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The Evolution of Leadership in Healthcare

The Evolution of Leadership in Healthcare. Paper details There are Four “C”s in the Evolution of Leadership in Healthcare, according to this brief. This week’s project is to select ONE of the four Critical Components of Effective Influential Leadership and give a brief (2-5 paragraphs) overview describing it through the lens of respiratory care. Think of it this way: you are the “expert” on your “C” and you are responsible for ‘teaching’ others about your particular “C”. Use specific examples from your professional experiences with your patients, your fellow RRTs, other healthcare team members, your specific institution, etc. so that you are talking not only about your Critical Component in the BROAD sense of LEADERSHIP, but specifically about healthcare/respiratory leadership. pick one of the 4 C’s and describe , follow directions above.PDF file attached.The Evolution of Leadership in Healthcare
Access Assignment: Animal Hospital Database.

Foothills Animal Hospital is a full-service small animal veterinary hospital located in Morrison, Colorado, specializing in routine medical care, vaccinations, laboratory testing, and surgery. The hospital has experienced tremendous growth over the past six months due to customer referrals. While Foothills Animal Hospital has typically kept its daily service records in a workbook format, it feels the need to expand its reporting capabilities to develop a relational database as a more functional structure.Foothills Animal Hospital organizes its treatments using the codes displayed in Figure 1. The entities and primary keys for the database have been identified in Figure 2. FIGURE 1Treatment Codes, Treatments, and Price Descriptions FIGURE 2Entity Names and Primary Keys Foothills Animal HospitalThe following business rules have been identified:1A customer can have many pets but must have at least one.2A pet must be assigned to one and only one customer.3A pet can have one or more treatments per visit but must have at least one.4A pet can have one or more medications but need not have any.Project FocusYour job is to complete the following tasks:Note:Use normalization to assure the correctness of the tables (relations).1 Create the database using a personal DBMS package (Microsoft Access).2Use the data in Pet.xlsx, HospitalCustomer.xlsx, medication.xlsx Treatments.xlsx, Visit.xlsx, and Visit Detail.xlsx to create your tables Pet, Customer, Medication, Treatment, Visit, and Visit Detail respectively.3 Create 2 forms: Customer and Pet. Include the logo and at least 4 buttons in each form (add a record, delete a record, next, and previous).4 Create two queries: one for treatments, and one for sales. Include the logo.Lastname_FirstName_Treatment query: CustomerName, PetName, TreatmentName, PriceTreatment, NumbTreatment and the formula Total Treatments: [PriceTreatment]*[NumbTreatment]Lastname_FirstName_Sales query: CustomerName, PetName, MedicationName, PriceMedication,NumbMedication,TreatmentName, PriceTreatment, NumbTreatment and the formula Total Sale: ([PriceTreatment]*[ NumbTreatment]) + ([PriceMedication]*[ Numb Medication])5 Create 2 reports and save them as PDFs:Lastname_FirstName_Treatment query ReportLastname_FirstName_Sales query Report.
Access Assignment: Animal Hospital Database

Hello everyone. I need help with my extra credit.

This assignment is worth up to 5 points extra credit. Read the source material below and then answer the questions, either by entering your answers into the text box, or by attaching a file. You do not need to re-write the questions, but please number your responses. Diving Adaptations in Sea Nomads (HHMI Biointeractive)”Enlarged Spleens Key to Diving Endurance of Sea Nomads” (Links to an external site.) (youtube video)”The Secret To Deep Diving May Lie in the Spleen” (Links to an external site.) (NPR news article)Questions: 1. What was the scientists’ main research question regarding the Bajau? Make sure to include the two competing hypotheses here. (Hint–this can be found in the Background Information section of the handout). 2. Why were the researchers interested in spleen size? How do the spleen sizes of the Bajau and the Saluan differ? Use data from the figure to support your response.3. The scientists found that the difference in spleen size between the Saluan and Bajau populations remains significant even after accounting for other factors (such as gender, age, weight, height, and whether the individuals practiced freediving) through additional statistical analyses. The scientists also found that the spleen size difference between Bajau divers and Bajau nondivers is not statistically significant. In other words, Bajau nondivers generally still have larger spleens even though they do not do freediving themselves. Based on this information, explain why this supports the hypothesis that the difference is the result of natural selection. 4. The NPR article describes cultural changes occurring among the Bajau diving population. If the Bajau were to cease diving, what do scientists predict will happen to their spleen size?
Hello everyone. I need help with my extra credit

