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The Differences Between Chinese Education research essay help Microeconomics

Alex The differences between Chinese education and American education Different countries have different education systems because each country has different policies and cultural background. Every country’s education is made for their particular situation. This essay will discuss the differences between the Chinese education system and the American education system in relation to the differences in their social environments and cultural tradition The America education system not only prepares students for earning their living, but also for survival.

The American education system pays great attention to raising children’s independent consciousness. On the contrary the Chinese education system is focused solely on the examination. Furthermore the Chinese parents are only focused on the results of these exams. Educating the child is concerned with success in their achievement. And if it doesn’t happen, the parents feel ashamed. The goal of education is to earn money and fame. Moreover the methods of Chinese education and American education are also different.

In the way Chinese education focuses on the accumulation of knowledge. Mastering the knowledge they learn from school and on how they understand the knowledge system and structure. However the case of America is quite different. They care more about how students use knowledge in society. They let student challenge the knowledge and ideas, and focus on exploiting or creating knowledge. In other words, the American education system focuses on teaching students how to find answers. On the other hand the Chinese education system focuses on teaching students the answers.

More specifically in the Chinese education, teachers think it is basic to have calculation skills so everybody has to remember the entire concept. So, from elementary school to high school you are not allowed to use a calculator. However the American education focuses on improving student assuredness, self-determination and independence. Both education systems have advantages and disadvantages. They are suited to their national environment’s needs. The American education system pays great attention to raising children’s independent consciousness. That is better and more useful.

Policy Draf: Internet of Things (IoT)

Policy Draf: Internet of Things (IoT).

Here is the complete exercise THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE  • Part 1 of the paper should describe the future home identifying the types of internet connected devices that you anticipate, the benefits that such connections may offer and the issues and challenges that such connections present. • Part 2 should provide your recommended policy concerning data collection, sharing, data usage, protection of data collected, etc. Part 2 should also have a Conclusion. In your Conclusion, present what you learned from this exercise and identify specific concerns regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) and the future it portends

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