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The Hershey Chocolate Industry Report

The Hershey Chocolate Industry Report. The Hershey Chocolate factory is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania the home town of its founder Milton Hershey. Milton Hershey pioneered this company in 1894 as one of the outlets of his Lancaster Caramel factory and it has grown over the years to become one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in North America. Hershey Corporation’s 2012/2013 performance in the stock market is very impressive as indicated in the flow chart below; Flow chart 1; Hershey Corporation 2012/2013 stock market performance (The Street, 2013, p. 1) Milton Hershey also created other units like the Hershey entertainment and Resort Company, to which the trust of managing Hershey Park has been entrusted; a chocolate-tagged entertainment center, Hershey park stadium strategically designed to host gaming events and amusement assemblies. History Milton Hershey started a candy retail unit in Philadelphia soon after completing his apprenticeship to a confectioner in 1873 which was to fail 6 years later for he was yet a novice businessman, not losing hope, he still ventured into the processing of candy in New York which did not thrive according to his projection, and so he went back to Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, Milton Hershey tried to incorporate fresh milk in producing caramels and to his amusement he noted the rise in sales, this triggered him to establish the Lancaster Caramel Company. Having acquired chocolate processing machines from the sale of the Caramel factory, he abandoned the production of caramels for the long term production of chocolate, citing the narrow future of caramels to be the main drawback. He build a chocolate factory in his native town and he was accommodating to all the folks, thus he availed amusement units and leisure sports which made him very popular and saw the exponential growth of his chocolate factory. In 1896, Milton established a unit which enabled him to circumspectly refine the most ideal recipe for milk chocolate candies. This paved the way for later modifications in which he was more interested with the conventional synthesis of candies than the quality of the milk. Early in the 20th century, Hershey unraveled a minute flat-bottomed conically shaped product which was later dubbed ‘Hershey kisses’. At first Hershey kisses were manually wrapped, but some twenty or so years later, the manual process was replaced with a more effective mechanized way of wrapping: this was made possible by the invention of wrapping machinery. Yet still, even in the mechanized wrapping method, a minute paper ribbon has to be retained at the top of the product ‘Hershey Kisses’ to certify and authenticate that the product is genuine. Currently the statistics of production in the Hershey chocolate company stands at about eighty million Hershey Kiss units per day. Apart from the Hershey Kiss other products include – but not limited to; Mr. Goodbar which has a substantial amount of peanuts, a mildly sweet dark chocolate, Hershey’s syrup not overlooking the crisp rice Krackel bar which was introduced soon before the second world war. (Selko, 2012, p. 1) One of the great minds to have worked with Hershey was Harry B. Reese, he started at a very humble position as a dairyman in one of the Hershey Estates, but with time he rose along the ranks to work in Hershey’s Company. This notwithstanding, Reese later engineered a wide variety of candies whose sales – with Hershey’s logo, soared beyond his wildest expectations. Having mastered the art of chocolate production and the intricate matters of advertisement, Reese established his own chocolate company in 1926 and by 1941 he was overly occupied in developing his own confectionery genius product, the so called peanut butter cup, whose sugar content was far much lower than that of any other factory at the time. Unfortunately, Reese passed on in 1956 leaving the management of his enterprise to his 6 sons, but in 1963 Hershey chocolate company bought Reese’s company for an approximate value of $23.3 million at which time Reese’s revenue was about $14 million each year, this saw Hershey’s company expand tremendously to the esteemed status of being one of America’s chocolate iconic company. As it is the manner of life, Hershey Chocolate Corporation has had its share of challenges, for instance, just towards 1940s there was the drive by CIO to restructure and re-organise factory workers which polarized the prevailing peaceful working environment and triggered labor unrests coupled with friction between the stakeholders. Later on the American Federation of Labor streamlined the legal framework governing factory workers and employers and in its intervention it appointed John Shearer to herald the plight of workers in Hershey’s Chocolate Factory. (The Hershey Company, 2013, p. 1) Just within the pre world war II period, William Murrie’s son Bruce settled an agreement with F. Mars, which would see them produce a hard sugar-coated candy which would later be tagged MThe Hershey Chocolate Industry Report
