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The concept behind the triple bottom line is that companies are responsible to all their stakeholders. This includes everyone Essay

The concept behind the triple bottom line is that companies are responsible to all their stakeholders. This includes everyone Essay. The concept behind the triple bottom line is that companies are responsible to all their stakeholders. This includes everyone involved with the company, whether directly or indirectly. It also includes the planet on which we all live. This approach views shareholders as very important stakeholders. This approach also recognizes the need for companies to consider other important stakeholders in the company, including employees, customers, vendors, and the larger community. Before writing this week’s discussion posting, review this MindTools article, “The Triple Bottom Line: Measuring Your Organization’s Wider Impact,” for more details on the triple bottom line. This Week’s Discussion Post For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following: How would you implement the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) concept at your chosen company, whether you are using the snack food company scenario or the company of your choice? Keep the following format in mind as you complete this week’s discussion: Profit: When looking at profit from this theory’s perspective, the idea is that profits will help empower and sustain the community as a whole. Profits are more than just a benefit for shareholders. Briefly explain your approach. People: Describe your approach to caring about suppliers, customers, employees, and the community. For example, one way to care about employees is to provide a good working environment, training and development opportunities, and health care. Planet: Explain your approach to minimizing your company’s impact on the environment. For example, your company might develop a process to minimize waste or reduce energy usage, such as using recycled materials in its production process. Post at least one substantive comment to another student’s post. Notes Textbook Chapter 14, “Social ResponsibilityThe concept behind the triple bottom line is that companies are responsible to all their stakeholders. This includes everyone Essay
Cohabitation affects on marriage. Paper details Instructions Bonus: 5 bonus points if turned in by 5/29/21by 11:59 pm In 5-6 double-spaced typed pages, you will delve further into a topic of your choice on the sociology of the family. Pick a topic that interests you – it may be something we’ve discussed in class that you go further in-depth on, or you may pick something not covered in class that falls under the general heading of sociology of the family. Introduce your topic and tell why it is important to think about. Make sure you clearly state what the issue is. Briefly explain the key ideas/theories/beliefs surrounding this topic. Is it a new phenomenon or has the issue been around for a while? Where is it an issue and for whom? Is there disagreement over this topic/issue? What are these disagreements? Who says what? What does the future look like for this topic/issue? What are people doing about it now? What are your thoughts on it and what should be done about it? Three outside resources are required from academic sources (journal articles/books). You will be graded on writing style (typos, grammar, tone), as well as the content. Make sure you cite properly (any style is acceptable, just be consistent), include a bibliography, and do not plagiarize (see plagiarism policy, above). You should make connections to class readings, lectures, and discussions throughout the paper to demonstrate your depth of knowledge of key issues in the sociology of the family. Tip: The best papers are those that pick a small piece of a larger topic.Cohabitation affects on marriage

The improving phase of DMAIC- The Path to Solving Conflict

The improving phase of DMAIC- The Path to Solving Conflict. I don’t understand this Law question and need help to study.

Overview: For this last milestone, due in Module Seven, you will submit a draft of the Improve phase of the DMAIC process for your selected final project case study, which should focus on the recommendations you will propose to resolve the conflicts in the organization, while also probing those recommendations for unwanted consequences.
Prompt: First, review your previous two milestone submissions as well as your discussion posts. Also, refer to the Define, Measure, and Analyze Supplementary Documents you studied as well as to the details contained in the final case study you selected. Be sure to reference the work you completed in the Module Six small group discussion as well, wherein you identified and analyzed each of Tuckman’s five stages of group development as it pertains to your final project case study.
Next, draft a paper that proposes the solutions you believe will resolve the organizational conflict in the case study, leading to an improved future state, as your Improve recommendations. Remember to include specific potential unwanted consequences that may arise from your Improve recommendations.
The following critical elements should be addressed:
IV. Improve: The goal of this section is to demonstrate that the solutions you propose should resolve the organizational conflict in the case study, leading to an improved future state.

