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The Daoist Temple Report

The characteristic feature of Daoist temples is the location at the mountainous territories which symbolizes the closeness to the heavens. Furthermore, the architecture of Daoist temples reflects the basic sacred concepts of the religion. However, a lot of people regularly go to Daoist temples and believe in the significant role of worshipping there because they can worship Daoist idols or personal idols sharing the concepts of essence, immortality, energy, and spirit which are basics of their religious and philosophic visions. Moreover, the elements of decoration in many temples reflect the features which are common for a lot of ordinary people. Coming to Daoist temples worshippers feel the closeness to their idols and they feel a kind of protection, as a result, people are inclined to believe the power of such important temples as the Daoist Temple and Thean Hou Temple. The Daoist Temple is located in Cebu, Philippines. The temple was built in 1972, and it attracts millions of worshipers along with non-worshipers and tourists every year. The Daoist Temple is built according to Daoist architectural traditions which are based on Daoism religion and philosophy. The temple has 81 steps which are characterized by the sacred meaning for the followers of Daoism. There are 81 chapters in Daoism scriptures, and climbing the temple’s steps, believers became closer to their gods and goddesses. Furthermore, Daoists believe that climbing these steps they can reach their immortality. Definite services held in the temple are oriented to techniques in which worshippers believe as in their paths to immortality. Inaction and immortality are two important concepts of Daoism. The architectural style of the Daoist Temple reflects the important elements of the nature, and this feature is significant because Daoism is based on the harmony of nature and people which can be reflected in any objects. That is why, the Daoist Temple is a rather symmetric complex with the attached structures which symbolizes the natural powers. The Thean Hou Temple The Thean Hou Temple is located in Kuala Lumpur. This temple is rather unique in its architectural style and religious meaning because it presents the unity of traditions of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism. Worshippers prefer to attend the temple because it symbolizes the basic elements of the mentioned religious and philosophic movements. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The followers of Daoism believe the Thean Hou Temple because it is built to reflect the main Daoist principles. Those persons who follow Daoism pay much attention to the concepts of order and equability. These concepts are reflected in the structure of the temple. The building of the Thean Hou Temple is the unique highly-organized complex all the components of which are constructed to follow the definite religious meaning. The structure of the temple allows people worshiping their idols and gods separately. Millions of worshipers go to the temple to celebrate their Goddess Tian Hou, Goddess Kuan Yin and Goddess of the Waterfront. These procedures are important for the spiritual growth of Daoism followers. Furthermore, the decorations of the temple in the form of statues and wall paintings can be discussed as familiar for the majority of Daoism followers. Similar statues and paintings can be also observed in houses of worshippers. Thus, Daoism is close people, and this principle is reflected in the temples. In addition, such temples as the Thean Hou Temple are discussed by believers as the place which contributes to the interaction of immortal idols and gods with ordinary people. The Thean Hou Temple is also the place when believers can become more virtuous because of their closeness to gods.
Table of Contents Introduction British Airways ethical system Application of code of ethics at British Airways Modification of existing code of ethics Conclusion Reference List Introduction British Airways is one of the leading airlines in Europe and the world. The company is a premium service air travel provider with its business based in London especially at Heathrow, Gatwick and London City. The company prides itself in serving an average of about 30 million passengers in about 300 major routes. In England alone the airline serves at least 20 million passengers every year. Other than passenger services, the airline also runs other subsidiary services such as cargo, car hire, accommodation, holidays among others. British Airways has also engaged in partnerships with other companies such Spain’s Iberia to from the third world largest airline. As a result of its mergers and franchises the airline is able to fly in over more than 300 destinations worldwide. In order to retain its status in the global airline industry, the company has developed a mission statement outlining its business mandates. The statement thus stipulates: ‘British Airways is aiming to set new industry standards in customer service and innovation, deliver the best financial performance and evolve from being an airline to a world travel business with the flexibility to stretch its brand in new business areas.” The company employs about 45, 000 workers. In efforts to boost it performance and motivate efficacy, British Airways has developed an employee’s code of conduct (British Airways, 2011). The company has gone through turbulent times in recent years and its code of conduct has been called to question. British Airways ethical system To ensure that the company retains its positions among the world leading airlines British Airways has developed a code of conduct and ethics. These ethical laws are applicable to all employees at all levels of management without discrimination. There are situations however that allows for waiver of certain provisions of the company’s ethical code of conduct. The company’s ethical code clearly stipulates the responsibility and duties of employees towards the company, its clients as well as business partners. Employees have a duty to ensure that personal interests do not conflict with the interests of the company. Therefore, employees have a duty to ensure that all conflicts of interest are resolved by consulting the company secretary. At British airways, employees’ duty extends to ensuring that they protect any confidential information regarding the company, clients and business partners. