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The California Gold Rush’ History Essay

The gold rush changed the history of California. The primary purpose of the paper is to discuss the peculiarities of the gold rush and the impact it had on people’s life. On January 24, 1848, James Marshall, built a sawmill for John Sutter on the American River in California (Friedman 34). He found the gold nugget. He told about his discovery Sutter, who tested samples and confirmed that it is almost pure gold. John Sutter wanted to keep everything in secret; he realized that the discovery of gold would cause a stir and prevent him on his way towards developing of the agricultural settlement New Helvetia. He allowed his employees to take gold, but he asked not to inform the world regarding the discovery of precious metal. Very soon the news spread, due to a businessman and journalist Samuel Brennan. On August 19, 1848, the newspaper The New York Herald published the first report on the discovered gold in California and the gold rush transformed to the global stage (Friedman 61). Thousands of immigrants from around the world traveled to California in search of gold. The period from 1848 till 1855 is considered to be the most famous gold rush (Maxwell-Long 81). The majority of the residents of San Francisco gave up their jobs and moved to the American River. Thousands of people aimed to get to California; however, it was not so easy those times. There were two ways to get to California, namely by sea or be land. Those treasure seekers, who decided to come to California by sea, were called the Argonauts. They had to either go around South America (journey lasted from five to eight months) or get to the Isthmus of Panama, cross it and wait for the ship to go to the North. By land people travelled through the California trail, from Oregon or Mexico, however, it is worth noting that these roads were difficult and dangerous. Among those who arrived in California at the end of 1848 or at the beginning of 1849, there were a couple of thousand of Americans, who came from the Northwest of the United States, many Latin Americans (including people from Mexico, Peru, and Chile), residents of Hawaii and China (Maxwell-Long 73). People from all over the world traveled to California. It is believed that by the end of 1849 in California came about ninety thousand of people, and by 1855 more than three hundred thousand. Not so many people became rich due to the gold rush. Simple and relatively easy production of gold was possible only in the beginning of the gold rush when the precious metal could be collected with ease. Because of this fact, the revenues dropped significantly despite the discovery of additional gold fields. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Gradually, technologies of production became more sophisticated; the expensive equipment was an essential factor. By about mid-fifties of the XIX century, the prospectors who used primitive equipment realized that it is impossible to obtain the goal using old techniques. It stimulated the development of technologies that improved and advanced the production of gold. Later such technologies were used in gold rushes in Colorado, Montana, and Alaska (Maxwell-Long 101). It is believed that many more people in California made impressive amounts of money during the gold rush, engaged in trade rather than just gold mining. Clothes, equipment, and houses were very expensive. Merchants who sold clothes were popular. It is commonly believed that the gold rush stimulated the invention of jeans. Jeans are the part of clothes that is the most popular nowadays. It is difficult to imagine life without jeans now, and not so many people know that jeans were invented due to the gold rush. In March 1853, Levi Strauss came to California (Lusted 82). He successfully sold clothes in New York, however, was sure that California would offer new opportunities for his business. In 1848, son of John Sutter founded Sacramento on the territory where the first Californian gold was found. Within a few years the new city became one of the economic and transportation centers in California, and in 1854, the city became the capital of the state. Free from immigrants who aimed to become rich and were obsessed with the gold rush, the city developed rapidly. New roads, houses, churches, hotels, and shops were built with impressive speed. In the rapidly growing California legislature was convened and adopted a constitution, and on September 9, 1850, California became the thirty-first state of the USA (Lusted 25). There are still people in California who aim to find gold. However, nowadays it is related to the entertainment and hobbies. During the period of the gold rush, more than one hundred and twenty-five million ounces of gold (nearly four thousand tons) valued at more than 50 billion of dollars was produced in California. The biggest gold nugget found in California had a weight 195 pounds (Lusted 43). In conclusion, it should be pointed out that it was a gold rush that has transformed California from a distant and little-known region in one of the richest states in the United States, laying the foundation for its future prosperity. We will write a custom Essay on The California Gold Rush’ History specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Friedman, Mel. The California Gold Rush. New York: Children’s, 2010. Print. Lusted, Marcia. The California Gold Rush: A History Perspectives Book. Ann Arbor: Perspectives Library, 2015. Print. Maxwell-Long, Thomas. Daily Life during the California Gold Rush. Santa Barbara: ABC CLIO, 2014. Print.
