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The Fall of the House of usher an essay of ~1800 words. Choose 1 of the prompts below.           The essay must be word-processed. 1800 -2000 words = about 6 full pages with 1″ margins on each side using the font Times News Roman set at 12 point. You should title your paper. You should have a header. The paragraph you are reading is double space. It also is in MLA format. If you are new to MLA format make all of your paragraphs look like this one. If you know how to put the paper in MLA format, put it in MLA format. Otherwise make all the paragraphs look like this one.The essay should contain; what I am looking for:1. An introduction that leads us in.2. A thesis statement positioned in a predictable spot in the introduction (second to last sentence in the introduction). Briefly, a thesis is your claim, your main point, the heart of your essay, or if you like driving, the steering wheel of your essay. We should be able to read your thesis and know what you are going to argue, describe, or explain in your essay.3. In the body of your essay develop at least three ideas that support and defend your thesis. This is 132 so you don’t have to limit your ideas to 3. Also, your ideas don’t have to be 1 paragraph. If it takes 2 or 3 to fully realize your idea, OK. 4. You must have a conclusion that concludes. Restate your thesis, but do not reproduce it. How has your thesis changed over the course of writing? Conclusions that conclude: What are your suggestions? What are your predictions? Sum up your analysis.5. You must have a Works Cited page.6. All sources must contain author names: first and last (sources without authors have to be approved by the teacher)7. No reference sources may be used as secondary sources.8. You can’t use another student’s paper. (No: blogs, discussion forums, social network cites, personal websites)(You must make an effort to incorporate at least 6-10 outside texts into your paper. I.E. 1 primary source 5 secondary minimum)

Discuss about obesity because Canadian static says that 50% of Canadians are facing obisity

Discuss about obesity because Canadian static says that 50% of Canadians are facing obisity.

Assignment outline

Introduction: (3 marks)

a)                  What course topic are you focusing on and why is this to

 Talk about obesity because Canadian static says that 50% of Canadians are facing obisity

b)                  Purpose statement 1/3 (model your purpose statement after the ones in your articles and the APA manual)

Purpose of this topic is to provide knowledge about effect of obesity

c)                  Overview of how you will present your discussion in this paper 1/3


Body of the paper (20 marks)

a)      Provide a brief description of your client.  Describe their gender, age category and key learning needs (max ½ page).  Do NOT include any personal identifiers. (1 marks)

Quick overview of client: wc, BMI, age, health condition (short)

b)      Describe how you will assess the learning needs of the client. Include specific examples of how you will use three motivational interviewing strategies to determine an area where the person is engaged in change talk and possibly ready to make a lifestyle change.  (2 marks)

Titel them : a physical activities b. diet.  Use subtitle.

c)      Describe how you will use one of the four requisite capacities for engaging in therapeutic relationships during your assessment. (1 mark)

I am going to use MI strategies, Open ended question(OARS) by asking him these question, check week 6 powerpoint

d)      Describe the most relevant social determinants of health and the impact they have on their ability to improve their lifestyle and thus their health and wellbeing. (2 marks)

Level of the change; he is in planning , booking appointment for physio, fitness,

e)      Complete the learning plan template and develop a learning plan to effectively support the individual to meet their learning needs.  Be specific in outlining your plan and source those strategies that are evidence based. This can be done in point form.(4 marks)

 There are 14 health determine: what is most determine  for the patients

talk about teaching plan in point wise

Self knowledge, empathy:what is empathy? How you will use for client.

f)       Describe how you have tailored the plan to specifically meet the needs of your client.  Given the information you have provided in the previous sections of the paper, discuss how have you considered the uniqueness of your client in tailoring and preparing your learning plan.  Under each strategy, provide scholarly rationale for your approach. (8 marks)





g)      Using the key principles of health literacy, develop a one page handout for your client to support their learning need.  This must align with your learning plan.  Provide four point form notes to describe how you have addressed health literacy.  This handout is not included in the four page limit. (2 marks)




Conclusion: (2 marks)


a)                  Summarize the key findings in your paper 1/2

b)                  Describe how you will use this knowledge in your practice as a student nurse 1/2


Please use the APA resources provided on the course Bb site.  These will support you to ensure your paper is free of APA errors.  It will be up to you to examine your paper to determine if you have made errors.  If your paper contains APA errors, you will lose 0.5 marks for 2 or less errors, 1 mark for 4 or less errors and 2 marks for 6 or more errors.

·         Although each section has allotted grades to emphasize the importance of the various sections, your paper will receive an overall grade out of 20.

