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The Conflict between Behaviourism and Rationalism in Linguistics Term Paper

The Conflict between Behaviourism and Rationalism in Linguistics Term Paper. Introduction Linguistics and other scholars regard language as a distinct phenomenon in the society. Language contains collective implications that enhance the worth of the collaboration between individuals. It encompasses a social philosophy that is identical among individuals in the society. In language, collective ‘hums’ and meanings are accustomed to precise collective emotions and thoughts. As such, linguistics can be defined as the utilisation of knowledge that people possess about language. The knowledge is utilised to achieve a certain purpose and to reveal communication issues in the real world. Linguistics offer knowledge about a language from a number of perspectives. It provides knowledge in terms of how the language sounds and how it is learned or acquired. The field also provides information on how language is used. In pragmatic terms, some vivid aspects of linguistics are quite visible. Such aspects include features pertaining to communication, social factors, and context. Present emphasis on the significance of context, modernisation of contextual conventions, structure of meaning, and related connotation reveals the varying propensities between linguistics schools. According to Chomsky (2000, p. 32), linguistics is closely related to science. The author argues that it acts both as a tool and a spirit of sciences. Language is regarded as a productive and inventive part of science. Individuals outline their senses and knowledge in the ‘monarchy’ of their linguistic. The variances between the wisdom positions, environments, conducts, occupations, and ‘bents’ of societies from the same linguistic school are replicated in their linguistic acquirement (LightbownThe Conflict between Behaviourism and Rationalism in Linguistics Term Paper
HTY 110HM Florida State University Native American History Paper.

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InstructionsPlease read each section of the assignment carefully and answer in full sentences using proper grammar. Be sure to completely document any sources used within the assignment.Part 1:After watching the Video: “The Tragedy of Wounded Knee (The Ghost Dance)” ( ) answer the following questions:Why was the Sioux Ghost Dance considered to be a form of rebellion?Why were the Sioux so anxious to believe in the host Dance?Format: The essay should be between 1 -2 pages, Arial ,double spaced and 12-point font and all references cited.Part 2:Compose a descriptive paragraph on what life would be like on an Indian reservation in the late 1800’s.Format: The essay should be between 1 -2 pages, Arial, double spaced and 12-point font and all references cited.
HTY 110HM Florida State University Native American History Paper