 What corrective actions could you recommend be implemented to address the root causes of the conflict that you previously determined?
 What types of quantifiable metrics can you propose to measure progress in implementing the recommended corrective actions?
 What are three potential areas of resistance to your recommended corrective actions, and what ameliorative suggestions can you offer toreduce such resistance?
 How effective are the various leadership styles on employee engagement and employee empowerment in the case study?
 How has your experience with the team-building process from Tuckman’s theory of group formation dynamics informed your Improverecommendations? Further, what are your thoughts on the value of implementing Tuckman’s five areas of group formation dynamics inpreventing some of the issues with the dysfunctional team in the case study?
 What are some effective leadership styles and team-building processes that organizational leadership could use to promote increasedemployee engagement and foster collaboration?Be sure to reference your text, the DMAIC Supplementary Documents, and any other course resources to support your answers. You may also conduct some independent research for additional sources to include in your references.Instructor feedback on this milestone should be used to inform your final project submission, the executive summary presentation with speaker notes.

Guidelines for Submission: Milestone Three should be 2 to 3 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in APA style. Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page.

I will include the two previous milestone papers that relate to this topic and will help flow into this milestone.
The improving phase of DMAIC- The Path to Solving Conflict

The Ethicality of an Action Jay Gatsby Report (Assessment)

essay writing service free Introduction Ethics is a field of study that defines human actions and behaviors. Scholars have presented different ethical theories to explain when an action should be accepted or condoned. In our modern society, actions are ethical or unethical, depending on their implications. While that is the case, very little research has been done to explore the ethicality of actions performed by characters in works of fiction such as films, novels, and television shows. In the book “The Great Gatsby,” Jay Gatsby decides to take Daisy Buchanan’s blame. This happens after Daisy kills Myrtle Wilson, her husband’s mistress. This was one of Jay’s efforts to win Daisy’s love. Jay and Daisy were lovers before he became wealthy. This paper describes Jay Gatsby’s action and applies the utilitarian theory to establish whether Jay’s action was ethical or not. Jay Gatsby’s Action As presented in the novel, Jay Gatsby was trying to win Daisy back because he firmly believed she was the love of his life. It was five years after Jay had lost the love of his life. At the same time, Daisy was jealous because her husband was engaged in an extramarital affair. As a result, Daisy decided to kill Tom’s mistress in an accident. The accident took place in the presence of Jay Gatsby. Because of love and desire to reunite with his lover, Jay found himself in a dilemma. It was because of the difficulty that he decided to do anything to retain his lover. As described in the novel, it is evident that Daisy would be in trouble after Tom realized that she had killed Myrtle. As well, it appeared that Gatsby was not sure of the possible outcome after the accident. With such kind of uncertainty and dilemma, Jay decided to take the blame on behalf of her lover. In response to the dilemma, Jay Gatsby was the prime suspect, something that led to his death. Myrtle’s husband killed Jay and eventually shot himself. Although the author of the novel did not clearly explain why Jay Gatsby acted in this manner, it would be agreeable that the character was trying to save his lover. He was on the path towards achieving his dreams. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More At that moment, Jay Gatsby was sure of a reunion with his lover, and nothing was going to take her away from him. His financial position and wealth gave Jay the courage to take the blame. He was optimistic that he would deal with the issue later. However, Jay’s attempt to reunite with Daisy is what led to his death. Assessing the Action Using Mill’s Utilitarianism John Stuart Mill is one of the ethical theorists who presented the theory of utilitarianism. According to Mill, utilitarianism is what governs human behaviors, actions, and ideas. Utilitarianism supports “actions that will result in happiness.” As well, an action is “wrong” if it results in the opposite of happiness to the people. Mill’s utilitarian theory can be used to assess the ethically of Jay Gatsby’s action, as presented in the discussion above. This theory is applicable here because it helps ascertain whether the action undertaken by Gatsby is ethical or not. There are various steps involved in applying the theory to a situation or action. As described by Mill, the basic idea behind the theory is the “happiness principle.” That being the case, an action is “right,” only it results in happiness. Alternatively, actions are wrong if they do not promote human happiness. The theory defines “happiness as the absence of suffering or pain”. On the other hand, the theory defines unhappiness as “the presence of suffering.” With such considerations, it can be easier to establish whether an action is permissible or not. The use of the above steps helps individuals differentiate between a good and a bad action. An action is “good” if it results in happiness. It can be easier to use Mill’s utilitarian theory to assess Jay Gatsby’s action and conclude whether it is unethical or ethical. From the book by Scott Fitzgerald, it is notable that Jay Gatsby decided to take Daisy as his own despite the fact that she was already in marriage. According to utilitarianism, Jay’s action does not result in happiness. Daisy’s husband and other people in society become bitter after the event. As well, Gatsby decides to take the blame for Myrtle’s death. According to the utility theory, an action is good only if it promotes happiness. However, Gatsby’s decision to do so does not produce any happiness at the very end. Instead, George Wilson kills Gatsby after guessing that he was the one having an extramarital affair with his wife. After killing Gatsby, George shoots himself, thus “causing pain.” We will write a custom Assessment on The Ethicality of an Action Jay Gatsby specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More From this novel, it is evident that such deaths would not have occurred if Gatsby did not try to reunite with Daisy or take the blame for Myrtle’s death. From the above discussion and application of Mill’s utilitarian theory, it is agreeable that Jay Gatsby’s action, as presented in the novel, is unethical.

