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The downfall of Macbeth

Macbeth is a tragic play. There are several key moments which lead to the tragic hero’s downfall: firstly when Macbeth meets the three witches in Act 1 Scene 1, secondly when he decides to kill King Duncan in Act 1, and finally the order of the killing of Macduff’s wife and children just before Lady Macbeth kills herself. These three moments are crucial in moving the play and Macbeth’s demise forward, and Shakespeare uses these very intelligently. At the very start the witches play a massive part in the play. They predict Macbeth’s future and Elizabethan would have believed that they cast a spell on the play which changed everything. The lines ‘Fair is foul, and foul is fair’ in Act 1 Scene 1, means two related things in general. First, it means that things that are good will become bad and things that are bad will become good. The witches are referring first to themselves. They look ugly they are seen as the type of people who would have ‘beards’, but the predictions they offer are beautiful to Macbeth. Secondly it introduces the theme idea of fate and whether the witches influence in the play caused the main characters to change their mind throughout the play. Finally suggestions of morality play a crucial significance in Macbeth deciding about his future and his hesitance of whether to kill King Duncan or not. ‘What he hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won’. King Duncan here is talking about whether to give the title Thane of Macbeth. Another reason why Shakespeare decides to add the witches in the play is because this play was seen by King James, Shakespeare knew how much King James was fascinated in witchcraft, so this may have been why he begins the play introducing the witches in the play. Having the witches in the play back then was the main topic back then because of all the superstitions in the past. The witches were portrayed as people who would have a cat with them, cursed the climate and brought bad weathers now and again and would have the conscience the spoil crops. For these reasons in Shakespeare’s time hundreds of thousands of women were tortured and convicted for witchcraft (source ‘Superstitions and Fears’). Shakespeare uses supernatural all throughout the play as it was a fundamental concern to the people of his time. In the supernatural lay ‘horror’ and brought ‘fear’. During the soliloquy ‘Is this a dagger I see before me’ Act 2 Scene 1, Macbeth changes his mind by going from one extreme to another. These impacts on Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, Shakespeare illustrates whether Macbeth is going to use the dagger or not. Shakespeare uses this with great effect to express the thoughts of individual characters, particularly in the case of the protagonist. It was said that protagonists or the tragic anti-hero were seen as ‘goodies’ and antagonists were defined as the ‘baddies’ in this case it is Lady Macbeth. The next key moment in the downfall of Macbeth is when he decides to kill King Duncan. The moment he has killed the King Macbeth feels completely destroyed, he say ‘Great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?’. At this moment he thinks that the guilt he has committed cannot be washed away, even with all the water in the ocean. Macbeth is so shaken by the murder that he brings back the daggers which he used to kill the guards and the King. By this point Shakespeare has made Macbeth a weak and vulnerable person. This is because he has committed a murder which he now regrets. Shakespeare slowly takes Macbeth’s character from ‘I see thee yet, in form as palpable’ to a man who is so easily persuaded to change his mind. In Act 4 Scene 1. The witches say ‘double, double, toil and trouble’. This line means that they are trying to toil and trouble with their own spell, and this presumably is aimed more towards Macbeth and increasing his misery. This is on the return of the second time, then Macbeth meets the three witches, they have another prediction from him ‘Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth: beware Macduff’ They are saying be careful of Macduff. Soon after that they say ‘none of woman born shall harm Macbeth’ to Macbeth, in Act 4 Scene 1 and the witches just leave. Macbeth is totally confused, because he knows that everyone is born from a woman. The audience may interpret that Macbeth becomes excited because he does not know Macduff was not born normally. ‘But yet I’ll make assurance double sure’. He is saying that he wants to achieve further security by killing Macduff, he just wants to make sure that all danger is over. As the audience we are happy and satisfied to see that Shakespeare is preparing us for the end of the play When Macbeth orders the killing of Macduff’s wife and children, the audience loses sympathy for him. The murderers come charging in and are soon at Macduff’s home. The child says ‘He has kill’d me mother’. The son has just been killed and he tells his mother to ‘Run away’. From this moment on Macbeth’s downfall is imminent. The grief and pain going through the family must have been really shattering at the time, however as we know these are minor characters who are not real. They are being cleverly used by Shakespeare to make it seem as they are real characters. The whole idea of fate and morality is brought alive by Shakespeare in Act 1 Scene 3. The line ‘Without my stir’ means that Macbeth will be crowned as King soon, when King Duncan dies without any effort from him. It is said that fortune or being King will take him by chance. In the Elizabethan times the whole witching conjuring up devil in the spirits was thought to be the idea of fate. But as for now the modern audience, no one will believe in witches and if they exist or not is another matter. On the other hand in the modern day if people still believe about witchcraft it could be about their family backgrounds and upbringing. The witches in the Shakespeare plays were introduced simply because it would suit the audience and it was a main thing to talk about back then. The modern audience would not be frightened or scared by the idea of witches and of the presence around us nowadays is very rare. Lady Macbeth’s act in the play is very significant, she is the one demanding many difficult deeds from Macbeth, she is the one who puts him at risk, and she is the cleverer one. Throughout the play there is an on-going relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. This relationship is one of the functions of the play that creates most of the actions, reactions, moods, feelings and attitudes. In the early stages of the play, the Macbeths seem to be a devoted couple. Their love and concern for each other remains strong and constant throughout the play, but their relationship changes dramatically following the murder of King Duncan in Act 2. Lady Macbeth does, however see Macbeth’s emotional anguish when they are holding a party. Macbeth sees an apparition of Banquo, his trusty and loyal friend who he ordered to be killed. Nonetheless their relationship has deteriorated so much that Macbeth shows no emotion when his wife dies. Lady Macbeth may have been of lower political status than Macbeth but she is a major influence on Macbeth’s life and is also the initiator to his downfalls. She has a very calm and premeditated approach, and systematically brainwashes Macbeth into killing the King. The timings were decisive, this is because ‘brave Macbeth’ has just come back from war and therefore he is very drained and Lady Macbeth knows this so she takes the right opportunity to roughly control his intellect and manipulate his mind. She also uses cunning deception and asks ‘Are you a man?’, this way she knows that she is bound to get a sticking reply from him and this causes him to follow on his actions. ‘Come, you spirits, unsex me here’. However interestingly she wants the strength to commit the murder. She also wants to be turned more into a man so that she has the power to do dreadful things. When she asks to be “unsexed” she is asking to gain the typically male characteristics of violence and detestation and hardhearted. This is her flamboyant way of asking to be stripped of feminine weakness and invested with masculine tenacity. As a result she wants to disconnect herself from being a mother. She does not have the right female qualities. Macbeth struggles internally between ambition and guilt. Part of him really doesn’t want to kill Duncan, his conscience knows that he will be anguished with guilt if he commits the murder. In the Elizabethan times the audience would have thought that the witches had excessive powers of control in the play, so the main characters were controlled by those powers they had embarked. However Macbeth was responsible for his own actions in the murder of King Duncan. Ultimately his inabilities to control his own thoughts were his major downfalls. Macbeth’s dark intensions seem to overwhelm him, and the fear of being caught in the process of destroying his honour.
Competency Models in Organizations – 3-4 Paragraphs.

