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Most of us in this universe are trusters. Even though we have different sorts of beliefs. we believe in one powerful being – for Catholics. they called him God ; for Muslims. they called him Allah. and many other names but it refers to merely one. the 1 who is above us. Many of us wanted to see God face-to-face. We wanted to cognize him personally and sometimes we want to comprehend him to do us believe that he is true. However. God continue to be unknown. he besides continued to be a secret being but most of us believe him through his fantastic plants and great miracles. In this instance. people who genuinely believed that God truly be and he is with us wanted to portion some ideas or acquisition and comprehending God as a fantastic being who have been with us ever like the Godhead of the book The Cloud of Unknowing.

This book is about cognizing God through Mary. Martha and other important manifestations of God’s love. The writer showed. described. elaborated. and perceived God’s miracles. forgiveness. preaches. and love in all portion of the novel. He exhaustively described God’s actions and forgiveness through different sorts of illustrations and state of affairss of Martha and Mary. Through this. a reader of this book would larn how God works and forgive people who wanted to alter and travel back to him. In this book. Mary seemed to be the good character while Martha is the bad character but she was non that bad. it is merely that she ever complained to God for her sister Mary. The large differentiation between these two sisters was elaborated and described exhaustively through their actions and beliefs.

Because the purpose of reading this book is to reflect on my personal life and my prayer life as a reader. footings such as active life. brooding life. apophatic. and cataphatic should be exhaustively defined. “The way of an active life consists of fasting. abstention. watchfulness. kneeling. supplication. and other physical characteristics composing the sound and sorrowful way which. by the word of God. leads to ageless life. ”[1 ]On the other manus. harmonizing to Bishop Alexander Milieant.the brooding life consists in the head draw a bead oning to the Lord God. in consciousness of the bosom. focused supplication and in the contemplation of religious affairs through such exercisings. Harmonizing to the lexicon.apophatic agencies of or associating to the belief that God can be known to worlds merely in footings of what He is non while cataphatic is of or associating to the spiritual belief that God can be known to worlds positively or affirmatively.

Personally. I can state that I am a truster but there are times when I tend to oppugn my belief towards God particularly when I have so many jobs and these jobs became a large load to me and to my household. When my jobs became more debatable and it was difficult for me to work out these jobs. I tend to go like Martha who complained to God’s credibleness and infinity. However. if my jobs are non excessively difficult and I still have the control to hold those jobs that I have. I am Mary who truly believes that God will ever be at my side no affair what happen. Apparently. most of my life is like Mary because believing God is still with me even if there are I times when I have a leaning of kicking and oppugning him about my life and my state of affairs. I am besides a cataphatic truster. I genuinely believe that God exist even if he is non with me physically. he islike a air current. you can non see it but you can experience it. [ 2 ] I may non be a perfect truster but I know that I believe God as my Godhead and Lord.

As a Muslim. we have a important clip to pray and honour our God for his plants and miracles in our lives. Peoples knows that we all go to our mosque to praise Allah for everything but we are non like other faith who praised him through wordy supplication but we prayed to him in a quiet mode for we believed that the earnestness of our supplication comes from our Black Marias and non in our oral cavity. I am besides a brooding individual like Mary who used to believe and aware of God through my supplications and religious beliefs. Therefore. I can state that my supplication life is a quiet supplication because for me. it is more effectual instead than stating it through my oral cavity because through my quiet supplication. I can state everything and it was merely between Allah and me.

Like other faiths. we Muslims have besides a important construct and images of God. Because I believe that there is God. my construct of God is the 1 who is great. loving. forgiving. omniscient. powerful. sanctum and ageless because logically. our construct of God will ever be like this and every bit long as we knew that our God has these sorts of images. we continue to believe in him. Personally. I can state that our God Allah is the brilliant one and all-knowing being because we can experience his sanctity. love. and power through his miracles and prognostication. Through our holy book. the Quran. our head. organic structure and psyche were fed by his good intelligence and instructions. Therefore. through these facets of religious growing. we felt that we are renewed and pure.

This book of contemplation is merely one of many books who taught us to believe in the goodness of God and to see his love and clemency. It besides teaches us the right signifier of supplication and other of import facets of religious growing. However. the writer used deep words and it does non assist the readers to understand to the full what he was seeking to enforce and to partake in his book. The readers need to read this book many times to understand the significances of it on a little graduated table and even in the big graduated table. As a whole. even if it was excessively difficult to understand because of the words used. it was full of thoughts. perceptual experiences. and facts that helped readers to understand what life beyond and the significance of true God non merely in its name but besides through its fantastic workss and powerful plants that helped us saw the beautiful life.


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