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The Best Things in Life Are Free essay help free annotated bibliography format

The best things in life are free. ” This is one saying that has many sides to it. There is the side of buying the best things, the spiritual way and then the other is that the best thing in life is your family. For me this is true. The best thing in life is my family and my friends, but they aren’t cheap. They are a lot of dough, if you know what I mean. The thing with this is that you have to pay for your family to survive. Everything isn’t free or at least the best things aren’t. Truth is that you have to pay in some way with everything from the worst thing to the best thing.

Unless, of course, you are a very lucky person. An example of free is our “freedom” here in America. They always say that we are all free and created equal. The truth behind that is we end up paying for our freedom with taxes. Even when we vote, it doesn’t matter who we want or who majority of us vote for. It doesn’t matter who we want, we don’t have a say in it. The electoral college will decide and then we end up living in the darkness, the darkside, the underworld or the Inferno.

Other best things that help us survive aren’t free, but the air outside that we breathe unless Obama is going to make us pay for that, too. Food isn’t free, unless you dumpster dive for last night’s leftovers. Clothes aren’t free, unless someone donates or gives them to you. Houses or shelter isn’t free, unless it’s a homeless shelter or if you live outside. So what really is free? What does free even mean if it is nowhere to be found? Does it exist? People say that life is free. Is this right?

In some ways it can be. We are sent here for free. We didn’t pay any kind of fee to come here, besides the fact that we were to live a life. My definition of free is when there is no price to it. There is a price to life though. That is we live, go to school, get a job, spend money, get married, have a family, pay taxes, retire and then die. Is this really the price of life, the price of the best things? Life is the best thing and it doesn’t come free. Nothing is free in the world that we live in.




Technologies and Personal Safety

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Do technologies have a positive or negative effect on personal safety?

While a lot of important progression made over the last century can be attributed to technology, for instance, gene editing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and extensively cloud-based computing, its advances have not come without disadvantage (Kovalchuk, et al., 2020). A more interconnected world means that both better and worse information can be shared more easily. The dark side of technological progress is sufficiently demonstrated by rampant cybercrime. At the same time, technological advances have enhanced our increasingly connected world’s safety and efficiently. In order to reduce human trafficking, we have integrated better online illegal activity monitoring and generated big data that helps firms gain insight and create better products. We have developed intelligent technology to help people monitor their health outside their physician and establish better farm management in order to increase food supply worldwide.

Globally, personal safety, which ever country, is a largely unaddressed problem of life or death. A Google quick search yields the size of the problem to an astonishing number of statistics. These risks are potentially dangerous for most of us, even in most routine situations every day. Furthermore, for example, riding sharing is a common way to get from point A to B by clicking on the button, but it also introduces new safety risks inherent to entering in a stranger’s vehicle.

According to Hankins (2019), when we put ourselves to it, we were able to perform incredible engineering achievements. We have technological examples, from digital stethoscopes to improved cancer screening, to robotic limbs, which has made a difference and saved people’s lives. We have the skills and resources; we just need our innovators, technologists and engineers to help solve these problems. It is about time to work together to do better.


Hankins, J. (2019). Responsible innovation: ethics, safety and technology, some personal thoughts on the MOOC. Journal of Responsible Innovation, 6(1), 104-108.

Kovalchuk, O., Shynkaryk, M., Masonkova, M., & Banakh, S. (2020, September). Cybercecurity: Technology vs Safety. In 2020 10th International Conference on Advanced Computer Information Technologies (ACIT) (pp. 765-768). IEEE.

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