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The Bluest Eyes Essay, Research Paper

& # 8220 ; The Bluest Eyes & # 8221 ;

Toni Morrison was an African American adult female that had gone through about 40 old ages of suppression. In an extract from her novel The Bluest Eyes, she tells the narrative of a immature miss named Claudia who receives a white babe doll every Christmas. Claudia does non like the doll so she decided to rupture it apart like every other & # 8220 ; white babe doll & # 8221 ; that she has received.

At this clip, African American adult females were still non able to take part in some of the activities that Caucasic adult females were involved in. Through the eyes of Claudia is when the reader sees how and African American positions the universe and what other people think about them. It is expected of a immature African American miss to want to be Caucasic. Obviously this is non true. Everyone is proud to be who he or she is no affair what the colour of your tegument is.

After having the babe doll, Claudia proceeded to so dismember the babe doll to see what made it tick and to hopefully detect the secret of its beauty. After she took the babe doll apart, all the grownups started to call on the carpet her. But she didn & # 8217 ; t attention. She did non like the babe doll anyways.

The most distressing portion of the narrative is when Morrison says that Claudia,

after dismembering the dolls, wants she could besides make the same thing to small Caucasic misss. Those are non ideas of a small miss. But so once more everyone has his or her ain sentiment.

Morrison & # 8217 ; s usage of all these negatives ideas towards Caucasian give me the feeling that she was non excessively fond of them. She uses Claudia as her voice. Merely through Claudia could she discourse her true feelings towards Caucasians without acquiring reprimanded.

I enjoyed reading this small extract because it made me recognize that there are certain things that will ne’er alter. No affair how many Torahs are passed and no affair what anybody does, there will ever be racism. There is small alteration from the manner people thought about other races since this clip. But society will ever hold stereotypes of other races and people no affair what you do or what you accomplish.

Morrison has used her novels to voice the ideas of African Americans since it is ne’er heard of that frequently. I feel that whoever reads any of Morrison & # 8217 ; s novels will larn a little more about African Americans and non trust on the stereotypes that have been passed down to of all time coevals. Hopefully, by that clip, everyone will hold their ain sentiment on different races and non merely follow old beliefs.

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Critical thinking

Thinking critically refers to analyzing and evaluating an issue objectively so as to come up with an informed, conclusive judgment that serves the purpose of problem solving. It involves one application of calmness, soberness as well as intelligence in overcoming the internal and external influences to come up with well though attitudes and reactions to a situation. It is an essential part of human life and very important in situations that require analytical skills in dealing with circumstances (Facione, Peter & Gittens, 2015).

Looking at a personal expectance, sometime back I was faced with a crisis at work whereby together with my team we were appointed to spearhead a study into finding out why our organization was not performing as effectively as it was required in terms of sales and customer service. This was a situation that required each team member to apply his or her critical thinking in order to come up with different ideas that could lead to a common solution. On the other hand, just a few days into the project, my parents underwent a serious divorce that put all of us involved under extreme stress, pressure and psychological difficulty. This made it all difficult to concentrate on the project as my mind reasoning was divided between the internal forces of stress and the work situation.

Having learned a lot of things about critical thinking since then, if the same situation happened today, I believe that I could handle it more differently. First, to work on situations that are beyond one’s powers to change, it is necessary to know the reality that it already happened and accept the circumstances. Secondly, it is wise to come up with activities that will boost the confidence by redirecting ones thoughts from the issue (Austin, Jill, Tang & Howard, 2015). Such may be fun activities, travelling, spending time with close people or even reading a interesting book. The last thing would be to seek professional help from a therapist. If all these are applied, the situation could be handled fairly well, limiting its interference with the critical thinking process. Therefore, I’d definitely not be distracted and would continue being productive in the team.

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