Competency Models in OrganizationsCompetency models identify the skills and qualities a person needs to perform effectively on a job. Many companies use them to align a job analysis with their organizational strategy. For example, large companies, such as Ford Motor Company and General Electric, have used competency models to promote the development of individual knowledge, skills, abilities, and other personal characteristics (KSAOs) consistent with organizational goals. AT&T developed one of the first organizational competency model systems. The model for assessing management was based, in part, on the military assessment programs that you read about in Week 1. AT&T decided to use similar competency models for other positions, which started to create a homogenous organization (Schippmann, 2000).For this Discussion, you evaluate the effectiveness of customizing competency models versus traditional approaches to job analysis for an organization. You also consider consequences of customizing competency models.Reference:Schippmann, J. S., Ash, R. A., Battista, M., Carr, L., Eyde, L. D., Hesketh, B., Kehoe, J., Pearlman, K., Prien, E. P., & Sanchez, J. I. (2000). The practice of competency modeling. Personnel Psychology, 53(3), 703–740. With these thoughts in mind:Post by Day 4 a brief explanation of two advantages and two disadvantages of using competency models compared to using traditional approaches to job analysis for your job or a job with which you are familiar. Explain two potential consequences of customizing competency models to fit your organization. Support your response using relevant resources and current literature.Your post should be three paragraphs. Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.
Competency Models in Organizations – 3-4 Paragraphs

Operational Art and Design Exam. Paper details There are 6 questions to be answered essay style 11 point type double spaced based on a 27 page case study on Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm that will be included. Prior to reading, please have a baseline understanding of military joint operations, centers of gravity (COG), critical capabilities, vulnerabilities, and requirements. It is also important to have a baseline understanding of the Elements of Operational design including arranging operations. You may find other papers online with similar content but please do not plagiarize and ensure the work is in your own wordings. I will ask that 2 sources are cited but if that is not needed, then don’t worry about it. The answers should stem solely from the case study. Please let me know if you have any questions.Operational Art and Design Exam

NUR 435 Denver School of Nursing Week 10 Migrant Health in Vietnam Discussion

NUR 435 Denver School of Nursing Week 10 Migrant Health in Vietnam Discussion.