Introduction Thesis Statement Literature is an ever evolving field of art. Its respective fields are characterized by scholars who advance changes to ensure the evolution is sustained. In this essay, dynamism in poetry emerges as an integral aspect of the evolution premised.1 The discussions in this paper revolve around E.E. Cummings and his contributions to the evolution of poetry through modernism. Three of his poems will be used for this purpose. They are “The Cambridge Ladies”, “La”, and “Dim”. The issue of whether Cummings is a minor modernist or a radical is reviewed in the essay. A critical analysis of Cummings’ works reveals that the techniques of modernism found in his poems are illustrations of the constant change in poetry. The ‘word tricks’ employed by this poet indicate a departure from traditional modernism. Visual Devices Modernism is one of the elements prevalent in Cummings’ poetry. A number of scholars have examined this writer for his prowess in poetry and in art at large. Cummings was both a painter and a poet. He exhibited tremendous skills in bringing about change and modernity in the two fields of art.1 In this regard, modernism in his works is best illustrated through the eyes of an ‘artistic activist’. The role of this poet with regards to modernism and the dynamic nature of literature is discussed in detail in various texts. Cummings was both a painter and a poet. As a result, his poems were inspired by visual effects from his artistic world.2 At the beginning of modernism, imagery was seen as a major technique in literature. The technique was a shift from previous imagism of the romantic era. However, critics have questioned how the poems by Cummings bring about imagery given his unique use of language. For example, his works exhibit some sense of satire. The element is drawn from the poet’s ability to blend aural and visual nuances in his works. However, the visual devices used in the poems ‘l(a’ and ‘Dim’ are a bit subtle. Nevertheless, when compared to notable modernists like George Grosz, the visuals used by Cummings appear to be inadequate. Such a perspective acts as an avenue to criticize his form of modernism. Cummings developed visuals based on his painting analogies. The poet is known for his preference of aesthetics. In a way, he was able to integrate his painting ideas into the poems.1 however, in most cases, his works fall short of the imagism exhibited by his peers. For instance, Cummings draws most of his visual devices from famous poets. Such figures include Guillaume Apollinaire. His imagism is skewed in favor of painting. As a result, poets find it hard to accept it. Consequently, Cummings’ peers perceive his works as the products of an amateur emerging from his life as a painter. Cummings the Poet Cummings was a notable artist of his time. However, his credibility as a modernist emerged from his peers. For instance, there are many scholars who disagree with regards to the poet’s name and his general existence. Controversy surrounds the need to capitalize and punctuate the name.2 In addition to this debate around his person, Cummings’ poetry has been the subject of intense criticism from major figures in the field. The extent of his role in modernism has made many critics label the poet as inferior to his contemporaries. Comparison of modernism in poetry with respect to Cummings is made alongside notable poets, such as Stein and Williams. In this regard, critics suggest that Cummings lacked the ambition that is common among his peers.2 At the time, there was a general consensus among poets on the need to reshape poetry as a field in literature. In addition, modernism had already gained traction within the literary circles. However, with time, many poets began to appreciate Cummings’ works. They cited his use of humor and expression of outrage towards exploitation. In addition, the critics made reference to Cummings’ sense of boldness of an artist. The poem “The Cambridge Ladies” was especially acclaimed in respect to this. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The poetry of Cummings may not be used with confidence to outline modernism. However, this does not mean that the techniques associated with modernism as a concept are missing altogether from his poetry.1 Cummings’ uniqueness is evident given the manner in which visualization becomes an integral part of his poetry. The criticisms leveled against this artist act as an affirmation of the fact that he was a revolutionary in his own rights. If he this was not the case, the critics would not have noted him in the first place. Modernism and Poetry Evolution of Modernism and its Impacts on Poems At this juncture, it is important to appreciate the history of poetry in terms of the various movements discernible in this sector. Modernism is one of these movements. It is one of the stages that characterize poetry.2 There is also the prehistoric movement. The period is characterized by over-reliance on oral forms of communication. Another stage is the Castilian Band.2 The stage was a common movement in the 16th century. The 17th century saw a different kind of poetry. The period was associated with metaphysical,2 cavalier, and Danrin poetry. The classical movement was common in the 18th century. The 19th century saw a more robust nature of poetry compared to the previous periods. During this time, such movements as the pastoralism emerged.2 Notable features of this movement include the idea of romanticizing a lot of rural issues that were common at the time. The period was largely inspired by the classical era. Romanticism and symbolism were other movements that emerged in the 19th century. In addition, modernism emerged during this era. It started from around 1890 and persisted all the way to 1970.1 The notable features of this movement were imagism and the need to re-awaken British poetry. Poets felt that it was their duty to carry poetry into the new millennium. Imagism was an attempt by poets at the time to rebel. They used