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They stand over the court like sentinels; opposing each other on opposite sides like guards on the border of North and South Korea. The padding on the backboards, now a bland blue from wear and tear, is falling apart like an old sofa, while the backboard itself, once crystal clear, is streaked with white blotches and scratches. The rims, connected to the backboard, are a rusty orange that blisters whoever is foolish enough to hand on it. While the baskets are needed to play the sport, the most important component of a asketball court is the floor.

The basketball court’s floor is springy and seems to assist in your Jumping ability. They are made of a hard wood that is a tinged yellow, similar in color to an old desk. When the floor is clean, you can nearly see your reflection, but don’t let its shiny surface fool you though; landing on it may prove to be more painful than you think. However, when the floor is dirty it is unforgiving; your shoes slip and slide across the surface, like a scene out of a comic book. Even though the floor of a basketball court is important, there is something else needed to play the sport.

In order to play the sport of basketball you need, quite simply put, a basketball. Employees working in the front of the complex will provide you with a basketball, but you have to leave your ID card with them. The basketballs are made out of bright, orange leather that is firm, yet soft to the touch. They bounce easily, allowing you to perform whatever dribbling technique your heart desires. Every player handles a asketball differently though and there are many different types of players that play at the gym. The people that hoop at the gym can be put into different categories.

Most players fall into the stereotypical role of the player that Just plays for fun: he wears ankles socks and cheap shoes, and usually isn’t that great of a player. Other people include the buff guy that relies on his strength rather than his fundamentals, the shooter with his reliable ability to spread the floor with his range, the slasher who is able to et to the hoop and create open shots for the shooters, and finally the ballhawk who annoys you with his intense defense and his knack of getting loose balls.

All of these people are ditterent but they mesn because their strengths compliment other people’s weaknesses. Whenever I go to the gym all of the sights, smells, and sounds help create images in my head that make me want to go back again and again. But probably the most memorable experiences are leaving; my slow, fatigued steps finally leading myself back through the giant doors and out into the world.

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Executive Summary


Institutional Affiliation

Investing in mentoring programs

In today’s operations of a company, it requires having low costs, yet high quality solutions. Initiating mentoring programs in a company will allow capitalization of the greatest resource which is human resource. Strategically, to develop a talent will contribute to organization’s innovation, growth and bottom line. It shows management’s interests, support and concern for its worker’s potential together with the company. It demonstrates to the employees that the company is willing to invest the resources and time available to assist the employees to succeed in their careers. In return, workers will be more loyal and productive to the organization.

Business leadership must promote, embrace, and value these programs in order to realize the return on their investments. Employees with few year experiences should be matched with a career mentor to assist them in growing in their positions. This creates a more engaged workforce, high job satisfaction and also it proves that the organization cares (Gershenfeld, 2014).

Return on Investment

This is a performance measure which can be used in measuring or evaluating the investment efficiency, or in comparing the effectiveness of diverse investments. It can be used to measure the amount of return as compared to the cost of investment. ROI is the most common profitability ratio although; it is not necessarily the same as the profit. It deals with the money invested in the business and the returns realized based on the company’s net profits, while profits measures the business performance.

During the business development, intended benefits can be defined as part of calculating financial returns or Return on Investment or payback period and this is always associated with the realization schedule. However, intended benefits may be realized long after project closure. Investments should be placed in tandem with the laid strategies in order to retain the workforce long enough to meet the acceptable Return on Investment on the human resource.

Evaluating legal considerations of the program

Within the company, there exist various legal considerations which would be considered within the training program aspect. One of these legal aspects to be considered would include how to face the company’s liability. There are many of reasons to why the business could not meet the legal requirement including employee and customer discrimination, and that which may cause serious legal threats to the business resulting to court room procedures. Failure to meet legal expectations as required by the law, the business faces full responsibility for any injury or discrimination which may occur to either an employee or a customer within the business environment. Also failure to follow the laid legal requirements may subject the business to financial resource losses including promoting high turnover rates leading to low production rates and negative reputation.

Mentee first meeting check list and meeting guide

First and foremost, one should take the responsibility for setting the meeting with the mentor. Research shows that these kinds of relationships are the most successful when the mentee takes the responsibility to manage the relationship. By utilizing this checklist, it will guide both the mentor and the mentee following the mutual agreement to formalize their relationship.


___ Learn all you can about the mentor before the initial meeting

___ Review the roles and expectations from the mentoring commitment

___ Have a conversation, together with the mentoring coach or individually, to discuss the match and explore the ideas which he or she may be having


___ Set boundaries for the mentoring relationship, discuss and seek clarity

___ Discuss confidentiality and be specific on things which should remain confidential

___ Listen and ask questions

___ Explain where you are and where you would like to be, and how the whole program may assist

___ Decide what you want to achieve together while setting priorities give scope of roles and also time frame

Next steps

___ Schedule the next meeting (date, time and place)

___ Write a brief summary

___ Set up frequency, length, and location of next meetings (Kelly & Christian, 2014).


Gershenfeld, S. (2014). A review of undergraduate mentoring programs. Review of Educational Research, 84(3), 365-391.

Kelly, H. D., & Christian, P. M. (2014, January). Mentoring programs promoting the retention and graduation rates of African American males in college. In NAAAS Conference Proceedings (p. 549). National Association of African American Studies.