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A look at the development of the English language.

This paper presents an examination of the English language and its origins. The author traces through the three stages of Old English, Middle English, and Modern English and examines the development of language.
“The English Language has been built on the backs of great nations and as these nations rose they brought with them a language that has evolved over many generations and is spoken all over the world. The history of the English language is an extensive and colorful one that has filled the lives of the linguistic scholars who have studied it with many hours of reading material. The English language and its origins will be traced through the three stages of Old English, Middle English, and Modern English. The stages will be studied in order to understand what influences have played a key role in the development of English. Also in this paper a look will be taken at the ways slang, jargon, and Colloquialism continue to the changes that English is even now under going.”

writing a book Review

The book review, up to 750 words long,.
Selecting a book
choose on of the three books below:
Kinyanjui, Mary Njeri (2014) Women and the informal economy in urban Africa: from the margins to the centre. London: Zed Books.
Bourgois, P. (2003) In search of respect: Selling crack in El Barrio, (2nd edition). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Shatkin, G. (2017). Cities for profit: the real estate turn in Asia’s urban politics. Cornell: Cornell University Press.