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The Case of the Disputed Deere the quesitons are below

The Case of the Disputed Deere the quesitons are below. I’m studying and need help with a Business Law question to help me learn.

At a farm auction in Georgia, Dick Perez and Anna Lara bid against each other on a Deere II tractor, and Dick bought it for $65,000. At a second auction the same day, Dick bought some equipment that he wanted to add to the tractor. He again encountered Anna, and the two agreed that Anna would install the new equipment. Anna took the tractor to her place of business to work on it.
Later, Dick came to the shop and paid $6,000 for Anna to do the work. Anna, in fact, was a dealer in farm machinery. She regularly bought such equipment at auctions, then repaired and sold it. Dick testified though that Anna’s shop appeared to him to be a repair shop and not a sales store.
Jorge’s Auction Services had done business with Anna in the past on a regular basis. Jorge’s wanted to buy the Deere II tractor in Anna’s store for the next auction. Anna executed a standard pre-auction document declaring that she owned the Deere II tractor. The state of Georgia does not require ownership papers for a tractor. Jorge’s bought the Deere II tractor from Anna for $30,000. When Dick learned of this, he demanded the tractor back, but Jorge’s refused.
Dick argued that Jorge’s never acquired good title to the Deere II tractor as Anna was never given title to the tractor. Anna was entrusted with the tractor for the purpose of repairs. Jorge’s argued that they had frequently purchased equipment from Anna under the same terms and conditions as when they bought the tractor. Therefore, they owned the tractor.

Who owns the Deere tractor at time of trial?
Why? What is the legal theory(ies) used to win the case?
Is there anything the loser in this case could have done differently at the time of the transactions that might have made them the winner?

no plagersim make sure spelling is great and need to be more than 150 words
The Case of the Disputed Deere the quesitons are below

NSG 486 University of Phoenix Understanding Diseases in Different Countries PPT

NSG 486 University of Phoenix Understanding Diseases in Different Countries PPT.

Part 1:Understanding diseases present within the community allows public health nurses to prioritize health promotion and disease prevention strategies.Analyze infectious diseases by:Defining epidemiology, outbreak, incidence, and prevalenceEvaluating the role of nursing within epidemiologyEvaluating current infectious diseases locally, statewide, and nationallyAssociating three of the most current infectious diseases with Healthy People 2020 objectivesAnalyzing evidence-based practices aimed at reducing infectious diseasesFormat your assignment as a 700- to 1,050-word paperCite a minimum of three scholarly sources.Include an APA-formatted reference page.Part 2:Select and research a communicable disease in a developing country.Explain the disease process, including the introduction and spread.Develop a health education tool that addresses the disease, including:Self-management tipsDiet and nutrition directionsPotential treatment optionsPotential resources Risk reductionFormat your assignment as one of the following:6- to 8-panel brochure10-slide presentationWrite a 350- to 525-word summary explaining:The target population for the tool, including ages and demographicsResources available in the area, including environmental, social, and economicThe level of prevention targeted by the toolSubmit your assignment.
NSG 486 University of Phoenix Understanding Diseases in Different Countries PPT

NYU Christian Based Support Groups Post Peer Responses

essay help online NYU Christian Based Support Groups Post Peer Responses.