Chamberlain Clinical Implications for Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease Research Paper

Chamberlain Clinical Implications for Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease Research Paper.

The topic for the Week 6 Paper: (select 1) Scleroderma, Cystic Fibrosis, or Mental Health Issues in the Incarcerated Population (You may choose to focus on anxiety, PTSD, depression or opioid misuse/addiction. Or, you may write on the collective issue of mental health issues in the incarcerated population.)Requirements:This paper should clearly and comprehensively discuss a chronic health disease. Select a topic from the list provided by your course faculty.The paper should be organized into the following sections:Introduction (Identification of the problem) with a clear presentation of the problem as well as the significance and a scholarly overview of the paper’s content. No heading is used for the Introduction per APA current edition. Background and Significance of the disease, to include: Definition, description, signs and symptoms, and current incidence and/or prevalence statistics by state with a comparison to national statistics pertaining to the disease.  Create a table of incidence and prevalence rates by your geographic county/city or state with a comparison to national statistics. Use the APA text for formatting guidelines (tables). This is a table that you create using relevant data, it should not be a table from another source using copy/paste.Surveillance and Reporting: Current surveillance methods and mandated reporting processes as related to the chronic health condition chosen should be specific.Epidemiological Analysis: Conduct a descriptive epidemiology analysis of the health condition. Be sure to include all of the 5 W’s: What, Who, Where, When, Why. Use details associated with all of the W’s, such as the “Who” which should include an analysis of the determinants of health. Include costs (both financial and social) associated with the disease or problem.Screening and Guidelines: Review how the disease is diagnosed and current national standards (guidelines). Pick one screening test (review Week 2 Discussion Board) and review its sensitivity, specificity, predictive value, and cost. Plan: Integrating evidence, provide a plan of how a nurse practitioner will address this chronic health condition after graduation. Provide three specific interventions that are based on the evidence and include how you will measure outcomes (how will you know that the interventions have utility, are useful?) Note:  Consider primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions as well as the integration of health policy advocacy efforts. All interventions should be based on evidence – connected to a resource such as a scholarly piece of research. Summary/Conclusion: Conclude in a clear manner with a brief overview of the keys points from each section of the paper utilizing integration of resources. The paper should be formatted and organized into the following sections which focus on the chosen chronic health condition.Adhere to all paper preparation guidelines (see below).Preparing the Paper:Page length: 7-10 pages, excluding title page and references. APA format current editionInclude scholarly in-text references throughout and a reference list.Include at least one table that the student creates to present information. Please refer to the “Requirements” or rubric for further details. APA formatting required. Length: Papers not adhering to the page length may be subject to either (but not both) of the following at the discretion of the course faculty: 1.  Your paper may be returned to you for editing to meet the length guidelines, or, 2. Your faculty may deduct up to five (5) points from the final grade. Adhere to the Chamberlain College of Nursing academic policy on integrity as it pertains to the submission of original work for assignments.
Chamberlain Clinical Implications for Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease Research Paper