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Furthermore, employees have a duty to ensure that they do not use any information regarding a company’s securities for their own benefit. When handling the company’s assets employees are responsible to ensure that these assets are not misused or used for personal gains (British Airways, 2004). Following a stand off between the company and its employees, the company’s ethics code was revised. More emphasis was put on employee’s relations. The company endeavoured to respect the rights of all employees (British Airways, 2000). The company’s ethics code emphasis on the duties of employees toward the company. The code also emphasis the role of employees and see them as ends and not means to an end. As such the company operates on deontological system of ethics. Application of code of ethics at British Airways There are various levels that the code of ethics is applicable at British Airways. At management level code of conducts is used to help in curbing, curtailing and prevention of corruption. The company sees corruption as receiving or giving of bribes and gift to influence business decisions. Ethic code requires that all company managers at all level shall not receive or give gifts or favours from customers, agents, supplier or any other party so as to gain any business or personal advantage. All managers are protected from exploitations by shrewd business associates in that should the company make losses due to adherence of zero tolerance policy by its managers, the managers are not liable to punishment for such loss. Local management are responsible for ensuring that all managers and business leaders at all levels are trained and monitored for compliance. Should any manager contravene any of the provision of this code, the Director of Safety, Security and Environment has the responsibility to take any disciplinary action (British Airways, 2002). British Airways code of ethic regarding employees is used for two main reasons. It esteems to ensure that employees are treated in fairness and that their rights are respected. This is aimed at motivating employees to do the best for the company. The code of ethics also stipulates that employees have a duty to uphold the highest principles of ethics. The company to ensure that employees feel part of the company has devised new and efficient ways to communicate with employees. We will write a custom Research Paper on British Airways Ethical System specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Furthermore the company has proposed several ways through which employees can report any case of contravention of its ethics. Employees have a responsibility to report to any authority of any contravention of ethics or if they feel that their rights as employees of British airways have been put in jeopardy, they can go through a third party (British Airways, 2000). The company social and environmental report of the year 2000 explains that the Board of Directors are directly responsible for the implementations of the company’s social, corporate and environmental ethics. This will be done to ensure that the company maintain a good cooperate image as well as being socially responsible in service to community. However, the report fail to mention the implications should any member of the board of directors contravene any of the company’s code of ethics (British Airways, 2000). Modification of existing code of ethics In light of the resent standoff between the company and its employees there is need to modify the code of ethics especially regarding employees relations. Despite the fact that the company modified code of conduct to cater for employees relations, the way in which the company handled the stand off requires that there be ethics provisions that allow for participation staff unions in trade disputes. As such it would be important to revise the codes of conduct to empower staff unions such as Unite so that the company does not take advantage of such a loophole and exploit workers. Employees always feel that they might be discriminated or their positions in the company put in jeopardy when they reveal any breech of code of ethics. As such creating a direct link with the company secretary without going though a third party and without revealing the identity of employees, should be part of the ethics code. These would be attained by asking staff union to submit proposal for incorporation, which will be discussed at board level and concession incorporated during the soonest available opportunity. Such modifications in the company’s code of conduct will generate reactions on both the employees and managers. Employees will be motivated to be more committed to the company as they will be rights will be more secured. Employees will also be empowered to report any contravention of the ethics codes without fear of retaliation in terms of discriminations or intimidation. The company’s managers will be compelled to be more diligent in their duty as to as they will be more accountable. The company’s ethics system is inclined towards duty of the employees towards the company as well as ensuring that employees’ welfare is taken care of (British Airways, 2000; British Airways, 2002). Not sure if you can write a paper on British Airways Ethical System by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Therefore such changes will find ready acceptance especially amongst employees who will see them as opportunities to have more say in the company’s business decisions. This will lead to better employees’ relations as the company will be obliged by to be more ethical in the way it approaches staff matters. Conclusion As a leading airline and corporate brand British airways ought to ensure that it develops an all inclusive code of ethics. The current code of ethics is very articulate in establishing the roles and duties that all employees, from the top managers to lower cadre staff plays in ensuing that the company attains its business goals. However, the company’s ethics code should aim at developing provisions that not only address the relationship between the company and its employees but also address emerging issues. The ethics should not only be business oriented but also focus on other issues such as employee’s welfare. Only when such changes are done will the company reinstate employee confidence as well as avert any future employees’ administration standoff. Reference List British Airways. 2000. British airways social and environmental report 2000. Web. British Airways. 2002. British airways standing instructions: No. 17 – business integrity – bribery, extortion
HLS 430 Colorado Technical Collaboration within the Public and Private Sectors Essay.

