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The Fort Carson Murder Spree This story is extremely disturbing to me in more ways than one. Its one thing to die in the line of duty, but to be killed by a fellow comrade is different. My heart goes out for the familys that have been affected by this war in any way, shape or form. I cant and don’t want to point my finger and put any of these people at fault. When I say these people I meant the Hospital, the Doctors, the murders, and all of the privates’ superiors. My husband has been in the service for the past three years, so I know what the military lifestyle is like.

I also was related to a soldier with PTSD, and I believe there will never be a cure for this disorder as long as I live. First I would like to say that the Military has poor health care and they should not provide for PTSD. To an extent I don’t think they should care for any soldier returning from war. I personally think the majority of the Militarys Hospital staff is incompendant, and I’ll leave it at that. I believe this quote has a lot of evidence behind what has occurred: “It’s no surprise that these murders happened at Fort Carson, as opposed to another

Army base,” says Paul Rieckhoff, an Iraq War veteran and executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. “The failures of leadership we’ve seen there border on dereliction of duty. ” Secondly, I believe that not only was the hospital negligent, but the superiors that are held to such a high standard are at fault too. The whole chain of command failed to perform their expected duties. Which some are now paying the price for their actions and are being discharged from the military. Another aspect to think about is Kenneth

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