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The Constitution Essay, Research Paper

The Constitution and who it belongs To

When Thomas Jefferson signed the Constitution, there was a large ground why he believed it would digest. Having written the Declaration of Independence based on John Locke & # 8217 ; s thoughts, every bit good as playing a big function in the Congress and being President, Jefferson had good religion in the fundamental law & # 8217 ; s construction, the beliefs it was based on, and the people that would assist to endorse it up.

In composing the philosophy, the establishing male parents knew that it must stabilise the current disunity that had been blighting the state since the terminal of the War, but at the same clip non go out-of-date or excessively unrealistic. Therefore, one of the methods used to accomplish this was the poetic gap, the preamble. By saying what the fundamental law was intended to make, it can stay an of import portion of authorities. & # 8220 ; In order to organize a more perfect brotherhood & # 8221 ; reminds us to ne’er settle for less, to endeavor to be the best in the universe. & # 8220 ; Establish justness & # 8221 ; , that no one individual can be denied a just test, and to transport out justness to the furthest extent of the jurisprudence. & # 8220 ; Insure domestic repose & # 8221 ; , that the state will be at peace w/one another, unlike during the Articles of Federation. The list goes on.

To farther insure it & # 8217 ; s lastingness, the Bill of Rights was written. Besides known as the first 10 amendments, these are believed to be god given rights, that no one w/the exclusion of all-powerful God himself can deny a adult male. This manner, we can see the provinces will ne’er endure once more under a autocrat like Britain. Because of this, the citizens can hold faith in the authorities and the people who carry out the jurisprudence.

But possibly the best

trial of the Constitution has been the trials of clip itself. Unbiased, and ne’er fillet or decelerating down for anyone or any ground, the articles were tested when Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached. When it was discovered Nixon had known about the Watergate interruption in, and was covering it up, finally coercing his surrender. When Robert Ford pardoned him. When the 11 southern provinces seceded and forced a acrimonious civil war of friend against friend, brother against brother. When bondage was eventually abolished. And non to advert 4 presidential blackwashs.

The Fundamental law endures because of it & # 8217 ; s construction. It & # 8217 ; s ability to function the bulk of the state, but at the same clip non to tread the rights of the minority. It & # 8217 ; s ability to be amended when needed, and stand strong when tested. It & # 8217 ; s careful system of cheques and balances, doing certain that no 1 subdivision becomes to strong, and wields unstoppable power. The fact that each individual, including the president himself must reply for their actions. The careful seperation of powers.

These, every bit good as the brave work forces and adult females who dedicate their lives to transport out and protect the Constitution. The work forces and adult females who serve in the military, ready to contend and give their lives to protect our state and right to believe in God. The countless brave immature work forces who have already died in the battleground, some ne’er cognizing what & # 8217 ; s it like to graduate from college, to get married and raise a household, or to see their athleticss squad win a title. This is what makes America such a great state, a proud state, and why every bit long as clip endures, the fundamental law will digest.

John Locke would be proud.

The Constituition

History Question

The general objective of your Themed Research Essay is to summarize a subject in history studied during the grading period THROUGH the lens of a theme found in my list of themes provided. Example, if you were in an Early World History course and wanted to write about Alexander the Great, you would then choose to summarize the history of him through a theme, such as Power of Personality, where you might discuss his military leadership as conqueror of the world. OR you could talk about him through the theme of Pivot Points in History and talk about how he ushered in the Hellenistic Era and changed the political and cultural face of the world. Those are examples. Pick 3 themes (out of the 20 provided) SPECIFICALLY