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the challenges of an aging society– health

(the health and well being of us adults is lagging behind other country.)in the research should include an organized overview of theoretical issues and controversies, a synthesis of empirical findings, and a synopsis for future research in the area or ways, as well as ways to pursue this topic in the future with various datasets or data collection projects. focus will be to synthesize and critique a body of research, as opposed to merely summarizing what has been said by others. Your review will require a detailed search of the literature on your chosen topic

Examination of Inferential Statistics

Examination of Inferential Statistics.

Analysis of Data – Examination of Inferential Statistics (tables of results, and appropriate hypothesis test steps) Assuming that all assumptions have been met, it is now time to analyze the data. Present a complete hypothesis test. 1. Identify the claim. 2. State the null and alternative hypotheses, in words and in symbolic form. 3. Explain what type of test you will be performing (i.e. a test of two dependent means, a test for correlation, etc.) and why that test is appropriate to address the main question you are trying to answer. 4. Select the significance level and determine if it is a one or two-tailed test. 5. Identify the test statistic and compute the value of the test statistic and the p-value. 6. Make a decision of whether to Reject of Fail to Reject the null hypothesis. 7. Restate your decision in nontechnical terms. That means, state your conclusion in a way that anyone can understand; a final conclusion that just says “reject the null hypothesis” by itself without explanation is not helpful to those who hired you. Explain in ordinary terms what it means.

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