Causes Of The Phenomenon Children And Young People Essay. The most important reasons of this phenomena are poverty, ignorance and poor living conditions, lack of adequate health care, in addition to housing in densely populated areas, It does not have the necessary services where children are forced and under these circumstances to escape to the street, where awaits them criminals who influence them direct their behavior and orientation and often delinquency and homelessness and begging and all that away from parental care and guidance, and the children who are leaving their villages to the cities in search of a living often find themselves vulnerable to delinquency and begging and homelessness due to the scarcity of jobs and lack of competencies educational and the absence of a designated work ,care and guidance Add to these factors prominently the emergence of the child in the family of disjointed decadent moral child who lives atmosphere family decadent whether caused by deviation father or mother must and it will be influenced by and pay towards deviation and homelessness and begging and do not forget here the role of the school, which plays a key role in the proper direction and care, and also the media of books and magazines and radio and television affect children if its purpose is just profit only in exchange for pornographic images and propaganda rave and programs falling and downlink films that often influence children and lead them toward mimicry of delinquency .. Staggering statistics and other floating and innovative methods in begging and vagrancy invade the streets of Arab cities: Egypt considers the phenomenon of street children as a ticking time bomb waiting explode from time to time, indicates where the report of the General Authority for Child Protection that their numbers reached in 1999 to 2 million children and continues to increase, making them prone to adopt criminal behavior in the Egyptian society. The statistics General Directorate of Social Defense blame increase the size of misdemeanors related to exposure of street children to violate the law, and including exposure to homelessness by 16.5%, and begging by 13.9%, has been exacerbated begging uniformed worn by workers cleaning companies in Egypt, where not without street of months Egyptian streets or highways, especially in affluent suburb of dozens of these beggars who only several jobs they have on this outfit, in addition to a broomstick represents the role of cleaning the street, has joined them other numbers of beggars in various forms including: sharpening knives, and put medical dressings or carrying an elderly or disabled boy in a wheelchair! In Jordan, where showed statistically Ministry of Social Development of Jordan issued in 2006 that the number of beggars during the year 2006 amounted to (710) children; (424) male, (286) than females, have proven the existence of organized gangs responsible for the operation of child beggars, for example, was thrown arrested a gang owns bus gathering where beggars young, were seen bus during the distribution of these in different regions in Oman. Overall, 95% of whom almost working under the command of the gang their parents know that they are working these kind of jobs. In Iraq studies indicate special child protection that the phenomenon of homeless children has worsened in recent number increased after the events of the war, where numbered more than 100 thousand displaced children in Iraq, according to figures developed by some humanitarian organizations, and in Morocco has become a phenomenon of street children concern community Civil especially against Tnamea and the increasing number of street children in cities major Moroccan where he scored in the city of Casablanca alone in 2002 approximately 5300 children tramp, where most of these beggars are thus at traffic lights and parking lots and near restaurants. This situation is rapidly worsening stresses the urgency of finding solutions and processors of this phenomenon and must begin these solutions by knowing the reasons for the arrival of beggars young to the street and how to address them, and by creating legislation militant to reduce divorce and polygamy and what subsequent displacement events, as well as Find the hand for beggars young after the implementation of their judgments and in order to prevent their return to homelessness and begging, as well as licensing of associations of private and civil to turn towards beggars children and most of all cooperation with the Ministry of Education to reduce the phenomenon of school drop-out, as well as from the most important ways to address them media awareness campaigns in this area and that the allocation of television programs and radio host specialists for children beggars and vagrants to study this problem and find solutions to them, as well as holding educational sessions have indicative nature, and research in how to fight begging to solve the problem of poverty and unemployment by adopting by adopting nations and Arab governments deliberate plans that will prohibit the deepening crises . Street children want the freedom from abuse by parents; nevertheless, their lives seem not so easy. They want working in some odd jobs; if they have no job, the steal to eat, and if they have extra money, they buy drugs. In general, street children’s lives are rather short. They are in bad health, because of their abuse of drugs, venereal disease. First, street child is a term used to describe those kids who live and work in streets. There are more street children around the world than the whole populations in Egypt and United States, there are currently 100 million children living on streets. In turn this sector population it is increasing through the years, because of the economic crisis, family disintegration. Wherefore they are more inclined to drugs, not only bringing troubles to the society, also problems to their health. When we talk about street children, we are talking about young people who face poverty, hunger, disease, violence and homelessness. We are talking about children who have resorted to all sorts of drugs because they think this is the only way they can remain happy under their difficult circumstances. These children that have been allowed to live on the streets are on a daily basis exposed to diseases of all sorts. We have seen some of these children on the streets a result of poor people since access to food is another problem for them. These children live in the street because they do not have anything to call a home.Street child are children between five and seventeen years old who live in parks, or light stop sign. In the same way they are deprived of family protection. Children on the street divide themselves into groups who can sell things to people and who can steal money from people car. The street kids do whatever they can to earn money. Whereas that more than 20 million of kids are living on the streets, we can see the, drugs as a normal activity in the streets. The reality begins talking about food, because they only eat what they find in the garbage or what they can steal. Likewise they steal money or drugs to forget hunger. Those kids do all of these activities in order to forget about street troubles, but they feel that these activities are necessarily to survive, so it makes them more inclined to drugs. In addition to that, Street child commit illegal in America. It means if a child’s get in the street without any reason the police have to take them. That called breaking the law because it’s not legal to do it. Each child in America have chance to work and get more also they can learn in the school without any more. United states havedrug policy and Alcohol too. If the police saw any one who drink and child fewer than 18 they will take this child to the police station. But in Egypt child can’t go to school without pay more for their books Because of the high cost of services many street children are unable to go to school .Even in countries where schools are free they are unable to buy books, uniforms and shoes that are required to attend., also they do not have any chance to work to get money. The money is an important factor in their lives that can determinate important things in their daily life like eating or not. Likewise, the drugs affect not only their thoughts but also affect their health. A street kid, they cannot imagine their daily live in the streets without using drugs. In the other hand the main problem is that most of types of substance consume by street kids are legal, so they can find it easily. The drug abuse is the worst problem