In his intriguing story an occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Ambrose Bierce expound on the impact of civil war in America. Intuitively, he highlights the effect of hanging on the conscience of an individual. The law has convicted Peyton Farquhar to hanging because of his attempt to destroy a bridge. Due to the conviction, Farquhar experiences both psychological and emotional imbalance. Therefore, through his professional and educational background as a military officer, Bierce applies realism as the significant writing style in his article. The next discussion not only defines realism and naturalism but also authenticates realism as the major element used in Bierce’s story. Realism is a form of writing style whereby the author uses his experience or observations in his/her contemporary times to compose a story, poem or any other form of literature. Most of the realistic literature materials encompass actual events, genuine observations and absolute truth. For instance, in his story, Bierce gives specific details of the setting of the story, which is during the civil war (actual) in Alabama. Furthermore, he provides a vivid description of Peyton’s death, which the soldiers accomplish by the use of ropes and rifles. On the other hand, naturalism is an element of writing style, which lacks any form of artificiality. Alluded from the word ‘nature’ literal naturalism promotes humanity, justice, morality, and lets nature to take its course. For example, Bierce’s story lacks naturalism mainly because the death of Peyton is artificial and thus, does not occur by natural means. Therefore, the element of realism is evident in Bierce’s story because he vividly outlines every detail of the war, military personnel and the subsequent impact of defiance. The first incidence of realism is the description of the death of Peyton. Bierce writes out every detail that entails the hanging of a criminal. According to Bierce, “The man’s hands were behind his back, the wrists bound with a cord. A rope closely encircled his neck” (Bierce 1). Also, there was “stout cross-timber above his head and the slack feel to the level of his knees” (Bierce 1). The ability of Bierce to give every detail and physical painting of Peyton picture before his death makes the story realistic. Secondly, the setting of the story is in the 1870s the period when Americans were experiencing civil war. Moreover, as a soldier who had fought during the civil war, he authenticated his observations through literal writing. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Thirdly, Bierce gives a clear picture of the soldiers by describing both their military wear and the guns especially when they are ready to accomplish their duty. Finally, before the execution of Peyton, he undergoes emotional and psychological, which leads him to have illusions (Bierce 3-4). In reality, this is the effects a person who is about to face immature death will experience. Based on the evidence mentioned above Bierce’s story falls under the classification of realism. In conclusion, realism and naturalism are two writing styles that were common in American literature especially during the nineteenth century. While realism focuses on facts, naturalism eliminates artificial aspects by concentrating on morality and humankind. Bierce uses the element of realism to give a clear picture of not only the impact of civil war but also to highlight the social injustices and oppression that existed during his contemporary times. Finally, through realism, the actual events of life become apparent in the reader’s or the audience’s mind. Works Cited Bierce, Ambrose. An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge, n.d. Web.
The Australian Legal Systems. The Australian legal system is based on a fundamental belief in the rule of law, justice and the independence of the judiciary. All people of Australia and non-Australians are treated equally before the law and safeguards exist to ensure that people are not treated arbitrarily or unfairly by governments or officials. Principles such as procedural fairness, judicial precedent and the separation of powers are fundamental to Australia’s legal system. The common law system, as developed in the United Kingdom, forms the basis of Australian jurisprudence. It is distinct from the civil law systems that operate in Europe, South America and Japan, which are derived from Roman law. Other countries that employ variations of the common law system are the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia and India. The chief feature of the common law system is that judge’s decisions in pending cases are informed by the decisions of previously settled cases. Consitution of Australia The United Kingdom passed the Commonwealth of Australian Constitution Act 1900. The significant of the Act was that it created a federal Commonwealth compraising the Commonwealth of Australia and the states. It also incorporated the constitution which came in to effect on January 1901. The Australian Constitution of 1901 established a federal system of government, under which powers are distributed between the federal government and the states Itdefined exclusive powers (investing the federal government with the exclusive power to make laws on matters such as trade and commerce, taxation, defence, external affairs, and immigration and citizenship) and concurrent powers (where both tiers of government are able to enact laws). Thestates and territories have independent legislative power in all matters not specifically assigned to the federal government. Where there is any inconsistency between federal and state or territory laws, federal laws prevail. Federal laws apply to the whole of Australia. Seperation of powers Governing Australia needs lots of power. The Constitution says that this power is divided between three groups of people so they can balance each other. Each