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The Holy experiment William Penn holy experiment is to create a colony on the principle of self- government, religious toleration, and brotherly love.

William Penn make a government which can run with the law of the people. Pennsylvania first constitution organized the government into three parts: the governor, the seventy two member of provisional council, and general assembly with two hundred member. While the proprietor held his office by hereditary, the council and assembly were elected by the freemen of the colony.Therefore, redeem of election was extended to virtually all free inhabitant, regardless of whether or not they were landholder. Also, the law of Pennsylvania will be followed by all the people because people help make these rules. For instance, he said that “if men are good the government cannot be bad. If men are bad, they will destroy government”.

Thus positive view Of human nature formed the structured of pen government. William Penn establish an unusual colony dedicate to the principle of religious toleration.The frame of government guarantee the freedom of elision. For instance, all people could worship freely, as they choose. Pennsylvania would be open to people of all religions persuasion, not only Quakers. Also, in this colony people will not made to do anything forcefully against their religious belief. For Example, in 1681 Penn ship carry 50 men and 50 women with different religions group like Quakers, Anglican, protestant, Jews and others in which people can choose their own religion and worship freely.

So Pennsylvania was a heaven Of religion freedom for ewe settler The principle of brotherly love was at the heart of Peen’s holly experiment. Penn decided to treat Indian as friends. For instance, instead of stealing land from the Indian, as Puritan did, William Penn treated them as equal and negotiated purchases from them at fair prices. He respected the Counterattacks, Shawn and Lenin-Lena nation so much that he learned their language. Also, Pennsylvania had learned to adjust to the religions diversity for the colony, for instance smaller number of English Methodist.

The correlations between convictions and searches and seizures

The correlations between convictions and searches and seizures.

Search and Seizure: The correlations between convictions and searches and seizures.

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