Write a 300 to 500 word paper on the eight different tasks associated with the CPFR model. Be sure to identify at least 3 different web sources that contain data that is useful for conducting demand forecasting and to discuss why sharing data is important, and what the benefits are in CFPR implementation. The customer is in the center of CPFR model collaboration. At this point now eight collaboration task is available: 1- Collaborative Arrangement is to set the business goals and define the scope needed for the relationship. The participating companies need to designate the roles, responsibilities, checkpoints and escalation procedures. The need to identify the executive sponsors who agree to dispute resolution processes confidentially. It causes them to distinguish the role of each partner and how their performance will be measured. It formalizes each partner’s commitment and willingness to exchange knowledge and share the risk that partner may face. It also defines the process of practical terms and readiness of each partner to maximize the benefits of their relationship. 2- Joint Business Plan is to develop trading partner for exchanging information on corporate strategies. It helps them to identify important issues that may affect supply and demand such as promotions, changing inventory policy, opening or closing store, and introductions. They will help have a joint calendar for the promotion, changing policy, changing each product category, etc. 3- Sales Forecasting is to use consumption data which are Retailer point of sale data, withdrawals of the distribution center, and manufacturer consumption data to project demand at the point of their sales. 4- Order Planning/Forecasting is determining future product order, and delivery requirements based upon the sales prediction. It takes into account the position of the inventory, shipment quantities, leading time in transit, and other factors. 5- Order Generation uses the results data (point of sale, shipments, on-hand inventory) to share, and then identify and resolve forecasting accuracy problems, overstock/under stock conditions, and execution issues. 6- Order Fulfillment is the process of placing an order, arranging the shipment and delivering the products, receiving and stocking the products, recording the sale transaction and making the payment by the buyer. 7- Exception Management is for trading partners identify forecast accuracy problems, overstock/out of stock conditions, identifying execution issues and resolve them promptly. 8- Performance Assessment is to evaluate achievement of business goals, uncover trends or develop alternative strategies, adjust plans for their continuous improvement. Partners generate and make an agreement with a list of exception items for their CPFR initiative, and to resolve the sales forecast exceptions they develop a process for it. CPFR improves profitability, customer service and provides more effective inventory management. The reduction in inventory levels, reduce the warehouse cost, eliminating out of stock situations, increase the sale, are the benefits of CPFR which cause supply chain more driven to the customer than before. References: Cllaborative Planning , Forecasting and Repelnishment (n.d.). Retrieved February 11, 2017. Ten Ways to Reduce Inventory, While Maintaining or Improving Service. (2014, August 01). Retrieved February 13, 2017, from Makheeja, R. (2010, December 5). Cpfr final. Retrieved February 11, 2017. How to Choose the Right Forecasting Technique. (2014, August 01). Retrieved February 13, 2017, from Kok Poh, C. (2016, February 6). CPFR – Model for Supply Chain Co-ordination. Retrieved February 11, 2017.

write a final draft

write a final draft. I need support with this English question so I can learn better.

Topic sentence: talk about two of article what are they mainly about.
For the body paragraph: For first sentence need to write what point view you want to

write introduce
for this point view and then take quote from each to explain what the relationship between two of


Need 3 of body


quote in each paragraph)

write a final draft

Los Angeles Valley College Spinal Shock Discussion Prompt

i need help writing an essay Los Angeles Valley College Spinal Shock Discussion Prompt.