for them and it brings them health problems. Those kids do all of these activities in order to forget about street troubles. Therefore, a lot of country have this problem too, The problem of street children in Vietnam, a country rapidly growing and integrating with the world, arises from the interaction of traditional causes such as the loss or divorce of parents and new causes such as economic incentive. We then propose a new typology of street children based on causes and situations. Causes are classified into broken family, mindset problem, and economic migration. Situations are divided into current protection and future investment. It is shown that the broken family group is most difficult to assist while the economic migration group often shows strong desire for study and better life. Since street children are not a homogenous group, intervention must also be diversified according to the needs of each type of children. Also, there is a lot of country that effected by street child such as; Russia consists of two million street children. Officially, the number of Russian children without supervision is more than 7 million. Also china the number of street children population continues to grow at 15 million and India is home to 4 million-8 million street children. The republic of India is the seventh largest populated country in the world. Due to the economic growth has appeared. Consequently, Vietnam is the country that has from 21 thousand in 2003 to 8 thousand in 2007 street child. Not just these countries had effected by the population of street children there are more and more had effected by this population. Which is going to affect all people life and future and countries future too? In a poor developing country, a child will have disabilities to learn how come he will learn without any money and when the children think about their future, they will find out that there are no work no future and they can’t connect with their family too. Poor country gives children scary future. Moreover, Children who drop out of school due to the wrong attitude of the parents are less deprived, relatively speaking, in the current situation than the first group since their parents can look after them. They are relatively well fed and protected. It is rare to see them severely by street joining them. The biggest problem with this group, however, is the strong opposition of the parents when someone (teacher, social worker, or the children themselves) proposes an education for them. There are many causes of there being street children: Poverty, Neglect, Disease, War, Famine, Social, and Family Breakups. From another of perspective on the word “causes”, the causes they or others on their behalf fight for are the reasons that they become street children in the first instance and to provide ways out of their problems through things like providing shelter and education them with their they find the way to get themselves freedom from home and school. Do whatever they want to do. The causes of children to the street can be divided into two main groups which we shall call broken family and mindset problem. First, children with extremely difficult family situations such as being abandoned as a result of the death. This is the traditional cause of street children which exists in any developing country with or without economic growth. Also the parents continue to take care of them. Children abandoned as a result of parents’ divorce have to undergo an even greater emotional shock. Being left with relatives or grandparents, such children are easily discouraged from study and lured by bad friends. Most of the street children who have left home because of domestic violence are spiritually and emotionally impaired. Second causes where the family enjoys relatively unbroken relations and an average or at least not so destitute standard of living but still sends children to work in the street due to the wrong attitude of the parents or the children themselves. Some children leave home because they are lured by friends or because they want to freedom instead of going to school. Seemingly exciting life in big cities and friends who already know the street life are the pulling force. For such children, earning money is not the main purpose. However, the mindset problem most often arises on the parent side. Some parents think that cash income is more important than children’s education. How we solve the problem for the street children with their home and family? For the children and their families, being on the street is not a problem. It is their solution to a number of problems. Crowded living conditions are a problem. A young lad, who shares a single-room with his mother and two grown-up sisters with children of their own, solves a problem by finding somewhere to sleep with his friends. He remains attached to his family and visits them regularly. He is integrated with them and does not need to be reintegrated. But it is better for him to sleep out than to stay at home. When he finds a group of friends with whom he can stay at night, his situation has improved. He becomes visible as a street child and part of our problem, but for him, being on the streets solves the problem of sharing an overcrowded room. For the families and the children, it is the solution to the problem of not having enough money to feed and clothe the children. Child can be a problem. If a child is forced to work all day for an adult who takes most of the child’s earnings as sometimes happens with refugee children who are afraid .It may be a problem for children to have to do hours of manual at school, or to spend much of their day in misery learning useless and boring information. Somehow, we always accept child if it is enforced in the respectable environment of the school. But spending a few hours earning a bit of extra money for himself or the family can be quite fun. Sometimes the children have to adopt the tough culture of the streets. When they are with their friends from the street, they have to act and speak as if they enjoy street life. All children should have security. They should be able to play games and have fun. They should be improving themselves at school. Children should not have to earn their own living. They should be clean and wash regularly. They should be healthy, and get help immediately when they are sick. These we regard as the fundamental rights of children and street children appear to all of these rights. This is there life and they should enjoy it. What happen to today’s street children when they grow older. Are they going to affect their countries or they are going to affect us. These children can grow up and constitute nuisance in the society. They will make government’s project fail. They won’t do these because they enjoy it, but because that is all they have grown to know and love. At the end, nothing will work because they will fight back because we had a chance to give them good lives but we failed to do it. All children should have security. They should be able to play games and have fun. They should be improving themselves at school. Children should not have to earn their own living. They should be clean and wash regularly. They should be healthy, and get help immediately when they are sick. These we regard as the fundamental rights of children and street children appear to all of these rights. This is there life and they should enjoy it. Lastly, street children problem always cause a lot of terrible to people who walk in the street and they can’t be save from street child also this children they need a future to be better people and they can help their country. If we help these children they can help us in the future. For example if a child from the street get a good job in the future and he got a lot of money that give his country a better future and his family too and himself. He will be better than anyone who lives in the street. Inside of steal money from people and ate from the street , he can now eat a health food and get a good family that carry his name and his good future. Overall, streets children are poor and as a result they are untaught. As a result, they have bad food and unhealthy body system. The street children are kids who live and work in streets and homeless people. Furthermore, they use drugs as a way to forget about their harsh reality. Lastly, they steal money in order to get food and survive. Although, they can be educated children with the government help, but they got used to their life as a children streets. Causes Of The Phenomenon Children And Young People Essay
Morgan State University Memo Examples.