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Read and complete the question

The Fall of the House of usher Thoroughly read Chapter 1 and 2 in the Boyd text. At the end of the chapter, you will find questions for discussion. For this assignment, you must answer one discussion question from both chapters 1 and 2. Each response should be approximately 4-page double spaced, (12 pt font). You may choose to respond to a question that includes a role play scenario, and simply omit/ignore that element of the question. In your responses you must refer (but not copy) material in the chapter that informs your response. At the top of your response, identify which question you have selected.

Research of existing evidence related care of aging population in Russia

You will perform a research and appraisal of existing evidence related to challenges to the safe and effective care of the aging population in the context of global health. Select aging population from Russia , provide life expectancy, new diseases patterns, longer lives, disabilities, cost of aging, health care , work, and the changing role of the family. Maximum 500 words

Parent Involvement Effect on Student Success; Academically and Social Emotionally

Parent Involvement Effect on Student Success; Academically and Social Emotionally.

Parent Involvement Effect on Student Success; Academically and Social Emotionally 

Paper has to be between 3,600 and 4,500 words. The topic is a focus on a problem facing education. It should be written and cited in APA format and must have at least 10 sources. Topic selection process: The beginning of this topic selection came from the school in my town that I was hoping to potentially student teach in/ longer term goal work for. It is a small-town school with a very large and involved parent population, it is also rather wealthy community. I came to find out that it wouldn’t work out for me to observe there, and I moved my sights over to another school in a close by community that has a completely different demographic, low income, minority, very low parent involvement. This is what spired me to wonder what the effect of those out of classroom influences really have on students. Objectives: The objective for this paper is to create a clearer understanding of not only how parent involvement effects students academically and social emotionally but also contributing factors that might make it more difficult for students to receive that support from parents. Rationale: My belief is that there are many academic and social emotional effects on under privileged students who might not be receiving the same amount of parent involvement outside the classroom as other students. I have attached references I have already found for this paper.

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In this time of higher education austerity, campus leaders seek models that save money and promote universal access. However, models proposing cost reductions that impact teaching loads, class size, and program offerings, or that require the substitution of lower-cost part-time faculty for tenured faculty, are problematic. Instructional priorities in such cases are often at odds with priorities of governments and university leaders focused on globalization, universal access, and budgetary constraints.
For this Assignment, apply these considerations to your chosen country.
Write 2-3 pages on the following, citing this week’s Resources and your own research:
What funding strategies have been proposed for your chosen country? If appropriate, cite the precedence of these strategies, such as the American or French models used successfully in the Middle East.
What are the strengths and weaknesses of these funding strategies for society and for the individual student?
How do these strategies address the use of technology? Required Readings
The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities Are Reshaping the WorldChapter 5, “For-Profits on the Move”
Trends in Global Higher Education: Tracking an Academic Revolution…Chapter 5, “Financing Higher Education”
Chapter 6, “Private Higher Education and Privatization”
Chapter 10, “Information and Communications Technologies and Distance Education”
Choose two of the five articles below to prepare for this week’s Discussion, plus find one of your own online articles related to for-profit higher education and globalization. Be sure to note the citation for your posting in the Discussion.Schools of hard knocks. (2010, September 9). The Economist, 396(8699), 73-74.Note: Retrieved from the Walden Library using the Academic Search Complete database.Copyright 2010 by Economist Newspaper Group. Reprinted by permission of Economist Newspaper Group via the Copyright Clearance Center.Fischer, K. (2011, May 15). Crisis of confidence threatens colleges. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from…Labi, A. (2010, March 18). For-profit higher education in Britain has potential for rapid growth, report says. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from…Marmolejo, F. (2011, May 31). Winds of change in higher education in Colombia and the world: Where are we heading? Worldwise. Retrieved from the Walden Library using Education Research Complete database:…Optional Resources
Eddy, P. L. (2010). Institutional collaborations in Ireland: Leveraging an increased international presence. New Directions for Higher Education, (150), 19-29.Note: Five case studies of collaborations among colleges and universities in Ireland highlight the role of external contexts and internal supporters.Holland, D. (2010). Notes from the field: Lessons learned in building a framework for an international collaboration. New Directions for Higher Education, (150), 31-41.Note: This article cites reasons why a small Canadian community college decided to venture into the Chinese education market.Loveland, E. (2009). Curricular change down under-the Melbourne model. International Educator, 18(1), 14-16. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the ProQuest Central database.

HIS101 World Civilization I: Eurasian Connections and New Traditions in East Asia.

HIS101 World Civilization I: Eurasian Connections and New Traditions in East Asia..

 The class that I’m taking is History 101 World Civilization I Below are my teacher instructions: To answer each of these question sufficiently, your response should be at least 1/2 page in length. 1. What were the distinctive features of the Chinese philosophies that emerged during the late Zhou period? 2. What developments during the Han dynasty linked China to the rest of Eurasia? 3. How was Chinese society organized during the Han? 4. What outside influences helped shape China after the fall of the Han?

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