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The Causes of the French Revolution writing an essay help Python essay help

A look at the various social forces that caused the French Revolution.

This essay describes and analyzes the social forces: economic, political, and ideological, that caused the French Revolution. The paper emphasizes the inevitability of radical change in 1789.
“It is clear that the ancient regime of late 18th century France was ripe for radical change, and I believe the conditions present in French society in 1789 did necessarily point toward a revolutionary solution. Although Owen Connelly points out that contemporaries judged the Revolution a great surprise, I believe that if they had understood the nature and variety of social forces “in play” during that particular period they would have recognized the approach of revolution. This essay will examine social forces: economic, political, and ideological, and evaluate how they combined to create the necessity of revolution in France in 1789.”

China’s dynastic history.

China’s dynastic history..

China’s dynastic history. Pick a dynasty that you are interested in most and write a three-page paper on it. First paragraph: basic general information about that dynasty. short paragraph. Second paragraph: basic information about social, economical, political, and cultural aspects of that dynasty. Medium-sized paragraph. Third paragraph: What you are interested in most. Explain why. Support your argument with concrete historical facts. Extended paragraph. Fourth paragraph: What you have learned from that period. How to relate that period to today’s society or life? Medium-size to extended. 3 full pages. 12 fonts. Feel free to use online resources, however all references should be clearly indicated and quoted. … Click to expand assignment description

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