1A. Job Posting – Full posting & verifiable link 2B. Industry Research – Quality & depth (4 sources – primary & secondary). Was research targeted to job posting & relevant? Appropriate use of APA internal citations and reference page. See memo example3C. Employer Research – Quality & depth (4 sources – primary & secondary). Was research targeted to job posting & relevant? Appropriate use of APA internal citations and reference page. See memo exampleProfessional Presentation of audience analysis. Material is in-depth, useful, organized, polished & proofread.Section One: Research and Employer/Audience Identification– Find an actual employment ad/posting/position. 1. You must copy and paste the ad into a word document and print it. It must be verifiable. Include the link for the posting. 2. Once you have the employer, research the industry (four sources) and the employer/company/organization (four sources). Report your findings using APA internal citations (and Bib). i need the industry research and the employer research, attached examplethis is the company name and job posting:Email Marketing CoordinatorCompany NameCreative Circle Company LocationWashington D.C. Metro AreaAn organization in Washington, DC is looking for an Email Marketing Coordinator to join their team (onsite) on a long term assignment, 40 hours/week, for at least 6-8 months.This Email Marketing Coordinator will:- Deploy one-off and recurring email campaigns for multiple internal stakeholders- Use Eloqua marketing automation to create automated campaigns- Build emails within an email marketing platform using WYSIWYG and HTML editors- Manage the email review & approval process (test, proof, gather feedback, gain approval)- Maintain and update an email marketing calendar- Manage distribution and suppression lists- Pull weekly/monthly email metrics and maintain a record of campaign performance- Analyze campaign metrics and provide actionable insights to stakeholdersEmail Marketing Coordinator Qualifications:- 2+ years of experience of email marketing- Experience with Marketing Automation platforms (Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo, etc.)- Ability to organize, prioritize, and manage multiple projects in a fast-paced environment- Demonstrable communication skills and understanding of email marketing analytics- Comfortable interfacing/communicating with internal clients on email projectsCreative Circle is focused on protecting the health and safety of our candidates, clients, and communities. Details of our job descriptions are always subject to change, e.g., on-site vs off-site. We follow the guidance of the CDC, WHO, CPHA, and government officials. If you have questions about a specific job posting, please contact us. Be well and stay well. Creative Circle.Job DetailsSeniority LevelEntry levelIndustryMarketing & Advertising Non-profit Organization ManagementEmployment TypeContractJob FunctionsMarketing Advertising
Morgan State University Memo Examples

