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The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths by R.D. Hare (1993).

The paper should be in APA format. The body of the paper should 5 pages, and there should be a title page and reference page.

Below are required questions to be address:

General Questions
(Choose 2 or more)

– What is the difference between psychopathy, sociopathy and narcissistic personality disorder?
– How do the book’s conclusions about psychopathy relate to other information, phenomena and theories discussed throughout the semester in this class?
– What could be an alternative explanation for psychopathic behavior that doesn’t necessarily indicate that it is actually a mental disorder? Discuss and support with information gleaned from both Hare’s book and your textbook.

Critical Thinking
(Choose 1 or more)

– What are the greatest challenges in addressing psychopathy in our society? Be creative in your thinking and really try to think from a zoomed-out community perspective.
– Discuss any one specific issue that is molded by the public’s perception of psychopathy. How is the public’s perception accurate? How is it inaccurate? Discuss and support.

Bringing In Your Perspective
(Choose 2 or more)

– Discuss (don’t just list) one lingering question you have about psychopathy after having read the book. What are you questioning or left wondering?
-Discuss and support (with academic reasoning) your perspective on whether or not children can be identified as psychopaths.
– Beyond the typical “sharing of information,” what do you think Dr. Hare’s purpose was in writing this book? Elaborate.

Also you can use other resources, but make sure to reference it.

Case Study

1. Discuss the critical success factors for Valley Medical Center. (1.5 Mark)

2. As an OD practitioner, what are the steps you would take as you begin the entry and contracting phase? (1.5 Marks).

3. Valley Medical Center is experiencing a great deal of change. What recommendations would you make to help them more effectively handle the change they are experiencing? (2 Marks)
Discussion Questions:
4. Compare Lewin’s model of planned change to other available models in Chapter Two. The comparison should focus on the evaluation of Lewin’s model in terms of strengths and weakness. Use at least two scholarly peer-reviewed references to support your answer. (3 Marks)
5. Empathy is one of the key issues that could face an OD practitioner in the process of entering and contracting. Discuss the issue of ‘empathy’ in the context of a hypothical company. (2 Marks)

The Life of Charlemagne by Einhard

The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths by R.D. Hare (1993). The Life of Charlemagne by Einhard.

include answer the following question and Quote page number in about this essay. Give three characteristics Einhard attributes to Charlemagna. and consider these to be necessary in a great leader? Why or Why not?

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Human Rights Act 1998

Human Rights Act 1998.

An important feature of the Human Rights Act 1998 is that it obliges public authorities to act compatibly with Convention Rights, under section 6 of the Act. Accordingly the meaning of ‘public authorities’ is of considerable importance in determining the scope of the Act’s application. Consider the definition of ‘public authority’ under the Act and as interpreted by the courts and discuss whether that definition is objectively reasonable.

Maximum length 2000 words (ie it must be within range 1800 – 2200 incorporating 10% discretion either way).

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RC6 – Block cipher

1 Introduction
RC6 is a symmetric key block cipher designed for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) competition, where it was a finalist. Although it is a proprietary algorithm designed by RSA Laboratories and RSA Security, the design’s patents expired between 2015 and 2017. The algorithm is now in the public domain after the internals were published by Ronald Rivest in 19981.
2 Directions
1. Reading sections 1 (Introduction) and 2 (Details of
RC6) will help in the paper. (
2. Implement RC6-w/r/b where w = 32, r = 20 and b = |key|, 0 < b ≤ 255 in bytes, see section 3. You may use any language you want, however, your implementation must run on Remote with available libraries
4. Write unit tests for your implementation using the test vectors from the appendix in both the encryption and decryption modes.
You may use any available test suite for your language,
e.g.BoostTest for C , CUnit for C or C , CUnit for C, Pytest for Python, etc
3 Implementation
Implement RC6-w/r/b where w = 32, r = 20 and b = |key|, 0 < b ≤ 255 in bytes. Your program must have a command line interface that accepts an input file and produces an output file: run INPUT OUTPUT, where INPUT is the path to the input file, and OUTPUT is the path to the output file.
The input of your program is a path to an input file containing three lines:
The first line specifies the mode, either encryption or decryption. The second line is the plaintext (for encryption mode) or ciphertext (for decryption mode). The third line is the user key. Both plaintext/ciphertext and the user key consist of a label string ending in a colon, then a space-separated list of hexadecimal byte values. The file ends with a Unix line ending character (n). The output of your program is a text file located at the path specified on the command line: The first and only line is the ciphertext (for encryption mode) or plaintext (for ciphertext). Like the input file, the line begins with a label string ending in a colon, then a space-separated list of hexadecimal bytes. The input files are presumed to be well-formed; you do not need to test the files for proper format.
See the listings in subsection 3.1
Attached the examples

The History of the Chinese Immigrant in California 1800s

The History of the Chinese Immigrant in California 1800s.

You paper needs to be a minimum of 3 pages with a reference for every page and a citation on every paper.

The writing must be in APA style. Please make sure that you have a minimum of 3 pages, 3 references and 3 citations. All references must be from peer reviewed articles. Wikipedia does not count as a reference, nor do magazines, blogs or some websites.

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