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The global presence of eSports.

Select one of the topics above. Provide four to six page, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font

paper. Include a title page (not included in page count above) as well as page numbers. It is imperative

that you use four to six peer reviewed references to help support and strengthen your paper. At least

three of these citations should come from our course materials. Depending on the topic you selected,

the various sections may not be as applicable, but you will fill in content that would be more suitable for

your selected topic. Use section headers to organize your paper. Feel free to re-organize them so that it

makes sense for your topic selection.

Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance

Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance.


Which aspect of Pan-Africanism and of the African Renaissance (e.g. mental emancipation, cultural production, language, socialism, racial unity, etc.) do you find most compelling and why? Answer with reference to specific examples from at least 2 texts from EACH section (i.e. at least 4 texts in all). Note that the film and the speeches constitute as texts for the purposes of this assignment.

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