to knit my mean using my student ID. Here is the link…Population ChartXp00.2520.2560.2580.25Question #3Calculate the mean of variable X. Explain what this means.Question #4Calculate the standard deviation of variable X. Explain what this means.Question #5Sketch the histogram. Take a picture of it and upload it here.—————————————The following questions are in reference to a sampling distribution (n=50).Question #6What is the expected value of the mean? Explain what this means.Question #7Calculate the standard error of the sampling distribution for sample sizes of 50. Explain what this means.Question #8Looking at the three sample means in R (how they were collected), what can be done to make them closer to the expected value?Question #9Sketch the sampling distribution. Label the expected value and standard error along with each sample mean. Take a picture of it and upload it here.
UC Irvine Probability Distributions Standard Deviation and Variable Mean Questions

Glendale Community College PI movie by Darren Aronofsky Discussion

essay writer Glendale Community College PI movie by Darren Aronofsky Discussion.

In this unit, we watched the gritty and, at times, disturbing movie Pi, by Darren Aronofsky. The story touches on science, religion, love, passion, and, of course, mathematics. Michael Drosnin has a theory that if the Biblical Text is put through a computer and letters are selected at certain regular intervals, a decoded message emerges that predicts the future. Skeptics observe that he keeps trying it until it appears to work. This is a modern sophistication of a hobby that Isaac Newton sometimes indulged in, finding mathematically hidden messages in the Bible.The number is G-d, the stock market, the future, or, apparently, anything else. When someone asks, “What does it all mean? What is the purpose of any of this?” this number is or contains the answer, to anyone who can understand it. It is the key to all, like the key described by the Talmud scholars that was lost to Jews when Romans burned their temples. The film seems to suggest that it’s better not to know the number, to forget it. This is essentially Sol’s advice throughout the movie: Forget the number! Live your life. Besides the ending, how does the movie convince us — if it does — of this theme that it’s better not to know and live in mystery? That is, how do the details of the movie — the script, the camera work, the details that may escape a casual observer — support this theme. Also, I have to ask, if you had the number and understood its secret, would you use it? If so, how? If not, why?Be sure to cite at least four details from the movie to substantiate your response, and show how each detail — sequentially and methodically — supports your idea.Intense scrutiny is not the same as sloppy writing. You should be economical in your writing — and deep and expansive. More words are not the same as more ideas. Remember to integrate quotations with good verbs and strong signal phrases.Observe MLA guidelines regarding in-text citation. Incorporate at least one idea — explaining whether you agree or disagree with it — from my lecture. Be sure to entertain more exploratory questions or personal connections, as I did throughout the lecture. Any connections to the random entry? Any analyses about camera techniques?Use deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning, each at least once, in your paragraphs. Place your deductive reasoning in bold and your inductive reasoning in italics.Avoid logical fallacies in your own writing, but feel free to point them out elsewhere.At the end of your post, show your deductive reasoning in the form of an equation, as I have done in my examples (i.e. Whale = large fish, large fish = scales, etc.).
Glendale Community College PI movie by Darren Aronofsky Discussion

ECON 3370 CUNYBC The OLS Estimator for A Single Variable Regression Worksheet

ECON 3370 CUNYBC The OLS Estimator for A Single Variable Regression Worksheet.

I’m working on a economics question and need support to help me learn.

Econ 3370 HW 3Answer each question as instructed and upload a copy to Blackboard! There are 7 total questions.1. The OLS estimator for a single-variable regression can be expressed as a.b.c.d.e. None of the above.2. Consider a dataset with 32,000 observations. Two random variables X and Y contain information collected by survey to describe each observation in the sample. Consider the single-variable regressionA researcher first estimates the regression above with the entire sample (n=32,000), then splits the sample in half and estimates the same regression on the subsamples (n=16,000 each). When comparing the coefficient from each set of results, which of the following are true? Choose all that apply.If X and Y are normally distributed, each estimate will be exactly the same.Since the sample (and subsamples) have a large number of observations n, each estimateshould be exactly the same.If there is a strong correlation between X and Y, AND there is no measurement error in X,the estimates will be exactly the same.If there is a strong correlation between X and Y, AND there is no measurement error in X,AND the stochastic error term is normally distributed, the estimates will be exactly thesame.None of the above Caterpillar: Confidential Green3.4.Justify your answer choice for question 2 with 3 or 4 sentences. Use econometric terminology (hint: your answer choice in question 1 will help).After estimating the multivariate regression modela researcher uses the results to produce the prediction equationTrue or false: the prediction equation is purely stochastic.True or false: the residual is theoretical and impossible to calculate, since is unobservable.We introduced R-Squared to measure goodness of fit. Which of the following describe the intuition behind R-Squared?R-Squared must be between 0 and 1.The higher the R-Squared, the closer the prediction equation/regression line fits thesample.R-Squared is only one way to describe the quality of a regression model.Adding additional explanatory variables to the regression will increase the R-Squaredeven if the new variable has no theoretical relationship with the outcome.All of the aboveExplained sum of squares (ESS)a. Describes how the variance in the outcome variable is explained by the residual. b. Describes how the variance in the outcome variable is omitted from the model. c. Describes how the variance in the outcome variable is explained by the model. d. All of the abovee. BandConlyFor a multivariate OLS model, assume there are N sample observations, and k explanatory variables, such that we have the following general form 5.6.7.Use three sentences or less to define degrees of freedom and explain how adding additional explanatory variables (hence increasing k) will affect the degrees of freedom. Will the degrees of freedom increase or decrease? Assume a fixed number of observations N.Caterpillar: Confidential Green
ECON 3370 CUNYBC The OLS Estimator for A Single Variable Regression Worksheet

Nevada State College Nevada History Government and Politices Quiz

Nevada State College Nevada History Government and Politices Quiz.

Where in Nevada did ancient people leave behind evidence of how people lived thousands of years ago, including the oldest duck decoys ever found.Lake TahoeLovelock CaveCarson SinkSpirit MountainWhich of these ancient peoples did NOT live in a part of what is present-day Nevada?Lakota SiouxWestern ShoshoneMohaveSouthern PaiuteWhich city was the first permanent Euro-American (white) settlement in present-day Nevada?Carson CityGenoaBoulder CityRenoWhich of these was the LEAST significant factor in the early settlement of what is now the state of Nevada?the Lewis and Clark Expeditionthe California Gold RushMormon migrationthe Mexican CessionMost of present-day Nevada was organized into the Utah Territory as part of a legislative package called what?The Compromise of 1850The Great CompromiseThe Kansas-Nebraska ActThe Missouri CompromiseWhich political party strongly supported statehood for Nevada in 1864?WhigRepublicanDemocraticFree SilverWhich of these was NOT a prerequisite to statehood for Nevada as required by the U.S. Congress?acknowledgement of federal landreligious toleranceadoption of the Thirteenth Amendmentprohibition of slaveryWhich officer in the executive branch of the Nevada government issues certificates of incorporation to businesses in the state?Group of answer choicesTreasurerSecretary of StateAttorney GeneralGovernorWhich phrase appears in the Nevada Constitution but NOT in the U.S. Constitution?Group of answer choices”Almighty God””Domestic Tranquility””Free Exercise” (of religion)”Jury Trial” (right to)What right is guaranteed to all Nevadans by Article 1, Section 5 of the Nevada Constitution?Group of answer choicesFree Exercise of ReligionWrit of Habeas CorpusDue Process of LawKeep and Bear Arms
Nevada State College Nevada History Government and Politices Quiz

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