Strategic Risk Management at the LEGO Group Paper

Strategic Risk Management at the LEGO Group Paper.

Strategic Risk ManagementWikiReference:Mark L. Frigo (2012) “Strategic risk management at the LEGO Group”Summary:Many have to focus on their enterprise risk management (ERM) programs on the basic key risk that can represent the deciding moment of an organization. This effort is being driven by demands from sheets and different partners and by the acknowledgment that a systematic approach is required and that it’s exceptionally significant to remember key risk the executives for ERM and to incorporate risk the board inside the texture of an association. A few organizations are at the cutting edge of this advancing development.To comprehend risk the executives at the LEGO Group, you have to understand the organization’s methodology. This is reliable with the initial phase in creating strategic risk the board in an association: to comprehend the business system and the related dangers as portrayed in the Strategic Risk Assessment process. The LEGO Group has picked a system that depends on various development drivers. One is to build the piece of the overall industry in the United States. Numerous Americans may think they purchase a great deal of LEGO items, however they purchase just about 33% of what Germans purchase, for instance. In this manner there are potential development openings in the U.S. market.
Strategic Risk Management at the LEGO Group Paper

The Outsiders Susan Eloise Hinton English Literature Essay

research paper help Young adult literature gives the students different perspectives in what they might be going through in their lives. Students often forget how easily reading can be, especially if they connect with the characters and situations. Teachers, in addition, may forget how integrating literature in their students’ lives can be very helpful for them. As I was able to read the classic famous novel, The Outsiders, it was not difficult to see how such a great novel should be integrated in the English classroom. This novel tends to be very realistic as to how society can be, and young adults need to have the opportunity to see different perspectives of the society they live in. Novels like these sometimes get too controversial because of the violence or bad habits they have; however, people are often misguided as to how much more students can learn from them. Not only do the authors introduce realistic and strong topics, they also bring a lot of meaning to love, family, friendship and other themes that students can relate to. Teachers should not forget to find books that young adult can instantly connect to and integrate their own problems to the classroom. The students’ response can be enhanced easily with the teacher’s sensibility and motivation in the classroom. Brief Biography S.E Hinton Susan Eloise Hinton was born on July 22, 1948 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is an American novelist and screenwriter in young adult fiction and children’s literature. She first began writing in grade school and her major inspiration was reading. Her first writings were about cowboys and horses; which led her to wish to have a horse ever since. While still in her teens, Hinton became a household name as the author of The Outsiders, her first and most popular novel, set in the 1960’s. The year she began writing it was in 1965, when she was sixteen years old. The book was inspired by two rival gangs at her school. She desired to show sympathy toward the Greasers by writing from their point of view. “The Outsiders” was published in 1967 and became the second-bestselling young adult novel in publishing history. She changed her name to her initials so her novel wouldn’t be dismissed by male reviewers. She continued using them to keep her private and public lives separate. S.E. Hinton was, and still is, one of the most popular and best known writers of young adult fiction. Her books have been taught in some schools, and banned from others. Her novels changed the way people look at young adult literature. Her literary books are: The Outsiders (1967, novel) That Was Then, This Is Now (1971, novel) Rumble Fish (1975, novel) Tex (1979, novel) Taming the Star Runner (1988, novel) Big David, Little David (1995, picture book) The Puppy Sister (1995, chapter book) Hawkes Harbor (2004, novel) She was the first recipient of the Margaret Alexander Edwards Awards, which honors an author for significant and lasting contribution to Young Adult Literature. Most of her works have received variety of awards and honors, especially The Outsiders, her most famous novel. The Outsiders awards and honors: New York Herald Tribune Best Teenage Books List, 1967 Chicago Tribune Book World Spring Book Festival Honor Book, 1967 Media and Methods Maxi Award, 1975 ALA Best Young Adult Books, 1975 Massachusetts Children’s Book Award, 1979 Summary of The Outsiders Ponyboy is a kid from the wrong side of the tracks whose parents were killed in a car accident. He lives with his brothers, Darry, who works all the time and is very overprotective of him, and Sodapop, who dropped out of school but is the closest to him. He, along with his friends, Johnny, Dally, Two-Bit, and his brothers are part of a group of poor teenage boys called the greasers. They are always beaten up by the Socs, which are the rich and privileged boys. One night, he gets home late after spending some time and talking with two Socs girls, and gets into a fight with his older brother, Darry, who hits him. Ponyboy