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The Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams by Scott Fitzgerald Essay

Introduction The Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams are some of the greatest fiction works by Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby was first published in 1925, while Winter Dreams was released in 1922. In this paper, the researcher will compare these two stories that have remained popular for the last nine decades. According to Ciasullo, these stories are considered complementary to study at school (102). In fact, Ciasullo states that Great Gatsby was meant to be a continuation of Winter Dreams, but from a different point of view (101). The scholar notes that Scott Fitzgerald was convinced that the audience was left in suspense after Winter Dreams was published, hence he decided to continue with the story. The paper will focus on the themes and characters presented in the two stories in order to bring out the similarities and differences in the texts. Point and Purpose of the Essay The researcher seeks to determine the similarities and differences in themes and characters in both the Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams. The study will help the researcher prove that the Great Gatsby is a continuation of Winter Dreams. According to Ciasullo, these two books are closely related (103). They were written by the same author on the same topic but on different dates. These two books have been widely used for academic purposes in many countries around the world. Many scholars have given different explanations to various events in the two stories when trying to analyze the books. Some of the conclusions made by the analysts are contradictory. The researcher finds it necessary to conduct an analysis of the two stories in order to shed more light into this issue. Through this analysis, future scholars will gain a better understanding of these two stories. The researcher will highlight the similarities and differences between the Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams in in order to eliminate the existing misconceptions. Analysis of the Stories In this comparative analysis, the researcher will be comparing two works of Scott Fitzgerald that have remained popular for almost a century since they were first published. In this analysis, the researcher will try to confirm the argument that the Great Gatsby was a continuation of the Winter Dreams. At first, the two books appear to have nothing in common given that the narrators in the two stories are different. However, as the plot of Great Gatsby continues, two main characters in Winter Dreams appear and take a center role in the story. The author was very precise in introducing the two characters, Jay Gatsby and Daisy Fay Buchanan, making it very easy to connect this novel to the first story about Winter Dreams. The following are some of the similarities in the themes presented in the two stories. Similarities between the Stories Extramarital affair and immorality One of the main themes in the two stories is immorality and extramarital affair among the characters. In Winter Dreams we meet Dexter Green, a teenager who is trying to define his life. Dexter falls in love with a young lovely girl called Judy Jones. Judy is a daughter of one of the richest men in Keeble, Minnesota. However, he soon realizes that Judy has several other lovers within the neighborhood. This breaks his heart and he decides to end the relationship. He gets engaged with Irene Scheerer. However, this relationship ends when Judy promises to marry Dexter. After a short while, Judy ends the relationship and elopes with another man (Fitzgerald Winter Dreams 8). Immorality is another major theme in Great Gatsby. In this novel, there are strings of illicit relationships affecting many married couples. For example, Tom is married to Daisy, but he is having an affair with Myrtle Wilson. Myrtle Wilson is married to George who is also having an affair with another woman within the city of West Egg. Daisy, Tom’s wife, is also cheating on her husband with a rich man called Gatsby. The novel paints a picture of moral collapse in this society. It also conveys the idea that married people are not satisfied with their marriages. All the characters who have extramarital affairs in this story are married except for Gatsby (Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby 26). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Love According to Ciasullo, another major theme that is common in the two stories is love (110). In Winter Dreams, Dexter was sincerely in love with Judy Jones. The two characters fall in love just before it occurred that Judy had a chain of other lovers. Dexter then falls in love with Irene. This relationship seems genuine because of the mutual feelings between Dexter and Irene. However, the love that Dexter had for Judy was stronger than that he had for Irene. This forces him to end his relationship with Irene hoping that Judy will accept to marry him. The same theme can also be identified in the Great Gatsby’s story. Gatsby, a rich businessman in New York, has never married because he lost contact with the woman he loved so much during his teenage years. He is hoping that one day fate will bring them together and that they will be married finally after so many years. When Gatsby realizes that Daisy is married, he goes ahead to track her down and bring her close to him. His love for her did not fade away even after staying apart for several years. According to Ciasullo, this story also brings out a unique form of love that existed between people having extramarital affairs (128). Daisy could not hide his love for Gatsby anymore despite the fact that she was married to Tom. Betrayal The two books also share a common theme of betrayal. According to Ciasullo, Winter Dreams presents a series of betrayals among the characters (165). Dexter was employed by Mortimer Jones as a caddy. He remains very loyal to Mr. Jones. However, this loyalty is betrayed when Mr. Jones instructs him to be her daughter’s caddy. Dexter falls in love with Judy Jones, but she betrays him by eloping with a other man after promising to marry him. Irene is betrayed by Dexter who promised to marry her only to turn back and go after Judy Jones (Fitzgerald Winter Dreams 14). In the Great Gatsby, Tom betrays the trust of his wife Daisy by engaging in extramarital affair with Myrtle Wilson. In retaliation, Daisy falls in love with Gatsby even though she is married to Tom. Nick and Tom are great friends. They spend most of their time together and share a lot of secrets. However, Nick betrays Tom when he helps Gatsby reach out to his wife Daisy. He even knew that the two had a romantic relationship but he never alerted his friend Tom about the issue. He also betrays his cousin Daisy Buchanan by failing to inform her that his husband Tom was having an extramarital affair. Myrtle betrays the trust of her husband George by having an illicit relationship with Tom (Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby 48). Social class In the two stories, social class is one of the major themes. Ciasullo explains that by the time when these stories were written (136). In the early 1920s, social classes played a defining role in ranking people in the United States. Although race was another factor in the social class setting, the amount of wealth one had was much more important. In Winter Dreams, Mortimer Jones is presented as a rich person who was very powerful. All his family members, especially his daughter Judy, share his fame and enjoy many benefits of being a member of the high society. In the Great Gatsby, social class is an key theme. Being a teenager Gatsby was a member of the lower social class and no one paid him attention he was longing for. Even Daisy ignored his love because he had no resources to take care of her. However, his hard work earns him wealth, and he gains recognition in the society. He was named the Great because of his new social status. Then Daisy realizes that he is a great man who deserves her attention and love (Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby 71). Differences between the Stories Age of the main characters The two stories have a number of differences despite the similarities presented in the section above. One of the major differences in the two stories is the age of the narrator. In Winter Dreams, the narrator is a teenager who understands very little about life. His dream is to get a good job and a lovely life. Most of the people close to the narrator are young men with big dreams about life. On the other hand, the narrator of the Great Gatsby is an adult who has become a successful businessman. He understands life and the challenges it brings. His biggest dream of marrying the love of his life is fast fading and he has to live with that reality. We will write a custom Essay on The Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams by Scott Fitzgerald specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The narrator The two stories also differ in the way they are narrated. In Winter Dreams, the narrator focuses on his personal life as a teenager and the disappointments that life presented to him. On the other hand, the narrator in Great Gatsby is focusing on the life of other people, especially the one of Gatsby. Ciasullo explains that by the author’s decision to kill the main character (124). It was necessary to bring this great story to a logical end which could only be symbolized by the death of the main character. It would not be possible to do this if the main character was allowed to continue with the narration. One cannot narrate how he died and the events that happened afterwards. That is why in this story, the author decided to use a different narrator. Conclusion The Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams are stories have been popular for a very long time. It is considered that the Great Gatsby is a continuation of the short story Winter Dreams. The analysis of similarities and differences of the two stories confirms this argument, because the characters and setting in the two stories have so many similarities. The storylines also shows that the Great Gatsby is a continuation of Winter Dreams. Works Cited Ciasullo Ann. “Approaches to Teaching Fitzgerald’s the Great Gatsby.” Rocky Mountain Review 64.1 (2010): 101-104. Print. Fitzgerald, Scott. The Great Gatsby. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995. Print. —. Winter Dreams. Whitefish: Kessinger Publishing, 2007. Print.
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FITM Department of Natural Resources Letter.

