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The Definition of Radical Islam Report

Table of Contents Introduction The rise of Radical Islam Consequences of Radical Islam on society Conclusion Reference List Introduction The late 20th and the early 21st centuries were characterized by the revival of the role of religious ideology on the political stage. Radical Islam gained widespread popularity during the time due to the prevalence of Islamism ideology as an important facet in the rise of religious political ideology across the globe (Farmer, 2007). In the past, the definition of Islam was clear and simple; all those Muslims who testify that God is one and Muhammad is His prophet and who pray towards Mecca (Farmer, 2007). Islam allowed for a substantial diversity of both beliefs and practice but certain limits had to be observed. However, this changed with the emergence of radical Islam. Radical Islam, commonly referred to as Islamism, refers to a set of ideologies which hold that in addition to being a religion, Islam is a political system which has led to the emphasis for political unity among contemporary Muslims. The movement has thrived primarily due to the economic and political distress spread across most regions of the world as well as social strain and communal humiliation. The rise of Radical Islam Islamism is generally viewed as a struggle for religious supremacy and rejection for modernity. Radical Islam emerged as a movement against western influence and modernization which they considered as conflicting with the practice of pure Muslims. Consequently, the movement targets those who are responsible for these innovations such as the Western countries and perceives them as ‘The enemy’. With the rapid and unstoppable spread of Western influence, the radical Muslims continue to perceive the world as “the prison for believers and the paradise for unbelievers” (Schanzer, 2002 p 1). While most Muslims were flexible and adapted to the rapid changes resulting from industrialization, modernization and westernization, radical Muslims rejected these changes and instead created a rigid ideology that borrowed heavily from traditional values and laws of the Koran. This gave rise to the modern day radical Islamism. They argued that the Islamic laws were being replaced by Western values and further claimed that Allah was angered by His people for accepting the western values and was consequently punishing them. With time the radical Islam vision crystallized and in addition to rejection of the Western values, the movement began rising against Arabic governments which supported the West. Consequently, political reforms became one of the major agendas of radical Islam. Consequences of Radical Islam on society The ideologies and beliefs held by radical Islam have led to actions that directly or indirectly affect the society. Radical Islam introduces a conjunction between supreme value and rent seeking behavior which needs to be emphasized upon when discussing the economic impact of the movement in the society (Inbar
Discussion 2: Fostering a Global Mindset. Can you help me understand this Management question?

Week 4 | Discussion 2: Fostering a Global Mindset
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Fostering a Global Mindset
Many companies talk about “going global,” but becoming a strong global brand isn’t just about expanding to international markets. It’s also about succeeding in those markets and avoiding cross-cultural mishaps.
Read the Harvard Business Review article titled “5 ways to Foster a Global Mindset in Your Company (Links to an external site.).”
Summarize and elaborate on the ways the article mentions that help transform organizations in a way that helps fuel global growth.
Discussion 2: Fostering a Global Mindset

St. Petersburg College The Health Uninsured Population

St. Petersburg College The Health Uninsured Population.

question: This module explored various vulnerable populations. Now it is your turn to go more in-depth on these issues by focusing on one specific vulnerable population.For this assignment, identify a vulnerable population (Identify whether the issue is physical, psychological, or social) that has meaning to you. Following the HSA Standards provided below and without writing in first person (i.e., I, me, my, us, we, our, etc.), write a paper at least 700 words using the following outline and including at least three scholarly references.IntroductionDescribe the vulnerable population. Include the HealthyPeople 2020 goal(s), objective(s), and statistics.Describe at least:one federal,one state, ANDone local service, program, or initiative that help provide support for this vulnerable population.Individuals often qualify for more than one program. Include as many resources as are appropriate, and explain how the programs at these different parts of the system (federal, state, and local) collaborate to create a safety net for this population.What else could be done to help this population? Be specific. For example, do not just say, “More interventions are needed”. Describe a specific intervention(s), activity(ies), or strategy(ies).SummaryFormatting Guidelines – Before submitting your assignment to the Dropbox, please review the following:HSA Student Assignment ChecklistHSA Style GuideOpen the HSA Assignment Grading Rubric (20 points), highlight (CTRL+A), and then copy (CTRL+C) the rubric, and then paste (CTRL+V) the rubric (as text, not an image) at the very end of your paper. I will use this rubric to assess your work and provide you feedback.In your paper, information should be paraphrased and cited. However, do not use quotes in this course.This is the material from this week – Review the following articles:Vulnerable populations: Who are they? (2016). The American Journal of Managed Care; 12(13), SUP. S348-352.Ferguson, C. C. (2007). Barriers to Serving the Vulnerable: Thoughts of a Former Public Official. Health Affairs; 26(5), 1358-1365, doi 10.1377/hlthaff.26.5.1358 (get from SPC Online Library)Read Basics of the U.S. Health Care System (Niles, 2018):Chapter 5: Public Health’s Role in Healthcare (Review – Assigned in previous module)Chapter 13: Mental Health IssuesView this video: A Complex Case: Quality Care for Those in Need (5:59)Vulnerable Populations: Who Are They?”Those at greater risk for poor health status and health care access, experience significant disparities in life expectancy, access to and use of healthcare services, morbidity, and mortality” ( Source- Click to continue your exploration of vulnerable populations –
St. Petersburg College The Health Uninsured Population