group checks the power of the other two. This division of power stops one person or group of people taking over all the power to govern Australia. Legislative power means the power to make laws and is concentrated in the Parliament. Executive power means the power to implement laws and is given to the government. Judicial power gives the High Court power to decide whether laws are legal according to the Constitution. Division of Powers The law making powers which are not stated in the constitution as belonging to the commonwealth remains with the state .The powers are divided between the State Parliament and the Commonwealth parliament.There are some areas where both the commonwealth and the states have power to make laws these are concurrent powers,for example ,the taxation power. The state can however be excluded from these areas if their law are in consistant with those of the commonwealth. Some powers are stated to be exclusive to common wealth. These includes defence powers , the power to impose exercise and customs dudies , the currency, coin age and legal tender power and making of law for the government of a territory. The commonwealth is irestricted on areas for which it can make laws, the state can make laws on the commonwealth areas as long as they are with in the juristiction of the state,where a commonwealth has not been specifically given a power to legislate, then those remaining powers are exclusive to the states , for instance motor law , Criminal law and contract law. Most business law are made as state laws The Commonwealth Parliament The Parliament is at the very heart of the Australian national government. The Parliament consists of the Queen ,represented by the Governor General and two Houses (the Senate and the House of Representatives). These three elements make Australia a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. There are five important functions of parliament: to provide for the formation of a government; to legislate; to provide the funds needed for government; to provide a forum for popular representation; and to scrutinise the actions of government. The Governor-General The Governor-General is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister. The Governor-General performs a large number of functions which are defined by the Constitution, but fall roughly into three categories: constitutional and statutory duties, formal ceremonial duties, and non-ceremonial social duties. On virtually all matters, however, the Governor-General acts on the advice of the Ministry. The Senate The Senate has 76 Senators – 12 are elected for each of the 6 states, and 2 each for the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. State Senators are elected for 6 year terms, territory Senators for 3 year terms. Historically, the Senate has been regarded as a State’s House: the States enjoy equal representation in the Senate, regardless of their population, and State matters are still important to Senators. The modern Senate is a very powerful Chamber. Bills cannot become law unless they are agreed to in the same terms by each House, except in the rare circumstances of a double dissolution followed by a joint sitting of both the houses The Senate has a highly developed committee system and Senators spend much of their time on committee work. The House of Representatives The House of Representatives has 150 Members – each representing a separate electoral division. Members are elected for terms of up to 3 years. The most distinctive feature of the House is that the party or group with majority support in the House forms the Government. The accountability of the Government is illustrated every sitting day, especially during Question Time. Members have many other functions. They are involved in law making, committee work and in representing their electors. Executive Government The Prime Minister is appointed by the Governor-General, who by convention under the Constitution, must appoint the parliamentary leader of the party, or coalition of parties, which has a majority of seats in the House of Representatives. This majority party becomes the government and provides the ministers, all of whom must be members of Parliament. The Federal Executive Council, referred to in the Constitution, comprises all ministers, with the Governor-General presiding. Its principal functions are to receive ministerial advice and approve the signing of formal documents such as proclamations, regulations, ordinances and statutory appointments. Federal Judicature The Constitution provides for the establishment of the High Court of Australia and such other courts as Parliament may create. The judges of the High Court are appointed by the Governor-General in Council (acting on advice of the Federal Executive Council). The functions of the High Court are to interpret and apply the law of Australia; to decide cases of special federal significance including challenges to the constitutional validity of laws; and to hear appeals, by special leave, from Federal, State and Territory courts State and territory courts. Australian state and territory courts have jurisdiction in all matters brought under state or territory laws. They also handle some matters arising under federal laws, where jurisdiction has been conferred by the federal parliament. State and territory courts deal with most criminal matters, whether arising under federal, state or territory law.Each state and territory court system operates independently. The Australian Legal Systems
Computer Architecture.