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Unit 4 – Discussion Board Unit: Collaboration Within the Public and Private SectorsAssignment DescriptionPrimary Task Response:undefined Your first task is to write and post your own Key Assignment Outline on “Collaboration within the Public and Private Sectors” to the discussion area so that other students are able to review your plan. include any notes you feel are appropriate. The purpose of this assignment is to help improve the quality of the Key Assignment Draft you will complete next week.
HLS 430 Colorado Technical Collaboration within the Public and Private Sectors Essay

NSG 498 University of Phoenix Senior Leadership Practicum Discussion.

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In this assignment, you will research best practices to identify an effective intervention for your selected problem. Your goal is to gather evidence form scholarly literature to support the most effective intervention strategy. The performance appraisal tools in this week’s learning activities will help you determine appropriate scholarly sources of evidence to cite this week.Locate at least 3 original research articles that provide evidence for your proposed solution to your selected problem.The articles must be peer reviewed, published within the past 5 years, and statistically significant.Write a 350-word summary (x3) of each article in which you:Identify current guidelines or best practices relating to your proposed solution, or if there are protocols, the current standard of care.Define your proposed intervention(s) to address the problem.Explain how the intervention will result in a solution to the problem.NOTE:This assignment is to be formatted as a single paper – do not submit the three article summaries separately.Include a single Reference Page as the last page of the paper with all three references listed in APA format.Your paper must be organized using APA Level I headings.Submit your assignment.The selected problem in on ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) as in previous weeks.
NSG 498 University of Phoenix Senior Leadership Practicum Discussion