A Project In Al Ain City Tourism Essay

A Project In Al Ain City Tourism Essay. Introduction of Al Ain City Al Ain city is immaterial part of Emirate. The meaning of Al Ain in Arabic is “The Spring”. It holds greatest Emirate’s culture. Its geographical area is 1,270,000 hectares. Al Ain city have many distinct geographical areas with different characteristics. The population of Al Ain City are 540,000 with 400,000 regions. This city is very important as a social and economic hub. Al Ain city located in west of Hajar mountains. (Al Ain City Introduction) Business in Al Ain City Private organizations are extremely valued in Al Ain City. In this city fresh ideas are always promoted. If you are going to set a new business in Al Ain City, Following information will helpful for your business. This will give you a brief idea on how to get business start-up. It will also tell you about getting business license and registry. (Business in Al AIn City) If you have an effective business plan and wand to take a safest step forward in new business then Al Ain city is the right place for establishing your business. Procedures are very simple and transparent. This procedure takes only few days if you have all documents those are required by relevant authorities. (Business Startup) SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis comes under Marketing Management. After applying management plans SWOT analysis is used. SWOT stands for Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O) and Threats (T). Strengths and weaknesses are the part of internal process. Opportunities and threats are the external process of any business firm. SWOT analysis is very effective for business in Al Ain City. SWOT analysis for any business in Al Ain city explained below: (SWOT Introduction) Strengths Strengths of Al Ain organization depends on the resources and capabilities that they are using in their organization. These are the basics for developing a competitive advantage. Simple examples of these strengths are: Al Ain organization has patents for their business. It has strong brand name In all over emirate Al Ain organization has good reputation among their consumers or customers. Al Ain knows follows all laws related to their field and always updated from these new laws. It is the cost advantage for Al Ain Organization. Al Ain organization uses the best natural resources for exclusive access. Al Ain has robust economy. It has political stability Weaknesses Weaknesses are the lacking of strengths of any organization. Al Ain organization has also some weaknesses such as: Such laws are there that we can’t understand easily. If our business brand name is not powerful. Brand name should be according to Al Ain city religion. Poor performance in front of customers is also a weakness. Highly structured coast. If Business man do not about access to good natural resources. In many cases sometime, a weakness becomes strength for organization. (Strengths and Weaknesses) Opportunities Opportunities are an external part of any organization. For doing business in Al Ain city you have to follow SWOT analysis. So you can find out the opportunities for business in Al Ain: Al Ain city’s customer belongs to Islamic culture so you need to understand the customer requirements and satisfaction of customers. Al Ain city have many types of new technologies so these are the opportunities for stabilising business in Al Ain city. Loosening of Regulations Remove the international trade barriers Threats Changing in the external part of an organization also creates many threats. Some examples are: Customers taste always varies according to time change. So organizations always disable to know these things. Growth of substitute product is also creates a threat for an Organization. Increased trade barriers. (Opportunities and threats) Porter’s Diamond of National Advantage Increasingly, corporate schema does have to be seen globally. Even if an Al Ain organization does not imagine to import-export directly but now they can import and export directly. Because there are many competitors in market, they provide better service so this is the key factor for increasing domestic market. Information technology is making strong to this trend. Michael Porter describes a model that gives permission for analyzing why few nations are competitive than others nations are. He also described that “what is the reason behind the success of domestic companies in compression of other nation’s company”. This model is the Advantage for any organization who wants to set our business in Al Ain city. In This model “Determining actors of national advantage” is known as Porters Diamond. It proposed that organization should have better national home base. It pays an important role for achieving advantage in a global market. This home base helps for building advantages in universal competition. Factor Conditions Production factors, infrastructure, like skilled labor etc. These factors are important for setting a business in Al Ain city. These factors provide competitive advantage if we have quality in those factors. These factors categorized into human resources, material resources, knowledge resources, infrastructure, and capital resources. Quality of research, liquidity of national stock markets and deregulation come under factor. Every country has its own set of factor conditions. It explains cost of any organization. Home Demand Conditions Home demand conditions tell the demand of product in market for an organization. They increase the demand of product and quality of service. Porter states that a company can get national advantages in market segment, if company knows home demand clearly. Home demand condition states the value of product demand in international market. Related and supporting Industries The industries that can coordinate activities in the value chain together are called supporting industry. These supporting industry help for improving over business. You are going to set-up a business in Al Ain city so you should collaborate with other well known organization. Firm Strategy, Structure, and Rivalry Condition in Al Ain tell that what will be the growth of your business, how to organize your business, achievement of goals etc. It provides advantages and disadvantages to your company. Your way of giving instruction is also matters in company. (Porter’s Diamond) PEST Analysis Al Ain city in UAE operates in micro and macro environment, there are particulars are changing time to time. An internal and