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“The Big Short” Comedy Drama Film by Adam McKay Essay (Movie Review)

The Big Short is not only an entertaining movie with elements of comedy, drama, and thriller but also a documentary allowing learning more about the crisis of 2008. My top insights from this exciting film are as follows. First, the American mortgage system, with its almost full approval of loans, had long been acting as a financial pyramid and was on the verge of collapse. Second, if market participants massively invest in one asset, it does not mean it is reliable. We do not have to give in to the hype and carefully study the market tools. Third, the reason for the mortgage bonds’ default was in their security by subprime loans. In other words, as Margot Robbie explained talentedly, banks secured those bonds with risky loans to keep on getting superprofits. Also noteworthy is the fact that the content and ideas of the film can be related to the International Political Economy class. This doctrine focuses the attention of its research agenda on the study of how the mutual influence of political structures (states, regions, intergovernmental organizations) and market institutions occurs in a global economy. The financial crisis of 2008 caused substantial shifts in international relations. Thus, the events depicted in the movie are subject to the studies of the mentioned school. An interesting question within the scope of Political economy is how the crisis affected one of the main competitors of the USA – China. The global financial default has not influenced this country much due to another vector of development of the economic system. Chinese banks are by no means mortgage, but mainly state-owned savings institutions. Therefore, the main danger of the global crisis for China was not in the sphere of finance, but in the real economy and foreign trade – in a slowdown of economic growth and a significant drop in exports. For China, with its immense export opportunities, reducing global imports is extremely disadvantageous. In this regard, an important area of economic development of the Chinese government is expanding the domestic market, developing a “knowledge economy,” and increasing household incomes. ​

summary and critical response

summary and critical response.

1.Summarize in 150-200 words the article your instructor has chosen from the assignment.  Please use “Working at McDonald’s” on pages 260-262 of your 10th edition textbook (or pages 280-283 of your 9th edition book). In this summary, you should relay the article’s main points, completely and accurately, in your own words.  If you find yourself in a situation in which the author’s words needed to be quoted directly (perhaps for emphasis), you must make it clear that these words are the author’s by using quotation marks appropriately.  You will not want to quote anything over one sentence in length, and you will want to limit yourself to no more than 2-3 direct quotes, if you use any at all.  Remember that the whole point of this portion of the assignment is for you to restate the author’s points objectively in your own words.2.Critical ResponseWrite a 1 ½ to 2 page response to the article your instructor has chosen from the assignment.  Please use “Working at McDonald’s” on pages 260-262 of your 10th edition textbook (or pages 280-283 of your 9th edition book).  Before you even begin drafting, you will want to decide on the terms of your response.  Once you decide on the terms (or grounds) of your response, you’ll want to figure out how you can support your points—using logic, outside evidence—whatever is appropriate.  Your response cannot be based on simply your opinion about the issue.
summary and critical response

Central Florida Ethical Issues Intersecting with Makina Quest Discussion

assignment writing services Central Florida Ethical Issues Intersecting with Makina Quest Discussion.

Reading: Signs Preceding the End of the World, chapters 4-6Purpose: To evaluate Yuri Herrera’s literary style against the political backdrop of world literature and border writingSkills/knowledge practiced: Textual analysis; close reading; writing with citations; use of textual evidence; developing argument; analysis of narrative techniques; genre analysis; following proper MLA formatting guidelines; paraphrasing quotesSubmission instructions: Please submit your 250-350 word response as a Word doc Grades will be based on the completeness of your submission (including textual quotes + sufficient word count length) as well as proper grammar/spelling and the depth of your critical analysis. Four points total: 1 pt. for proper citation use; 1 pt. for sufficient length;1 pt. for sufficient depth of content/engagement; 1 pt. for proper assignment formatting.Assignments should be formatted as follows: 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced with header, page numbers, Times New Roman font, Word Count listed, Works Cited page on separate page, submitted as Microsoft Word or PDF. This may seem like a lot but it is the golden standard for document preparation, and if properly followed will make your writing immediately more consistent and easier to read. See the following for an example: MLA Citation Template and ExampleOption 1: Discuss the ethical implications of Makina’s border crossing from Mexico to the United States, commenting on how her actions intersect with issues of legality, integrity, and/or individual purpose in trying to find her brother to bring him home.Option 2: Chapter 5 begins with Makina considering the linguistic versatility in other immigrants. Select a single sentence to analyze and try to parse how Makina feels about the phenomenon, and frame it in terms of the underlying meaning Herrera is trying to convey in representing Makina this way.
Central Florida Ethical Issues Intersecting with Makina Quest Discussion

