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– The effect of Loyalty Incentives on Card Payments in Businesses: A look at the South African Fuel Retailers.

Loyalty, Card Payment, Fuel Retailers

1. Summary (2-3 pages)
a. Provides a summary of the PhD research which will include a background to the topic you wish to address, why this topic should be researched, the research problem(s) that you have identified, and the methodology your propose.

2. Literature review (5-6 pages)
a. Draws on existing literature to explain the key features of the topic you will be researching, its significance, areas of debate, and gaps in knowledge.

3. Research problem (1 page)
a. Drawing on what you have written in your literature review, clearly state the research problem that you intend to investigate.

4. Methodology (2-3 pages)
a. Describe the type of methodology that you propose using and justify this in relation to the problem being investigated.
b. Clearly outline the type of data that you intend to collect, again justifying this in relation to the problem being investigated.
c. In tabular form draw up a proposed timetable for your PhD.

5. Conclusion (1-2 pages)
a. Briefly summarise what you will be looking at, how you will do this, and how this contributes to knowledge.

7. References