Choose ONE of the following questions:Option 1G. H. is a 26-year-old male who was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that fractured his vertebrae and compressed his spinal cord at the level of T8. Answer the following questions: What is spinal shock? How long can it last? Why is it difficult to determine the degree of injury and impairment during this time frame? Immediately after this injury, what should you expect to occur for each of the following: Range of movement for his arms? For his legs? Why?Spastic or flaccid paralysis? Why?Bowel and/or bladder dysfunction? Why or why not?Breathing difficulties? Why or why not?After the period of spinal shock, what changes should you expect to see (if any) in the manifestations listed in #2 above?What type of rehabilitative treatments might G. H. need to promote his recovery and return to function?If G. H. has mild-to-moderate chronic back pain one year after his accident, explain the pain management medications you would suggest to improve his quality of life and why you selected those particular medications.Option 2How would you determine which of the following pain medication(s) to give a patient who:Has just had breast augmentation surgery?Has chronic neck and back pain from a car accident?Has terminal metastatic cancer?Had their wisdom teeth removed?Suffers from migraines?Has rheumatoid arthritis?Use the opioid conversion table found in your text, and the following chart to assist you:AnalgesicStrengthEquivalent dose (relative)(10 mg Oral morphine)Aspirin (non-opioid)1/3603600 mgIbuprofen (NSAID, non-opioid)1/2222220 mgNaproxen (NSAID, non-opioid)1/1381380 mgDextropropoxyphene1/13 to 1/20130–200 mgCodeine1/10180 mg (PO)Tramadol1/10>200 mgPethidine (meperidine hydrochloride)1/330 mg SC/IM/IV, 300 mg POHydrocodone110 mgMorphine (oral)(1)(10 mg) (30 mg PO)Oxycodone1.56.67 mgMorphine (IV/IM)33.33 mgMethadone (acute)3–42.5–3.33 mgDiamorphine (Heroin; IV/IM)4–52–2.5 mgHydromorphone51.5 mg SC/IV/IM, 7.5 mg POOxymorphone710 mg PO, 1 mg IVMethadone (chronic)2.5 to 53.33 mgFentanyl50–1000.1 mg (100 mcg) IM/IV1comment 1What is spinal shock? How long can it last? Why is it difficult to determine the degree of injury and impairment during this time frame?physiologic or anatomic crosscut of the spinal line that outcomes in impermanent temporary loss or depressions of all or most spinal reflex movement underneath the degree of the injury.Spinal shock typically goes on for a considerable length of time or weeks after spinal cord injury and the normal term is 4 to 12 weeks. Spinal shock is ended before and the pyramidal lot signs and protection responses happen sooner in incomplete injuries rather than with transverse lesionsSpinal cord wounds will in general change after some time. The more seriously compacted the spinal cord is, the more uncertain full recuperation will be. In the event that the spinal cord is cut off, full recuperation is amazingly far-fetched. The area of the injury is additionally a decent pointer of visualization. The lower the injury is, the less serious the mobility and different debilitations will be.Immediately after this injury, what should you expect to occur for each of the following:Range of movement for his arms? For his legs? Why?At the point when the spinal cord injury is at a cervical level, itis called tetraplegia or quadriplegia. When it is at a lower level(thoracic, lumbar, or sacral), it is called paraplegia. Individuals with tetraplegia have some numbness or shortcoming or lack of movement in their arms or hands. Paraplegia doesn’t affect the arms or hands.Spastic or flaccid paralysis? Why?Spasticity alludes to expanded muscle reflexes or muscles proceeding onward their own. Muscle spasms are not deliberate developments, and different things can trigger them. Contacting your skin, changing body position, extending your muscles, or having a bladder infection can cause these spasms.flaccid loss of motion is the point at which the muscles are loose and consequently recoilBowel and/or bladder dysfunction? Why or why not?A spinal cord injury some of the time interferes with correspondence between the cerebrum and the nerves in the spinal cord that controls bladder and bowel function. This can cause bladder and bowel dysfunction known as neurogenic bladder or neurogenic bowel. Individuals with numerous sclerosis or spina bifida may have comparative issues.Breathing difficulties? Why or why not?The higher the degree of injury, the more noteworthy will be the effect on breathing. A total spinal cord injury influences everything from the injury down. This implies if the diaphragm is influenced, so are the intercostal and abdominal muscular strength. Without the utilization of these muscles, an individual can’t inhale as effectively or hack or sniffle well. Hacking and wheezing significant in getting mucous out of the lungs. Clearing mucous keeps the lungs