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The Effectiveness of the Young Shakespeare Award buy essay help Marketing online class help

Research Questions To do this, the research questions – how effective is the Young Shakespeare Award in Jamaaluddin School, in terms of teaching and learning vocabulary? , what are the long term benefits of the award? and would this award help to bridge the gap between year seven and year eight when the students start their secondary schooling? – are taken as consideration.

1. 6 The significance of the study This research will help not only to learn about the ways in which they conduct the award, but also it will give the opportunity to gain a broader knowledge about teaching and learning vocabulary. Furthermore, this case study can be helpful for the education system as a whole and it can be used as an instrument for improvement of teaching and learning vocabulary in schools.Most importantly, it can also be a useful guide for the management of Jamaaluddin School to identify current situation in Shakespeare Award and can be used as a constructive guide for improving the outcome of the Award. 2. 0 Methodology 2. 1 Setting This research is conducted in the Jamadudhdin School – one of the primary schools in male – aiming to identify the effectiveness of the Young Shakespeare Award in Jamaaluddin School, long term benefits the award and how it help to bridge the gap between year seven and eight.

In order to get the information, observations and interviews were carried out inside and outside of the school campus, to study the case. 2. 2 Research Participants Participants for this research include teachers, parents and students who undertake the award now and the previous students. Programme in charge, five teachers, three parents, three students who are in Jamaaluddin now and three Shakespeare Award winners who are in year eight, nine and eleven were chosen for the project. 2. 3 Data CollectionIn this case study, small scale research was carried out in school where observations and interviews were conducted inside and outside the school. Observations were carried out for a period of one week to study the behavior, practices and routines of the award in the school.

An interview was also carried with the programme in charge; five teachers, six students and three parents.

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