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Rewrite the following and add any information needed. Use the correct format for the email and business letter (full block format). ((((1. Inquiry letter (scenario))))))): You are chair of the committee responsible for planning a professional growth meeting for the environmental committee of your county’s Parks and Recreational Services growth meeting. The meeting is to be held Friday (choose a date) from 800 am to 300 pm. You expect approximately 50 people to attend. You would like a coffee break at 945 and lunch at 1215. Coffee and doughnuts are to be served during the break. Write a letter to a hotel in your city requesting accommodations for the meeting. Request suggested menus and prices for the luncheon and coffee break, along with the cost for use of the rooms. You will need four small conference rooms for section meetings and one large conference room for the general meeting. Also request a projection system and screen and microphone for use during the general meeting.((((((2. Letter of complaint (scenario))))):As the new owner of a SUV, you were expecting to head into the backcountry for some camping and fishing trips. You purchased the SUV three months ago from Big Willie’s Auto (Howard Williams owner) and paid $15500 for the two-year old car. Mr. Williams offered you a 12-month, 12,000 mile extended warranty for $1000, which you purchased. When you purchased the vehicle, it had 38645 miles on the odometer; now it shows 40012 miles. You have driven it fewer than 1500 miles. It has been in the shop on two occasions in the three months. First time it was towed in for transmission problems. Mr. Williams paid for the towing, $50, and transmission repair, $587.50. Although the warranty does not cover the installation of a new transmission, you want Mr. Williams to pay for one. You have a mechanic friend who will install a new one for $850 (other places have quoted $1800). This should eliminate the every other month trip to the repair shop. This will help restore confidence in Mr. Williams as a businessman and will eliminate his paying for repairs under the warranty than the $1000 cost. Your mechanic friend will guarantee the new transmission for 24 months. Write a request letter to Mr. Williams to persuade him to pay the $850 for the installation of a new transmission.
FITM Department of Natural Resources Letter

