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The Budget Committee Presentation

The Budget Committee Presentation.

For this assignment, refer to the attached scenario “Performance Evaluation,“ This scenario puts you in charge of preparing a budget for the Redmond Management Association annual public relations luncheon.Read the scenario and complete the activity below.Use Excel—showing all work and formulas—to complete the following:Prepare a flexible budget. Compute the sales volume variance and the variable cost volume variances based on a comparison between the master budget and the flexible budget.Compute flexible budget variances by comparing the flexible budget with the actual results.Create a 6- to 8-slide presentation for the budget committee meeting. Complete the following in your presentation:Summarize the results of the sales volume and variable cost volume variances computations based on the comparison between the master budget and the flexible budget.Summarize the results of the flexible budget variances computations based on the comparison between the flexible budget and the actual results.Justify the favorable or unfavorable budget variances.Since this is a not-for-profit organization, address why anyone should be concerned with meeting the budget.Make recommendations for what can be done differently to stay on budget for future luncheons. Provide specific examples to support your recommendations.Cite references to support your assignment.
The Budget Committee Presentation

ENGL 101 Problem Related to Income Disparity in American Society Essay.

In a 10-15 PARAGRAPH academic essay, please explore a problem related to income disparity in society. Provide evidence the problem exists, which causes are most responsible, and propose and argue for one solution. Then outline your personal action plan to implement your solution. Provide evidence from at least 10 outside sources. You may copy and paste your paragraphs from Essays #1, #2, #3 for this essayTHESIS FOR ESSAY #4!Your thesis should tell:What the limited topic is (problem)What your side is (main cause, best solution)Explanation (why you think so)Again, you may copy and paste your paragraphs from Essays #1, #2, #3 for this essay: for this assignment only, this is not considered plagiarism.Structure(new) Introductory paragraph: Include an introductory strategy (may be from essay #1, #2, or #3) and a new thesis that articulates the problem and solution your paper will address. Your thesis must tell: The main cause and possible solution, Your action plan about how you will implement your solution, and why your action plan will workProblem: Clearly define a specific problem in society. Feel free to cut and paste relevant body paragraphs from Essay #1 here.Causal Analysis: Discuss contributing causes of the problem and present one as most responsible. Feel free to cut and paste relevant body paragraphs from Essay #2 here.(new) Add a sentence or two that transitions between causal analysis and solutionSolution: Outline a viable, specific solution to that problem. Explain why that solution would work. Prove why your solution would be better than another, competing solution. Feel free to cut and paste relevant body paragraphs from Essay #3 here.(new) Action Plan: Thoroughly outline an action plan to implement your solution. It must be innovative, viable, and new and make use of existing technology. It must answer this question: “How will you personally implement the solution?”(new) Concluding Paragraph: Include a concluding strategy (can be from essays 1,2, or 3) and restate your new thesis.(new) Works Cited: Combine sources from essays 2 and 3 (and any new ones) and re-alphabetize them into one list. Present a minimum of 10 sources. REQUIRED ELEMENTS:An introductory paragraph with an introductory strategy and a thesis (6-12 sentences long totalThesis must contain a limited topic, an argument, and an explanation.Your research must come from 10 different sources8-13 body paragraphs, each with 8-12 sentences, properly structured.Use quotes to provide evidence (2 quotes per body paragraph)Introduce and cite your quotes and evidenceFor every one sentence of summary or quote, include at least 2 sentences of analysisA concluding paragraph of 6-12 sentences with a developed concluding strategy and thesis (restated).The essay must be 10-15 paragraphs, typed, and double spaced in MLA formatThe essay must maintain formal academic tonePlease include a works cited pageHINT!In the past, student typically have lost points in the following areas:Essay must be at least 10 paragraphs, not including works cited page.Be sure quotes are introduced.Be sure each body paragraph gives 2 quotesBe sure quotes, facts, stats, assertions are properly cited using parenthetical citation.Include a works cited page (re-alphabetized)Make sure you cite from at least 10 sourcesAction Plan vs. SolutionA solution is how you will solve the problem. An action plan tells how you personally will enact that solution. If it needs funding, how will you raise it? If you have to spread a message, how will you do that? If you target education, what steps will you take to contact and convince local schools?If you cannot think of an action plan, think about the following samples and apply them to your particular situation (feel free to adapt/adjust):Draft a new law, get voter approval/signatures, put it on the ballotRaise PAC funds,Create an ad campaignInterview neighborhood, find a good time-slot, enlist helpers, plan the meeting, create hand-outsContact local schools, create a presentation, create hand-outs,Find local businesses to give freebiesUSING QUOTESA quote must be introduced and give a parenthetical citation. Be sure to properly punctuate!The parenthetical citation gives the author’s last name and page number. If there is no author, use the title. If there is no page number, skip the page number.Cite any information you get from an outside source. Each sentence that contains information must have its own parenthetical.Example: According to evidence, “quoting helps your argument” (Smith 45).No author? Use the title. Example: According to evidence, “quoting helps your argument” (“On Quoting” 45).No page number? Skip the page number. Example: According to evidence, “quoting helps your argument” (Smith).
ENGL 101 Problem Related to Income Disparity in American Society Essay