Step 1 Post your response to the discussion board.Address the following topics in your discussion post:Select a report from the IOM website.Summarize the IOM report you selected.Describe the impact this report has had on the nursing profession.Explain how it will impact quality for consumers.Include a reference list citing any sources used, written in APA format.Step 2 Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two of them by Friday at 11:59pm Mountain Time.Use your personal experience, if it’s relevant, to support or debate other students’ posts. Address the following topics in your responses:Consider the reports chosen by other students and their impact on the nursing profession.Share whether you agree or disagree on how the report impacts quality for consumers and explain why.If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues professionally and provide examples to support your opinions.Peer Discussion (Sarah)In the article, Poor Education Predicts Poor Health- A Challenge Unmet by American Medicine, Richard Johnston (2019) explains the connection between a persons education quality and quality of health. Although many Americans “are just fine”, there are too many Americans that lack the basic skills to ensure a life that includes steady employment, health and wellness, social stability, and overall well-being. Furthermore, this article explores the depressingly low health statistics within the United States despite the U.S. spending more on health care than any other country. One alarming statistic that was highlighted was that children born in the U.S. are 57% more likely to die before adulthood than children who are born in 19 other wealthy countries (Johnston, 2019). This leads one to question if there is a connection between education and health? More specifically, Johnston (2019) explains that better educational opportunities are statistically linked to better over-all health and better educated adults tend to live longer, healthier lives than their peers who are less educated. The social class divide and can be seen in a myriad of ways including one’s diet, use of substances such as drugs, alcohol, and smoking, physical exercise, financial burdens and freedoms, social support, and personal stressors such as housing and transportation. Additionally, education not only improves one’s knowledge, but it also improves reasoning skills, social skills, and the ability to understand the science behind choices one makes that include a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve it (Johnston, 2019). According to Johnston (2019) “getting an education can prevent disease. Inadequate education is a fundamental driver of deficiencies in other social determinants of health. It is a realistic target for improvement that offers an individual a path out of poverty and ill health; and coincidentally, it offers the nation a stronger workforce, a more stable economy, and more intelligent participants in its democracy” (p. 5). As nurses, this report sheds light on the absolute importance of community outreach and finding the populations within our communities, states, and country that have social determinants of health that affect their access to quality education and health care. These communities need us, as nurses and health care providers, to reach them where they are at; go into the schools, community centers, and more to offer health education that includes nutrition, health and wellness, sexual health and safety, preventative screenings, vaccines, social support, hygiene, and more. Furthermore, this sheds light on areas where we, as nurses, can use our voice to create change in policies both in education and health care. By using our voices, platform, and presence in the community we can impact the educational and health care quality provided to the “consumers” within our communities. Although social determinants of health are challenging, knowledge and education is powerful. The more we can teach and provide to the people we hope to serve, the better suited they will be improve their health and overall well-being, and they can teach their children and so forth.
Johnston, R. (2019). Poor education predicts poor health—a challenge unmet by american medicine. National Academy of Medicine. Retrieved from Discussion (Patricia)The report I chose was The Next Decade of Nursing: NAM Town Halls Explore How New Roles, New Tech, and Social Needs Are Transforming the Field (Micelli, 2019). This article discusses the expansion in the field of nursing from the traditional clinical role to “health system leadership, clinical research, and digital health” (Micelli, 2019, p. 2).The impact of this report is that it stresses the importance of education of future nurses in public health as well as clinical nursing. Nurses should be lifelong learners and the expansion of nursing roles into research and community health is vital (Micelli, 2019). Because of their position on the front lines of care, nurses have a critical role to play in the change needed in nursing, especially the outcomes of social determinants and health disparities (Micelli, 2019).Changes in the education provided during and continuing after nursing school, resulting in more nurses practicing to the highest level of their education, will impact healthcare through the removal of disparities and inequities, and will be felt across the nation in areas such as the health of “migrant workers, firearm violence prevention, and the heart health of formerly incarcerated black men” (Micelli, 2019, para. 9).These changes in education of nurses will allow for any nurse to find their niche. Not all nurses desire to remain in bedside or clinical nursing, especially older nurses, and they can find a very rewarding career in another area such as public or community health, informatics, or nursing education. Every nurse has a different reason for choosing nursing as a career and “We have to always remember why we got into this and give people equal opportunity to act on their ‘why’” (Micelli, 2019, para. 16).ReferencesMicelli, S. (2019, August 27). The next decade of nursing: NAM Town Halls explore how new roles, new tech, and social needs are transforming the field. National Academy of Medicine.…
NUR 435 Denver School of Nursing Week 10 Migrant Health in Vietnam Discussion

Elements of Poetry, English homework help

essay writer Elements of Poetry, English homework help.