is hurt and mad by this and runs to find Johnny to get away from his house. Later that night, both of them get attacked by a group of Socs, and Ponyboy is almost drowned to death. Johnny, scared and trying to defend Ponyboy, stabs Bob, one of the Socs, and kills him. They run to find Dally, their aggressive and troubled friend, and he gives him money, a gun and tells them to hide in an abandoned church. Johnny and Ponyboy stay there for a few days. They change their hair and they read to each other. When Dally comes to find them, he tells them that there is a ramble scheduled for the next day and that Cherry, one of the girls they met and Bob’s girlfriend, was going to testify that Bob was drunk and that the murder was self defense. When they return to the church, they see it’s on fire and there are kids trapped inside. Without thinking, Ponyboy runs to save them, Johnny and Dally following him. Ponyboy gets out okay, Dally burns his arm, but a burning piece of wood falls on Johnny breaking his back and burning him badly. The three of them are declared heroes, but a juvenile trial is scheduled for Johnny and Ponyboy. With the fight near, Ponyboy visits Dally and a dying Johnny at the hospital and Dally says that they need to beat the Socs for Johnny. The Greasers and the Socs fight each other and the Greasers win. When Dally and Ponyboy go see Johnny to tell him the news, he tells Ponyboy not to “stay gold”, and dies. Dally gets overwhelmed and runs out, robbing a store. When he calls the boys to pick him up, the police are already chasing him. When the greasers are arriving, Dally takes out his unloaded gun and the police shoot him. After this, Ponyboy gets very sick and is in denial of Johnny and Dally’s deaths. He pretends to himself and to everyone that he was the one that killed Bob. However, at the trial, he is found innocent. Later on, Ponyboy finds a letter that Johnny wrote to him before he died in the book they read together, Gone with the Wind. In it, Johnny explains about why he wants Ponyboy to “stay gold” and how he thinks there are a lot of good things in the world. He wanted to make sure Ponyboy told Dally about it. Ponyboy, then, decides to write about life as a greaser for a class assignment for people to know what life as a greaser was about. Evaluation Criteria Interest Students might be interested in this novel because it can give them an insight on how others feel, no matter what their background is. They can feel identified with it, because teenagers tend to be in the position in which they don’t know who they are, or who the people around them are. Also, it’s a novel that talks about society as well, and they could understand better what happens because of the situation nowadays. Readability The novel has a very simple vocabulary for young adults. The characters often use words incorrectly because that’s the way they are used to talk. However, even when they aren’t correctly spoken, it can make students understand and relate to the characters more. The context of the novel should be familiar to what students know of, which makes it easier for them to understand the novel. It is organized in a way that students can comprehend and keep being interested in reading more. Topic The novel has a known topic, especially to young adults, who might have been in the situation, or might know someone who was in it. The topics about social differences, criminal tendencies, friendship and family can be recognized by the students. Even if they have not experienced what the characters have personally, they can sympathize and comprehend it. Political Appropriateness The novel doesn’t necessarily mentions any political situations, but it does mention a lot about society and how the social classes can be an influence in a lot of situations in the neighborhood. We can read about how people see rich and poor boys, and the prejudice they tend to have without really knowing someone. Cultural Suitability Not much cultural situations are mentioned in the novel, which makes it better to present this novel in a young adult class. The situations are very common in a lot of countries, in which the poor and the rich are separated or the criminal situations vary between young kids. Appearance The novel does not have any pictures throughout the pages. Its letter size is not too big, but it is easy to read. The type of font is readable to young adults and since it is well organized, the students will not find it difficult to continue with the reading. Critical Theories Moral/Intellectual – In the novel, Ponyboy goes through a lot alone and with his brothers, one of them having to do with their parents’ death. Students might sympathize the characters in situations like this, even if they don’t necessarily relate to them in a personal way. Throughout the novel, we see a lot of changes in Ponyboy, prejudice and love in which students might be able to improve their understanding of the world and of themselves. New Critical/Formalist – With this approach, students might be able to discuss and understand better the purpose of the point of view of the novel and how it is developed throughout the story. Economic determinist/Marxist – A lot of economic differences between groups of people are present in the novel. Money is a big influence and it is the factor that separates everyone. Psychological/psychoanalytic – The behavior of the characters can be understood if you look closely at their reactions and try to comprehend their feelings towards each situation. Students might be