external factor of any organization determines the formulation of right strategies and business. The PEST is the only best technique to determines the scanning of macro level environment, in which four factors include as follows (PEST Introduction) P : Political Factors E : Economic Factors S : Socio-cultural Factors T : Technology Factors Political Factors Political Factors majorly cover: Al Ain is the part of the UAE in which the rate of crime is low as well as politically stable city. Also, with the UAE it enjoys financial stability. Its well-developed Infrastructure, robust banking structure features extensive credit and service facilities with ample liquidity for peoples and outsiders or visitors as well. Al Ain has a leading-edge technologies and sound regulatory systems in the city. The government is also committed to consistent commitment to business development, good economic policies including all kind of protection into logical property rights. The UAE benefits from stable and pleasant industrial relations. Finally, there is a well structured, sound legal framework for strong business and a healthy set of ownership rules. Particularly a political factor covers in following points Taxes on product and services Employment news Tariffs Trade Political stability Government policy on economy Control on immigration. Government stability has provided here less taxes duties and food service products with kind of great varieties in shopping centres. Foreigners are permitted to have an ownership right of up to 49% for limited liability companies established within the Emirate of Dubai and up to 100% for number of professional companies, including its branches and representative offices in different cities. All of these factors perfectly give a positive view about Al Ain City. (Political Factor) Economic Factors Economic Factors are important to get the power of customer means purchasing strength of people, stability of economy. The fluctuation of economy impacts the product prices and services there. So more or less following factors are play a vital role Higher the interest rate lowers the investment Economic growth in terms of GDP Inflation rate Exchange rates Very low inflation and unemployment Favourable prediction for growth in the economy Lack of corporate reform Al Ain city is known as the garden city of the Gulf; it is witnessing a marvellous boom in all economic sectors and social activities. At the time of Town planning, as per the Annual Statistical report of the Al Ain Municipality, in 2002 the Department has issued 1062 fresh construction licenses and interestingly only 53 of them related to government, 12902 new trade licenses also including 2556 for restaurants (2904 in 2001). The number of central parks increased to 26, covering a large area and raised the huge number of date palm trees. As far as the business growth has increased, a new with high height shopping mall has been added to the city along with a good number of small and medium size businesses and a lot of housing compounds and new multi-storey buildings, as well as a Sheraton Hotel (five star) is under construction. (Economical Factor) Socio-cultural Factors Modern society is playing vital role in development of city with municipal organizations. The bases of them are social and economical environment, municipality’s facilities, and infrastructure. This city has also known as ‘Garden city of the Gulf’. Al ain municipality is providing remarkable service to have latest and highest standards of scientific and technology quality. Al ain municipality also committed to get excellence through its development of business systems. (Socio-cultural Factor) The city of Al Ain, meaning ‘the spring’ in Arabic has remarkable history and excellent heritage in it. The organization named ADACH, Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage is focusing restoration part of its strategy plan to preserve or guard the physical heritage of Abu Dhabi. Historic buildings require more maintenance. ADACH is responsible for providing the protection to its tangible cultural heritage of Abu Dhabi, and this encompasses the maintenance of buildings, considering a number of sites and important projects, with an extreme focus on historic buildings. Meanwhile, Dr. Sami Al Masri, Deputy Director of department of General for Arts, Culture and Heritage at ADACH, said that a program has been launched for the renovation of a group of historic buildings. All these buildings really needed an immediate intervention, to assure their safety and to avoid deterioration. (Socio- cultural in Al Ain) Technology Factors Technology has a very exploring and rapid growth in the field of construction, expansions, growth with application to the Al-Ain City in Dubai, UAE. These are the use of Virtual Reality techniques really put Al Ain city a bit ahead in technology field. Currently, Reality packs are the most increasing fields of information technology and have a great media attention. There is evidence to suggest that the use of such technology will enhance conceivable image of any aspect of project development at any urban setting for customers, users and clients. So, the city officials and administrators as well as public (users) can reach better life style within their towns and cities. A basic VR model to the street is a very good example of technology construction. The building’s heights in the street are telling the story of growth of technology here. The technology is providing the great look and feel for the visual quality of the city. In essence the part of this study showed that Al Ain visualization is proving to be a remarkable tool for technology designers and planners. Increasing the heights of buildings in the mid-street shows the technology’s height and on the edges, along with enforcing distinctive architectural styles for the proposed buildings will enhance the overall quality of the street. Additionally, decreasing the strength of current vegetation and tree heights will increase the imaginable quality of the street. However, the built of a comprehend VR model needs more time, resources and. This report, shows to us that we are moving fast with the help of technology and its day by day new inventions. Human lives are keeping cool by technology. We are now more comfortable to identify existing problems and to quickly evaluate alternative solutions to those problems. (technology factor) A Project In Al Ain City Tourism Essay

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