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College is more than an institution for learning.

It is a gateway; a portal through which one makes the transition from adolescence into adulthood. In college, you gain knowledge with which you start a career. You gain responsibility with which you begin to live on your own. Finally, you gain experiences, memories, and friendships which remain with you for a lifetime. But as the saying goes, ‘No pain, no gain,’ and by that I mean severe financial pain. An average college tuition can be anywhere starting at $100,000.00, and that is more than what the average student can afford.

Unfortunately, it is also more than what some of the above-average, the extraordinary students can afford. If the United States of America followed Canada and Great Britain, whose colleges are all free, there would be some small consequences, but a much bigger reward.To begin, as Adlai E. Stevenson once said, ‘There was a time when a fool and his money were soon parted, but now it happens to everybody.’ This shows how in the recent economic turmoil, many people are losing investments, jobs, and as a result, their money. Nevertheless, the colleges are just as expensive as ever. There are many people in the country who have the necessary test scores, abilities, and other qualifications needed to apply to colleges, but lack the wealth to pay for the tuition.

The free scholarships that some associations offer are most likely hard to earn, and with strings attached. If colleges were free, any of these future students could establish a future for themselves, and the American citizens would be a much more educated populationMoreover, college is a life-changing experience and every child should have the chance to go. College gives, besides education, responsibility and important social skills that one needs later in life. It is a way for people to begin living individually, and on their own, but without the responsibilities associated with a house or a job. More importantly, you develop strong friendships, and skills such as how to make a good first impression. None of these should be deprived to someone worthy, but without financial stability.To summarize, all colleges in America should be free to the people, even if taxes should rise, because that is better in every way.

College is a wonderful experience and no one should miss out on the time of their life.

Writing Question

The project is mostly finished, I just need you to implement the following parts in Section 6:
Evaluation instrument
Interpretation of data and the relationship of data to the problem
Implications of project findings; how will the project data change practice?
Below is the full checklist for the project, so you know where to implement this extra info. If you could scan to make sure I have everything that would be appreciated too. Finally, attached is the project along with an example for you to go off. Feel free to make changes to this document and resubmit. Let me know if you have any questions
DN823 DNP Project Written Template
IntroductionProject purpose/aims of the project
Background and significance of the problem to health care/nursing. Discuss from a general perspective and progress to the specific. Add your problem statement in this section
Relationship of project to advanced nursing practice and DNP Essentials
Practice setting and target population/community
Discussion of how identified practice setting will support project’s development;
project alignment with practice site mission and goals
Key stakeholders
Benefit of project to practice setting
Needs Assessment (data specific to the practice site that supports the need for the project; available resources)

Review of LiteratureRelevant evidence including databases and key words
Levels of evidence
Literature Synthesis

Theoretical Foundation or Framework for the ProjectDescription and explanation of the theoretical or conceptual framework/model that supports the project
Schematic that depicts the relationship of the theory/framework to the project
Identify change theory applicable to project

Project DescriptionProject summary and outcomes
Project timeline
Project budget: Justification and Cost/benefit analysis

Project ImplementationProject Implementation
IRB approval
Instruments for data collection
Data analysis

Project EvaluationFormative Evaluation (ongoing during project implementation)
Summative Evaluation (end of project)
Evaluation instrument
Interpretation of data and the relationship of data to the problem
Implications of project findings; how will the project data change practice?
Project sustainability

Dissemination of InformationExecutive Summary: Brief and comprehensive synopsis of the project
Written dissemination (final project paper)
Oral presentation to key stakeholders (telling the story)
Future scholarship (article for publication and abstract submission to a conference or organization)