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This paper covers aspects of the decline in education prevalent in society today.

The following paper examines how the present day system of education has been reduced to the transfer of information from one database or brain to another. The term “information” is demonstrated, in this paper, as something that is routinely transferable between containers. This paper examines how this approach to knowledge and education renders both educators and schools redundant.
“Information delivery has continually been associated with well-defined, successful procedures. Information is designed more for utilization rather than for comprehension. This concept has been specially built to link business and education in the present day. For example, over 40 percent of all large corporations plan to settle training deals with educational institutions . This will be done in order to encourage the creation of academic programs customized to suit the immediate needs of particular businesses. Many high-tech companies such as Cisco Systems, 3Com, Oracle, and IBM are planning to enter this program of systematic and specific result-oriented education.”

Business Law Question

The live assignment starts tomorrow at 11 AM EST.
There are 45 questions, all of which are multiple choice and true/false questions. The time limit is 2 hours for the live assignment.
The topics covered are:
An Introduction to Dynamic Business Law, The US Legal System, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Constitutional PrincipalsThe textbook is called Dynamic Business Law by Nancy Kubasek
I have also attached some powerpoint review the professor provided me

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