able to tell the reasons behind the characters’ actions and decisions. Reader-Response – Students might discuss what they perceive of the novel and how they can relate to them, whether it is personally or not. They can share opinions in the characters’ actions or feelings. Name: ________________________ Date: _____________________ Title: _________________________ Section: ___________________ Mini Lesson: Characterization Focus: Students should be able to describe character’s feelings and actions and explain their own personal criteria for responding to what they read. Objectives: After reading the novel The Outsiders and explaining what characterization is, the student will: recognize the elements of characterization, and apply those elements to the characters in the novel. evaluate themselves and relate to characters Definition – The literary term characterization is the development of the characters in the story into real people. Most characters can be described in two ways: 1) physically, which includes the outside description (appearance) and 2) psychologically, which includes the inside description and personality (thoughts, feelings). Examples: “I have light light-brown, almost-red hair and greenish-gray eyes.” (p.1) – Physical trait “I love Soda more than I’ve ever loved anyone, even Mom and Dad. He’s always happy-go-lucky and grinning, while Darry’s hard and firm and rarely grins at all.” (p.2) – Psychological trait Instructions: Choose a character of the novel The Outsiders and give at least 3 physical and psychological traits. Physical Psychological 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. Describe an event or moment of your life in which you face the same issues as that character. It could relate to you directly or indirectly, but make sure to tie it to your own life. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Name: ________________________ Date: _____________________ Title: _________________________ Section: ___________________ Mini Lesson: Identity Focus: Students should be able to identify and explain connections between factors and the actions or decisions the characters make. Objectives: After the discussing the definition of identity, the student will: recognize the factors that influence a person’s identity, apply and relate the factors to the characters in the novel. compare the factors that influence a character with their own. Definition – Identity is what makes someone definable and recognizable, in terms of possessing a set of qualities or characteristics that tell them apart from others. Characters in the novel are influenced by many factors in their lives, some which they can control, and some which they cannot. Some factors which influence the characters’ identities are: Money Social status Hair Clothes Friends Instructions: Explain how these factors influence the characters in the novel. Be specific to how they influence the characters. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Create a “Wanted Ad” for either Johnny or Ponyboy. Represent two different identities for each of them: the identity the Greasers see and the identity the public sees. You can include stereotypes and judgments. Name: ________________________ Date: _____________________ Title: _________________________ Section: ___________________ Mini Lesson: Journal Entry Focus: Students should be able to use critical thinking skills to get beneath the surface of media in the novel and in society. Objective: The student will be able to: compose a newspaper article describing an event of the novel. Definition – A journal is a daily record of events either for business, for a newspaper, for private use or for academic purposes. Sometimes a journal is used a synonym for a magazine, but when it us for an educated audience it is usually called a professional magazine. Instructions: In groups of 3 or 4 students, write a short newspaper article from the point of view of a Greaser or a Soc. Create an attractive title about one of these two events: Johnny’s stabbing Bob Johnny and Ponyboy’s recue of the children in the church ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ In your groups, state whether you are a Greaser or a Soc and present your article to the rest of the class. Name: ________________________ Date: _____________________ Title: _________________________ Section: ___________________ Mini Lesson: Theme in a Poem Focus: Students should be able to interpret and explain the message of a poem and how it relates to the novel. Objectives: The student will be able to: deduce the theme of the poem introduced in the novel. relate the theme of the poem with the novel and how it’s reflected. compare their interpretation of the poem with Johnny’s interpretation. Definition – A theme is the message or moral an author portrays in his or her work. The message may be about life, society or human nature. Themes often explore timeless and universal ideas and may be implied rather than stated explicitly. Instructions: Read the following poem, introduced previously in the novel The Outsiders. Nothing Gold Can Stay By: Robert Frost Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. What do you think the theme of the poem is? How does it relate to the story? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Johnny tells Ponyboy in the letter: “he meant you’re gold when you’re a kid”. What do you think this means? What is Johnny’s interpretation of the poem? Do you have the same opinion of the poem? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