Clothing Retail Store’s Promotional Plan Essay

Clothing Retail Store’s Promotional Plan Essay. The program is aimed at training mid-level managers of a clothing retail store. It is necessary to consider some characteristics of the learning community. These employees are professionals who have the necessary education, knowledge and skills to complete certain task. However, these professionals may lack for the most recent advances in the field. They may also lack for desire to employ new strategies as they are sure that they are professionals who have already done a lot for the company. Therefore, it is important to develop certain strategies to communicate with the participants of the program. First of all, it is necessary to make them understand that they know a lot and this is good. But it is important to show them the scope of new knowledge and skills. It is important to make them understand exact benefits of the program. They should see how beneficial the program could be for them. Hence, it is necessary to include some issues professionals in the sphere face. It is possible to add solutions which are common. It is also necessary to include certain solutions based on recent advances. Comparison of these two approaches will help potential participants understand benefits of the new approach. It can be useful to include a number of real-life stories as well. It is also possible to include a list of companies who have already got the training and their feedback. This will add credibility to the information provided. The first step of the advertising campaign can be development of the Facebook page as all the detailed information can be placed there for reference. The second step is sending e-mails to top- and mid-management of the companies that can be potential customers. The third step is production of flyers and posters as well as distribution of these materials. It can be also beneficial to launch introductory lectures or presentations held in different locations. In this way, potential customers will be able to ask questions and have face-to-face communication which can be very important. Of course, these meetings will not be numerous as they are associated with certain costs. This will be the final step of the promotional program. Clearly, it is also important to make sure that all calls will be responded and all e-mails or inquiries will be addressed. Finally, the budget of the present program is $500 and this can be enough for a successful promotional program. Development of the Facebook page and sending e-mails can be completed by the training company’s employees. It is very easy but the tool is very effective. Production of flyers and posters can take up to $300-350. The rest of the money can be spent to hold the presentations and lectures to promote the program. E-Mail Message The world is changing very fast and consumers’ needs and expectation are also evolving. Clothing retail companies are frontiers in this rapidly changing world as fashion is so changeable. You are professionals who have their own ways to sell products as well as dreams. However, there is always way to improve. If you really want to be up-to-date, you will have to employ the most recent sale strategies. We can show you so many ways to improve! We can share strategies utilized by the most successful retailers, such as Zara, COS, J. Crew and so on. Interested? Find us at Facebook or call us telephone number. Clothing Retail Store’s Promotional Plan Essay

COMM 110 University of Phoenix Week 2 Informative Presentation Worksheet

assignment writing services COMM 110 University of Phoenix Week 2 Informative Presentation Worksheet.

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Part A Select one topic and one audience from the following lists of potential topics and audiences. Topics A recent event in the news from your local community A significant event in historyA summary of a national law, or a state law where you reside (North Carolina)A major development in science, medical or otherwise A developing trend in the industry in which you are employed Another topic as approved by your instructor, other than COVID Audiences A group of elementary or school-aged children A group of recent high school graduates A group of your workplace superiorsA group of visiting scholars from a foreign country Another group as approved by your instructor Create an outline in preparation for your presentation, using the Informative Presentation Worksheet as a guide. Refer to Ch. 15 of Public Speaking for College & Career for more information on informative speeches. Submit your outline using the Outline Worksheet in the Assignments tab.
COMM 110 University of Phoenix Week 2 Informative Presentation Worksheet

WRITTEN INTERVIEW QUESTIONS PhD candidates should provide an authentic personal statements to each of the five following questions/prompts reflecting on their own personal interest.

WRITTEN INTERVIEW QUESTIONS PhD candidates should provide an authentic personal statements to each of the five following questions/prompts reflecting on their own personal interest.. I’m working on a Computer Science question and need guidance to help me study.

PhD candidates should provide an authentic personal statements to each of the five following questions/prompts reflecting on their own personal interest. In the event that any outside resources are used, resources should be cited in APA format. Submissions should be a maximum of 500 words or 125 words per question/prompt. It is best to respond to each prompt/question individually for clarity of the reviewer. Documents should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

What are your research interests in the area of Information Technology? Why do you think it is important to research in this area?
Why did you select to pursue a program at University of the Cumberlands instead of other institutions?
As an individual, what are your strengths and weaknesses? How will these impact you as a doctoral information technology student?
Where do you see the future of Information Technology heading?
How can obtaining a doctorate impact your contribution to the practices of information technology? Where do you see yourself after obtaining a doctorate from UC?

WRITTEN INTERVIEW QUESTIONS PhD candidates should provide an authentic personal statements to each of the five following questions/prompts reflecting on their own personal interest.