Peer #1 Laura Response due in 24 hours (50- 75words)undefinedThere are several Christian-based support groups in my community. One support group that meets in my community is a division of an international, Christian-based, recovery group called Celebrate Recovery. They offer several interventions and recovery programs for addiction and substance abuse. Celebrate Recovery provides every level of treatment, from the initial detox to outpatient care and support groups (Celebrate Recovery, 2021). Celebrate Recovery offers Christ-centered programs that are functionally-based, and established in foundational, Biblical principles. The substance abuse and addiction programs incorporate the 12-Steps from the Alcohol Anonymous program, alongside 8-Recovery Principles, and 4-Participant Guides to guide individuals through the recovery process. The 8-Recovery Principles are derived from the Beatitudes found in the scriptures. These are the principles that Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount (Celebrate Recovery, 2021). Celebrate Recovery is a value-based, support system that was founded on the ideals of helping individuals through the recovery process, through Christ-centered principles of salvation, faith, and discipleship. They work to bring hope, freedom, sobriety, healing, and offer opportunities to give back as a continuation and extension of hope (Celebrate Recovery, 2021). The combination of Biblical principles with practical application offers a different perspective and approach to healing and recoveryReferenceCelebrate Recovery. (2021). Faith-based healing and recovery services. #2 Kristi Response due in 36 hours (50-75 words)undefinedundefinedIn addition we have Antelope Valley Christian Center who have a program called Emerge that focuses on a recovery aspect through going through “milestones”. Emerge is a faith based recovery program that helps you to break free from the chains of the past. Emerge is a faith based 12 step life recovery program based on the Word of God. Whether you are having addiction issues now, have had addiction issues in the past, have family members that have/had addiction issues, or haven’t had any addiction issues at all but maybe just want a closer walk with the Lord this class is for you. We are a judgement free zone and just want to help those that have had struggles in the life to experience the freedom of the Lord.Celebrate Recovery. Highlands Community Church. (2020, May 20). to AVCC. (n.d.). Peer #3 Jamal Response due in 48 hours (50-75 words)After doing some research on my own, looking into Christian-based support groups within my area some things stood out. One thing that I noticed is that the Christian-based support groups within the area mostly focused on issues other than those dealing with mental health. Furthermore, the majority of the faith based groups specializes in family and marriage counseling, sexual integrity, and other mediation and educational services. One other point that I notice (and I believe that this is due to the lack of mental health issues present within my area) that a lot of the faith-based support groups were held by churches. One organization that I did come across was Cross Roads Counseling center of STL. This agency is a non-for profit organization with a Christian world-view with clinically trained Christian counselors. Cross Roads Counseling states emphasis on providing care in mental health disorders, depression, and anxiety including programs such as support groups, and group counseling. When it comes to the efforts/advantages Christian-based support groups have over groups that are non-religious, spirituality comes to mind. Support groups with a Christian world view that I have came across offer services such as prayer support that taps more into the spiritual side of counseling rather than clinical. Furthermore, Christian-based support groups provide a structure of security and trust. Support groups can be intimidating especially when its surrounding such delicate issues like mental health and the problems surrounds them. By surrounding yourself with a group of individuals who not only share the same mental health disorder as you, but the same religious values and beliefs, gives the participants a sense of security and extra encouragement to be more active in group discussion.
NYU Christian Based Support Groups Post Peer Responses

Grand Valley State University Health Care Policy Discussion

Grand Valley State University Health Care Policy Discussion.

. Our unique set of characteristics- genetics, age, sex, gender, sexual identity, economics, race, and ethnicity- along with our knowledge, beliefs, values, and skills frame the way we experience the world and guide our decisions/behaviors. One of the influencing characteristics is laws/public policies. These can include laws for wearing seat belts, the drinking age and not smoking in public buildings as well as policies related to school bullying and harassment in the workplace. Imagine you have the professional power (School Board, Company Owner, City Planner, Government Committee) to create a law or policy to change people’s health behavior. Describe a health problem that can be changed with a new policy. Use data to back up your problem (your textbook can be 1 resource as well as valid websites such as the CDC). Describe the steps you believe should be taken by government, companies, organizations and individuals to create change. It should be approximately 2 pages in length, double space, 12 pt font, and your choice of format (APA or MLA).PointsCriteria25Explain your health law/policy and your pretend leadership role20Include data points from at least 2 valid resources25Summarize why the law/policy is needed for change20Decide how the law/policy will create health behavior changes25Explain why some may oppose the law/policy115Total
Grand Valley State University Health Care Policy Discussion

ART 100 Cuyamaca College Dynamic Party Group Artwork Discussion

ART 100 Cuyamaca College Dynamic Party Group Artwork Discussion.

Kim Jung Gi has been hailed a contemporary master of drawing. He has published sketchbooks that are fine examples of illustration/graphic design. In drawing circles he has become known for conducting live recorded question and answer sessions. Recently, he even conducted one at SDSU.Find Your Black & White Illustration:Taking some inspiration from the film on Kim Yung Gi, find a black and white illustration that helps to tell a story and is visually dynamic. Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, graphic novels, and video games are great places to search. Be sure to mention the name of the artist, title of the artwork (if possible) and where the illustration can be found in your thread.Discussion Questions:Tell us why you chose this illustration.What is it about the artwork that made an impression on you?What do you feel makes it visually effective? Discuss some principles of design that are responsible for the visual impact created in the artwork.Avoid going to Google for answers to the questions. Adding a little info from a source is OK, but I really want to hear your very own thoughts.Part 1: Write a short essay that answers the above questions in detail. Additions to your thread resulting from any added research is fine. But remember to stay on topic and answer the questions
ART 100 Cuyamaca College Dynamic Party Group Artwork Discussion

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