The chemistry of Food preservation

The chemistry of Food preservation. Paper details Independent Research Project – Introduction Introduction – Read carefully! For the rest of your honors experience this semester, you will research an area of your own interest. You may choose any topic you wish as long as you can find a way to relate it to chemistry. You can find some suggested topics below; if you would like to research a topic not included in the list, you must have it approved. As you choose your topic and begin research, you should formulate a research question. Your question will give direction to your research. Once you formulate a question, you should hone your research to materials that seek to answer your question and contribute to your body of knowledge. After you answer your research question, you will present your research through a final product of your choice. A suggested list of final products is listed below. You may choose to create a product not listed, but you must have it approved. Regardless of the format, your final product will be graded based on the criteria set forth in the Final Product Rubric.The chemistry of Food preservation

Real Life Trade of a 1996 Mustang Sale Transaction Case Study Assignment

professional essay writers Real Life Trade of a 1996 Mustang Sale Transaction Case Study Assignment.

You are selling your 1996 Mustang. You have already spent $1000 on repairs. At the last minute, the transmission dies. You can pay $600 to have it repaired, or sell the car “as is.”In each of the following scenarios, should you have the transmission repaired? Explain your thoughts in either case by posting a comment or a response to a comment.A. Blue book value (what you could get for the car) is $6500 if transmission works, $5700 if it doesn’t.B. Blue book value is $6000 if transmission works, $5500 if it doesn’t.Next, provide an example of a real life trade off that you might have faced and try to put some dollar numbers to measure the costs and benefits of the tradeoff.
Real Life Trade of a 1996 Mustang Sale Transaction Case Study Assignment

CC Bill of Rights and Constitution Discussion

CC Bill of Rights and Constitution Discussion.