Gloria Jeans | Service Encounter Report

Gloria jeans in Australia is one of the most renowned coffee brand names and is consumed by the people in almost their everyday lives. Ideally one should always get a positive experience however it may happen once that even a regular customer might encounter a negative experience which could affect its purchase behavior in future. In this report, a quick highlight is given on importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty in today’s highly competitive service industry along with introducing the service organization i.e. Gloria jeans coffee store and its achievements. Next the current service offering of the brand is discussed in which various ways in which the service can be availed and what different categories of products are available. Later important features of the store are discussed which helps in having a perfect service delivery system in place that helps in increasing satisfaction and increased revenue overtime. Further, a detailed reflection is done on 1 of the negative service experience by me in a Gloria jean’s coffee shop in my previous university campus which explains the areas of negative satisfaction along with a sound example of service recovery process has also been illustrated which helps in understanding how organization can win back dissatisfied customers. The importance of communication in service environment is also viewed in short which reflects the notion that it is a vital element and has great power in influencing a consumers mind. Lastly, the report concludes with vital recommendations which could be of great value for the management. Table of Contents Introduction Developing or maintaining customer loyalty in today’s world is considered as a one of the vital marketing strategies for establishing competitive difference in ever demanding and rapidly growing business world (Raab, 2011). For building or retaining customer loyalty, one needs to focus upon enhancing the customer relationship by assuring quality service environment which would be in line with the needs and expectation of consumers. Many service organizations deliver quality services in order to maintain good customer relationship yet they still fail to understand ways to maintain customer loyalty (Noone, 2009). However a critical analysis of services marketing journal reveal that quality of service encounter reflects the true picture of level of customer loyalty for a service provider (Hennig, 2004). Customer satisfaction is a vital tool for success especially in a service oriented firm (Keller, 2008). Critically analyzing a service delivery system by utilizing blue print technique has many benefits as it facilitates in reflecting weaker areas of service delivery of the firm (Hooley, 2008). After clearly identifying the weaker areas, advancements can be done for ensuring that these practices are not repeated which would lead to higher profits and increased customer loyalty (Fletcher, 2010). Background of Organization Gloria Jean’s is a coffee store that started in 1979 in North Chicago, USA by Gloria Jean Kyetko who started its own small business by renting a small shop. After the enormous success in USA and other parts of world it enrooted its footsteps in Australia in 1996 by setting up its first store in Sydney which has extended to a total of 470 stores today. Currently, the brand has total of 910 stores located globally which serves to the coffee demands of 100 million customers each year in Australia (Gloria Jeans, 2012). The organizations vision is to be the most loved and respected coffee brand name in world and in order to achieve this the firm has setup a certain set of values that are developed to excel in business and develop better partnerships through integrity and trust. Current Service Offering The brand has variety of product offerings which requires a setup component for delivering the products. Variety of product offerings have been listed down using a chart which reflects the types of espresso, Tea, hot and cold chocolate shakes and drinks, fruit chillers, cakes, snacks, salads etc (Appendix1). The customer has two options to select for consumption of product offering i.e. either to dine in and relax in the lounges or coffee tables with friend or colleague or for the busy on the go people can choose takeaway. Service delivery is basically all about the brand interacting with its customers at various ends and thus it is important to have the best service delivery when the buyer interacts with the service firm representative who reflects the brand name or identity (Woo, 2008). Thus service encounters have a vital role to play in maintaining customer satisfaction especially if it’s in a regular pattern such as the one in our case of regular coffee buyers. Salient Features of the Service Delivery System (SDS) Gloria Jeans as a brand name has variety of attractive features that reflects in its service delivery system such as: Unique brand name which has good taste, premium quality and bouquet of product offering. A standard staff uniform with a standardized greeting skills as ‘Hi, what can I get for you?’ The store interiors which include design, furniture, wall colors, counters, backend all of which are kept uniform at all stores. Not only the store interiors but also the displays in stores such as cake slices and mugs are displayed in a standardized way all over. Payment while ordering and not delivering and name request for appropriate delivery of coffee in right hands. A very little customization as it consumes a lot of time thus standardized packaging of products especially in case of takeaway items. Good environment to hang out with friends, nice atmosphere, could conduct a meeting for personal or business reasons easily and comfortably. Service encounter is basically a buyers or customer real experience with a service provider for certain duration or time period ideally which would be more than 30 minutes (Young, 2010). This report will enlighten a negative service encounter personally experienced by me with Gloria Jean’s coffee store in the university campus of QUT (Queensland university of technology). The QUT coffee store basically serves almost all the varieties of espresso coffees, range of tea options, cold coffee, pastries and even various branded retail products such as mugs and cups. In addition, the whole experiences will be analyzed and evaluated based on certain criteria such as service quality, high involvement and people processing feature as stated by Shamma, Dyer