Film ‘Outsourced’ by John Jeffcoat Essay

Film ‘Outsourced’ by John Jeffcoat Essay. The film Outsourced introduces viewers to the customs of the Indian culture through the experience of the principal character, Todd Anderson. The film underscores the need for foreign managers to respect the local customs in order to be successful leaders. In my view, the film excels in showing that ethnocentric behaviors do not foster a positive relations in culturally diverse workplace environments. Initially, Todd’s ethnocentric attitude and ignorance of the Hindu culture and religion threatens to spoil his relations with the Indian employees. However, later, Todd learns to respect and appreciate the Indian customs, which earns him cooperation from the subordinates. Todd’s mission is to train the Indian call center workers on how to sell novelties to American clients. However, he initially encounters a culture shock because of his ignorance of the cultural differences between India and the U.S. For instance, he is ignorant of the Hindu religious practices and the sacredness of cows. He also does not know that Indians do not eat beef. Later, Todd learns to appreciate and respect the Indian culture, which motivates and endears him to the employees. For example, Todd learns to use his right hand when eating instead of the ‘unclean’ left hand and even dances to an Indian movie. His new approach seems to motivate employees who record a new target of six minutes per sale down from 12.17 (Outsourced). Todd, on arrival, takes a trip to Gharapuri where he meets Purohit, his replacement, who calls him Mr. Toad. Although he initially tries to correct him, he later resigns to being called Mr. Toad as a way of adapting to the Indian ways. Initially, Todd wanted to teach the Indian employees American ways. He advised them to “learn the American culture” (Outsourced), including the American accent in order to boost sales. However, he realizes that western ideals cannot work in India and decides to relax the rules. Work motivations vary from one culture to another. In the film, differences in attitude between the Indian and American people are evident. For example, the Indian employees are unperturbed of losing their jobs through outsourcing. Unlike Americans who derive their motivation from high pay and job stability, the Indians value kinship and culture. Indian workers are also motivated by things like donning in Indian clothing and adorning their workstations with family pictures. Moreover, in the film, the workers call the building housing the call center headquarters ‘Fulfillment’, as it represents good living standards aspired by everyone (Outsourced). In contrast, Todd’s motivation lies in materialism, not the middle-class aspirations of the Indian community. As a new customer service manager deployed to an Indian call center, I would first seek to learn the local culture. One mistake that Todd did was to try and ‘Americanize’ the Indian employees without understanding their ways. Such an approach is usually met with resistance and mistrust. I would also seek to learn the religious practices, language, and values of the Indians. Todd did not bother to research on the Indian culture prior to his visit. As a result, he did not know that Indians eat vegetarian dishes, believe cows are sacred animals, and engage in arranged marriages. I like the movie because it lacks cultural stereotypes and it uses accurate cultural portrayals. I also find the plot of the movie appealing and real. Todd is a visitor who does not understand the local ways when he arrives. However, he soon learns the local culture and turns out to be a good manager. Characterization is also good in the movie. However, I find Todd’s portrayal as a person who does not value family or kinship not a true depiction of Americans. I have learnt important lessons from the film. To build positive intercultural relations, one must learn to respect other people’s traditions. The modern workplace environment draws people from diverse cultures and thus, misunderstandings are bound to arise if workers do not respect each other’s culture. Moreover, employee motivation varies across cultures and thus, different strategies should be used to motivate them. Film ‘Outsourced’ by John Jeffcoat Essay

Visual Aid Final Project

best essay writers Visual Aid Final Project.

create a visual aid that explains the obstacles associated with creating reports using the report wizard, using groupings and totals, and applying, sorting and filtering within a report. Include solutions to overcome them.Address the following:Add to the file you created in Week Two’s visual aid, by choosing two obstacles and their solutions that you personally want to remember and believe will help you going forward working with Microsoft® Access® databases.Use a software that allows you to create a visual description of your obstacles and solutions. Examples of software you may use include Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Piktochart. You may choose any software that creates an electronic file you will be able to submit.Create at least one slide or page per obstacle/solution.Describe the obstacle and at least one solution. In total, your file should have at least eight slides or pages when this week’s assignment is complete.Save your file in a format you can submit. Examples include the original software file format such as PowerPoint® or PDF file format.
Visual Aid Final Project

Improved Information Sharing for Cyber Threats

Abstract This paper discusses the need for improved information sharing amongst industries for the continued prevention of cyber threats and improved threat intelligence. This will specifically focus on government, financial and healthcare sectors. Cyber attacks can happen to individuals, government, hospitals and banks. Hackers are always looking for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and other valuable information to exploit for profit. Within this paper the writer will discuss the importance of sharing cyber threats and vulnerabilities and the need for improved information sharing between theses sectors to diminish these threats. Cyber threats known in one sector may not be known in another. The writer proposes improvements to current rules and laws and the introduction of an information sharing ‘hub’ for these sectors. Keywords: threat intelligence, cyber-attacks, cyber threats, PII, information sharing ‘hub’, information sharing, vulnerabilities Improved Information Sharing for Cyber Threats Cyber-attacks happen every day and in every aspect of life from cell phones, personal computers, banks, government, hospitals and places of work. According to Zimski (2011) “The threat landscape has evolved. It’s no longer just the disgruntled employee or even the opportunistic hacker with which organizations need to be concerned. Highly sophisticated and targeted attacks are on the rise.” (Zimski, 2011). When a cyber threat is identified, the appropriate action is then taken, and a solution is remedied. These solutions need to be shared with other industries and businesses to protect them as one against a common enemy. For example, an attack or threat that is thwarted at one institution may not be known at another. This is the reason that there is a need for a central, secure information sharing ‘hub’ for cyber threats that have been previously stopped and recorded. The purpose of this paper is to discuss current cyber threats and how these different sectors are defending against them. It will delve into threat intelligence (TI) and how this evidence-based knowledge can lead to better decisions among the cyber security team. The writer will discuss the importance of sharing information on cyber threats and why it is important in the protection of the infrastructure of these sectors (government, financial, healthcare). Next, the writer will discuss some rules and regulations that are already in place for sharing between these sectors and propose a solution to improve on these. The writer will explore if these sectors are doing enough to share information against a common cyber threat and suggest areas in which they can improve. The writer will analyze the benefits for a central information sharing ‘hub’ to defend against known cyber threats. The writer will explore if this ‘hub’ can be financially feasible and mutually beneficial to everyone that will use it. Lastly, the writer will summarize the main points of the paper, including strengths, weaknesses, and constraints regarding policy writing of existing rules and regulations. Literature Review During the writer’s research, the writer has come across many articles that elaborate on today’s ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Most companies and institutions are not financially equipped or technically aware to defend against a cyber-attack that will compromise their classified information. According to Tounsi