SOOOO basically I just need four responses, one from each section, no plagiarism and each around 3-4 paragraphs. reference sources please Please choose one question from each group which will require you to provide a total of four responses. Each answer must demonstrate that you understand the material and must include accurate names, dates, places and events. Each response should contain 3-4 paragraphs or more with about 4-6 detailed sentences in each paragraph. Use as many sentences as necessary to provide a complete response to each question. The responses must be totally your own and will be checked, so please avoid plagiarism. A reminder that even if it is not intentional, submitting plagiarized material will not be accepted. Please type the number of the question you select before starting to type your response. Once an answer is submitted you will not be able to change it later so take your time. Each question is worth twenty five points.GROUP A: CHOOSE ONE1. Who became president after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, why was his presidency ultimately unsuccessful, and what event destroyed his political power?2. In order, explain in detail the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution.3. Explain the Black Codes and the system of Jim Crow in the South and how terror was used to enforce this system.4. Explain the events and problems which took place during the Grant administration and why his presidency is among the least successful during Reconstruction.5. Explain in detail the Compromise of 1877 and its impact on Reconstruction.GROUP B: CHOOSE ONE6. What happened at the Battle of Little Big Horn and the Battle of Wounded Knee? List each separately and include important names and dates.7. Which specific groups came to America as immigrants at the end of the 19th century, what facility did immigrants arriving in New York enter, and which group was singled out with a law to restrict their entry to the country? List each separately. 8. Who were Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller, what industries did they dominate, and what were monopolies called at the end of the 19th century? List each separately.9. Who was W.E.B. Du Bois, Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver, why are they important historical figures, and how did they contribute to the nation? Be precise with names, places, and dates. 10. What happened at Haymarket Square, the Homestead Strike, and the Pullman Strike? List each separately and include important names and dates.GROUP C: CHOOSE ONE11. Explain the Supreme Court case Plessy v. Ferguson, the impact of the decision, and its historical importance. Be sure to include all important names and dates.12. Define American Imperialism at the end of the 19th century, explain what caused the Spanish-American War, and explain the outcome. Be sure to include important names, places, and dates.13. What were the policy objectives of the Populist Party and why is William Jennings Bryan an important political figure at the end of the 19th century? Be specific.14. What were the goals of the Temperance Movement and the Suffrage Movement and who were the leaders of these movements in the early 20th century? List each separately and include important names and dates.15. What were the major social issues which needed to be addressed during the Progressive Era, why was The Jungle an important book during this period, and what specific laws and reforms took place between 1890-1920?GROUP D: CHOOSE ONE16. How would you describe the relationship between the United States and the other nations of the Western Hemisphere at the start of the 20th century, and what specific policies and actions took place to illustrate that relationship?17. Who was Pancho Villa, what did he do and where, why did the United States pursue him, and what was the outcome? Be sure to include important names, places, and dates.18. What was the Lusitania and the Zimmerman telegram and how did they bring the United States closer to entering World War I? List each separately and include details.19. Explain the basic goals of Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points and explain why the Treaty of Versailles ultimately failed and why the United States did not join the League of Nations.20. What were the Red Scare and the Red Summer of 1919? List each separately, include details, and be specific.
CC Bill of Rights and Constitution Discussion

NYSU Capital Punishment Death Penalty Serial Killing & Terrorism Article Outline

NYSU Capital Punishment Death Penalty Serial Killing & Terrorism Article Outline.

I’m working on a management question and need an explanation to help me study.

Begin your discussion post by writing a paragraph that outlines your initial responses, reactions, or impressions to Porter′s article, ″Intertextuality and the Discourse Community.″ Preview the documentIt might be helpful to identify 1-2 major points in the text that were especially confusing or compelling. You can also briefly summarize the main argument, but I′d additionally like to know what you actually think about what′s being said here. 3. Choose a discourse community -I will pick fitness or gym- you are or have been a part of, one that is not your academic discourse community (this can be any organization, online group, club, etc). Review the 5 main components of ″discourse community″ in Porter′s article (and discussed in this week′s lesson). Write about how the discourse community you′ve selected fulfills each these criteria. Additionally, identify two specific ″texts″ that circulate within your DC. Discuss how one of these texts demonstrates Porter′s notion of ″iterability.″ Discuss how the second text illustrates any ″presuppositions″ within your DC, or as Porter puts it, the unstated ″assumptions″ this text makes about its readers and contexts. For an example, refer back to this week′s mini-lecture, where I talk about how the Detroit Party Marching Band operates as a DC, and how we can see the two types of ″intertextuality″ working within this group. These discussions are an opportunity to ″test out″ the concepts and techniques introduced to you in this course. While the writing here can be more informal, responses should still be clear and easy to read, written in an appropriate tone for the college classroom, and be relatively free of typos, sentence fragments, or grammatical errors. Responses should be approximately 300 – 500 words in length. There will be approximately 8 discussion posts throughout the semester; each of these posts is worth 3% of your final grade (a total of 24%). While not required, feel free to read, quote, or otherwise engage with your fellow students′ responses. As a bonus for bravery, the first three posts in each discussion will receive 10 additional points to whatever grade they would have normally received. Posts are due on by Friday, at 11:59 pm of the week they are assigned. So for example, this week′s discussion will be due by end-of-day on Friday, May 8th. area
NYSU Capital Punishment Death Penalty Serial Killing & Terrorism Article Outline

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