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Theme Carmody uses the “good vs evil” theme to show insight into what happens to Nathanial and his evil fighting gang, and how he struggles to break free of the darkness in Cheshunt. Nathanial is trying to fight the evil but his mother is stoping him without even knowing(the darkness is taking over her). Issues Nathanial struggles to fight the evil with bullys trying to persuade him, in their evil ways, to cross to The gathering(evil gang).

His only friends are the “good” people and he can have no social contact with them so the “Kraken” doesn’t defeat them. Ideas Nathanial has no social friends to support him Social Nathanial uses his social life to benefit the group: Doing an assignment on the history of the town; he talks to old people that witnessed herrific events in cheshunt at his mums work Cultural Carmody uses the Australian culure and identity to create a certain theme and feel. Contexts Political

In Cheshunt the laws and Rules are biest to the evil as they have taken over the town. Historical Carmody creates the sense that “The Kraken” is like Hitler and the town and children are his army of evil. Intellectual She creates the illusion that Nathanial makes his own decisions and that he takes on the responsibility of finding out about the previous gangs. The Gathering by Isobelle Carmody Allusions Alludes that “the kraken” is Hitler Metaphors Intertexuality Verbs Language forms features and structures Adverbs

Descriptions Figurative language Point of view – 1st person Antagonists Characters Protagonists Who or what is the Antagonist? Main topic Setting Time Place Various settings Carmody creates a story that is exiting because something happens every chapter to keep suspence. Plot She uses clues in the text near the climax for you to remember what happened what he saw, and what was said in the past that could make Nathanial win the fight against evil. Purpose to entertain the reader in the world of fantasy. Symbols Values

The Odyssey and Ramayana

The Odyssey and Ramayana.

This is a comparative analysis on the Epic genre, focusing on either some significant element of the genre (e.g., the nature of the main character, the role of the gods, the nature of the central conflict, or another element you identify) or a shared theme that is treated differently (conflict in the royal house, the question of women’s fidelity, what constitutes proper conduct).

MLA format and at least 3 academic sources.

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