Religious Studies homework help

Religious Studies homework help. Texas Interest Groups ProjectAn interest group for our purpose is any organization, association, or group that is organized with a political purpose or object in mind. They are also known as lobbyists, political advocacy groups, pressure groups, associations, organizations, etc. ÿHere is one website that lists them, Pick a national or Texas interest group in which you are interested. That is to say, pick a group that does work in a political area that you want to know more about. Answer all of the following. Answers must be typed and should indicate the number of the question being answered. Make sure you include proper citation from the Internet for each answer. Do NOT cut and paste any part of any answers. You are to put each answer into your own words. The answers to every question may not be on their website?you may have to be industrious in finding the information. You may want to call the IG as a last option or just to chat. Problems 9-11 are worth by far the most points in the assignments. Do not skip them!!!1.ÿÿÿÿÿ Name of the interest group (IG).2.ÿÿÿÿÿ Website address of the IG. 3.ÿÿÿÿÿ Phone number of the IG.4.ÿÿÿÿÿ Address of the IG.5.ÿÿÿÿÿ Year the IG was founded.6.ÿÿÿÿÿ Write a one-paragraph description of the nature and purpose of the organization. This can be summarized from their ?About? section. In your own words.7.ÿÿÿÿÿ Name of current head/director/chairman/president of the IG. Brief description of the professional background of the individual. In your own words.8.ÿÿÿÿÿ Find a piece of legislation that has been sponsored or advocated by the IG. This can be from any session of the Texas Legislature. If they are a major IG, odds are that they have sponsored some legislation?this will take some research as well. 9.ÿÿÿÿÿ Watch a video about the IG. This can be from the IG itself or can be from a news show about IG. This could include if someone from the organization was interviewed on a news show. These videos are often on the organization?s website. The video should be at least three minutes long. Include a website link to the video so that I may watch it as well. In at least one paragraph, summarize the arguments and claims made in the video. 10.ÿ Do a one-paragraph summary of an article or OP-ED that discusses the activities of your IG. It can be written by someone who works for the IG or by someone outside the IG. Summaries shouldn?t have any quotations; they should be entirely in your own words. Include a link to the op-ed so I can read it. 11.ÿ Think about all you have learned about the IG and answer the following questions in a four-paragraph essay (12 pt font, single-spaced). a.ÿÿÿÿÿÿ What is your assessment of the goals of this interest group? Are their goals in the best interests of Texas? Why? Are their other goals they should have or goals that they do have they should abandon?ÿ b.ÿÿÿÿÿ Specifically, how does this interest group try to achieve its goals? Do they tend to hold conferences, run ads, lobby legislators, publish articles or books, raise and spend money for and specific things? Different interest groups employ different methods?show me you understand how this interest group tries to achieve its goals.c.ÿÿÿÿÿÿ Finally, has this interest group been effective in achieving its goals. This will require some research. Don?t just say yes or no. Provide data that show specific failures or successes of this interest group. Think about how one would go about evaluating the effectiveness of an interest group.Religious Studies homework help