Please watch this 2 videos and read the articles before answering the questions(112) Managing the Tylenol Crisis – YouTube(112) A Trusted Pill Turned Deadly. How Tylenol Made a Comeback | Retro Report

essay writing service free How Tylenol Made a Comeback | Retro Report – YouTube Emergency Preparedness and Response | CDC How does the Tylenol case conform to the “best practices” outlined in the text?  And what insights do you gain from the video that are NOT discussed in the text? Consider recent and ongoing crisis situations and resources for individuals and emergency managers.Review materials from one site (listed on botton) relevant to these crises Discuss the connections you see between your chosen resource link and “The Psychology of a Crisis,” (CERC #2) and CERC #3 “Audience and Messages” and a theory (only select one) described in Fearn-Banks Chapter #2. s well, we are studying “crisis communication” in the midst of other “crises,” namely: Many in Louisiana as well as New York and New Jersey (and other Atlantic Coast areas) as well as Haiti are experiencing displacement and loss due to Ida.Some in our own communities are also “bailing out” after last week! We are in the midst of increasing numbers of people who have fallen ill due to Covid and its mutant strains. As many of you know, September is set aside as national emergency preparedness month, as we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sept 11, 2001, on Saturday. Coincidentally, this week the beginning of National suicide prevention week — especially poignant, as our Millersville community experienced a suicide this past week. As you  can see, we have many “background” crises in which to examine guidelines for best practices in  crisis communication in our textbooks.  How do we unpack and make sense of these?  

Causes of Employee Discrimination Essay

Causes of Employee Discrimination Essay.

I’m working on a business law report and need support to help me study.

I’m working on a business law report and need support to help me learn.research paper should be between 5to 7 pages, double-spaced, with at least 2 sources.Your paper should have:Introduction Grammar/Punctuation Organization/Flow/ContentConclusion Works Cited A failure to provide a works cited will result in a grade of zero (0).Please feel free to choose whatever topic/case that you are interested in.Past researchpapers by your colleagues have included the following: lawsuits dealing with ethics, ethics in the workplace, popular cases in American society, freedom of speech, right to counsel-Gideon v. Wainwright, Miranda v. State of Arizona, Amber Alert, Roe v. Wade and other popular US Supreme court cases, legal issues with starting a business, animal rights, juvenile law, immigration, employment discrimination, raising the minimum wage, insider trading, sexual harassment, bankruptcy, FMLA, retail theft, capital punishment, the death of Michael Jackson, legalization of marijuana, deflate gate, steroid use by athletes, and several others.paper can be informative or persuasive.I leave it to you on how you want to
Causes of Employee Discrimination Essay

engl4344, writing for lawyers

engl4344, writing for lawyers.

This paper offers you an opportunity to appreciate the ways that Plato’s Euthyphro dramatizes the norms of argumentation that we’ve studied. Your paper should develop an interpretive thesis that focuses on one central element of the exchange between Socrates and Euthyphro that you find particularly revealing or important. At the heart of the contrast between Euthyphro and Socrates are opposing warrants about how issues of guilt and innocence should be decided in courts of law – such as the court where Euthyphro is bringing charges of murder against his father – and where Socrates has been charged by Miletus for the crime of corrupting the young. Make a claim about how the dialogue is contrasting opposing warrants and how this contrast highlights the need for a standard of justice independent of local tradition that can be used for deciding particular cases of innocence and guilt.Book:Euthyphro by PlatoYou can structure your essay in a very straightforward manner: 1.Introductiona.Open with background information that can provide context for your focus and for the claim that the paper will advance. This contextual information might include what struck you about the dialogue – or how the dialogue raises issues that remain alive today. b.Segue from background to a clear statement of your thesis2.Analysis a.If needed, begin the body with a paragraph that established key background features of the dialogue that are pertinent to your claim. Assume that your reader is familiar with the dialogue, so you have no obligation to begin with a summary of the whole dialogue. Your outline should let you know whether you should start your body with a section that offers background or context. b.If there is an obvious counter-interpretation to the one you are advancing, address counter-views to your thesis. c. Elaborate on the evidence that supports your thesis over other positions. (The body should be in the range of three to four paragraphs) 3.Conclusiona.Brief restatement of your thesis b.Brief explanation of the significance of your thesis for your reader. Format/Self-Reflection — The paper should be in the range of three (double-spaced word-processed) pages. Use 12 pt. font, center the title on the first page (no title page) with name & Class printed in the upper left corner. Please use MLA citation format. Your paper will be submitted through safe-assign in BB. Be sure that you save your paper as a word document – not a PDF, or any other file format. Word is the only program I can use to give feedback on your paper.
engl4344, writing for lawyers