it to reject the ideas of romanticism and Victorian era symbolism. The mental pictures painted by the two movements were regarded to be unrealistic in one way or the other.1 There was a lot of exaggeration, which eroded the elegance associated with poetry. In this modernist approach, the poets came up with distinct imagery and a language that embodied clarity. The elevated languages of previous movements were shunned in favor of imagism, which provided more depth to content. Cummings’ “The Cambridge Ladies” and “La” are a clear indication of this attempt. Modernism in Cummings’ Poetry The critique of Cummings’ works and its place in contemporary poetry reveals exceptional representation of modernism. The symbolism is distinct from that of his peers. Cummings is known for a number of revolutionary techniques. Such strategies include punctuations and line break.2 The techniques are in line with the poet’s deliberate shift from the language used in previous movements. The literary icon is also known for developing poems that have neither a beginning nor an end. Such a move is achieved through the use of fragmentary lines. The criticism that Cummings is an inferior modernist stems from the language used in his works. The use of common speech is a phenomenon that is unique to Cummings every time he begins a given piece.1 The criticisms may be valid in spite of the fact that they tend to agree with the essence of modernism. The phenomenon can be described as the manner through which a specific piece of art is subjected to change in all means possible. To this end, all techniques, contents, and forms inherited from previous movements should be replaced with new ones.2 Cummings often experimented with language in his poetry. Something that may appear as mere play with words led to the emergence of puzzles and tricks. The developments were critical to the imagism characterizing post 18th century era.1 The language experimentation resulted in the development of imagery in a unique manner. The poem “The Cambridge Ladies” is an example of the form of imagery associated with this modernist poet. The excerpt below clearly illustrates this concept: We will write a custom Essay on Modernism and Avant-Garde in Edward Estlin Cummings’ Poems specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls are unbeautiful and have comfortable minds (also, with the church’s protestant blessings daughters, unscented shapeless spirited) they believe in Christ and Longfellow, both dead are invariably interested in so many things-2 In the excerpt above, Cummings’ paints a clear picture of a conventional Cambridge lady. Their affiliation to Christianity is made apparent. The lady occupied a special place in modern society. As such, the reference to such characters (which is made through imagery) is an indication of the modernist element of Cummings poetry. The imagery and modernism is further illustrated in the lines below: at the present writing one still finds delighted fingers knitting for the is it Poles? perhaps. While permanent faces coyly handy scandal of Mrs. N and Professor D … the Cambridge ladies do not care, above Cambridge if sometimes in its box of sky lavender and cornerless, the moon rattles like a fragment of angry candy2 Cummings achieves imagery by making reference to ‘furnished souls’ and ‘comfortable minds’. Such techniques are well within the boundaries of imagery as advanced by other modernists. However, Cummings goes on to abstract imagery by using words like ‘unbeautiful’ and ‘permanent faces’. Such abstractions notwithstanding, the impression of the Cambridge ladies created on the mind of the reader. The poem suggests that the Cambridge fraternity is dull. In terms of syntax, the language is straight forward. The complex English of the Victorian era is nowhere in the poem. Cummings is able to achieve imagery without this antiquated language. Modernist Techniques Applied by Cummings As already mentioned in this paper, modernism is mainly concerned with the execution of imagism of the 19th century. In this regard, syntax and general imagery become essential techniques.1 For instance, the language used towards the end of a poem is meant to bring about closure to the message. However, the one used in “The Cambridge Ladies” creates new scenery. The language takes the reader to the ‘sky’ and away from the misery at Cambridge. Cummings achieves this without the use of the complex language of the time. In “La”, Cummings displays his prowess as a word-smith. The language of a poem is meant to create an illusion of the central message.2 In the poem ‘La’, a visual trick is created between the word ‘loneliness’ and the phrase ‘the leaf falls’. The idea is to illustrate the movement of a leaf as it falls. The word trickery is as follows: l(a le af fa ll s) one l iness2 In the poem, the lower case ‘l’ is identical to the numeral ‘1’. Such an impression is meant to illustrate the singularity of the leaf. The singular illusion is reinforced by the use of the article ‘a’, which is infinitive. The poem is intended to create a picture of loneliness. To this end, alienation is meant to be a key theme. Cummings realizes this goal by isolating the lower case ‘l’. Not sure if you can write a paper on Modernism and Avant-Garde in Edward Estlin Cummings’ Poems by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The length of a poem is one of the many techniques employed in modernist poetry. Conservatives feel that poems need to be lengthened. Cummings observes this requirement by using trickery to realize brevity.2 In the poem ‘Dim’, less space is used given that punctuation is involved. The abstraction developed by the language is effective, which is illustrated below: dim i nu tiv e this park is e mpty (everyb ody’s elsewhere e except me 6 e nglish sparrow s) a utumn

