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The Challenge of Translating English Idioms into Arabic: Examination of the Translation of Idioms in Modern Novels.

DescriptionMy subject area is Translation studies, THE TOPIC IS MAINLY ABOUT The Challenge of translating English Idioms into Arabic: Examination of the Translation of Idioms in Modern Novels my subject area is IN TRANSLATION STUDIES. I really need a perfect and professional research proposal. I will upload the instruction given the Dr here. Please have a good look at them and consider each and every point. Feel free to add references you think are necessary. PLEASE INCLUDE THESE POINTS IN THE PROPOSAL As STATED BY THE SUPERVISOR: Think of your research as being about the translation of idioms, what are they in both languages (Arabic and English), what are the difficulties and what are the reasons for that, how could these difficulties be dealt with and what is the debate around the translation of idioms in general and into Arabic in particular. Agatha Christie’s writing is only a case study to demonstrate what you said in the theoretical part and to apply the findings of research.

This in turn make your 1st research question invalid because what would be the situation if the translator is dealing with idioms from a different text. In other words, your main research question should be about the translation of idioms, then your case study could be any other text.

Also, for the methodology part will investigate the difficulties that King Khalid University students encounter in translating English idioms into Arabic.

Thanks in advance.