Review symbolism and allegory on page 536 of your text. Then read Emily Dickinson’s “Because I could not Stop for Death” on page 541. Is this poem generally symbolic or is it allegorical? Explain the significance of the details in lines 9-13 and lines 17-20.Review syntax on page 542 of your text. Then read Sonia Sanchez’s “Towhomitmayconcern” on page 846. How is syntax instrumental in constructing voice and tone?Review rhythm and meter on pp. 556-563 of your text. Then read Anne Sexton’s “Her Kind” on page 563. Answer Questions for Reflection from page 563:Identify the prevailing meter of the poem. How does Sexton keep the poem moving?Examine her uses of caesura and enjambment, and comment on their effect on the poem’s rhythm.Read Langston Hughes’ “I Too” on page 708 of your text. Scan the poem for the use of particular accents, such as iambs, trochees, dactyls, etc. (see page 558). How does the use of these patterns contribute to the tone of the lines?ReferencesDiYanni, R.
(2008). Literature: Approaches to Fiction, poetry, and drama (2nd ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.
Elements of Poetry, English homework help

Research on online addiction recovery

Research on online addiction recovery. I need help with a Social Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

NEED expansion and more significance added to the below sections. Comments from teach included. Sources must be 5 years or newer.
To purpose section, need at least 2 more paragraphs.
The purpose of this phenomenological qualitative study is to explore the experiences of stable recovery for women with substance use disorders living in rural north Georgia. Online recovery platforms were first mentioned 22 years ago by Finn (1996) as having large potential for full inclusion for all, increasing communication, and lessening physical boundaries.Health related outcomes have been studied from the social media platform of recovery, showing positive benefits, with little negative impacts (Merolli, Gray, & Martin-Sanchez, 2013).[GdH3]

[GdH1]This section also needs for work.Your purpose needs a little more detailed discussion

[GdH2]As your research question highlights online, you need to include this topic in your purpose

[GdH3]These sentences do not really add anything to the discussion about purpose (underlined in blue)

Significance section needs several sentences (and a new source or two) pertaining to online recovery platforms
Overdose deaths in the past year increased at a more rapid rate in the state of Georgia than the national average (CDC, 2018).In 2016, 928 Georgia residents died in the circumstances related to substance use disorder (Cupit, 2018). During 2017, the number of overdose deaths reached 1,035 people living in Georgia (Cupit, 2018). This proposed study will provide information benefitting women living in rural North Georgia battling substance abuse issues.The results from this study will provide a contribution to the literature on understanding addictions in women with less access to treatment.Significance will be seen through a reduction of barriers to treatment and recovery by improving the online ability to treat substance use disorders.Knowledge obtained from this study could promote social change through recommendations from collected information towards policy makers in rural areas to increase availability of services for those suffering substance use disorders.The ripple effect of this information will reduce deaths in the community from addiction because more availability to recovery help will be available.

[GdH1]There nothing in here about your research examining on online.

Research on online addiction recovery

PHIL 101 Maryland Institute College of Art Plato Socrates Descartes & Kant Q&As

PHIL 101 Maryland Institute College of Art Plato Socrates Descartes & Kant Q&As.

1. Explain how Plato argues that social justice is better than, and more important than, retributive justice. Why can’t retributive justice, by itself, maintain peace and order in a society?
2. Describe how Socrates argues that people who want justice for themselves and society would not want to live in a democracy.
3. Explain why, according to The Republic, a democratic country will sooner or later be controlled by a demagogue who wants to run the country like a tyranny.
4. Explain how Plato’s Allegory of the Cave suggests that only philosophy can rescue a person from being controlled by one’s own culture and its customs.
5. Define what ‘dualism’ is. Then explain how Descartes proves that he knows for certain that he is a thinking mind, with more certainty than he knows he has a body.
6. Explain how Descartes separates all reality into four basic kinds of reality in his philosophy. Be sure to provide examples of the sorts of things that exist within each kind of reality.
7. Explain how Descartes argues that philosophy can figure out that God really exists. 
8. Explain whether this maxim is morally right according to Kant’s categorical imperative: “I should let my friend help me cheat on this exam, so I can get a good grade in this class.”
9. Pick one human right. For that right, explain how Kant’s Categorical Imperative can show that this human right is morally correct. Be sure to include an explanation why violating that right must be morally wrong.
10. Apply Kant’s Categorical Imperative to assemble an answer this moral question: Should everyone be ethically required to get the vaccination during a pandemic?
PHIL 101 Maryland Institute College of Art Plato Socrates Descartes & Kant Q&As