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The British Red Cross ccusa autobiographical essay help Human Resource-Management

They also have a training programme on child safety and can provide on site training for schools. British Red Cross – www. redcross. org. uk  are a volunteer led organisation that offers support services and training. They can provide first aid training and resources for children and staff. The Department for Education offers guidelines, resources and advice for schools. It has information and advice relating to health and safety guidelines, first aid, and current government legislation in place regarding schools.

St. John’s teaches first aid skills and support to schools and children and young people. They can offer support, training and guidance for teachers and training for pupils, they also offer competitions and awards for children to help teach about safety and first aid. Health and Safety Executive – www. hse. gov. uk The Health and Safety Executive is a national independent watchdog for health, safety and illness. They work as an independent regulator to release death and serious injury.

They can offer support and guidelines relating, risk assessments etc.  The child Accident Prevention Trust is a UK charity who aims to reduce the number of children killed and injured in accidents. They offer a lot of services from free child safety advice and quizzes and activities for children to providing good practice guides and resources for schools and professionals. British standards. The British Standards Institute offers training and advice on health and safety.

They also offer support through the kitemark and CE mark systems.  The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is a charity who offers training, support and guidance on child safety and protection. They can provide classroom and school resources for both children and staff. Ofsted – www. ofsted. gov. uk Ofsted is the official body for inspecting schools. They have numerous resources and guidance on best practice and expected standards fro schools and the school environment.

250 word discussion

there are many legal issues HR professionals need to consider in the workplace. As presented in the lecture, many of these issues can be found under Title 29. Regulations found here are managed by Government Agencies. One of the benefits is that Government Agencies offer support documents and publications to help employers understand applicability and assist with training. One example related to health and safety regulations can be found at the OSHA website.
For this week’s discussion, select a Government Agency that manages workplace regulations. Search their website and locate a publication of your choice. In your post:
1 – Share information about the publication (i.e. what type of publication, what Agency website it came from, what legal issue/change it addresses, etc.).
2 – Explain how the publication can help you interpret the legal issue.
3 – Share one or two work scenarios in which you would use the publication to navigate the legal issue in the workplace (i.e. training, executive presentation, etc).
APA Style references!