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The Changeable and Unchangeable Aspects of Creation personal essay help C Programming essay help

The changeable and unchangeable aspects of creation and man’s life. It is rare for even two or three people to agree on the truth of even a single subject. If the rich and powerful decide what the truth is then their truth’ will exclude or disadvantage the poor and vice versa. Nor if the truth is truth can it be decided by majority vote: for the truth as truth will be compelling no matter how many or how few people vote for it. The truth is, and can only be determined by the Truth, that is, by God Who has created man and the universe.

What falls to man to do is to discover that truth and abide by it. No one doubts that there are some verities that are universally recognized”such as honesty, generosity, altruism, truthfulness, helpfulness, compassion, etc. These are essentially reflections of man’s true nature. Created by the One, Who is All Wise, All-Generous, All-compassionate, every man has an innate inclination towards these virtues and it is the God-revealed religion which confirms and establishes these truths, showing the straight path out of man’s psychological nd social problems.

This religion was revealed through God-chosen men revered as ‘Prophets’. While constant change is observed in nature, there is an underlying aspect of permanence in everything. For instance, a seed germinates under the earth and grows into a tree, without the laws of germination and growth changing. Likewise, human beings, no matter the changes in clothes, houses, vehicles, etc. , in the material or form of their lives, have remained unchanged in respect of the essential purposes they serve and their impact on our lives and environment.

We all share as human beings, certain general conditions of life and value; we are all born, mature, marry, have children and face death; we all possess some degree of will and common desires; we share also certain values”we all know the meaning of honesty, kindness, justice, courage, and so on. All the Prophets, peace be upon them all, sent by God were therefore sent from first to last, with the same message. This message, whether preached by the Prophets Moses, Jesus or Muhammad (peace be upon them all) is ased upon the Absolute Oneness and Absolute Transcendence of God: He does not beget, nor is begotten, being Eternally Self-Existent.

Each created being naturally depends on its Creator, only the Creator Himself is Self-Existent, unique, single, nor composite, not subject to change, not contained by time or space. Belief in such a Divine Being constitutes the primary foundation of the Divine Religion, as preached by all Prophets. The other pillars of Divine religion are belief in the Resurrection, in ll the Prophets without distinction, in the angels, the Divine Scriptures, and the Divine Destiny which embraces human free will.

Through sincere faith and worship and by adhering to the pristine teachings of the Prophets, mankind can obtain the highest degree of elevation, even be worthy of heaven. Certainly there is no other escape from the snares of the worldly life, nor from the oppressive ignorance of false, man-made systems, or the tyranny of self-appointed priestly authority. The Changeable and Unchangeable Aspects of Creation and Man’s Life. By kartikasharma

Week 3 discussion

For this discussion, complete one main post (1A and 1B) and two peer responses.
For full participation credit, posts must occur on three or more days during the active week. First post should occur on or before Wednesday. See rubric for full assessment of discussion posts.
Post #1A After reading one of the two selections listed below, answer the following questions. (minimum 250 words)
What is the central point (thesis) of the piece?
Does the author provide evidence for his opinion? If so, cite an areas where evidence is used to support the main argument.
Is the counterargument presented? Cite an area where the opposing view is addressed.
1. Alina Tugend’s “Multitasking Can Make You Lose…Um…Focus” pages 779 – 7832, Sarah Dzubay’s “An Outbreak of the Irrational” pages 808- 813
Post #1B After watching the video, “Alternative Math” and reading R-2 and R-3 of your Little Seagull, answer the following questions:
What is the writer/director’s goal in making this film?
What is the tone of the piece? Who do think is the intended audience?
Describe your reaction to the piece. Not whether you liked it or not, but whether you agree or disagree with the premise. Does it have any relationship to current affairs? If so how?
How do you know if a source is reliable?