sound and liberated from diseases like pneumonia. Incomplete injuries may likewise bring about breathing issues. They will change contingent upon the level and degree of the injury.After the period of spinal shock, what changes should you expect to see (if any) in the manifestations listed in #2 above?If the injuries are not major the patient should recover after some time, however, since G.H. hasn’t been able to move for sometimes it will require some therapy to get him on his feet and up and running. What type of rehabilitative treatments might G. H. need to promote his recovery and return to function?The most significant objective is an acknowledgment of the free activation for both complete and incomplete paraplegic patients during the constant time frame. Ambulation can be social, household, and focused on work out. The patient must have the option to walk 50 m independent or with assistive gadgets for social ambulation. The individuals who ambulate locally can walk autonomously or with fractional help and need a little assistance or can be free at home. The individuals who ambulate for practice need propelled help for strolling or moving. Factors, for example, injury level, age, weight, general wellbeing status, inspiration and spasticity influence the ambulation potential. For the most part, patients with a physical issue of T10 or more can be ambulated for work out. Patients with T11-L2 wounds can ambulate in the home (residential) and the patients of more distal wounds can ambulate sociallyIf G. H. has mild-to-moderate chronic back pain one year after his accident, explain the pain management medications you would suggest to improve his quality of life and why you selected those particular medications.Activity modification for musculoskeletal painPhysical therapyTherapeutic massageAcupunctureTranscutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)For medication:Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: like naproxen are most commonly used to treat musculoskeletal pain.Antiseizure medications gabapentin are used to treat neuropathic pain.Antidepressants are used to treat neuropathic pain and depression. medications such as venlafaxineNarcotics such as morphine to treat neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain.Muscle relaxants and anti-spasticity medications such as diazepam treat spasm-related and musculoskeletal pain. Citation:Spinal Shock. (1996). Www.Mayoclinicproceedings.Org.…comment21.what is spinal shock? How long does it last? Why is it difficult to determine the degree of injury and impairment during this time frame?Spinal shock is the complete loss of function that happens below the level of injury. Spinal shock can case anywhere from a few hours and extend to weeks. It is difficult to determine the degree of injury and/or impairment because of the complete loss of function below the site of injury that may give the false sense of in severity.2.Immediately after this injury, what should you expect to occur for each of the followinga.Range of movement for his arms? For his legs? Why?Range of motion to his arms and legs are non-existent. He will experience flaccid paralysis of all skeletal muscles (Banasik & Copestead, 2019, p. 931).b.Spastic or flaccid paralysis? Why?Flaccid paralysis because of the loss of spinal reflexes(Banasik & Copestead, 2019, p. 931).c.Bowel and/or bladder dysfunction? Why or why not?Both bowel and bladder will be dysfunctional due to the ileus being paralyticd.Breathing difficulties? Why or why not?Breathing may be difficult due to paralysis of all skeletal muscles, but the diaphragm is still functioning3.After the period of spinal shock, what changes should you expect to see(if any) in the manifestation listed in #2 above?After spinal cord shock, paraplegia or quadriplegia can develop so he will still not have function in his arms and legs. As for his bladder and bowel, it is possible that he may regain reflex function, but constipation is also common. 4.What type of rehabilitative treatments might G.H. need to promote his recovery and return to function?G.H. may need surgery to stabilize his vertebra, with interneal or external fixation and bracing. Rehabilitation will be a long process, with focus on independence and self-care. Assistance with psychosocial changes in his life will also be needed.5.If G.H. has mild-to-moderate chronic ack pain one year after his accident, explain the pain management medication you would suggest to improve his quality of life and why you selected those particular medicationsI would use NSIDs for main management and as an anti-inflammatory. Muscle relaxant would also be helpful. Due to the significant changes in G.H.’s life maybe an antidepressant would benefit him. ReferencesBanasik, J. L., & Copestead, L.-E. C. (2019). Pathophysiology (6th ed.) [e-book]. Elsevier.
Los Angeles Valley College Spinal Shock Discussion Prompt