History of the Science and Art of Music Essay

Table of Contents Objective description Subjective description How and why the definition of “aesthetics” has changed Reference Objective description Art is a universal language that uses artists to tell stories. In art, emotions are conveyed through sculptures, drawings, architecture, and paintings. Art is also used to portray frustrations and sorrow. Such expressions help individuals to communicate either by using their own art or by relying on other people’s art. In the past, art was also used as a means of expressing and communicating useful ideas. Therefore, it was easy to understand ideas that seemed significant for society. Similarly, music has the potential of transporting individuals beyond their ordinary levels. This means that people can increase their general understanding of different ideas and at the same time acquire critical thinking and the desired reasoning skills. Developing art and music through the ages involved a lot of important people and other elements that were viewed necessary. In terms of music development, Chaloner (2010) asserts that stringed instruments like the pickers and scrapers were used during the 16th century. Currently, these instruments have been replaced with other advanced instruments like fiddles, violins, and guitars. The earlier string musical instruments were made of materials that were sourced locally. Such materials included animal intestines, hemp, and horsehair. Chaloner (2010) adds that other musical instruments like flutes were also very common during ancient times. Just like the string instruments, locally available materials such as animal tendons were used to make the flute. These instruments were used during cultural events like sporting activities, conducting ceremonies and also in parades. Wind instruments like the horn were used to pass information to longer distances since they amplified the voice of a person. Most of the wind instruments were made from horns obtained from cattle, goats or rams. During the middle ages, most of the music came from the monasteries. The foundation of this music was based on Gregorian plainsong. This was done since it was believed that basing music around Gregorian provided some form of inspiration to the people. The later music was characterized by a quasi system that was distributed to all voices in order to generate balanced polyphonies. In terms of the development of art, the symbolism was an element that was regarded as a very essential part of society. The symbols were grouped into different categories by considering whether they were political or religious. Each piece of art created by a given artist is unique since it depends on the perception, experiences and the insights of the artist. Some aspects of the art might be exaggerated in order to achieve the intended purpose. Art considers not only the orientation of the artist but also takes into consideration the period of the artist. Some people like Aristotle regard art as a form of intelligence that makes use of natural science and consequently interfering with its intended purpose onto human beings. The selection of the subject for creating a given art depends on the period in which the artist lives. For example, most of the art during the Middle Ages involved religious subjects. During this period, most issues concentrated around religion since this was the topic that received more focus at that time (Chaloner, 2010). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Subjective description Learning about the development of art and music through the ages has impacted my life in quite a number of ways. To start with, I have been able to gain a clear understanding of how music or art can be used to portray different situations. For instance, there are times when an individual feels completely unable to express his or her thoughts openly. When some issues are communicated through music or art, it becomes easier for the audience to understand the information being passed. This implies that expressing thoughts or ideas through music or art has a greater impact. Learning about the different materials used in making musical instruments has also impacted my life positively. Most of the modern musical instruments are made of materials that are easily obtained without causing any harm. On the contrary, traditional wind instruments like horn used the materials obtained from the rams or goat. This indicates show that there was some level of harm to such animals, especially in cases where cutting off the horn resulted in the death of the animal. This has helped me to ascertain the usefulness of relying on modern ways of making such instruments. How and why the definition of “aesthetics” has changed Initially, aesthetics was viewed as the beauty expressed through art, music or poem. Aesthetics is also defined based on the ability of individuals to interpret both their conscious and unconscious parts and from how they differentiate reality from illusion. This definition has changed because different mediums are being used to define this term. The new definition also includes all the elements of aesthetics such as vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. In addition, it should be noted that even if something looks aesthetically pleasing, it is not an indication that it is pleasurable. Similarly, not all things that appear aesthetically displeasing turn out to be unsuitable. This is because attraction or rejection towards given products also depends on other factors like fashion and the risk involved. Reference Chaloner, R. (2010).History of the Science and Art of Music: Its Origin, Development, and Progress. New York: Kessinger Publishing.

COM 263 GCU American Culture Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Article Discussion

COM 263 GCU American Culture Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Article Discussion.

After reflecting on the depiction of American culture in the reading “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” by Miner from Topic 1, record a 5-8-minute reflection video about American culture.Your video should start with 1-2-minute reflection on your reaction to the article and how it depicted American culture.Then take about 2 minutes to describe a communication pattern, practice, ritual, or event in your culture as it might be seen from an outside observer (not one that is addressed in the article). Explain how this communication pattern, ritual, or event is connected to a U.S. cultural worldview or values.Next, spend 1-2 minutes describing how this pattern, practice, ritual or event has changed throughout history.Finally, spend 1-2 minutes, briefly share your evaluation of these changes as beneficial or detrimental to U.S. culture. When evaluating the change as beneficial or detrimental, include at least one verbal citation of a credible or authoritative source that supports your evaluation.Submission: Upload to creating an unlisted video link to share with professor. (Cannot be private.)
COM 263 GCU American Culture Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Article Discussion

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