Describe the Traditional Account of Knowledge

Describe the Traditional Account of Knowledge.

Describe the Traditional Account of Knowledge.  That is, explain what the Traditional Account’s analysis of knowledge is (what conditions it specifies and necessary and jointly sufficient) and why it seems intuitively correct.  Now explain what Gettier’s attack on this Account amounts to.  Lay out one of Gettier’s counterexamples and show how it attacks the Account.  Be sure to include, and explain, the two extra principles on which he relies to make the counterexample work.  
Describe the Traditional Account of Knowledge

MindBridge Case Study A

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The Fraud Case Study Builder Inc. is an innovative construction company located in Western Canada. It employs staff of 150 and is relatively successful. Even though the company experiences steady growth in recent years, competition is fierce and margins are shrinking. A significant portion of the CEO’s pay (Steve Smith) is profit-related. During audit planning this risk is identified and appropriate audit procedures are to be planned and executed to address this risk. The General Journal The company provided you with a partial General Journal (GJ_Case_Study_A.csv). The total balance of the Journal is around $ 4,4 million. Download the data file to your computer. Please note that the materiality for this audit engagement is $10,000 (increase weighting for the material value control point to 15% in the MindBridge tool). It is also important to note that bookkeeping is regularly done on weekends.Requirements: 1-page Times New Roman Size 12 Font Single SpacedExplain your findings from an Excel file
MindBridge Case Study A

help with study guide on history

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Section I
Directions: Be able to identify each of the people/objects/places/terms/events below. In a short answer, explain why are they significant and how they influenced Early Western History?

Trajan’s Column
Tiberius Gracchus
The Rape of Lucretia
mare nostrum
The Aeneid
Tarquinus Superbus
Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus
St Paul
The Capitoline Wolf
The battle of Actium
Marcus Aurelius
The Tetrarchy
The Punic Wars
The Rubicon

Section II
Directions: Be prepared to answer the following questions. Answer the question completely and include some discussion of primary sources, where appropriate, to support your answer.

What was the pater familias? What role did this concept have in Roman society?
Describe life in the city of Rome. Would you have liked to have lived there?
What factors led to the decline of the Republic?
Why was the senate hostile to Caesar?
Describe the influence of The Greeks and Etruscans on Rome
Do you think Octavian earned his title of ‘Augustus’?
Why did the philosophy of stoicism become popular in the Roman world?
Describe the development of Christianity in the first century CE.

the you may need to look for the answers:…
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ENC 1102 Broward College Analysis of Police Body Cameras Essay

ENC 1102 Broward College Analysis of Police Body Cameras Essay.

I would like you to explore a controversial issue within your field of study, arguing for a potential change or solution to this issue. Consult the list below in order to help guide you and promote creative thinking; Public Safety: Should all police officers be required to wear body cameras that cannot be turned off?Writing TasksBefore you begin your essay, you should choose which stance you will take on the topic (i.e., are you for the topic, against it, or some combination of both).Then, develop a strong, specific thesis that argues a specific claim about that topic (i.e., don’t simply argue “I am for ______” or “I am against ______”). Remember that you must argue about a specific change that you want to see happen in order to rectify your issue.To help build the ethos and logos appeals of your argument, you will be required to use at least five sources in your essay.While you may reference sources like personal blogs or Wikipedia in your paper, three of your five sources must be more credible than Wikipedia or a personal blog(e.g., articles and/or images from magazines, journals, or newspapers; books; government websites, etc.).Consider the audience of your essay. Will your reader be receptive to your argument, or will they be strongly opposed to your claims? Your audience’s reaction to your thesis will determine a number of things in your writing, including structure, tone, and evidence.Also, keep in mind that while recognizing opposing viewpoints certainly lends credibility and ethos to your argument, you don’t want to undermine your own claims. Give credit and acknowledgement to other opinions, but simultaneously reinforce your own ideas.AssessmentYour grade will derive from your abilities to argue successfully your thesis using convincing evidence, specific details and examples, and pertinent outside sources, as well as to organize your thoughts in an effective and logical style to help your reader clearly understand your argument.Consult the Essay Rubric for a detailed list of the criteria that comprise A, B, C, D, and F essays.RequirementsYou should submit a 1,250-word essay (not counting the Works Cited page), typed and double-spaced. Use Times New Roman font in 12-pt size. Format your paper according to MLA guidelines.
ENC 1102 Broward College Analysis of Police Body Cameras Essay

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