Capital Asset Pricing Model Report (Assessment)

Role of Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) in modern portfolio management In modern industrial economies, business owners aim to maximize on their returns while the managers want to minimize risk on their hands. This provides a typically very different opinion between the management and ownership about risk and returns. With this issue, most of the large companies in the world especially in the United States have established their capital budgeting process in the Capital Asset Pricing Model. This theoretical model was formulated thirty years ago by Sharpe (1994) and Linter (1965). CAPM assist businesses managers by providing a practical method to learn about how investors value the risk of potential investment opportunities, that is, value of decisions to be taken (Mehrling, 2005). CAPM helps to show how to ascertain the risk of the cash flow from an investment venture, ascertain the venture’s cost of capital and the expected rate of return which an investor expects if they invest in a certain project. In addition, it shows the opportunity cost of not investing in a certain project. One of the most outstanding characteristics of Capital Asset Pricing Model is that it does not assume any particular form of the trader’s utility functions apart from some extent of risk aversion which, nevertheless can be defined without resorting to a utility function. Despite the drawbacks, the capital asset pricing model still offers a more comprehensive view of long-term swap in return and risk in the pricing of financial securities and assets. The CAPM can provide an adequate steer for the average long-term security owner. It has certain principles that prove useful: CAPM assumes diversity of assets since there is no tradeoff in unsystematic risk portfolio. Also, an investor should hold onto his or her securities for a long term regardless of the time factor in order gain the expected returns. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, an investor should take on more systematic risk so as to achieve a higher return on investment, the larger the portfolio an investor has that are receptive to the changes in market environment, the more average return the portfolio will achieve. CAPM suggests that in the short term, or more complex investing, other models have been established. However, unless the model is established on market inefficiencies, no flow of information, or other assumptions of CAPM, the model is assumed to hold the principles of CAPM. CAPM as a theoretical perspective has been put to test in several occasions. Earlier CAPM empirical tests done by Fama and French in 1992, show that the model was empirically applicable except that the Security Market Line intercept was approximated to be about 4 to 5 percent more than the risk-free rate, although such an event is concurrent with the CAPM model in cases where money cannot actually be borrowed at the risk-free rate. More current tests of the CAPM display that there are many noticeable drawbacks of the stern analysis of the model. For example cyclical fluctuations, such as unexpected high returns for some companies during the month of February and varying returns on Mondays and Fridays from that of Tuesdays to Thursdays. However, critics have said that security returns are highly closely correlated to the realizable value and the total inconsistency of the security, rather than a beta coefficient found by using a market index (Fama

New York Times Co. v. United States (1971) [The Pentagon Papers Case], law homework help

New York Times Co. v. United States (1971) [The Pentagon Papers Case], law homework help.

It will be a part of presentation. Case: New York Times Co. v. United States (1971) [The Pentagon Papers Case] Questions:1.The initial decision and the reasoning behind it; which prior cases were used as guidance
(precedents) 2.The progression of the case and in which courts, giving the decision(s) and the reasoning
behind them as it traveled through the justice systemRequirements:1. I want to 5 slides of Powerpoint with only black and white, No special effects, No Format requirements, Just the simple words and photos. 2. 4-5 Minutes speaking draft about the 5 slides Powerpoint above. ( Oral English)
New York Times Co. v. United States (1971) [The Pentagon Papers Case], law homework help

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