architecture is the combination of software and hardware that is
organized in such a fashion as to deliver the machine’s intended
performance characteristics. Therefore, it is important for you to
understand the basics.
Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:
Describe Von Neumann architecture and explain why it is important.Explain what a system bus is and why it is needed.Summarize the use of Boolean operators in computer-based calculations.Categorize the various types of memory and storage.Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:
typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with
one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA
or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional
a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s
name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover
page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment
page length.The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
Illustrate the use of information and communication technologies to solve problems as an information technology professional.Explain how organizational context is influenced by the development and deployment of information technology systems.Use technology and information resources to research issues in information technology.Write
clearly and concisely about introductory information technology topics
using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.
Computer Architecture

Discussion Question

Discussion Question. I need an explanation for this Health & Medical question to help me study.

Topic 1: Compare and Contrast Delirium and Dementia
Identify a valid and reliable assessment tool or instrument that you will use in your clinical practice to diagnose delirium or dementia? Share an example from your clinical experience of a patient with delirium or dementia and how you used this tool or instrument to aid in assessment of the condition and manage the patient. Discuss your role as an advanced practice nurse for patient safety in the plan of care for patients with delirium and dementia.
Discussion Question

UB Digital Marketing & Communication Burberry Marketing Plan for Growth Essay

best assignment help UB Digital Marketing & Communication Burberry Marketing Plan for Growth Essay.

You have been appointed as the Digital Marketing Manager. Your task is to create a marketing plan for Burberry to help support the companies’ growth objective, with a special focus on the digital considerations to help the company in their decision making processes. You have specifically been asked to consider the following key areas within the marketing plan;
Project Objectives
Segmentation/Target Markets/Positioning
Digital Marketing Mix
ConclusionsIn terms of the content of the Marketing Plan Report, you will be marked on the degree to which you:
Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the purpose of the exercise.
Display knowledge of the planning tools and theories involved and an ability to apply them effectively.
Demonstrate the ability to select critical points, evaluate them and communicate the conclusions effectively.
UB Digital Marketing & Communication Burberry Marketing Plan for Growth Essay

Trade barriers

Trade barriers.

You work at a pharmaceutical company that is considering entering India, Chile, Canada, China and Turkey. Conduct the appropriate level of research in a trade barriers database to identify information on Turkey’s current requirements (tariffs, duties, non-tariff barriers, investment-related barriers, and intellectual property rights). Also, the company is worrying about potential corruption. Using Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) that is a comparative assessment of a country’s integrity performance, find how the above countries rank. Further, identify the five countries with the lowest and the five with the highest CPI scores according to this index. Do you see any trends between CPI scores and the level of economic and social development of a country? Your report should be a maximum of 1 page, double-spaced, Word . However, you can have unlimited number of exhibits that should be put in an Appendix in the same file. Hint:Trade Barriers Database:The quickest way to reach this information would be to search GlobalEDGE using the phrase “trade barriers database.” Select the Market Access Database website. Once there, select “Trade Barriers Database”. Then under sector, select Pharmaceuticals; under country select all (e.g., highlight all countries or just the countries you need), and under measure select all. A series of reports are listed from which those with more general titles will provide adequate insight for the exercise.Search Phrase: “Trade Barriers Database”Resource Name: Market Access DatabaseEuropean Commission Market Access Database websiteCorruption Perception IndexGo to the Global Edge Resource Desk websiteSearch Phrase: “Corruption Perceptions Index”Resource Name: Transparency International – Corruption Perceptions IndexglobalEDGE™ Category: “Research: Rankings”Transparency International websiteTransparency International Archival Datakeep the report to 1 page and no need of a reference or cover page. include few exhibits like table or graphs in Appendex page
Trade barriers

Consumer Behaviour course – PowerPoint Project about any Financial related Topic

Consumer Behaviour course – PowerPoint Project about any Financial related Topic.

Consumer Behaviour and Financial Needs Fall 2020: Project 1 Assessment Content & Rubric You will be required to create content that uses the CLOs from the course plus some FP Canada elements from the Competency Profile and any other information that we have used in the course. For this project – you have flexibility to write a mini case, record a video, or create a podcast. Here is an example of a creative PPT project: ➢ A financial planner or advisor having a first meeting with a client to discuss insurance and then presenting an insurance plan for client. Financial need = Insurance. ➢ In this idea – you would be able to follow elements of the FP Canada Competency profile in terms of the steps of the process. ➢ 1.1 Gathers and prepares quantitative information ➢ 1.2 Gathers qualitative information ➢ 2.1 Assesses the client’s situation ➢ 2.2 Considers and evaluates strategies ➢ 3.1 Develops recommendations to help optimize the client’s situation ➢ In terms of the FP Canada skills required – do not forget: ➢ Critical Thinking Skills, Interpersonal and Relationship Skills, Communication Skills, and Teamwork and Collaboration Skills**Example of topics: Financial Planning, Investments, Investment Planning, Insurance. Common & Preferred shares, RRSP’s, Retirement Planning. **You will find a great example of this project by my fellow classmates attached
Consumer Behaviour course – PowerPoint Project about any Financial related Topic