Art 1301 essay

Art 1301 essay. Can you help me understand this Art & Design question?

This critical review should be a minimum of 300 words, typed double-spaced 12-point font.The assignment will be submitted via eCampus as instructed.

Description of art object (100 words) up to 30% of points earned for assignment________

Write the name of the art work being discussed, the artist’s name, the date, time, name of museum, size, description of the piece or composition, and the location. In the description, create a visual image with words.

Analysis of the art object (100 words) up to 40% of points earned for assignment________

Based on the description provided in the introduction, analyze the artist’s intent or message within the work of art.Provide notated research (inquiry) to further interpret the background of the artist and the era in which it was created.The innovation and expression of ideas of the artist should be better understood through this research.Discuss the Visual Elements and Principles of Design.Which Visual Elements and Principles of Design are present in this work of art and give examples. (The visual elements and principles of design are listed and defined at the bottom of the worksheet.)

Interpretation of the art object (100 words)up to 30% of points earned for assignment ________

Discuss the content of the piece.Why was it created? Does it have a narrative or discuss social issues?What emotional feeling is present?Summarize your reaction to this art object.
Art 1301 essay

Developing Smoking Cessation Education

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Section A A1. Problem or Issue Identify a problem or issue related to practice, policy, population, or education that aligns with the organizational priorities you seek to solve. I currently work on the Neurology floor of a non-profit level 2 trauma center in Sarasota Florida. The problem that I have identified is the lack of smoking cessation education given to our patient population. Cigarette smoking is one of the largest public health issues we face and has been shown to be the most preventable cause of death in our society today (Shah

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